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‘An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger’ Confucius

On Friday I had started writing an article about how the Australian public is being terrorized by the Mainstream Media (MSM).


On Saturday, a passenger on a domestic flight leaving Melbourne looks across and sees a young man doodling and writing sentences in a notebook. Oliver Buckworth, a 28 year old artist/interior designer, was satirising the current terrorism threat in Australia. He was reported and removed from the Tiger Airways domestic flight by the Federal Police. He was questioned and has apparently been banned from flying with the airline.

What has Australia become?


I called Oliver Buckworth and he was really rattled by the account – and wanted it all to go away.  He did not want to further discuss or further inflame the situation.

“The irony is I was writing a sentence about the absurdity of the fearmongering when we live in such a happy country of ice-cream and beaches and fluffy things,” he said to the MSM.  A page of Mr Buckworth’s notebook contains the sentence: (as above) “In a land of melting ice-creams, sandy feet and fluffy bears, how could anyone be fearful of terrorism”. His play on the words: “Terrorismadeup” and a cartoon child clutching his head with a thought bubble: “Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terodactyl. Tarantula. Terrorist.” But he was tossed off the plane.

How could this happen?

Well we, in Australia, have been subjected to a masterful and seemingly orchestrated campaign of “Shock and Awe” and media “bombing” by the MSM which started with the beheading of James Foley and continued with Sotloff and Haines. Our politicians followed up with eloquent rhetoric on each occasion – and along with media coverage – have managed to galvanize support, and prepare us mentally for (another) WAR.

And, as an example, the Herald Sun (Sotloff) headline was a call to war, rather than a front page article.


But the MSM initially failed to report that the Foley video had fraudulent or fake aspects to it – which I pointed out, along with many alternative media sites. 

US VP, Joe Biden says: “We Will Follow ISIS ‘To The Gates Of Hell“. And PM Tony Abbott, said on 3AW radio (regarding the beheading): “evil barbarity” AND  ‘depravity’, ‘hideous’, ‘sickening’ and ‘deplorable’ etc. (I agree). But why did Canberra and Washington not speak out with the same passion about the countless beheadings of Syrians this past year?  Let us not mention that the west has been backing some of these groups committing these atrocious crimes.

But, does Mr Abbott’s sentiment also apply to sanctioned beheadings from our supposed allies – e.g. SAUDI ARABIA?  Public beheadings in Saudi Arabia are at an all time high. There has been a surge in executions in Saudi Arabia, with 26 people being executed in August alone. Said Boumedouha, from Amnesty International, says most are over petty crimes and on the basis of confessions extracted through torture. (By the way we might also soon be able to torture people in Australia)

But back to Australia.

We were again, last week, besieged by a further blitz in the media with TERROR and EVIL WITHIN. (And unfortunately this seems to have further ignited general ‘dubiety’ of Muslims) 

evil within2

A large-scale anti-terrorism raid in Sydney mid-week foiled a plot to “commit violent acts” in Australia. More than 800 officers launched the raids across Sydney’s west and north-west, with a further 70 police involved in raids in Brisbane’s south. Police said 15 people had been detained in Sydney as part of the operation between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and ASIO.

Only one man – Omarjan Azari, 22 – has been charged and for conspiring with Mohammed Baryalei (a senior Australian in ISIS). They have allegedly been communicating between 8 May and 18 September 2014 – but the raid was set in motion by a phone call – reportedly – to seize a member of the public and behead them live on camera.

Mr Boland, Azari’s defense barrister, said “The allegation is based on one phone call”.  The report (below) suggests this phone call was “around May this year” – but the court was told that a telephone call was intercepted “two days ago” – and the police acted because it was an immediate and ‘imperative danger’.

Well MSM splashed the fearful news across multiple pages – and the public can once be relieved that a “Beheading Near You” was averted.

The timing of this has been most convenient for the government: The rumblings from the populace over the budget have been sidelined, and the raid has added heat to the government’s proposed anti-Jihad laws. On 6th August Prime Minister Tony Abbott unveiled more laws, and now these bills before parliament also grant immunity from prosecution to intelligence officers engaged in special operations. They also open the possibility of jailing journalists and whistleblowers for publishing information about a terrorism investigation. These new laws come on top of existing laws enabling ASIO to detain and hold any person (you) in secret for a week. Don’t answer their questions and you can be jailed for up to five years. And now you could be ‘tortured’. And once released – you can’t talk about it with anyone.

Senator Leyonhjelm, of the Liberal Democratic Party, saysThese provisions are shameful. As a nation we should be better than this. Australia is engaged in a fight against barbarism, but that does not justify becoming barbarians ourselves.”

These laws were considered necessary when they were introduced after the 2002 Bali attack and strengthened after the London bombings. It was acknowledged at the time these measures were extreme, so it was written into the laws they would expire in ten years time. But the government now wants to make them permanent.

But this article is not a discussion of the Azari case. Let us hope transparency in court will deal with Azari. This is about the MSM whipping up a climate of public fear. And fear will provide the conditions to enshrine these terror laws – and further remove our liberties.

However, it seems we have already wound the clock back to 1984 – and proof is in the public pudding: Mr Buckworth was ejected from the plane for daring to doodle (about terrorism).

So let us get back to TERRORISM…

Back to The Hegelian Dialectic – Problem – Reaction – Solution – And discuss whether ‘terror’ is made up.

problem-reaction-solution yes

If you bother investigating the mountains of evidence, you will understand that 9-11 was a false flag operation, and that not two but three skyscrapers were demolished that day.  However, coincidentally, on that very morning there were extensive WAR GAMES going on simulating hijacked planes going into buildings. Our governments ignored all the (real terrorism) evidence and went into Iraq (on fraudulent WMD Intel) and over a million people got killed. (Former PM, John Howard, said last night he was embarrassed that he was misled. Pity he ignored the other Intel).  This CREATED and shaped the climate of terrorism we live in today. Yes we – the west – made terrorism what it is today. For more just start here

911 banner

Then our Australian laws were bolstered after the London bombings. Well a drill – a fictional scenario based on simultaneous bombs going off at exactly the same time at the underground stations where the real attacks were occurring – happened that morning. Peter Power on contract to the London Metropolitan Police, described in a BBC interview how he had organized and conducted the anti-terror drill:

POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.


What are the odds – please! What are the odds that on 9/11 AND London 7/7  there were drills exactly emulating real the real terrorist actions. What – a zillion to one?   (Not to mention Boston)

Buckworth’s sketches and scribbles might have been referring to the extravagant MSM coverage over the charging of Azari, I don’t know. But YES – I think Buckworth’s doodle is absolutely on the money: “Terror is (mostly) made up”. The war on terror was created and then later acerbated by the Neocons in Washington. (You only need to listen to Ret. General Wesley Clarke)  It is also known that al Qaeda was a CIA invention, and that Washington has been backing terrorist groups in Syria to remove Al Assad.  And YES. We have been hijacked by the MSM for not reporting this and other truths.

And back to Australia’s proposed laws and surveillance:

How many times have you heard someone say in jest: “Struggling with the rent this month – maybe I should rob a bank“.  As an innocent figure of speech, your calls might be monitored, and you might soon be arrested for “imminent bank robbery” – and be in the clink for a couple of years.

And by expressing my view here – should I be concerned that I too will have my future travel plans curtailed?

Be wary my fellow Australians. Not of the machete or the tiger. This is a warning for anyone who dares to doodle – to think – or to question. We have entered a very dark age if you can be tossed off a plane for being a cartoonist.


  1. Dear Dahlia,
    Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the (murderous) execution of Troy Davis in Georgia, USA. You have to pick your battles and that was one of the ones I picked — to no avail of course.
    I note that you are not picking battles. You are taking all of them on. That is great for Australia. GumshoeNews is like one-stop-shopping. Thank you!
    I have to admit that it is a little worrying that you do the bad guys’ work for them by spreading the news, e.g., of Oliver Buckworth on the Melbourne plane. Surely the whole point of that arrest is for them to be able to tell all Aussies that their publishing days are o’er.
    Just keep urging us to fight this trend.
    Mary W Maxwell

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