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A Classified Murder Investigation – MH17


mh17 picIt would be of grave concern – not only to the families of the 37 murdered on MH17, but all Australians – if an agreement was signed by the Abbott government on August 8 that could potentially suppress all the evidence in this murder investigation – and that it be done in SECRET. This was reported yesterday by globalresearch, that on August 8, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium signed a non-disclosure agreement pertaining to data obtained during the investigation into the causes of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. 

In the framework of the 4-country agreement information on the progress and results of the investigation of the disaster will remain classified. This was confirmed at a briefing in Kiev under the auspices of the office of the Prosecutor General Yuri Boychenko. In his words, the results of the investigation will be published once completed only if a consensus agreement of all parties that have signed the agreement prevails. (Does this mean that if Ukraine is not in agreement – the evidence will be buried?Live Journal, original Russian.

And why has Malaysia been excluded in this agreement?

It appears that there is no press release from the government about any agreement. Why?  It is a concern that it was not publicized – and thus (I believe) not reported in the mainstream media. But – what is wrong with our mainstream media – including the ABC?  The Malaysian mainstream media is reporting a broader view of the facts – e.g.  ‘US Analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft’  by Haris Hussain as reported here.

So is there a very serious problem and a potential conflict of interest with all of this? 

Firstly, that Australia, along with the US, UK etc, are (potentially) accusing the wrong people (Russia).

From all the evidence so far, it seems abundantly clear that MH17 was shot down by a fighter jet/s (air-to-air) – and this points to Ukraine as being responsible. I have posted several times on flipsidenews (last post). On the 3rd of August a storyleak report says: There is now a growing body of irrefutable evidence which points directly to the MH17 shoot down being a classic false flag operation. Each piece of evidence definitively places at least three nations at the scene of both the crime and the cover-up. Whereas the Ukraine government and military executed this cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians, most likely under the direct supervision of the CIA, the US and UK governments have been implementing the non-stop coverup and false flag operation. (There is no mention of Australia in this specific article). More material on whatreallyhappened here.

I repost the video where (OSCE) Michael Bociurkiw (the first international monitor to reach the wreckage) talks about machine-gun fire.

Thus, Secondly; Australia has possibly made an agreement with the perpetrators of MH17’s downing.

If the Ukrainian government is responsible – then making a deal with the Ukrainians about the investigation, procedure and release of evidence is like having the ‘perpetrator’ being part of the jury panel in a murder case. There is the potential of criminal collusion or becoming implicated in the suppression of evidence, and thus influencing the outcome in a murder investigation of 37 Australians.

bishop Here Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, left, meets with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Netherlands Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans,  in Kiev (around the 26th July).

This could not be more serious.

1.  So has Australia been duped into blaming Russia?  In that case, it seems that ASIO might not being doing due diligence on all the intelligence available – and not providing all the necessary information to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister. Or

2.  If ASIO has provided all the evidence (e.g. Michael Bociurkiw’s comments, Russia’s radar etc) and good briefings – then there might be a problem of being caught up in deliberate collusion, by making a deal with the possible perpetrator. But, there is a third option:

3.  The Australian government does what it is told (by someone else).


To very briefly recap though:

– Bullet holes were found in the fuselage (multiple sources of evidence).

– No one saw a missile trail (visible on a clear day from 20km).

– Russian radar (and eye witness accounts) points to fighter jets close by.

– The video of pro-Russian separatists admissions was proved fake (and made the day before).

– US has not provided their intelligence, and the tower tapes have not been released by Ukraine.

– Western leaders and the mainstream media immediately fingered Russia.

But Australia has not changed it’s tune: 

Tony Abbott was one of the first leaders to blame Putin. (This makes it harder to retract and now present the evidence)

A few Reports:

Tony Abbott (July 24) has sent 50 Australian Federal Police to join a multinational force to secure the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine. The Prime Minister says the multinational force is necessary because armed rebels blamed for shooting down the jet liner still control the site. However Mr Abbott says the terms of any deployment, which would be under United Nations authority, have yet to be determined. The Prime Minister has been holding talks with Ukraine, Russia and other countries about sending a force to the MH17 crash scene to ensure any remaining bodies can be recovered. The force would also aim to guarantee a full investigation into the downing of the aircraft, allegedly by a missile fired by pro-Russian rebels.

“We are working with other countries to bring about an effective police deployment.” However it was clear nothing could happen without the approval of armed rebels “who most likely brought the plane down in the first place’’. These armed men had a vested interest in the outcome of any investigation, he said.


But Australia fails to keep politics out of the investigation:

Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop keep politics out of MH17 issue for now, but strife with Russia looms as reported in SMH on the 26th July.

And, also it was reported: 25th July on The World Today: (Extracts)

JULIE BISHOP: I feel confident that with the legal and operational matters underway that we’ll be in a position to start work on the site without much further delay.

NAOMI WOODLEY: Ms Bishop and her Dutch counterpart, Frans Timmermans, have travelled to Ukraine where a formal agreement has been signed giving the Netherlands carriage of the investigation.

FRANS TIMMERMANS: We signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Ukraine. This will now enable us to take up full responsibility for the investigation, but it goes without saying that the Netherlands will do this is a broad international team and we especially highly value the cooperation with Australia.

NAOMI WOODLEY: Julie Bishop has now also signed an agreement with her Ukrainian counterpart to allow Australian investigators to get to work.

So what was this agreement? To allow investigators in – but surely not to make evidence secret?

But the investigators had a tough time getting to the site:

31 July reported by ABC  ‘Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop says she fears Russia is “undermining” attempts to investigate the MH17 tragedy, amid reports rebels in eastern Ukraine have planted landmines on roads approaching the crash site. For four days in a row, unarmed Australian Federal Police and their European counterparts have failed to make it across a battle front to the wreckage’. And

“We’ve had the strongest possible support from the Ukrainian government but still the fighting goes on and there is no ceasefire,” she said. “My great fear is Russia is actively undermining this process.”  Ukrainian security spokesman Andriy Lysenko said separatist land mines have made the work of international inspectors impossible. The ABC cannot independently verify Mr Lysenko’s claim’.  Ms Bishop on Soundcloud

I would suggest that possibly the Ukrainian government might have interfered here – creating fear and blame to impede the investigators. Please note Michael Bociurkiw, along with another international monitor, had been wandering around the site for days – and it was reported by Naomi Woodley on the 25th July – on  ABC The World Today:  ‘The spokesman for the OSCE, Michael Bociurkiw, says after the first day, the Russian-backed separatists who control the area have been largely cooperative’. Video of his reflections here on CBS News on how he became intimate with the wreckage over a fairly long period.


There were always two objectives 1. Investigation and Justice, 2. Bring the Australians home.

5th AugustJulie Bishop breaks down over calls to MH17 family,  and says calling the families of victims were the toughest phone calls she has ever had to make. “I knew from the moment I talked to that family that we were doing the right thing, and when they said to me as I hung up ‘just bring them home’, whatever we did over the next two weeks was to do that,” Ms Bishop said. (The objective: Bring the bodies home. Did she inform the families that the investigation would be done in secret?)

I have written to Ms Bishop’s office several times, hoping for greater balance from her office – or ‘lets wait for the investigation and see who is responsible’. Pressure to isolate and accuse Russia seems to increase:

12 August: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has dramatically stepped up Australia’s condemnation of Moscow over the flight MH17 tragedy, accusing it of trying to use humanitarian help as a pretext for an occupation. Ms Bishop, speaking alongside senior US officials including her counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, also left open the door for further sanctions against Russia, including pushing for a ban on President Vladimir Putin’s attendance at the G20 meeting in Brisbane. In this article: ‘Mr Kerry said the US was very aware of Australia’s ”need for justice” over the ”unconscionable crime”.

And I add “As long as it is in alignment with the geopolitical interests of Western corporations.

I believe it is now imperitive for the Foreign Minister to explain exactly what agreements have been signed, and reveal what evidence they have in their possession. They have sent a lot of investigators over there – and will they be allowed to reveal what happened?  Or will the true facts of the investigation be suppressed as this may cause huge embarrassment to the government’s long held accusation against Putin. But that is not good enough. This is not about being wrong – or mistaken. This is a murder investigation of 37 Australians. (I thought it was an offence to tamper with the evidence of a murder investigation). I would so hope that the government is able to – and can do so without fear or favour of the US or any other country – to do an open and transparent investigation of this crime – the downing of MH17.






  1. Excellent article. When you mention Abbott & Bishop don’t forget Shorten. Abbott drivers propaganda profusely, Bishop drools all doe eyed at Kerry & Poroshenko. Shorten nervously chatters his support in the background hoping for a pat from Kerry or Obama. 17 July and still nothing regarding evidence only diversion politics. No demand for the Ukrainian ATC records. Only evidence of this disgusting agreement with Kiev. The truth for the victims and their families and the truth for the world. Maybe demands on federal members via a dedicated MH17 site may get results. A great article of genuine concern. Thanks. Scott

  2. Obviously the investigation will be a whitewash, just like the investigations into the JFK assassination and 9/11. Both of those whitewashes were transparently fraudulent but the real perpetrators, in their arrogance, don’t care because they know we can do little about it. I predict they will claim that they can’t determine what actually happened because the evidence has been “contaminated”. They have already hinted at that several times. Not only that, I am guessing that they are planning bigger events that will push MH17 into the background, just like the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq pushed 9/11 into the background. As James Petras wrote (see http://petras.lahaine.org/?p=2014), an upcoming NATO attack on Russia is looking very possible. Although Australia is not a member of NATO, it will be taking part of this war, just like it did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam etc. As serious as the murders of Australian citizens on MH17 was, being part of World War 3 against Russia will be much more serious and much more costly to us in terms of lives and dollars. Just imagine, Australia being part of a war against Russia, which never threatened us or did any harm to us! Our puppet leaders will be forcing the citizens of Australia to participate in fascist crimes and we will be powerless to do anything about it.

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