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German Journalist Clarifies What the Hell Is Going On:  May Explain Ebola, Too


By Mary W Maxwell, LLB

When I saw the video by Udo Ulfkotte on 9 October 2014 at Gumshoenews.com, I was pretty sure he was genuine. He whined about how he was led down the wrong path, to produce pro-war propaganda for the CIA. He kept saying “I am ashamed of myself; I don’t want to bring a new war to Europe.” Still, many such confessions are really plants, so my skepticism took over.

Then, however, having googlized the situation, I found a statement that Udo made seven years ago. He was in the middle of being persecuted, in 2007, by the German authorities, for saying that Islamic extremists were causing trouble. Huh? Yes, they went after him if he tried to publish anti-Muslim news reports.

By gosh I think I know what was really happening here and that Udo himself seems to be unaware of it. Let’s go through the history again, starting with the Brzezinski stuff. It’s pretty critical for understanding the Syria business, and the psychological tricks that have been used on journalists for years. They are fed disinformation as if it were hot news.

I catalogue several historical developments as follows:

  1. The Brzezinski interview. This refers to the fact that a US official admitted to our having trained the “Mujahidin warriors” (which included bin Laden, by the way), as a means of fighting the Soviets who invaded Afghanistan in 1979.
  2. Per my understanding of the great World Government plan for war-making, that was not really America’s way of harming Russia, or of helping those poor old Afghans. It was all in preparation for the major mess-up of the Middle East, and the “Wesley Clark” stuff.
  3. Maybe I shouldn’t complicate the story here, but I think the Soviet’s “domestically disastrous” Afghan mission, like that of the US in Vietnam, was meant to prepare for the breakup of Communism. I take the WG (World Government) to be both the instigator of Communism in 1917 and the breaker-upper of Communism circa 1990.
  4. The recent revelations (YouTube, 2014) by German journalist Udo Ulfkotte. Having decided to divorce the CIA, for whom he had worked semi-willingly, Udo looked back at its modus operandi. The CIA (or whoever it was) bribed him and colleagues with money, trips, and job promotions, and then sucked them into telling lies. For example, he was asked to write articles supporting Europe’s need for certain weapons. Udo admits to having taken what are now called “daily talking points” from whoever was in charge! Embarrassing, eh?
  5. Udo’s persecution, starting in 2006. He was harassed by police, subjected to lawsuits, impoverished, almost prosecuted for revealing state secrets, all the usual stuff. His wife had an accountancy business, and pictures of her office building appeared in the newspapers so locals would know they should stay away from her. My interpretation (my Eureka of the day) is that the intelligence agencies were not doing this because he was writing about bad Muslims. They were doing it because they spotted a journalist with a conscience. He was too young to be given a heart attack, so it had to be lawsuits, etc.
  6. Funnily enough, they made a bad choice. They should have gone for the heart attack. (Pardon me, Udo.) Maybe they “wish away” the problem that we have a Youtube nowadays, and websites like Gumshoenews! So in front of the camera goes one infuriated Udo, who has lost so much that he doesn’t have anything to lose. He spells out the way in which all – repeat all – of his colleagues are “bought.” Personally, I think there’s loads of room for forgiveness of these guys, and they should all come forth now and ask for our assistance.
  7. Currently, Udo should be able to tell us the names of the sources or leaks about “bad Muslims.” I am not going to argue that Muslims are angels. Let’s assume some were out to build, as Alexander Downer has said, a new Caliphate. But most of the ideological extremists were trained as Mujahidin warriors by persons of a distinctly Christian hue. (It has been claimed elsewhere that the Muslim Brotherhood was an early British phase of this same thing. I think it’s true of most wars!)
  8. The Bojinka stuff. If Udo knows who told him the scoop, we’ll soon recognize the source of other scoops! My fave is the one that was used as background for the all-American hit on the Oklahoma City Murray Building in 1995. It was said that Muslims (combined with Filipinos) were planning to hijack eight planes and blow them up, all in the one day. The alleged Bojinka caper always sounded false to me. (Timothy McVeigh was executed for the OKC bombing; the Muslim involvement was axed from the script at the last minute. Don’t know why.)
  9. The casual info shared after lectures. Despite Udo’s troubles, someone arranged for him to teach a National Security course at a university. (Who teaches it at your school? Have a chat with them.) Udo was pleased when various students, mostly related to government, approached him confidentially after class, with some hot info about the bad Muslims. That is to say, they supplied him with canned disinformation. Bojinka-type nonsense. Come on, Udo, name some names, please.
  10. The “Wesley Clark” stuff. A former Rhodes scholar, General Clark was Supreme Commander of Europe’s part of NATO. He had been a biggie at the Pentagon, and after retirement he was visiting his buddies there who showed him a list of countries who were to be dispatched to God a.s.a.p. Wesley Clark later, when considering a run for US prexy told an interviewer that these countries were Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, “and we’ll finish off with Iran.”
  11. It is unthinkable that any man of Clark’s credentials (Rhodes scholar, Pentagon bloke, candidate for White House) could have been acting that day as a whistleblower. No. He must have been assigned to reveal the Pentagon’s laundry list as a way of conditioning us to what would happen. Perhaps it was also a trial balloon to se if there would be any objection.
  12. As there was no noticeable cry of objection, the planned kill-off of countries proceeded. In every case, the action was, of course, seen to be blamable on local rebels or even, God forbid, religious leaders who like to spoil women’s rights. Maybe even leaders who – get this – “harm their own people.” We seem to have come a ways from the 2002 need to show that a leader had “weapons of mass destruction.” Even a small sin is sufficient now to bring the bombers en masse overhead.
  13. The death of Robin Cook. I’m just throwing this in to show how a Speaker of the House of Commons can use the prestige of the British Parliament to resign in protest against the invasion of Iraq and yet “nothing happens.” Well, something happened to Cook (death by heart attack), but nothing happened to the Wesley Clark seven-country extravaganza. (I apologize for the humorous lingo.)
  14. The only country still waiting to be hit is Iran. I have been saying for years that the leaders of Iran are in on this. Maybe every leader of a besieged nation is part of a fifth column! Patriotic heroism seems to have gone out with long drawers. (Actually I don’t think Gaddafi participated in the plan to take Libya off the map. Do you?)
  15. Speaking of going off the map, Thomas Barnett published a book in 2005, “The Pentagon’s New Map.” Inside the front cover of the book is a normal-looking map of the world, except that all of Africa and Southeast Asia, and parts of South America are missing. The code Barnett uses to describe this is “non-core countries.” He portrays them as ones that just couldn’t make the grade economically.

blair and cookBlair and Cook

That said, when are we going to stop putting up with this? Was there no Brit who could have screamed “Foul play” when Robin Cook was killed? Is there no American who can say “Thank you Pentagon, but I don’t support genocide”?  Is there any reader of the article at hand who wants to restore decency?

We have to start somewhere. It is human nature to be overwhelmed, and to let whatever bad things are happening continue to happen. But we’ve often overcome human nature, haven’t we? Much of civilization, which makes for pleasant existence, takes the form of controlling our human nature. (As EO Wilson once said, human nature was “jerrybuilt in the Pleistocene.”) At the very least, it is the duty of intellectuals to talk sense, in order to let the population know that there are alternatives to, say, wiping countries off the map. (Perhaps the plan is to use Ebola on our country as well?)

Finally, back to the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte. He is to be thanked for his honesty. His parents are to be thanked for  drilling it into him! In his Youtube video, he clarifies the method used by the CIA to make him dishonest. I claim that his 2007 incident of being harassed for discovering “scoops” about Muslim extremists is the key to seeing how such scoops are delivered to already-believing journalists.

Putting it all together: Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security advisor) had shown us that Muslim rebels and “extremists” (Mujahidin) were cynically created by Western training camps. Muslim rebels thus were available to take the blame for Oklahoma City bombing in 1975, as they were planning “Bojinka,” a multiple plane explosion. (But President Clinton decided instead to have Timothy McVeigh cop the blame.) Robin Cook, an honest Parliamentarian in UK, saw the falsity of blaming Iraq in 2003 and resigned as Speaker. Later, in a supposedly candid interview, NATO man Wesley Clark said that the Pentagon was planning to get rid of seven countries.

(Clark is no whistle-blower; his revelations were meant to get us into an accepting mode for multiple genocides.)

We can turn this thing around. The genocidalists are very sick people. We are presently enabling them. We can stop enabling them.

Mary W Maxwell, LLB, resides in Adelaide. Her website is ProsecutionForTreason.com.











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