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The Myth of the Alleged 19 Muslim Hijackers


by Matt Campbell (brother of Geoff who was murdered on 9/11)

Faced with a lack of evidence by the Bush administration, I finally decided to gather the evidence myself and check their findings. I want to share my conclusions with you.

The hijacks could not have been carried out by the 19 alleged Muslim hijackers operating as four separate teams. All evidence shows the planes were hijacked by one team who remotely controlled each hijack in a SEQUENTIAL manner. This includes AA11 (the plane that hit WTC1, the building my brother was in).

timeline hijackings2The timeline above sourced from www.peace911.org

If four teams of terrorists hijacked the planes, each team will manage its own plane. The airports from which the planes took off are on the east coast and the targets were also near the east coast (see the FBI flight path graphic below), so each team should hijack the plane as soon as possible and fly it to their own target.

plane times

The first plane (AA11) deviated 15 minutes after take-off; let’s say the planes should deviate between 10 and 20 minutes after take-off. One or two minutes of difference is meaningless.

The actual times between take off and deviation (hijack) are 15, 28, 34, 53 minutes. Nothing is similar between all planes. This is not consistent with a four teams operation. And the last flight was delayed by 42 minutes (41 minutes after taxi).

If there were terrorists inside the plane, they should say “we are too late; our colleagues on the other planes have probably finished their work; we should deviate as soon as possible”. So let’s say they should deviate (hijack) within 10 minutes. Instead they deviated 53 minutes after take-off, much longer than anyone else. And this deviation (hijack) happened 3 minutes before the Pentagon impact.


If we consider the case of technological control of the planes, whatever the system, there will be one team controlling the planes from a remote area.

In order not to make any errors that single team will manage one plane at a time. That means the flight times in each hijack situation will follow each other. That’s what we see in the graphic above (www.peace911.org). The red bars are following each other like ‘continuous work’.

The only technological system that can meet the requirement for such attacks is the Tomahawk cruise missile system that can guide itself autonomously on basis of GPS coordinates.

In this case, the last tens of miles should be made by the plane itself in autonomous flight seeking its target. So the team ends their work some minutes before the impact, that’s why they start the next hijack some minutes before the impact of the preceding plane.

This pattern is not consistent with a 4 team operation; it’s not a random sequence; it’s a sequence fully consistent with a single team operation.

I studied all other aspects such as the flight routes, the communications with the control tower, … everything is fully consistent with a single team operation.

That timing of the hijacks should be the first evidence to check in any investigation. We have four planes hijacked within two hours, the time relation whatever it could be, should be analysed. Thirteen years later, and after many questions, the Bush and Obama administrations and also most of the 9/11 researchers have never considered that aspect. We can conclude that no actual investigation has been made by the officials, but also by 9/11 researchers. (Ed note: see Matt’s note below)

There are many crazy theories propagated by conspiracy theorists. I do not support their work. Those people are actually working to create confusion about the attacks with disinformation; they are complicit with the actual perpetrators; they should be charged, put under trial and jailed for complicity.

Matt Campbell’s twitter account is www.twitter.com/mattcampbell911





  1. There is at least one 9-11 researcher who is the rolled gold, dinkum di, honest-to-God real deal. He lives in Bonn, Germany and hosts the website juscogens.org. His book, which proves, yes proves, that there was not a single solitary Muslim hijacker on Sept 11, 2001, is entitled “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11.”
    It took him ten years to research it. His name? Elias Davidsson.

    • Of course there are plenty of genuine 9/11 researchers, I’m talking about the ones that spread disinfo.

      I am very familiar with Elias’ work. He’s assisting me with certain aspects of legal action I am taking in the UK. I also promoted his book when I last spoke publicly at a 9/11 meeting in London.

      Like Elias, I have been down the route of futile FOIA requests. The FBI misdirect and stonewall all the time.
      There is no hard/authenticated evidence of the alleged Muslim hijackers.

      The timings of the hijacks also show it was not 4 individual teams (i.e. the alleged 19) acting autonomously, it had to be controlled remotely, with access to radar info etc.
      Both Elias’ work on ‘shattering the myth of 19 hijackers’ and mine are compatible.

      My mind does not need to be un-hijacked.

  2. For what they are worth – these are the transponder times being switched off – a few minutes after the start of each deviation.

    AA11 8:21
    UA175 8:45-8:48
    AA77 8:56
    UA93 9:41-9:44

  3. The hijackers back story has always been the most fertile area for exposing the 911 myth with fact based information that makes the official narrative impossible but the mischief makers have controlled the “truth movement” from the outset.
    What we do know is the science of deception is almost perfected and the money printing press funding constructed false realities is limitless. It is very common to find brilliant individuals communicating 90% rational accurate information merged with 10% deceit. The truth regarding finance has always existed and similarly the factual case against the 911 deception is in our possession but we need to discover or invent the antidote to the spells that presently infect the mind of humanity so our real human potential and purpose can be released.
    The technical aspects of how sorcery is applied to destroy expanding freedom are essential knowledge because the natural cure is contained in light, oxygen and activity.
    The bluff regarding humanities helpless position in the face of evil has successfully infected most human effort towards seeking solutions to war, injustice and all the effects of monopoly power. The spells must be broken that limit the consciousness of most human thought processes.
    We need to think much more about the science of thinking and how brilliance, charm and self evident truth can be formulated and targeted for victory against lies.

    • Something that I have only recently believed is that when you read a fiction novel for example, you cast a spell on yourself when you read out the symbols (letters,words,sentences) and your mind ends up in the author’s world – you are under their spell or “lost in the story” and may be susceptible to believe in whatever beliefs the author may want to weave in. (my meaning of ‘spell’ is more like hypnosis or NLP) Think about Harry Potter series. Similar conditioning comes from watching films but instead the film casts a spell on you as your left side of the brain is saturated (kept busy) by the cut scenes and you stop critically thinking (Fred and Merrilyn Emery showed this in their research). Now what the author or screenplay writers may be paid to do is create plausibility within the minds of their readers or viewers. Plausibility convinces people that the 911 hijackers could have been Arab terrorists because they have already been introduced to the concept of the Arab Terrorist in countless films and novels. Similarly to incitement of racism, despite us all having pretty much the same mixing of DNA – the list literally goes on. Likewise we have grown up trusting the news auto-queue reader who only needs to keep repeating the message to brainwash us. We step outside of the media matrix when we stop trusting the news reader and recognise that news is only about telling the people what they want us to know not what is actually out there (their own definition of truth) – mind control via the television or radio ‘ray guns’ into our heads. So step one must be to no longer trust the newsreader as well as limiting our exposure to the ray guns. By helping the people we know to also step outside of the matrix and learn to critically think, we start to contribute to the collective mental healing of society.

      • Yes, exactly. This is why the guy heading the 9/11 commission (after Kissinger was ousted) was Philip Zelikow, whose specialty is created modern mythology. He’s the guy in charge of the cover story.

  4. Flt 93 was supposed to hit WTC7.
    The pilot regained partial control of the aircraft and rather than have it land or crash and not fully destroy the remote controls, it was shot down.

    • Flight 93 was supposed to hit WTC 7, but it was shot down by an American fighter pilot who accidentally and against all orders did his job that day. Hence the spread of wreckage for several miles. That hole in the ground is not the real wreck site. We were not shown that.

    • The take off times and the impact times (with the exception of UA93) are well known/agreed. The precise hijack times are harder to ascertain from official documents, they vary. The most important time is when the planes deviated from their intended route. We can analyse some of the communications between the aircraft control towers and the pilots to assist.
      The precise times do not matter too much, the sequential manner of the hijacks is still evident plus or minus a few minutes.


      8:13:29 — 46R: AAL11, turn 20 degrees right.
      8:13:31 — AAL11: 20 right AAL11.
      8:13:47 — 46R: AAL11, now climb maintain FL350.
      8:13:57 — 46R: AAL11, climb maintain FL350.

      In 16 seconds (from 8:13:31) communications ceased.
      So I have taken the hijack time as 8:14 plus or minus a few seconds.


      Last communication was at 8.42:12 (with previous communications at 8:41:33 & 8:41:55). Shortly afterwards the plane deviated from its intended route.


      The last communication was at 8:50:51. The transponder was turned off at 8:56. So I have estimated a time of 8:54, shortly before the transponder was turned off.


      The last (normal) communication was at 9:25:06 with further communication at 9:28:48 (of a ‘struggle’).
      The aircraft continued on its path until 9:35.
      Which time to use?
      Communication(s) can be generated by computers, whereas a deviation is more reliable/definite. So I used 9:35

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