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How Ebola Might Work a Cure for Society



By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

My job since “9-11” has been to try to educate my fellow citizens about the strange things that are happening in our midst, which most people cannot see. Presumably, if the barrier of denial could be broken, folks would start constructing a much happier life.

Today I see a chink in the armor. The media had been doing such a good scare blitz on Ebola that folks have started to think this disease may affect their personal life. Independent media outlets (such as gumshoenews.com in Australia) have published the words of an apparent whistleblower, Cyril Broderick, who has worked at the coalface, in Liberia. He says the disease was deliberately spread, via vaccinations.

The chink in the armor is that if people in the non-Third World can get a sense of what is going on here, they may wake up to other things. So I am happy about that. I see Ebola as potentially saving the world!

Take Sensible Legal Action Immediately

So who is doing the Ebola genocide (if that be a correct accusation), and how might we crack down on them? The allegation is that several large organizations played a part in “vaccine genocide.” Among these are a pharmaceutical house, the World Health Organization, the US Army, and the charity known as Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

We can immediately set into motion an inquiry. In America, any employee of the suspects can be “detained” under the 1793 Material Witness Act. That applies to someone we think may have vital information that could disappear. (This law was used to arrest innocent Arab-Americans aplenty after 9-11.)

As for crimes relevant to purveying a lethal disease, look no further than any state laws against assault and murder. Or, if it be helpful to cast the issue as one of genocide, look to the 1991 US statute. (Additionally, if the plan was to bring Ebola to America’s shore, or Australia’s shore, the laws against treason can be invoked.) It doesn’t matter which approach you take.  The point is to do something, not let this moment slip away.

Here is the domestic law in America:

“Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such… kills members of that group [or] causes seriously bodily injury … shall be punished by death or imprisonment for life…” — USC 1091.

A statute can’t get much clearer than that!


“Government” Is Not Protected Like the King

The parties who should do the arresting are of course officials of government. The US Department of Justice (what a name!) has been able for over a century to stave off any prosecutions of the executive. Indeed, many people think government has the right to do this. No, that is absolutely incorrect.

The only rules that constrain legal action against the US are the state secret laws (which, ahem, are pretty shabby) and the general prohibition against suing the government, a rule associated with the concept of “state sovereignty.”

The sovereignty of the state is quite separate from the fact that, in monarchical nations, “the king can do no wrong.” Because the king is the symbol of “Daddy,” and of society as a whole, people usually agree to the practice of protecting the king from accusation of any crime. You just don’t want to see Daddy ’cuffed and thrown into a patrol wagon. Importantly, though, there’s no such law in republics. Presidents and prime ministers are not the king. They can be arrested at any time.

So let’s be clear: any persons working for the US government are liable to criminal charges. And don’t get trapped by the idea that if they perform a crime on duty, it’s “the state” rather than the employee that should be held accountable. No. The crime is committed by them personally. Even if they show that they were “following orders,” that is no excuse in law. By the way, if they lie to Congress during a hearing, that’s another crime: perjury.


The Everyday Criminality of Vaccination

In 2013, while researching my book on the politics of medicine (Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status), it came to my notice that for three centuries there has been a huge joke on the population in the form of vaccination. “The first shot was fired’ when Dr Edward Jenner gave his gardener’s son the first inoculation against smallpox in 1796.

I can say with 100% personal certainty that Jenner was acting under the auspices of The Powers That Be. He did not have the brains to discover a new disease (allegedly the disease of ‘smallpox of the cow’), and would not have been able to make vaccination mandatory; the UK Parliament did that.

A brilliant doctor named Charles Creighton caught onto the trickery of the Jenner vaccination around 1875. He wrote this in a book entitled Jenner and Vaccination: a Strange Chapter in Medical History.  It is a must read. I will briefly state the theme: There is no such disease as cowpox. The material distributed for use in vaccinating people must have been a concoction of whatever. Creighton, despite searching, simply could not track it down!

Moreover, as proven by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1893, author of “Vaccination a Delusion; Its Penal Enforcement a Crime,” the vax never prevented smallpox anyway.  People who were vaccinated did get smallpox. The statistics show that people who were unvaccinated fared better in avoiding smallpox!

You may think Wallace did not have all the data he needed. Yes, he did. He read all the submissions to a Royal Commission investigating the public’s complaints about vaccination. Naturally, that commission’s Report was a whitewash; it massaged the facts and omitted many of the very damming facts that Wallace subsequently published.

By the way, this is known in law as “GK” — guilty knowledge. I mean the fancy footwork of the Commissioners is evidence that they knew they were deliberately producing a deceptive report. Such GK can be used in court against the person. Yay!

To continue with the story of vaccination, I say it has routinely been used by governments as a tool for making people sick.  (I grant that some immunizations are used beneficially.) Here are three examples of mass vaccination:

  1. In 1803, the king of Spain sent the Balmis expedition to give a smallpox inoculation to every man, woman, and child in the Philippines and the Spanish colonies of South America. Such an undertaking for the good of indigenous people is just not believable. Come on, be serious. The purpose must have been a sinister one: to keep the populations powerless, by illness, against the European rulers.
  1. The WHO, which was founded as a Rockefeller charity (Rockefeller also founded the World Council of Churches!), conducted a worldwide campaign in the 1970s “to eradicate smallpox.” Proof of the not-genuinely-altruistic nature of this program can be seen in the fact that the US and other countries maintained huge stocks of the disease after eradication. The WHO “immunization” campaign was probably undertaken to spread the HIV virus in Africa and Brazil. (See Alan Cantwell, MD’s books on this.)
  1. In 1955, myself and other Americans received the polio shot. Its purpose was to lay the seeds of cancer! The shot contained Simian Virus 40, which lies dormant for many years. Naturally the kindly medical profession was seen to be protecting people against a terrible scourge, polio (for which a cure had been discovered in 1917 by Edward Rosenow, MD, but was suppressed.) The real purpose was to deliver cancer. Please download my book at marywmaxwell.com.

Time To Start Cleaning All This Up

I said Ebola can bring us happiness. I know it is bringing great sorrow to its victims in Liberia, but I am talking about a unique opportunity for us to crack down on the Dr Strangelove’s who think it is OK to commit genocide.

Back to US law of genocide.  Imagine that the US Army had a hand in the Ebola thing. Assume for argument’s sake that there is sufficient evidence to show that this virus was developed in the Fort Detrick laboratory. Thus an individual human being, or two, or ten, worked knowingly on producing a bioweapon. Note: despite President Nixon’s statement in 1969 that the US would get rid of its bio-war stuff, Congress allocates budget for it every year. This is completely open information.

The attorney for the defense may think his client, the lab worker, can get off on the basis of his having had no clue that the virus would be used against people who aren’t an enemy. OK, let’s grant that excuse. Still, someone somewhere knew that the people of West Africa were going to be the recipients of the disease. So who knew?

It’s OK to drag the bosses of that lab before a judge. To drag them is not to say they are guilty. We want them to answer questions. They can also be dragged before a legislative committee’s hearing on the subject, and this means they will be live on camera.

I have no faith in either the legislature or the judiciary to hold the executive accountable for any crime. (See my excoriation of Congress for listening to eyewitnesses of the murder of Pat Tillman and then saying “Ho hum.” It’s in my forthcoming book, Fraud Upon the Court.)

If the government won’t play ball, it’s up to the people. Use whatever is handy. All law schools have a Moot Court, i.e., a room that looks like a courtroom in which a fictitious case can be played out. Students can, without fear of libel, accuse John Doe of the crime of genocide. It would be good experience for them to play the roles of defense attorney and prosecutor. I think their parents should stop paying the $40K per year tuition of they can’t at least manage a trial against mass killers.

You, personally, should demand answers to Broderick’s accusations re Liberia. Admit from the beginning that you don’t have an airtight case. One never needs an airtight case to start legal action. What is desperately needed is your participation, your common sense, your righteous indignation.

Not to mention your enlightened self interest. If you let those Bozos up there continue to think genocide is OK, you will eventually reap the whirlwind, will you not? Or your kids will, and they won’t be too pleased with you.

Mary W Maxwell is a graduate of Adelaide Law School. Her website is: prosecutionfortreason.com. Please see her Youtube video “Anger Management,” at the Mary W Maxwell channel.


  1. Mary, could you please answer this. Why hasn’t someone taken the NSA people to court for perjury etc. Surely they have a case to answer.

  2. To Janet: Not sure what you are referring to. National Security Agency? In the context of Liberia? The general answer to “Why don’t US government officials get charged with crime?” is, as I said, that the DOJ protects the executive branch. It’s pretty silly of the citizenry to let that practice continue, so you have to think up ways around it. My suggestion as to what law students can do (pretending they have a case before them) is not going to save the world but it would make a difference. It would call attention (at least their attention) to the fact that the miscreants are not having to face the music in any proper court.
    I believe any steps you take are important. A while ago I heard that it is now cool, for young people in Italy, to be angry at the Mafia. I’d like it to be cool, for young people, to do something like the Moot Court. Coolness seems to be extremely attractive!

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