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Cameron “Peddling Lies”


An astonishing speech from David Cameron. This is an extract. For full report from infowars – here. 

He wants us to “defeat this ideology in all its forms…” and compares those who want a transparent investigation of on the explosive evidence of 9-11 to the ideologies of ISIS. He goes on – “the pedaling of lies that somehow 9-11 was a Jewish plot…”. … . A brilliant deflection Mr Cameron. No it was not a Jewish plot. He masterfully tries to bring in the Jewish people as disinformation. The architects and engineers never mentioned Jewish plot – but they, rightly, want a scientific investigation (and an investigation may reveal links to Zionists).

How shameful that he is linking this “ideology” to terrorism – and that it must be defeated. This is even aimed at people like Bobby McIlvaine who is still seeking justice for his murdered son.

What a disgrace to link those who question 9/11 and 7/7  with terrorism. Experts have said openly – it is mainly the result of the illegal war and destruction of Iraq that has resulted in the rise of terror.

The truth is slowly coming out, and the elite criminals and war-mongers are worried. David Cameron’s attempt to crush free thought and speech and his attempt to try link honest anti-war people to murderous ideologies is an absolute disgrace. It reveals who he is really working for: A criminal cabal.

We should be very wary of this kind of ‘speak’ – as I report here in Teetering Towards Totalitarianism

ALSO – Bobby McIlvaine:

Please David Cameron – explain this building:




  1. Any one who has served on a jury in a. criminal trial would simply ask:
    ‘Why cannot the prosecution not place before us all the facts of this terrible crime”?
    Our government might say:
    ‘If you have nothing to hide tell us all you know,’
    Right Mr. Abbott, tell us what you really know about who did 911?
    Not rocket science; Mr. Abbott, Ms. Bishop, senator Milne et all, and Mr. Cameron and official 911 government conspiracists apologists.
    What are you hiding?
    Why vilify those decent human beings on the 911 international jury?
    Those who are seeking justice!
    Seems that many are mere shivers looking for a spine to club up! [apols: Mr. Keating]

    • Now wait a minute Ned,
      Some demand a criminal investigation in which one needs to put charge(s) to persons.
      Others demand a new scientific investigation, or at least answer remaining or new questions.
      I cannot ask Jonnyboy because he knows too much(according to down under), so I am asking you, what’s it gonna bee?

    • “[…] Cameron Peddaling Lies […]”
      As Mae(or whatever aka’s) does on the collapse of WTC7, but a lie on this one is not a crime.
      Make sure that your new investigators are complete dumb ass basses.

  2. “The architects and engineers never mentioned Jewish plot – but they, rightly, want a scientific investigation (and an investigation may reveal links to Zionists).”

    Love that part!

    Maybe AE911 has never mentioned it, but they are not the only group of idiots, who believe that 9/11 was an inside jobby job. So learn to live with it, that you are mentioned in the same breath as idiots who believe that Jews were the ones who organised it.

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