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Van Allen and his Radiation Belt


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That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind – Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon (July 1969). In total 12 people have stepped onto the lunar surface – and some were lucky enough to drive around in a buggy. But what about the Van Allen radiation belt? And has NASA now intimated that they didn’t travel to the moon?

It was a most miraculous feat to leave earth’s atmosphere – travel through the Van Allen radiation beltsoar 240,000 miles (383,000 km) – circle and land on the moon – drive around in a buggy – take off from the moon – hook up with the module – then trip all 240,000 miles back – again through the Van Allen radiation belt – catch earth’s orbit and then land safely… countless times. But then it was too much of a bother to go back after that.

But now, it seems, we have to learn how they did it all over again (as apparently they have ‘lost’ most of the moon landing records).

According to the video below, spacecraft Orion will test the Van Allen radiation belt first BEFORE they can send people through this region of space. At around 3.35 “We must solve this problem (going through the Van Allen radiation belt?) before we send people through this region of space”. I know organisations were prepared to take more risks back then, but why do they have to do unmanned tests when flew through the Van Allen radiation belt 40 years ago. Interesting!  See full article here on rumourmillnews.

On a side note:

The moon landings occurred during the lying and corrupt Presidency of Richard M.Nixon. Vice President was Gerald Ford – who had earlier infected the Warren Commission to change the description of the bullet wound in President Kennedy’s back and place it higher to make “the magic bullet” theory plausible.

At the time Donald Rumsfeld was Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity  (OEO) (1969–1970) and then Counsellor for President Nixon (1969–1973) during the moon landing years. 

Dick Cheney began his political career began in 1969, as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger, then he joined Rumsfeld (then Director of the OEO). Cheney held several positions in the years that followed – leading up to Deputy Assistant to the president from 1974–1975.

Below President Gerald Ford, Jr with Rumsfeld and Cheney – after the “moon landing years”.

ford w rumsfeld_and_cheney_april_28_1975

There are several options regarding the moon landings.

1. Man landed on the moon. It was a feat of technology, and scientific brilliance.

2. Armstrong et al. did go to the moon, but we had assistance from other (alien?) technology (that is not presently available to us).

3. They were faked. A masterstroke of artful deception and mass persuasion. (This option seems incredible, but we know that some of the photos and videos are faked (or ‘produced’) as they had a  moon stage set up “in case they lost the live feed”. I have operated many video cameras, and had wondered how the remote camera managed to tilt up with such precision to follow the lunar module leaving the moon. All this by remote operation 384,000 km away.)

And all this moon landing business happened in the Nixon years – the years Rumsfeld was the President’s Counsellor, and when Cheney was working with Rumsfeld. Don and Dick would surely know what really happened. But they wouldn’t be part of a great deception – would they?

Below: President George Bush with Rumsfeld and Cheney (~30 years later)


But we know from all the scientific evidence that 9/11 was a masterstroke of artful deception and mass persuasion.



An update Note:

The lift off from the moon and many other shots (that appear to be fake) could be from ‘produced footage’. Over time any real footage has been mixed up with fake footage or photographs – and thus the fake footage proves very little either way.

On a film shoot in the mid 90’s I worked with a rigger who said he was in a studio making an astronaut ‘bounce along’ during the moon landings. He was watching the “live feed” and imitating the walk on the moon – in case they lost the feed from the moon. 

Man was yo-yoing back and forth for a few years – then all exploration is STOPPED for 40. Interesting, when Neil Armstrong gave a rare interview in 1970 (BBC) – he believed then that he would see manned outposts on the moon within his lifetime. Sadly he was wrong. 

Armstrong’s 1970 interview:

So why do so many of the photos look like studio shots? And we have become acclimatized to that view.

Buzz Aldrin may have walked on the moon – but this looks like Buzz walking across a studio stage in the ‘pool’ of light. The light fades quickly away to blackness. 

buzz aldrin walks

Below is the view from the Mars Curiosity Rover. The only difference is that with an atmosphere the sky is light – not black (like it would be on the moon).  


Interesting notes from debunkingskeptics:

40 years after the Wright Brothers crossed the Atlantic Ocean (1903) – now tens of thousands cross each day.

40 years after Sir Edmond Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest (1953), thousands of other explorers had done the same.

Apollo Moon Missions in 1969-72 sent astronauts 240,000 miles and back six times. Since then no one has ever gone further than 400 miles.

200 miles = 14 casualties, 240,000 miles = 0 casualties.

I always wondered why Armstrong was reticent on speaking about man’s greatest achievement. (But lets go find his camera). 


I haven’t closed the chapter on this just yet.


  1. As you get older you realise that a lot of what you had been told at School and by MSM, is just fabricated BS!
    Question Everything!

  2. Conspiracy theorists are
    In courts all over the commonwealth countries, Her Majesty’s Crown prosecutors open to juries in some criminal trials with a conspiracy theory; e g, to defraud the Commonwealth, import drugs, grand kids smothering grandma to get her estate and all. Then the evidence is presented, the defence eventually addresses and calls the prosecutor a tin foil hat nutter and then the jury examines the evidence and decides on the verdict.
    No idea as to the moon situation ’cause I was not there, I was watching the broadcast/production through the David Jones window ….. Took ages for them to climb down the steps.
    SIIK. (Stuffed if I know!)
    I hope that the Apollo moon manuals can be located to save the cost of the ‘onion’ err: Orion exercise.
    The manuals are probably misfiled at NASA somewhere. I reckon Rumsfield might know where they are: with the records of the missing 2.3 Trillion he announced as unaccounted for on 10th September 2001. (:-( .
    The ONI people were trying to find where it all went until a wayward aircraft wiped out the ONI bean counters and records at the Pentagon in their brand new digs at the Pentagon. Lucky shot, Bin Laden!
    Ta. GSN for a challenge. The jury will take some time.

  3. I accept most of the conspiracy theories. (Correction: I am GUNG HO most of the conspiracy theories.) But I tend to think we did land on the moon. Still, based on Dalia’s observation of the upward tilt of the camera, I’ll take another look….
    The thing that gave me a laugh in this article was Don working for Dick. In the court case, Gallop v Cheney, the poor, scared judge needed grounds to dismiss April Gallop’s suit for injuries sustained at the Pentagon on 9/11. (She said “I was there; I saw nary a plane”).
    In respect of the law which says conspirators must have “a meeting of the minds” (basically, the opportunity to communicate), Judge Denny Chin proposed that Ms Gallop failed to show that Don, who was, on that day, the Secretary of Defense, and Dick –- on that day the Vice Prexy of the United States –- actually communicated!

    Please, Your Honor, how could they have coordinated the whole 19-hijacker caper if they weren’t in intimate communication?

  4. The aspect of the Apollo program and the many amazing achievements of mankind that collide with my sensibilities is the staggering contradictions between humanities capacity for courage and brilliance compared with the tragedy of the present world condition where genuine integrity and authenticity are far too scarce. I have to confess one of the pitfalls of confronting the evil aspects of our societies can lead towards not paying enough attention to the positive dimensions of our lives and humanity. The contradictions are bewildering when you contemplate our serviced cities and sweeping freeways or the galloping computer technology. I do agree there are some real puzzles that spin the mind in the Apollo record but I think this was an example of what man can do when a money shortage is taken out of the equation.

  5. OK this is really geeky – but please put some effort in and try to prove me wrong.
    All Project Gemini missions required multiple ground station monitoring and telemetry (command control). Project Gemini did not have sufficient tests of autonomous computer control (auto-pilot rendezvous and lunar ascent operated by it’s own computer without ground support). Yet Project Apollo in 1969 successfully completed both lunar ascent and rendezvous without the aid of ground stations. It was impossible for ground stations to conduct telemetry of lunar craft due to 1.3s speed of light latency. So in which parallel universe could Apollo test engineers test their autonomous computers?? They had no time. And there are no official NASA videos of the tests.
    Computer calculations are extremely complex to automatically maneuver an ascent stage to rendezvous with an orbitting space craft. The ascent stage already had asymetric mass which decreased as thrust fuel is depleted as well as a non-linear reducing gravity as the ascent stage travelled further from the surface. The 1969 digital computer on-board the ascent stage had to act quick enough and control thrust sufficiently to compensate so as to perform a perfect docking on the orbitting space craft. This was never tested under any conditions and therefore had to work every time on every Apollo flight without error. I therefore officially charge the U.S. Government of lying to it’s citizens and to the rest of the world about the Apollo Programme.

    • Good comment. Trying to understand it. (I like the fact that the remote moon camera pans up with the module … Cameraman don’t even get it right most of the time.)

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