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Bones: The Forensic Evidence of Explosives.


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LOCATION: Deutsche Bank Rooftop

By Dee McLachlan

You know – Bones – the American television crime series? It is a pity they didn’t do an episode where Dr. “Bones” Brennan investigates Cold Case – Deutsche Bank 9-11.  Anyway it would be too easily solved. Because the abundance of bone fragments from the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers on 9/11 is another smoking gun – another bullet that blasts holes right through the official story.

You see, just like the impossibility of Building 7 being brought down by fires — a fire has never caused the total destruction of a steel skyscraper (as discussed on ae911truth.org  so is it equally impossible that fires and collapsing buildings have ever pulverized people like those who were killed in the Twin Towers. EVER. Those who try to confuse the 9/11 Truth Movement with bunkum about structural abnormalities, no planes, whistle-blowers on meds, or who twist words and theories to suit the official theory – go ahead. It doesn’t count here. Supported by evidence of Nano-thermite and molten metal, many people were turned to dust – pieces 1/16-inch small, thousands of pieces – including firefighters (most likely inside stairwells). The forensic logic of  the “9/11 bone fragments” is the DNA bullet in the official story, making a mockery of NIST’s document. These bone fragments from the firefighters burn any official theory to ash – and make the entire concealment of all the other evidence a fraud. 

Hold a grenade in your hand – and even then you might not even replicate what happened. I apologize to the families for this grisly topic, but it seems that any investigation of the forensic evidence is just not forthcoming. But Bobby McIlvaine has inspired me to continue. My last post attracted an avalanche of  dissonance, but with regard to the bone fragments:  There is no explanation in the official view that can explain the scatter of minuscule bone fragmentsnot even strange kinetic energy events of ‘collapsing’ buildings.

When I spoke to the Melbourne coroner – and we logically went through all the options – she ended the call in disbelief.

1 - deu bank a

The Deutsche Bank Building at 130 Liberty Street was heavily damaged after being blasted by the avalanche of debris, ash, dust, and asbestos.  In September 2005 human remains were found on the roof, and again in March 2006, construction workers found more bone fragments. In 2006, between April 7 to April 14, more than 700 human bone fragments were discovered in the ballast gravel on the roof.

Where did they come from?

Many fragments on the roof were apparently from Flight 11. But with the plane impact not being directly in line with the Duetsche Bank, and with the subsequent impact cloud appearing to drift away from the rooftop, the fragments were most likely dispersed in the massive pyroclastic-like clouds when the buildings collapsed.

The fact that many intact bodies were found, while others were turned to fragments and dust, is a telling detail. The state of the body would very much depend on its proximity to the alleged explosives. They also found many minuscule fragments from firefighters. 



When Sean Tallon, a firefighter, was identified, his family never considered the possibility that there might be additional calls. For three years, the family received calls from the medical examiner’s office as more of his remains were identified. The family eventually conducted a second funeral, opening the grave and placing the new remains in a small wooden box just above his coffin.

The NY Times reports in April 2006: ‘the roof of the building, which was showered with debris and remains…’.  And of the 2,753 people killed in the WTC attack, 1635 were identified, with 1115 victims not identified (despite advanced DNA testing). Also – to date, of the 21,906 remains recovered, 7886 have not been unidentified.

Essentially THESE PEOPLE HAD BEEN TURNED TO DUST.  We do return to dust – but this process usually takes several decades. These poor people in the towers were turned to dust instantly. It seems – The buildings were destroyed in a manner that converted most of their non-metallic contents to homogeneous dust, including the bodies.

evil 44

The absence of office furniture and equipment, and much of the Towers’ mass suggests that the Twin Towers did not collapse – they  EXPLODED – and were demolished (WTC7). This is THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION to explain the thousands of tiny human bone fragments scattered about. No simple gravitational collapse, like the one on the official NIST Report, could possibly blast human skeletons to smithereens and deposit those smithereens all over the roof of a neighboring building.

Apart from those on flight 11, who do the other fragments on the Deutsche bank belong to? Where were these people most likely to be at the time of impact and collapse? And how can the gravitational forces of a collapse pulverize – fragmentalize – explode a human body into hundreds of fragments. 200 plus fragments were found from one person. How many fragments were not found from that body – 2,000? Maybe 10,000? But this is the one forensic discussion the mainstream media and the governmental investigative bodies want to avoid. 

To be honest – I think an investigation will make little difference to what is already evident: There were fragments – minuscule fragments in the plume that spread all over and beyond the WTC site. This is more evidence – that adds to the already irrefutable proof that the buildings were ‘demolished’. 

The towers ‘erupting into a massive explosive plume‘ looks like some kind of (sophisticated) demolition job to me. But my opinion of what it looks like, and my observation of massive slabs being propelled laterally outwards for a few hundred feet are IRRELEVANT in this argument. This is forensic logic. Bodies were miraculously turned to dust. And there is only one possible explanation: These people were subjected to a very EXPLOSIVE FORCE – an explosion so intense that turned them instantly into part of the dust cloud.

dust cloud

The conclusion: (Sophisticated) EXPLOSIVES were used in the destruction of the buildings. Is there any other explanation to people ‘disintegration’? If these people were ‘exploded’ then the official story is nonsense and a complete fabrication.


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For reference:

Before impact.bank 1




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    • “On how many “smoking guns” do I have to take a look?” ~El-Kammo

      Put one in your mouth and spare us anymore of your crap.

      • With regard to the bone fragmentation there is absolutely no scientist in the world that can pull a rabbit out of a hat on this one. Those poor people were obliterated by an unbelievable explosive force turning them into dust – not by collapsing buildings. I have NEVER read a counter argument.

        • Hi Dalia,

          Before we talk about “those poor people” and bone fragments.

          Have you ever heard about the Fresh Kills Landfill ?

          I’m just asking you this because this kind of information is very rarely to be found… or let me put it in another way : Very few people have seen that footage.

          Have you ?

        • Then why, dalia is it that Gage only uses the expertise of the Dutch Danny Jowenko on WTC7 only, and NOT on the towers?
          Please look at Danny recording the towers:

          • Enough is enough. I don’t answer for Gage. I have done my own research in a multitude of areas – and made my own mind up. Explain the bone fragments away in a logical way in my other post – then we can continue the discussion.

          • “Explain the bone fragments away in a logical way in my other post – then we can continue the discussion.”

            Dalia, nope, the burdon of proof is on you.

            My Boss has assigned me to another blog in Tibet, some munk seems to have weird ideas, so this is goodbye for us.

            Glad to have been at your (secret)Service,


          • El-Kammo yes – you have been STUMPED here. Having spoken to a coroner who had absolutely explanation, the proof is clear: Thousands of minuscule fragments as part of the dust. Sit on an massive IED and you will simulate a similar result. As has already been proved in war scenarios. It is up to the NIST et al teams to explain any OTHER possible explanation.
            They can’t and have not – unless the word explosive is included. So excellent – Move on to another blog, as you cannot explain your way out of this paper bag.

        • So they used IED’s to blow up the building? And why would NIST explain any other explanation? If i made a claim that lepricons destroyed the buildings with hacksaws, does NIST have to proof I am wrong to?

          • Pete down under. I am amazed you don’t see that there is a problem here. Shocked actually. People were fragmentalized – pulversized – shredded – disintergrated – instantly. A single person/body into thousands of fragments. A collapsing building just cannot do that. My IED reference was an example of going some way towards obtaining a similar result. NIST explained a collapse. But their arguments can in NO way explain the bone fragments hundreds of feet away on the top of buildings. They did not reference bones – as a forensic discussion would have proved their nonsense. I am only going to tolerate sensible argument and discussion on this thread. So don’t be silly with your hacksaw comparisons. The bone fragments are on record at the NY coroner – and I believe still being worked on. This is a serious discussion about serious crime.

      • “On how many “smoking guns” do I have to take a look?” ~El-Kammo

        Put one in your mouth and spare us anymore of your crap.

        I love this one

      • Dalia says:
        “Because the bone fragments of 9-11 is the smoking gun – the bullet that blast holes right through the official story.”
        So, as noted by a real seeker for the thruth, the one and only hybersomething:
        Put one in your mouth and spare us anymore of your crap.

  2. El-Kammo you can sprout all kinds of structural bunkum as you have done profusely on another post – but on this there is absolutely no other explanation. So if I feel your comments are just designed to clog this thread I will be trashing them.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t understand how a video of the research done at the Fresh Kills Landfill isn’t appropriate in this discussion.

      Your answer makes me think that you haven’t seen the documentaries so please have a look at these (2 parts).

      It won’t take long (promised).

      Chapter 1 (7m08):

      Chapter 2 (7m26):

      And please don’t tell me that this isn’t an important video. You claim that you expect that the people who were inside the building should have been smashed. This video will proove you wrong, I’m very sorry but that’s just the way it is.

      Or else, tell me then, how on earth, it is possible that they retrieved so many (fragile) items out of the debris ?

      Watching this documentary might change your mindset so please be carefull.

      • By the way, there are a lot more (in depth) documentaries about Fresh Kills Landfill available but I didn’t (yet) wanted to post them because they are rather dull (even for me).

      • Do you know johny boy? Maybe you guys work in the same office?

        The landfill is only relevant as the evidence storage – but the video actually aids my argument.
        3.40 “we saw nothing we could recognize —- we expected to see chairs, filings cabinets — everything was reduced to the finest state” by the way that included people. They had been pulverized outwards – exploded is another word. NIST’s version should have not resulted in bone fragment into dust scatter.

        I wonder why you bother trying to ‘dis’ this post. As I said to Johny. Find me a coroners report that disproves me. El-Kammo has moved along. He had no answers.

        When I still wanted to believe the official version – I tried every which way to find a flaw with this evidence. Even the most outrageous theories just cannot change what happened. Many people were turned to ‘particle cloud’ and spread by some unbelievable force. They should have stayed more or less in the buildings.

        • ….

          What do you think happens to bodies, and furnitue when it gets crushed by 10 thousands of tons of material? Care to try it out? What you fail to understand, is that almost all the debris was found inside the rubble of the collapsed buildings. Have you seen the rubble pile right after the collapses? For some reason you have the impression that it was just a small pile of rubble. ..

          • If you look at the video. The dust cloud is clearly being created before the collapse. Not as a result of pancaking floors. Look at any other building collapse. The dust is a post energy event. Not a pre-energy event. As is clearly visible in the videos and pictures.

          • Funny that you didnt accept my post about the elevators, where I prove you wrong 🙂 The one where i proof that elevators were running from the bottom of the building all the way to the top.

        • The video doesn’t really aid your statement you know but I kind of expected such a reaction from you. By the way, if you want to, you’ll find other things in the video which you could use to make your statement even stronger.

          It’s only a question of how someone looks at the evidence and in which state of mind.

          Let’s talk facts :

          You had not yet seen this video AND you allready admitted before that you’ve browsed through the NIST report.

          Well, I guess that distincts us one of another.

          But I’m glad that you took the time to watch the video about Fresh Kills.

          I still have hope for you 🙂

          Just let me know if I can help you with anything else for additional information. To me, it seems that you’re not such an expert as you claim to be.

          But hey, feel free to ask me questions. I’m not pretending that I have the answers to all questions but maybe I can help you with a great deal of YOUR questions.

          P.S.: Didn’t you notice that it’s you who is the one who is asking questions and that we are giving you the answers ?

          How would that come ?

  3. Dalia,

    You are looking at it from a wrong perspective. You assume it was the bonefragments from a firefighter. This has not been established. So it could have been a passenger on one of the planes, or an office worker from one of the buildings who got blown out at the time the plane hit the building. We don’t know from which individual the bonefragments are, so it’s hard to establish how the bonefragments came to be there.

    You also have to look at the evidence. During the collapses very large portions of both building cores kept standing for several seconds after the floors and perimeter columns had already fell to the ground. At the same time, more then a dozen People survived the collapses inside the stairwell, and not one of them reported hearing explosions. So we can know for sure that the building cores were not blown up. Just blowing up all the perimeter columns and the floors is impossible.

    What you also fail to understand, is that in controlled demolition, they never start at the top, because that would mean that they have to rig every floor. They usually blow out a lower floor and some other floors higher up and let gravity do the rest. Like Jowenko said about wtc 1 and 2, “thats a present”, meaning it’s free energy to destroy the building.

    • Johnyboy and Pete – same person. You are not being logical at all. You are distorting all the evidence availabl and making your own assumptions. And you are ateering it away from the issue. To be quite honest, I think you are a disinformation person because you are good at dis-logical trying to skew the logic to another non fact. So again. If you keep on with loose blabber I’m just going to trash your comments. Steer me to some serious research and I’ll listen.

      • Whats illogical? There is video and photo proof that the cores stood longer than the rest. So the cores were not blown up. The identity from the person who s bonefragments were recovered has not been established So they could be from anyone. You can look up how controlled demolitions are carried out.

        • I am not entertaining your BS logic much longer:

          “cores stood longer than the rest = so cores were not blown up” NONSENSE.

          “The identity from the person whose bone fragments were recovered has not been established So they could be from anyone”. NONSENSE

          about 1,600 victims identified
          over 1,100 victims remain unidentified (gone missing / no fragments found)
          over 800 victims identified by DNA alone
          nearly 20,000 pieces of bodies found
          over 6,000 pieces small enough to fit in test-tubes
          over 200 pieces matched to single person
          nearly 10,000 unidentified pieces frozen for future analysis.

          “You can look up how controlled demolitions are carried out” STUPID STATEMENT – Bld 7 – traditional type demo; 1 and 2 probably triggered where plane impacted. An esay task to do. There were explosions reported in the basement.

          You are running out of ‘chances’ on this post. And you are clearly demonstrating your ignorance on this specific topic.

        • Well at least i looked at Everything with an open mind. So pro and con. I can’t say the same for you though… You have not spent any time in understanding the official story or reports. You base your knoweledge on information derived from sites which have done no research at all or even bothered to read the official reports. And then we are the sheeple. …

          When i first saw loose change i was really skeptical of the official story. You know why? Because i had not studied the reports or done and research. After i had read the office reports i was sure that loose change was full of BS. And i think it’s a shame that there are So many people who dont check things for them selves but Let them selves be duped into believing strange theories put forth on some dodgy website.

          But by all means, trash my replies. If you want to show only your side of the story, be my guest.

          • Maybe you should watch the 10 – 15 movies and docos made after Loose Change. I have spent a lot of time understanding the official story – and the more you look into it the more holes one can shoot into the myth.

        • “The identity from the person whose bone fragments were recovered has not been established So they could be from anyone”. NONSENSE

          Why is this nonsense? ??

          The bonefragments from on top of the bank have not been identified. … So they could be from anyone. …

        • I watched all the 911 movies out there. And everytime they claim to show new evidence, which they dont, I get more and more frustrated at the truth movement for not having some common sense and trying to see if the claims are true. There is So many dis information floating around the Internet from truthers who claim that nukes were used or energy weapons, or thermate or nano thermite, that i don’t understand why people believe in So many theories which disprove eachother. Only proves that most truthers are lazy or easy to influence.

          • If you are stuck and really want the truth, read a physics book published in last 400 years. Download free physics software programs, (physics tool kit, or tracker), enter the collapse videos. If you aren’t good at math/physics ask a physics teacher to explain “apparent weight” with or without the 9/11 context. It is truly that simple.

        • Well i hate to say it, but the identity of the bonefragments from the bank have not been identified. Unless i am reading it wrong. All i read is that in total there have been identified lots of people.

          • 1,600 victims identified – over 800 victims identified by DNA alone
            over 200 pieces matched to single person

            Above facts – so please stop talking nonsense. I don’t believe you that you watched all the movies – unless the person paying you to jam posts like this asked you to watch them. You DON’T come across as a committed – official line believer. A person that speaks with clarity – not someone deliberately confusing posts. Why are you bothering with my posts? Anyone who is so involved as you – usually manages to look at image of the tower cloud exploding laterally 300 feet out on all sides of a 208 wide building – and go: I think there is something TERRIBLY WRONG with the reality and physics of this image. So I really don’t believe you intentions. You sound a fake. And fearful of a truthful investigation.

        • Omg. Can you point out where in your post you mention the identity of the person who s bonefragments were found on top of the deutsche bank…….

        • 220 floors of concrete were converted instantly into dust…now be honest with yourself if no one else…if you went to IHOP and ordered some pancakes and the chef walked around the counter and dumped 10 lbs of flour on your table you would demand your cash back…FACT!…are the 300 firefighters the 300 innocent civilians the 100 000 innocent abroad NOT worth the same as your IHOP pancakes…where are all the pancakes we ordered pancakes and all they gave us was like 10 gazillion tons of flour…correct?!!?

      • Xingfu wants to show you video’s from fresh kills where all the remains from the buildings were brought to and where they sifted through all the debris and were able to revover bonefragments from people. They also recovered 1000’s of personal items there.

        • Have you traveled recently and got swabbed by a TSA agent “Just checking for explosives on your person” – have you El Kammo? Well NIST didn’t even bother doing that – they didn’t bother checking the dust for explosive residue. The assumption from NIST was Building 7 collapsed because of office fires. What baloney. But they will check you and me in case we are carrying explosives.

  4. Dalia

    I believe you asked for my credentials… Honestly, I have nothing to hide so go check out for yourself what I look like, what I do for a living (that’s the most important issue) and how to contact me if you want to. It’ll be me who’s going to answer the Phone.


    Hope you’re happy now.

    Kind regards from Belgium.

    Philippe (aka XingFu)

  5. The problem with your conspiracy theory of hijackers and explosive jet fuel is that you are in a WAS NOT WAS situation…did the jet fuel explode or NOT

    IF IT DID then what caused the buildings to collapse if it did not where did all the fragments of body parts come from 300 for one dude and average of 14+ for each and still of the 22 000 parts for the less than 3000 victims 9 000 yet to ID’d

    you people are so blind rationalizing the OBVIOUS LIES you have been brainwashed with it’s no wonder the jews have so much hubris to flaunt their christ killing in public rape our economy and kill our firefightrs on REICHSTAG911 for biblical borders and pipelinistan, kill the kennedy’s over diamona, kill rachel corrie over a video, kill our USS Liberty sailors as a pretext to nuke cairo…they look at you like you are a cow…go cow out to the feild to be milked stop hoofn around or its off to the slaughterhouse for you

    and look how you make that valid…you sick cowards are just worthless POS

    when we take our country back you will benefit though you deserve to share eternity in hell with the christ denying POS jews who MASS MURDERED our firefighters and innocent civilians on REICHSTAG911….FACT!

        • Dalia,
          The explanation of a natural collapse of WTC7 does not rule out the possibility of it being brought down, as I see it.
          On the other hand, those convinced of explosives rule out the option of a natural.
          I looked at both and found the NIST theses the most probable.
          The new investigators may not rule out any option.
          This makes your blog important.
          On your blog you can peer review if you like,
          On your blog you can trash all that is not at your likings.
          The choice is yours.
          Sincerely, El-Kammo

        • Nice, Dalia wants a new investigation but the outcome may not be desinfo.
          So, up to the next new newer investigation, Gage gets half of mae’s money, so he will feel fine

        • @El-Kammo You said “The explanation of a natural collapse of WTC7 does not rule out the possibility of it being brought down, as I see it.
          On the other hand, those convinced of explosives rule out the option of a natural.
          I looked at both and found the NIST theses the most probable.”

          I’m curious how you came to this conclusion. I have examined both and find the NIST theory absurd in every way especially since there is no precedent of any skyscraper collapsing due to fire. NIST states in their report that the roof-line of the building experienced a period of free-fall of 2.25s, over 100′. In fact, their calculation is within .02 of gravitational free-fall standards for NYC. This is impossible without removing ALL the building components at the same for over 8 stories to allow for this and violates fundamental laws of physics. This fact alone rules out any natural collapse scenario.

          The NIST did not examine any steel from WTC7, so any temperatures they claim the steel actually reached is made up. Photos taken of the “collapse initiation zone” just after 4pm shows fires in that area were actually out so the area would be cooling. There are numerous fraudulent claims in the NIST report but you still think its the “most probable” scenario? Any explanation you have for the building’s free-fall are not relevant since they aren’t in the report. If you believe your explanation is correct, maybe you should present it to them. Researchers have already caused NIST to issue an addendum to their report making their hypothesis even more impossible by correcting the actual width of the plate the girder was seated on from 11″ to 12″ NIST’s own chart in their report doesn’t allow for over 6″ of expansion. It’s not plausible at all. That and many many more reasons the official theory is intellectually corrupt flies in the face of fundamental physics and common sense. IMHO

        • seriously the huge explosion outside the buildings at supposed impact happened did not happen…when are these ignorant imbeciles going to be called out for never locking down on any fact just winning every debate by changing the facts that get them the win…it is a theatre of the insane…NO ONE who agrees with the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory can answer a simple question and THEN stick to whatever FACT they relied on in their analysis:

          here is what I say:

          IF IT DID then what fuel supposedly ran into the buildings and melted all the steel to FAIL

          IF NOT then what was that exceptionally large explosion like thine we see every day in the propaganda adds for executing people without trial?!!?

          • What do YOU think happened, do you disagree with Jesse Ventura? Or Dr. Judy Wood ? One Cannot agree with both, so yours must be better. The molten metal could be molten paper for al I care.

          • El Kammo – this for me is not an exercise on who to agree with. Without a court or inquiry collating the evidence formally – it is premature to advocate a definitive theory. But we do know the simplistic 19 arabs (some apparently still alive according to MSM) does NOT fit. It just does not. So if there is reasonable doubt – in this case absolute doubt – the investigation process should begin.

          • Oh common on—get some logic back El Kammo. I am little ol me in Melbourne Australia without any judicial power to subpoena witnesses and documents that would take a team of at least 50-100 people to sort and collate just on the presently available evidence. And a budget of millions of dollars would assist that — considering the number of people murdered. So get a grip with your distraction.
            Once reading that – I would be very happy to provide my conclusions. But as I have said (like a stuck record here) the official story is complete NONSENSE and you know it.

          • @dalia,

            On that day we, at the office wondered, discussed the possibility of repair and the timeframe to do it, storm season was at the backdoor. Crane on top of the roof to lift new steel from outsider the building, an unstable building? How long would it take, how many streets would have to be closed for how long? For us the first tower was dead on impact, but hey, we are just a stupid company from the Netherlands, with 240 employees at the time, all engineers, so don’t take. any notice of that.
            Have fun.

          • I will take some time to reply to this. Firstly you’ll have to remind me of the company. Now Logic:
            There are several issues.
            1. Can an plane impact cause the eventual collapse – or partial collapse. (I’m not the engineering expert – so on the day I thought it could – I leave this open)
            2. Assuming that most of the fuel ignited on the impact – can office fires cause the collapse or partial collapse and damage (I’m not an expert in fire / steel etc – so I leave this open)
            3. Can a collapsing skyscraper (under the force of gravity) propel huge mega ton slabs and pillars out laterally and even upwards ? (after watching hundreds of collapses, understanding gravity, having watched it in slow motion, in reverse, stop frame, close up — what we are seeing is the tower ‘exploding’ outwards) – This is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE for a gravitation collapse. It defies everything. Therefore one has to question 1 and 2 in the process.

            But what is more interesting is your comment / analysis – is that you were discussing the logistics of fixing an impacted building? Thats a laugh. What? Hey the plane smashed the building… so forget it… it will take a year to dismantle with storm season coming up – or hey better to help bring it down (in 15 sec).
            Your discussion seems to be on the logistics of repair ??????????

    • May I make a comment on jet fuel expoloding. I have spent several years in the automobile industry where one of the subjects I studied was combustion within engines. Despite what hollywood shows, petrol does not expode. it is highly flammable but the expression we were taught was that petrol ‘burns rapidly,’ very rapidly.
      in a piston engine, the spsrk plug ignites the fuel mix long before the the piston reaches TDC, top dead centre. this is so that the full force of the expanding gas (petrol molecules and air) is reached just as the piston is at the top of its stroke (TDC) as it takes several nanoseconds for combustion of the fuel at the spark plug to travel to the further reaches of the combustion chamber.
      Diesel on the other hand does explode or to use the technical term, detonates when mixed properly with air, is under great pressure and is at a high enough temperature.This is why a deisel engine has far more robust components than a petrol engine and is the cause of the deisel ‘knock’ or noise as the deisel in the combustion chamber is exloding instantly.
      Jet fuel or paraffin or kersosene is closer to petrol than deisel but is nowhere near as flammable. under the correct conditions, it can burn rapidly but does not detonate or explode.
      Try this experiment in your garden. Fill three well spaced out SMALL egg cup sized metal containers of petrol, parrafin and deisel and throw a lit match into the three containers. You will probably struggle to ignite the deisel or the parrafin. obiously, be carefull with the petrol.
      Parrafin requires a wick or a perfectly correct mix of pressure and temperature before it will burn rapidly but it does not explode.

        • El-Kammo,
          I welcome some serious discussion or argument but It is sad state of affairs if this is all you can come up with. I can assure you that I really would prefer to beleive the official story as it would make my life a lot easier but I am struggling to argue with Mr Newton and the laws of physics.
          There are many weird and wonderfull facts of 9/11 which as unlikely as they appear, I could almost accept. That is until you
          look at building sevens collapse which I can see with my own eyes is controlled demolition.
          Check out youtube:- WTC7 – orange

        • John o donnel,

          Building 7?
          Bring It on, like you have ever compared the drawings as build, from Cantor and Frankel Steel, and understood them, with the drawings presented by NIST, so tell me what is your problem with those documents ?

          • I had the privilege of being able to talk directly (over a 1.5h coffee) with one of the leading engineering investigators. Mostly about B7. He was on both FEMA and NIST teams. He insists that the experts did their modelling correctly – based on pillar 79 giving way. But NIST models have two points on initiation. And it just does NOT – repeat NOT match even closely the actual collapse.

      • yeah I’ll get right on that einstein…right after just one of the official conspiracy theory shills states for the record for all time and eternity whether the jet fuel in the wings did or did not explode at supposed impact…I’m sure you are not a troll taking this sideways as we are talking about 300 firefighters, 3000 innocent US civilians and 100 000+ innocent abroad as well as the bankrupting of our treasury and overthrow of our country…so yeah thanks for your suggestion

        • El Kammo, your back at work I see.
          From the age of around 12, I have studied physics and mechanics. I have studied tensile strength in steel, compression stress in steel as well as the rate of expansion of steel. I understand potential and kinetic energy and Newtons law of gravity.

          At college I have further studied and tested steel to failure. I can weld steel, both acetylene and electric arc. I have studied how a concrete slab is made composite (which means bonded as one) with the steel support and the steel reinforcing and the shear pins which stick up from the steel support and assist the concrete to become composite. I have studied how the thermal expansion of concrete is almost identical to steel. In my working life I have watched and sometimes carried out the reo install and the concrete pour. I have seen how every floor in a high rise has core-holes cut and taken for analysis and xray.

          When I look at the collapse of Building 7, I don’t need to know any of the above. It is as clear as daylight the a building cannot collapse symmetrically at the speed of gravity into its own footprint without EVERY support column giving way virtually simultaneously and the ONLY way this can occur is controlled demolition. I knew this when I was at school. It is not difficult.

          Yes I have studied the NIST report and I have looked very closely at the Frankle drawings. I have also seen the following http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyRjm6JeHDU (7.41 mins) When researchers pulled NIST up on their calculations not actually matching the figures on the drawings, they changed the numbers and put it down to a typo. this is like saying 3 plus 4 pus 5 = 12 and then changing the result to 13 without saying where the extra 1 comes from. Also, after 7 years of study, surely there would be an army of proof readers checking every individual fact before publication. Typos do not happen with something this important. It’s clear straightforward scientific fraud.
          Checkout youtube, WTC7 Orange

          • @Dalia,

            I can see that you do not understand the purpose of shear studs, and I will not explain because it seems futile.

            Have great fun with your controlled demolition of an empty building.

            You demand a new investigation but allready took an advance on the outcome, in your book.

          • Thanks john…we can RESTORE the United States to greatness…but ONLY with the TRUTH NOT Lies…thank you for being a TRUTH WARRIOR…it IS the OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY that IS ABSURD and it IS the adherents to it who have turned their backs on the scientific method: FACT!

      • Awesome…kind of getting sick & tired of being the bad guy for caring about their eternal condition while the domestic traitors get well rewarded to encourage them to slaughter everyone, stay jew…. and then lose their souls…so thanks, and I believe the TRUTH has a power all its own so, I totally DO NOT want anyone to despair…we can restore America to greatness- however ONLY through the TRUTH…amen rediscover911com

  6. […] Over 750 bone fragments (most 1/8 inch) escaped from the interior of the twin towers during the collapse and were fragmented and expelled laterally onto the top of the 40-storey Deutsche Bank building,  300 feet from the South Tower. 200 fragments from one person were found in the dust. The people in the buildings were not crushed. They were turned into dust. […]

  7. All anyone has to do is watch the collapse of building seven and you know that the official story cannot be true or even remotely close to being true.
    Check out youtube:- wtc7 – orange. (2.17 mins)

    • It is pretty clear we will never have a REAL investigation … but, as in the Kennedy assasination of 1963 … the vaste majority of the people know that the US Government was involved.

  8. Hi Dalia,

    I was browsing through an “old discussion” that I’ve had a couple of years ago and I came accross this video which might explain why bone fragments were found on some of the surrounding buildings of the WTC complex.

    Please have a close look at this video and watch how someone is being blown out of the building…

    At least, now you’ll know how bone fragments could come up there, right ?

        • Maybe you could look into the theory of Some scandinavian, about liquid aluminium and water not being friends, but it is not a theory I support

        • “It sounded like an explosion
          Sure it did, but explosions do not need explosives.
          Try a dust explosion, almost always followed by an even worse secundary explosion.
          Blow air into a paper bag and smash it, bit scary.
          Don’t even think about sticking a pin into a balloon, ore a blown tire.

        • I collapse and fall on a seesaw with you at the bottom, now what has Newton to say about that, because you cerntanly will violently go upwards.

        • I noticed that you refer to conversations with engineers that support your yet unknown theses as “enlightened”, and engineers who do not are threatened by you trashcan.
          Now, like Dr. Lynne(forgot last name), Bioligist and member of A$E said: this is not good science,
          Thruthers claim to seek the thruth, but instead they trash all that they find inconvenient.
          The choice is yours, it is your blog

          • You know El Kammo. When I started on this B7 journey – I DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE that demolitions brought the building down. I was content with the absence of knowledge. Then after disbelieving suspicions, I spent 3 months trying to prove to myself it wasn’t several years ago.
            That is why I spent 1 and 1/2 hours listening to every argument from this top engineer. But in the end his case seemed nonsense. He insists the model = collapse. Which it does not. If he had come up with a logical argument that the modelling LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE the real collapse I might go back into all this. You too – have not cited one even remotely similar event. But the computer model looks nothing like the collapse. I remain staggered that science and engineering minded people can tell me this was a one in a million building aberration that happened to collapse so perfectly. IMPOSSIBLE. I go along with 1000’s of other more educated souls than myself.
            Thus I have to question your motive / your keenness to dissuade me / I suspect you may be paid to do this / I suspect you may be influenced by mass manipulation or backfire effect. I have to ask myself the same questions. Though I am not being paid / I have to be wary of being manipulated / but I’m saying how I think it is. So===
            Which would I choose B7 down by fire or we have already landed on Mars. I’ll choose Mars as a greater probability.

          • @ dalia,

            Thanks for the time and effort to answer.
            May I suggest that we go one step a time.
            I was covinced that 7 was blown up at the time to start the big cleanup, and therefore was surprised to hear that it was not.

  9. Dr July Wood hit on somethings which give vital clues. Toasted cars some blocks away and paper left unaffected. The twin towers fell from the top down, while most buildings fall from the bottom up. Electromagnetic weapons, including high power microwaves, were used by the U.S. military in Iraq. It all points to destruction by some weapons of this sort, concentration their beams at the twin towers.
    The demolition of the twin towers therefore seems to have been a demonstration of some new advanced weapon. Flight MH370 totally disappeared from the sky – I wonder.

  10. Dalia Mae,

    You really have my sympathy as far as trying to talk sense to dumb and dumber. There is an old saying “Never wrestle with a pig – you just get dirty and the pig thinks it’s fun”.

    If I wanted to stall a real investigation I would endlessly have shills argue and spread disinformation for as long as possible,
    I’d have my co-conspirators officiate any sham hearings, have evidence suppressed or destroyed. That sort of thing is what has already given the official story a distinct odor. This is all the more reason why it should be exposed and the perpetrators brought to trial.

    So just as a word of encouragement, I would just ask these people who want to argue technicalities to sign that petition to start an investigation as a prerequisite to these “discussions”.

    This is by way of “raising the bar” and bring about a real and vital community that can be spending their time constructively and not argueing about what sort of pyro-tecknics were used.

    I don’t think there is any reason to think that waiting any longer is going to save any lives, much less the economy or the world peace. For these reasons, I feel a real sense of urgency here as history has a way of repeating itself. I don’t think any level headed person can afford the luxury of ignoring the facts of 911 or any of the other related events, however painful they may be.

  11. Yikes, good one ya Dalia for your stellar work and solid analysis but oh my, you do put up with a load of crap! Have you never heard the advise, Don’t feed the trolls?!
    Actually, I think El-Kammo is slyly trying to tell us who he is: Kammo=camo as in short for camouflage. “The camouflaged one” I.e. disinfo agent.
    Keep up the great work!

    HERE: [www.worldwidewaco.wordpress.com/reichstag-911-viii-the-conspirators-part-1-fourfive-fingers] and generally HERE: [www.worldwidewaco.wordpress.com]

    enjoy…can’t argue with that PROOF…FACT!

  13. This is about WTC7.
    Yeah right,
    CD causes freefall, so all freefall must be caused by CD.
    All Dutch cows are black and white, look mommy, there is a cow hanging upside down in a tree, no dear that is a Panda bear.
    This is 911 for dummies.
    Freefall, what did you see falling with WTC7, I can tell you, you only watched the bloody inglorious bastard videoclip, and your brains tell you that all behind the wall, all that you cannot see, is intact, and you are not aware of 503 statements.
    911 for dummies.
    I have met Gage, spoke with him for over an hour, he knows, he knows more than you, he knows an hides what he knows, I know.
    Go do your new investigation and bump into a wall of facts, go on, bump and get over this thing.
    You know nothing. All You do is yell, and the yelling is based upon nothing.
    Gage is not moving forward, I know. Fire Gage and put me in charge, and I can assure you that things will start moving forward, towards the wall, end of story or biggest scheme in modern history, either way, I will make it move, not Gage.
    Gage is a bad project leader.
    Don’t you want to know if something was in the dust that should not be there? I surely do, but not Gage, I asked him, I know, I listened to him.
    Gage leads you to nowhere, he is teaching 911 for dummies, for as long as he can.
    Go for the dust.
    NYC cannot handle a new investigation, way out of line, but it can handle the dust, in fact, they have the dust.
    Go for the dust, dumb ass basses, go for the dust, but Gage will not do so, I know, he tolde me so.
    Go for the dust and in the meanwhile stop nagging.
    Do something, show me that you are actually moving forward.
    I am a project leader, big project, and I can see that your project is not moving forward, so get on your asses.

    • Brilliant El Kammo – I look forward to our discussion. Soon.
      1. I am not yelling
      2. This is not about Gage – it is about science and the analysis of that

      Maybe explain what the project is

    • About the Gage WTC7 powerpoint for dummies:
      Fires wer reported, over 7 hours, on floors 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 29 and 30.
      These records ore on text and audio.
      There is no such thing as a few small office fires.
      So go to the wall, move forward and bump into it.

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