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“I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin”

It is a shame that Australian politicians are so naive and a disgrace that Australian media are so negligent in reporting the facts.

“Shirtfront” – That is what the prime minister said on Monday. Reported in the Australian: He said he would also be demanding Russia co-operate with the criminal investigation and if evidence is sought it should be provided. “I’m going to be saying to Mr Putin, Australians were murdered”. Mr Shorten said there was plenty of evidence pointing to Russian involvement in the July 17 downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine, and that “It was an act of murder” Mr Shorten echoed.

Pravda editorial states: “Tony Abbott displays a degree of insolence, arrogance and incompetence which mirrors the intrusiveness, belligerence and chauvinism inherent in other members of the Anglo Saxon alliance in NATO. You know, that global terrorist organization whose budget is a staggering one point two trillion USD a year, each and every year. 

When Australia isn’t busy crawling around the legs of its colonial master, England or trying to crawl up the anatomy of London’s master, Washington, participating in their wars to pick up a few crumbs thrown Canberra’s way, its politicians are busy kowtowing to Europe and the USA making stupid and unfounded remarks about Russia”.

It is a great pity that the Australian presstitute media (which includes the ABC) have not interrogated the evidence available but just keep making assumptions. Russia is the only country so far to publicly reveal their radar data, and there is the question of the fighter jet, the bullet-like holes around the cockpit, and now the oxygen mask. I have written to Julie Bishop’s office over four times, written countless posts – but the accusation against Russia seems to be fixed and predetermined. And that it is most likely required to fulfill a NATO/Washington geopolitical agenda.



  1. Abbott, Shorten and Bishop
    Our most embarrassing politicians to ever enter the International stage
    Please Mr Putin accept my apology for these “clowns”!!

    • Clowns!
      What an embarrassment for St’ Ignatious College at Riverview, considering the talent that has been produced there.
      ‘Iggies’, suspend this person from the old boys union.

  2. Abbot is a clown. Wish western leaders were like Mr Putin. the facts show m17 had bullet holes? it can only mean the Ukraines.

  3. While terorist bomb terorist and now everything is destroyed in Iraq and Syria with exception of terorists there. Mister Massa Abbot is typical violent bully and instead of taking care of Australia is engaged in psychopatical behaviour wherever there is a chance. Shorten is the same both are eager servants of USA…

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