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A Legal Fraud on the Australian People


These new anti-terror laws (35P) are founded on global criminality – and that is why your laws are a fraud on the people of Australia, Mr George Brandis.

Australia’s 36th Attorney-General George Brandis was born in the safety of picturesque Sydney, Australia, went to a private Catholic school and then to the University of Queensland for a couple of degrees. I doubt Mr Brandis has any idea of what tyranny smells and looks like from his privileged journey to the comfort of Canberra. And I’m sure he remains in denial that the west’s (illegal) destruction of Iraq caused much of this ‘terror’ mess in the first place.

I grew up in South Africa and remember well the outlook of (Apartheid) Prime Ministers Hendrik Verwoerd, B. J. Voster and P.W. Botha and their rhetoric on restricting press freedoms for the good of the people. Well, Mr Brandis I can say you would have been most welcome in Pretoria during the Apartheid regime. You are cut from the same cloth.

Brandis and BothaGeorge Brandis (2014) and P W Botha (Prime Minister 1978 – 1984)

P W Botha would have jumped at the chance to bring in such egregious laws that Mr Brandis has so enthusiastically defended. Section 35P (Unauthorised disclosure of information) of the new National Security Legislation – makes it an offence, punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment, to “disclose information” about a so-called special intelligence operation.

This is worse than the Apartheid regime (See my article on Teetering Towards Totalitarianism). But sadly, this trend to crush whistle-blower journalism is worldwide (and has an orchestrated ‘New World Order’ stench to it). You would have thought that South Africans would have learned from history. But no. Disregarding protests, the South African Parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill that will severely restrict the ability of journalists to report any information deemed to be a government secret. Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel peace laureate and leading figure in the fight to end apartheid and discrimination) said it was “insulting to all South Africans to be asked to stomach legislation that could be used to outlaw whistle-blowing and investigative journalism.”

And, Mr Brandis, the same applies here: It is insulting to all Australians.

It seems that these laws are designed specifically to suppress the ever growing realization that governments are fraudulent institutions doing the bidding of global powers above them. Why else would a so called patriotic Australian want  to enshrine laws that intend to restrict enlightenment to the people who pay his salary and entitlements.

Mr Brandis and all the other politicians have acted against the interests of all Australians. We are told this is for our own good. We are indoctrinated into believing that government secrecy is good and necessary for the people. That is absolute NONSENSE. You are using these laws to keep us dumbed down and hopefully ignorant.


Corrupt Advantage

Secrecy breeds only one thing: Corrupt advantage of power for those holding the secrets.

Now you threaten Australian writers and journalists (like myself) with 10 years jail if information is disclosed – that relates to a special intelligence operation; and….  (may) prejudice the effective conduct of a special intelligence operation.

What do we do, Mr Brandis – FOR EXAMPLE, if we discover the special operation is a planned false flag attack that is going to kill innocent Australians?  Like a 9/11 scenario; or a Sandy Hook shooting (I believe the FBI statistics confirm no one died) or a Port Arthur type incident – and that this (hypothetical) special operation is not in the interests of Australians. What do we do then? Keep quite and be traitors to the Australians – or be servants to a ‘law’?

And we know what happens to journalists: Donald Woods had to escape South Africa, Ebrima Manneh just disappeared, Michael Hastings was murdered in a car ‘explosion’ accident, and Peter Greste is in jail. And we know what Mr Brandis thinks of Edward Snowden enlightening the American public: “Those who doubted that Edward Snowden was a traitor were either of the ‘self-loathing left’ or the ‘anarcho-libertarian right'” (to a Washington think tank).

But this is why am I suspicious of your laws:

All of you in Canberra refuse to confront of the murderous deceptions of 9/11. You have failed to take note of the scientific evidence which points away from the 19 hijackers. The evidence points to sophisticated explosives being used on 3 buildings.

Have you even heard of Building 7, Mr Brandis?

7 - 3

How distorted is the logic when the taxi driver taking me to the airport is more aware of the evidence and detail of 9/11 than out Attorney-General?


MSM a Disgrace

And how appalling is it when our mainstream media (MSM) fails to report these events honestly. The Australian MSM are involved in a cover up – and have betrayed our democracy. ‘They went down the rabbit hole, slept with ferrets, got fleas and are now scratching‘ BA.

Without our politicians (and the MSM) interrogating this “special operation” known as 9/11  (whoever’s operation it was), they are in denial and have been deceived by a murderous fraud on humanity – unknowingly (or has Canberra just been forced to go along with it). It doesn’t really matter which it is. But as a result of this “special 9/11 operation”, the west created a fraudulent war on terror, bombed Iraq back into the stone age and killed hundreds of thousands of people. We all have blood on our hands.

How can we trust ANY special operation when it is enshrouded with secrecy (for our own good)?


Canberra Bamboozled?

One can only conclude that Canberra is buried and confused by their own deceptions and secrets. It is so enmeshed and stymied by global corruption that our politicians have bought the LIE.  It appears that those politicians in Canberra who voted for these laws on Monday have been bamboozled into perpetuating secrecy and ignorance – by passing laws carefully constructed to prevent transparency. It is clear – whistle-blowers and investigate journalists are now deemed a danger to the status quo of (secret) governance.

Mr Brandis, these laws are founded on global criminality – and that is why your laws are a fraud on the people of Australia.



  1. Having also spent most of my life in South Africa, I would venture to say that even the most strident South African aparthied architects and enforcers, must be giving successive Australian regimes a continuing standing ovation on their brilliantly covert totalitarianism that has been imposed on the Australian sleeple.

    This has been acomplished, of course, through the medium of the all-pervasive propaganda machine (TV) in the corner of every loungeroom in the country, where the sleeple get their daily fix of ‘circus’ (after they have had to earn their daily ‘bread’ – not even free as in Roman time) and excercise the ‘imposed tribalism’ of Sport. See “Entertainment – Enslaving the Minds of the Masses” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w-TxXEn9hA

    Of course the fluoridated water doesn’t help the sleeple awake either.

    The only question is whether the sleeple will awake in time or will they continue to sleep-walk into tyrrany like so many peoples have done before them.

    Sadly for those who have seen this all before, it is like the re-run of a bad movie that should never have been seen in the first place, never mind a re-run.

    • Alex, for an understanding of what has been imposed on the ‘sheep’ since the early 1960’s just search:
      “NWO plans exposed 20th March 1969′. There are many mentions of it on the net. A good legble account may be found at Jeff Rense.com. It is 56 pages, but the headings in the first few pages will get everyone out of our nightmare by being awakened.
      It will not be mentioned by the government controlled media nor by the MSM and shock Jocks and lame politicians. Why? Because the NWO control the governments and the media. Simple!
      So here we are; turn off the TV ignore the half dozen or so fraudulent media organisations. and their advertisers. Cut off their income, then the sheep will have the sense to go off to a greener, ‘freeer’ paddock, if they become aware of the wolves hiding amongst the flock.
      One simple plan I shall mention: “Bread and Circuses” to keep the sheep enthralled and distracted. …….”SOCCER”. Read the part that SOCCER (football) is to be organised as the world’s sportin distraction. Do not laugh, this is deadly series, the bloody control freaks are hi-jacking soccer as part of their design.
      Read it and weap for your children……..but expose it for your children’s sake. After all, when it is read and understood what the politicians are doing now, having ‘invented terrorism’ (yep, that was all planned as well!) can be appreciated as “A FRAUD ON DEMOCRACY”!!!

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