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Resources War with Russia?


russiaIt is of real concern when economist Max Keiser and others indicate the Western economy is gearing up for a war with Russia – and that this could escalate into a potential world war. And MH17, I’m sure, is being used to ‘demonize’ the Russians to make this expanding conflict palatable to Westerners. But, why should we in Oz care? Because Australia has been drawn in  – by leading the MH17 ‘charge’ – to help propagate this (warmongering) mindset.

As Keiser says (below), for the last three decades the world has grown using monetary policy (by printing money). Back 30 – 40 years ago, every $2 of debt generated $1 of GDP. Now it takes $12 of debt for every $1 of GDP. It seems debt bubbles are running out of steam – and struggle to drive economies. So now it is a race to dominate the last global resources – and the Ukraine is presently ‘the prize’ being sought by George Soros and the Western corporatocracy (who also put their own puppet into power). And the end result?  Keiser predicts the West is going to war.

Here below, Alex Jones (infowars) interviews Max Keiser. The conversations really revs up at 12.10



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