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Mr Abbott, please put your arms in these extra long shirt sleeves.



There are two moronic miscreants in this “shirtfront” mess:   1. Tony Abbott (plus many Canberra politicians), and 2. The Mainstream Media.

If the mainstream media (including the ABC) had done due diligence with their investigative reporting and reported with some honesty, this may have held our politicians honest. But we all know the mainstream media is controlled and dominated for the interests of the Corporate Kelptocrats.

MH17 was fraudulently reported from day one, and even though I wrote to Minister Bishop’s office over four times – none of facts were mentioned. Their spin of a ground to air missile was the Abbott government just parroting NATO/Washington’s script that Russia was responsible – when all the evidence points the other way. Regardless, accusations should wait until the investigation’s outcome.

putinPresident Putin

These are just some of my articles over the last two months – here herehere here herehere and here.

Maybe Mr Abbott thinks that a brazen Aussie ‘shirtfronting’ will win more polls and more votes to an unquestioning and unthinking Australian population. But I think Mr Abbott has underestimated the political stage and the geopolitical minefield he has stepped into.

Russia is in a chess game with NATO and the globalists controlling Washington, and Australia is just the pawn – the pawn that made the opening move.


Below an extract from INFOWARS with Alex Jones interviewing Robert Steele. Robert David Steele is an American activist and a former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer known for his promotion of open source intelligence (OSINT). Steele was a candidate for the Reform Party’s nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 presidential election. You can access infowars’s video here.


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