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Burying the Evidence?


lie The stories spun by MSM and Canberra on MH17 and Russia (above).

mh17 truthThis is where MSM and Canberra have buried the evidence.

Now Abbott blasts Moscow – again – and there is new pressure to ban Putin from G20.

tonyThis anti-Russian sentiment was created by the accusations and blame – for Russia’s part in downing MH17 (but what about the jet fighter and bullet holes)

For for the last month I have written to Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop’s office several times – with detailed posts and links to the evidence. It seems there is a disconnect. And The mainstream media will not report it either. When I asked DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade) about the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, my query was eventually referred to the Australian Federal Police’s media department.

So if the mainstream media are not reporting the clear evidence of the bullet holes in MH17, what are they hiding about the complex situation in Ukraine and Russia in general?


  1. There has been nothing in the media about MH17 despite the fact that the flight recorders have been found and the photos of the cockpit, not shown in the mainstream press, that suggest bullet holes. Why the media cover up? Another case of censorship by omission.

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