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The Reality of World Government


A post by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

For almost 10 years, I have been using gentle methods, sneaky methods, or any methods, to try to inform folks about 9-11 and similar scandals. I have found that people resist hearing these things even though we all urgently need to discuss them. Starting today, I’m going to state the case more boldly. My ‘gentle’ stuff never made any converts anyway, as far as I know.

Here’s what I take to be reality:

There has been a World Government in place for over a century. A simple demonstration of this is the historically provable fact that a few men were able to get the US Congress to legislatively create a wholly illegal structure known as the Federal Reserve System. But that episode, in 1913, was hardly their debut; a World Government had been making decisions affecting many countries for several centuries.

The power of World Government was dependent for a long time on its ability to work in the shadows. Some people sensed its presence, or could figure out logically that national governments were kowtowing to hidden bosses. But they gave it an incorrect interpretation by saying “Oh, you know how it goes. Rich folks bribe the members of democratic governments in order to win privileges for their business,” etc.

Mind you, it was never hard to see, or even to say aloud, that the stronger nations had full sway over the ‘Third World.’  Militaries of the US or UK could grab resources and cause mayhem anywhere they liked. Two millennia ago, Thucydides put it concisely: “The strong exact what they can and the poor grant what they must.” Still, it’s very difficult for citizens of the strong nations to perceive that a hidden force can be running the show right here at home, too.

The powerful make sure outspoken persons get ridiculed. And all people are naturally afraid to state propositions if they lack solid evidence. This all creates “unintended psychological support” for World Government. It is always better for individuals to stay mum.

Or is it? Consider an individual in the Third World. If he speaks out, the clobbering machine will descend on him swiftly enough.  Even if he could gather 90% support from compatriots, his mission is hopeless if the powerful do not want change to happen. But in

the US or the UK, say, the situation is not so hopeless, as there is no “foreign nation” waiting to invade. If a Yank or Brit dissident could get 90% of his compatriots to see what is going on and to oppose it, he would stand some chance of bringing about the desired change.

At least I think he could. Still, I have to acknowledge that the baddies act with apparently great confidence that they will not get caught. Do they have a Plan B that we don’t know about?  Are they ready to murder us all if we really get their backs up against the wall?

Let me cite two instances that show they have some worries about the law. When Obama entered the White House, he was in a position to punish former President George W Bush for a particular crime that had to do with surveillance.  Instead, he got Congress to re-word that law so that Bush would not have any guilt. Likewise, when a Texas magistrate had his sights on Richard Cheney for a particular crime, that judge was soon locked up in a mental hospital. I take that to mean that Cheney feared the simple power of law. Yay!

In Australia we have something called Parliamentary Supremacy, which means any newly elected parliament can overturn any past law. This is not as sure a protection as is the American constitution. That is, the Americans have a stick with which to beat miscreant pollies. (Quel crying shame that they hardly bother to employ it!)

I credit the World Government with performing many acts that seem to ‘just happen’ and not be attributable to any deliberate intervention. Four such acts are: A. the assault on health that has occurred since 1930 or so; B. the destruction of the environment via ‘natural disasters.’ (tornadoes, tsunamis, etc); C. All manner of intergroup hostility, such as between races (we are naturally racist, but I mean specific events are scripted); D. the dumbing down of people (as been documented to the nth degree by Charlotte Iserbyt). What great planners they be!

To take action against World Government, it is necessary to:

–  Believe what is happening; stop making excuses about it.

–  Find a few friends to work with, which means talking with them seriously about the issues; don’t go off on tangents of trivia. (Note: avoid any large do-good organizations; they are very likely to be run by You Know Whom, in disguise. I cite ACLU as one such.)

–  Demand of any publicly authoritative body, such as the clergy and ‘Law Enforcement,’ that they do their old-fashioned job. (I would like to add ‘Academia’ to that list, but they’re hopeless.)

As soon as the baddies see that their days of free-riding are numbered they will react. Granted, they may pull some kind of worldwide destruction. (Don’t put it past them, they are so mentally deluded). But we could start now to draft negotiations, hypothetically, with them.

Recall that Uganda’s Idi Amin was given safe harbor for retirement in Saudi Arabia, after he had consumed a refrigerator-load of humans (or so they say). We need to think pragmatically. As a rule, it pays to let these creatures get some sort of golden handshake. I hear you say “But they deserve punishment!”  Oh really, then why haven’t you been punishing them?

Hmm. That reminds me. Necklacing. There comes a time when we have to punish those of our compatriots who conspire with the Fifth Column in our midst. They’re doing us immense harm today. If you are one of them, please wake up and rethink what you’re doing.

I have been immensely inspired by Dalia Mae’s essay “Teetering Towards Totalitarianism” (September 28, 2014).  It could only have been written by someone who experienced the oppression of South Africa. The ability of violent rulers to defeat everyone is well proven. Why are we being so stupid as to let it all pile up, as if some savior is going to come along and make things right again? Why do we let Oz parliamentarians write draconian laws? It’s pathetic.

How about everybody, every man and his dog and cat, refuse to accept, in any way, the Terrorism fiction? There may indeed be killers out there, with knives at the ready to decapitate you, even in darkest Wollongong. But if so, it’s thanks to a magnificent plot by World Government. How dare those bastards talk to us as if we had an IQ of sub-zero. (Speaking of deluded souls, start with Rupert.)

Ah, that reminds me. Jews. Are Jews the force that is running the world?  Are you kidding? That is yet another of the silly divide-and- rule ploys. (Pardon me, but is Richard Cheney Jewish?) And it isn’t Europe’s royal families either. (They seem virtually imprisoned.) Get real. The WG, World Government, consists of some small group who got into a bind the minute they got too much power. It’s like a standard mafia: a mafia has to buy off all possible challengers.

I think WG has had to seek full control of science, technology, food, culture, the various judiciaries, the media, probably architecture, and, yes, human relationships. The poor old masters of World Government must feel that their ‘responsibilities’ have gotten out of hand!  And it can’t be fun anymore. There’s a photo of David Rockefeller, a nonagenarian, on a hayride in Maine, with a whole bunch secret servicemen aboard. Hey, a hayride is supposed to be relaxing!

Please let me know if you can think of ways to stop this crazy train from crashing.  Note: I hope to be in Canberra on October 9th and 10th, for the Independent Scholars Association’s conference on Donald Horne’s book “The Lucky Country” (1964), written fifty years ago.  Mightn’t it be time to stop taking our luck for granted and start putting in a bit of intellectual exercise, and maybe a touch of hard yakka?

Nota bene: There is a sweetener. The fact that one set of masters run all countries means that the enmities we are familiar with are fake.  I know it’s hard to get one’s head around that, but if you re-read Orwell’s “1984,” you’ll see that war is a game that the powerful make the ‘proles’ play, in order to keep everybody busy and upset. The sweetener is that there really isn’t an unreasonable North Korean or Iran or Russia out there. There is THE BIG BOSS AT THE TOP, and all of us are his servants. Easy to fix, no?

Mary W Maxwell, PhD (Politics), LLB, resides in that piece of heaven known as Adelaide. Her books, published by Trine Day, US, are: “Prosecution for Treason” (2011); Consider the Lilies: a Review of 18 Cures for Cancer” (2013); and “Fraud Upon the Court” (2015).



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