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The Madness of McCain


I have written about Senator McCain before in The Maestro of the Arab Wars – and this war-monger (for the globalists) keeps coming out with the most extraordinary statements.

Now he says in a CNN interview “Take on Bashar al-Assad – the same as we have ISIS – and recognize there is no distinction between Iraq and Syria“. This was the intention all along: To destroy Syria. These people, like McCain, who advocate the abhorrent active destruction of sovereign nations and the homes of their people should be up for war crimes. McCain has craftily woven in the destruction of what is left of Syria with the fight against ISIS.

In the full interview below McCain says “You have to arm the Peshmerga who are using old weapons – Russian vintage – against ISIS who are using ours“.  WHAT!  How did ISIS get these weapons (via Libya). If a Russian missile allegedly downs a plane, Putin is responsible – but if ISIS are using US weaponry – no questions are asked.


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