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Globalizing the Cancellation of Free Speech


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Japan’s law that restricts freedom of the press came into force on December 9, 2014.  Vladimir Odintsov, author of “Japan: The Law on State Secret,” (an article in Journal-neo.org, December 12), says:

“According to this law, persons involved in disclosure of classified information (including journalists, academics, government employees, military personnel, and even members of the parliament) may be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years….”

Funnily enough, 10 years is also the length of the prison term in the new law of Australia! That new law was assented to on December 12, 2014. Called the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Act, it amends several laws. For instance, it adds this new wording to the Commonwealth’s Criminal Code:

“104.1   The objects of this Division are to allow obligations, prohibitions and restrictions to be imposed on a person by a control order for one or more of the following purposes:

(a)  protecting the public from a terrorist act;

(b)  preventing the provision of support for or the facilitation of a terrorist act….” Etc. [Emphasis added] Note: Since there has never been a definition of a “terrorist act” anything could qualify!

silenceNow here’s an additional worry. Referring to Japan’s new law, Odintsov comments: “The law was adopted upon recommendation by the American side at a time when Japan, in accordance with the Japan-US agreement, had started to receive the latest weapons from the United States….  [In] the event of extraordinary circumstances, the entire territory of Japan essentially becomes a military base for the United States, and the Japanese Self-Defence Forces are transferred under the command of the American army.”

We Are, All of Us, Under World Government

I am a dual citizen of US and Oz. I grew up in Boston and married-in to Adelaide in 1980. Naturally, I have occasionally picked up Australian people’s sense that they are pushed around (mildly) by the US. And, as we just saw, the Japanese were strong-armed by “Washington” into passing that new law.

My research has taught me a very basic fact of life, namely that the Americans, the Australians, and every other nationality on the planet are under the command of the same commander. This is a secret group, worthy of the name “World Government.” So it’s really not the US that is pushing Japan around!  It is World Government, using the good offices of the Yanks.

World Government has sponsored tyrannical leaders in many nations. I don’t claim that nations are incapable of raising a tyrant all on their own, but I believe it has not happened in a century or more. Almost certainly Stalin was a puppet of someone else. Mao, I have heard, was assisted in the 1930s by my alma mater, Johns Hopkins University (a little-known fact, if it be true). Was not Argentina externally controlled?

Ronald Reagan – whom do you think he answered to? Besides answering to his wife, that is.  Nancy, for her part, admitted to following the advice of her clairvoyant. Who was instructing the clairvoyant? By the way, Greg Hallett shows how Adolf Hitler may have been trained in England by Tavistock in 1913. In any case, we do know that US Senator Prescott Bush (member of Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society) was caught supplying the Nazis. Naziism was not strictly home-grown.

Americans are very slow at grasping the notion of World Government. They fail to absorb the openly admitted fact that the Pentagon has on its campus many more private defense firms than government-run ones.  Even if you showed this to Yanks in black-and-white, most would still not deduce that such a set-up means the US is not running the US’s military!

(Note: The same could be said for the way “health” is run, in the US, by outside sources. Sure, it appears that agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hand down the regulations. These are statutory bodies, yet Congress has no apparent influence. World Government has inserted such offices into a captive population, and not, needless to say, for altruism.)

Australians, by contrast, at least know the reality of being a dependent nation. Oz was a tributary to the British Empire. Consider the famous words of Prime Minister Robert Menzies, in 1939:  “Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you officially, that Great Britain has declared war upon [Germany] and that, as a result, Australia is also at war.”

Protest Marches Are Not the Answer

Vladimir Odintsov, quoted above, observes:

“Personal freedom and speech, has already for almost a year been the subject of contention in Japanese society. Thus, on December 10, 2014 several hundred people staged a protest in front of the residence of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe … chanting “We are against the law on state secrets”, and “Information belongs to the citizens of the country.”

It is good to know that the people object, but I hasten to say that planning a march on Washington or Canberra is not the needed step. Marches mostly fail. Hundreds of thousands of marchers in 2003 did not persuade the Oz parliament to veto the invasion of Iraq. Some very resolute veterans, who set up tents in Washington in the 1930s to demand cash-up of their pension certificates for World War I, eventually got pushed off by tanks. Yes, tanks. Two men were shot and died.

I assume elected politicians are in some sort of controlled state of mind and cannot be appealed to, on either emotional or rational grounds. Media quickly provide so-called reasons why a bill has passed (“The Dems needed to get back at the Repubs,” or whatever). The real reason is that all politicians everywhere, with perhaps a few exceptions, are doing the work of World Government, robot-like.

Please see the Youtube video below, in which prime ministers of two of the old  “dominions” gave identical speeches in March, 2003.  Each of them – John Howard of Australia and Stephen Harper of Canada – say it is in “the national interest” to invade Iraq.

What To Do?

As stated earlier, two nations, Japan and Australia, have come out with laws so similar that they must be the work of World Government. South Africa, too, recently passed restrictions on free speech. In May, 2014, a Belgian MP, Laurent Louis, was arrested for things he said in Parliament, despite his nation’s constitution protecting such in-House speech. Most likely this will happen in every democracy.

The fact that countries are quickly “legalizing” the way for journalists to be prevented from reporting the crimes of leaders certainly suggests that such crimes are being planned!

If you are bothering to read this, you are in the small group of persons who think we should do something.

At the very least we can talk about what is happening. Silence is definitely foolish.  I have put forth many suggestions. For instance, see my essay here.


— Mary W Maxwell is the author of Prosecution For Treason (Trine Day, 2011). She can be reached at mary (dot) maxwell (at) alumni.adelaide.edu.au. She writes for gumshoenews.com in Melbourne, a website that may be in danger of getting a court order to shut up.







  1. Well done Mary.
    To add to your ammunition, I suggest that a referral to the lecture on 20th March 1969 by a paediatrician to about 60-80 of his colleagues ‘exposing the New World Order would be of assistance to enable your readers to see the big picture planned for our descendants.
    References to the article are many on the net, bit a concise report on Dr. Day’s address may be found at Jeff Rense.
    Anyone over the age of 50 years has to marvel with hindsight at the insidious policies that have been imposed upon the world by a very small number of psycho control freaks and how they have suckered the media and our leaders to be compliant treasonous toadies. Including the planned control and manipulation of all knowledge, that will require enhancement of the restrictions on free speech to which you refer.
    It would be a great community service for this site to post the whole 56 pages from Jeff Rense on the lecture.
    Better still let us see the SMH or the Australian or even the Tele rag publish it. Won’t happen msm will it? Because you all are being censored and you are co-operating with antidemocratic planned totalitarianism ( traitors!). Either that or most of the mass media journos are as thick as a pallet of hardwood planks and have no considered thought for their children’s futures.

  2. Dear Ned, I recall reading about that 1969 speech, given by Dr Richard Day, which another doctor in the audience, Lawrence Dunegan, copied down on a paper napkin. Dunegan then discussed it in 1989 on the Randy Engels radio show. The items I remember that Day predicted were:
    1. that “we” will no longer manufacture baby dolls (so girls would not learn nurturance),
    2. “we” would raise the payment of baseball players hugely, so folks will be annoyed and feel the sportsmen were in it for money, and community spirit will diminish;
    3. “we” will keep the cure for cancer locked up at Rockefeller Institute, so as to reduce the population,
    4. new diseases will appear that are hard to diagnose. [Ahem. Chronic fatigue? Gulf war syndrome?]
    The audience was mostly medical students. When they saw that their mentors were not jumping up and down at these outrages, they must have decided it was all acceptable. Just imagine if one of them yelled “How dare you plan that!” What would Day have done? By the way, think how clever they were to figure out how to lower the community’s sentiment toward baseball. The salaries of top sportsmen did indeed go through the roof.

  3. Re: the address by Dr. Day on 20th March 1969.
    Only by reading a summary of all the recollections of Dr. Dunegan can the plans for complete world totalitarian manipulation be understood as being implemented over the last 50 years.
    So the audience was not ‘jumping up and down’ at the outrage!
    Well the same applies now.
    Perhaps the good doctors were bluffed by Dr. Day’s opening words to the effect that ‘this is how it is planned and you cannot do anything about it’
    If any of the audience had any moral courage they would have yelled: ‘BS’.
    Now why are we not now exclaiming: ‘BS, we can’.
    So please all, read the whole 56 pages posted at Rense and yell: ‘BS NO Way’.
    The reason all are complacent is mostly because hardly anyone has read the full 46 pages, printed it out and passed it out.
    As an example, how do you all feel about being knocked off at 75 or medical attention denied?
    How do you feel about an enforced one world f
    government and one religion?
    How do you feel about a planned policy of removing the concept of a casual copulation from procreation?
    How do you feel about the sabotaging of the family unit ? (Hitler youth camps anyone?)
    How do you feel about: no private doctors. Limited global corporations controlling your food, water,, communications, media. and all other basic services. Forget democracy, they all ready have the politicians.
    How about a nice chip inserted in your body which controls all you may want to do?
    How do you feel about knowledge being limited to the ruling few?
    How do you feel about the need to implement terrorism to make politicians and society conform to the totalitarian agenda?
    Alllright: Is anyone going to bother ‘jumping up and down now?
    No? Then lay down and die! (:-(
    Look around Australia, where has our manufacturing gone, privatisation has stolen our public assets: banks. Power, insurance. Food supplies, energy resources, farming land ‘a going’, how much interest are we paying foreign bankers
    We are a pathetic self indulgent society. We ( through our politicians and bureaucrats) have betrayed our soldiers who died for us and now we are betraying our descendants.
    Sorry to kick arse, but we need it, right up there.
    MSM, whose side are you lot on?
    Silly question!

  4. Mussolini tried to tell the world on his way to the gallows saying “corporatism IS fascism”–it is not a one world government–it is the “SPECTRE” corporation–and it’s subsidiaries. And even the name corporation is creepy–corpses (zombies), LUNCH(inCORPORATE-EAT), non human undead having us for breakfast lunch and dinner–for a very long time now.

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