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Oz in Secret MH17 Deal ?


I wrote and spoke to DFAT (early on Monday morning) requesting some answers on the details and validity of the ‘non-disclosure’ agreement allegedly signed on the 8th (between Holland, Belgium, Australia & Ukraine). For two days they have remained mum. And to be honest, I am not surprised. They are caught in a terrible dilemma.

My questions: Has Australia signed an agreement that prevents it from disclosing the results of the MH17 investigation? Does the agreement provide the ability for one country to veto disclosure of the findings – and is this binding on the other signatories? The government have most likely rushed to judgement (or been persuaded to by Kerry’s office to do so) – and have now signed a non disclosure agreement that possibly gives Kiev the power to suppress any of the damning evidence.

Damning on who: Kiev (and the Ukrainian fighter jet/s that mistakenly – or deliberately – shot down MH17  – and in so doing, murdered 37 Australians. And now the Abbott government is caught up in trying to manage a dastardly situation. They have signed and given consent (veto) powers to the possible perpetrator.


I would be very very angry if I had lost a family member on board – and I do not envy the poor DFAT employees when the families hear about this. And they will – eventually. It is now spreading across the news (and like mainstream media eventually reported that parts of the beheading video was staged/fake) – they will eventually be forced to report on this agreement – because other countries will. Like here:

Данные расследования катастрофы “Боинга” будут оглашены при согласии сторон – Translated on google “These Crash Investigation “Boeing” will be announced with the consent of the parties” and Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out (here) and ‘Serious Conflicts of Interest in MH17 Investigation led by Dutch Safety Board’ here  and Perpetrator of the downing in Ukraine, of the Malaysian airliner, will stay hidden, plus  Secret MH17 Deal?  And there is much more.

I would so appreciate an answer from DFAT – that would allow me to publish the facts without bias or favour. But maybe now that the deal is secret – disclosing that they have signed the deal is also a secret.

Why am I even writing about this? Why chip away at my computer (unpaid)?  Because it makes me angry to see hundreds of paid journalists working for many Australian outlets NOT DEBATING or even reporting the facts. It is not doing anyone a favour. If the media was onto the evidence from the get-go, it would support our politicians into a path of great accountability and integrity.  But no – we have a presstitute media that allows lies and deception to flourish – and this acts like fertilizer in a garden – allowing governments to flourish in a secret deceptive environment. An environment serving a few special interests.

Generally – a dastardly situation.



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