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‘Confirmed’ – Ukrainian Jets Shot Down MH17


ostriches“Pik–pik–pik–putin–pik–pik–p-p-putin”. The mainstream presstitute journalists waiting for their next instruction on reporting MH17. What are they going to come up with next?

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse in his detailed article on fourwinds10.net, writes:


“The best evidence is consistent that those bullet-holes came from two directions not from one. What is virtually certain, however, is that at least one jet fighter was close up and shot down the Malaysian plane”.

What are western leaders going to do with this information – and with their Putin pointing?

Unlike the fraudulent WMDs in Iraq, this has a more sinister twist. Both sides have nuclear weapons – and western leaders (including politicians from Canberra) seem itching for a conflict. They are just lying to us for geopolitical reasons that will surely only benefit the aristocrats – while inflicting pain on everyone else. We need to vote these leaders out, stop supporting the propagandist media, and return to some sanity. For the full article.

comparison - from sam missileThis, comparative damage from a SAM strike on an A-10  



To recap:

19 March 2014 Australian Government announces that it would impose the sanctions regime. Anti-Russian sentiment has been building for some time. 

17 July  MH17 goes down. Russia is quickly blamed. Fake video of admissions soon pulled from mainstream media.

19 July  Australia is hosting a Trade Ministers meeting in Sydney for The Group of Twenty (G20).

21 July  Security Council at its 7221st meeting, on Resolution 2166 (2014) re: MH17

(OSCE) Michael Bociurkiw, the first international monitor to reach and become intimate with the wreckage, talks about ‘machine-gun fire’.

24 July  Media release Bishop travels with the Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans to meet with the Ukraine leadership in Kyiv to discuss the means of implementing the UN Security Council Resolution to secure the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Australia’s Special Envoy Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston will provide briefings on Australia’s support operations and Operation Bring Them Home.

News reports of separatist trying to hamper investigation. Probably distorted.

No one requests for control tower tapes.

31 July  Verkhovna Rada ratifies agreements with Australia and the Netherlands on international mission to Ukraine – also an Agreement between Ukraine and Australia on sending personnel to Ukraine in connection with the Malaysia Airlines’ MH17  – which was signed on July 24, 2014 in Kyiv.

1 August   For the first time, the international task force comprising 101 experts get to the MH17 crash site. Ukraine report that 38 experts from Australia are part of the group that will investigate the crash site.

8 August  Non-disclosure agreement signed between Ukraine, Oz, Netherlands and Belgium. This leaks out later and here.

11 August Bishop flies back with John Kerry

12 August  AUSMIN 2014 Joint Communiqué  Minister Bishop, Minister for Defence Senator David Johnston, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met for the annual Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN).

14 August The Australian Government is ready to provide comprehensive assistance to Ukraine in this difficult time for the country  delegation headed by Allan Grant “Angus”  Houston (Commissioner of the PM of Australia on the investigation into circumstances of MH17 crash).  And, 

13 – 15th August -ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting and East Asia Summit in Nay Pyi Taw, Burma. Bishop down the corridor from John Kerry. Two days high-level talks and Bishop clashes with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov over Moscow’s backing of the rebels and MH17.

3 September Australia to  to open Embassy in Kiev.

3 September Australia steps up action against Russia – banning uranium sales.

3 September Australia is also considering short-term support to Ukraine through aid and “nonlethal military assistance”, the Prime Minister told parliament. It would consider a civil and military capacity build-up in Ukraine in the medium term, he said.

~9 September – Preliminary Dutch report – MH17 was brought down by a large number of high energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from the outside”.

October and into November– Mainstream Media still blame Putin and Prime Minister Abbott intends to ‘shirtfront’ President Putin.

Confirmed – Secret non-disclosure revealed in letter.




  1. God forbid, if Tony or Julie are called up for jury service in a criminal trial. ( or Malcolm and the rest) They might have to spend a week or two considering all the evidence.
    To get out of the responsibilities, at least they will be able to submit to the court to be discharged, because they have already concluded that their ‘suspect’ is guilty before the evidence is presented, alternatively that they are as thick as a pallet of hardwood planks and do not have the intellect to run a chook raffle for the AWU, let alone consider evidence and run a country for its inhabitants.
    Might appear funny, but Tony and Julie will have no hesitation in sending our boys to be killed and then turning up at the deceased soldie’s funeral presenting flowers to the the deceased’s family.
    Sick lot they are.

  2. According to the Aug 15 entry in your helpful chronology, it was Julie who did the shirtfronting….
    I’ve only just learned that word (charging one’s opponent in rugby) and want to see more of it!

  3. I am yet convinced the Fighter Jet shoot down can be “confirmed”. It is almost as if there is a flavor on the menu to satisfy the particular taste of everyone.
    Who took the “famous” shrapnel pocked photograph that is evidenced as proof of machine gun damage?
    It is a very deliberate staged shot leaning against a pole.
    Can the OSCE member testimony be trusted?
    Could his comments be viewed cynically as too deliberately pointing attention towards a “machine gun” theory.
    In my mind there are many contradictions, unanswered questions and missing data so we know there is a deception in progress but without proper legal process nothing is certain.
    The Investigation agencies cannot be trusted to be authentic and may be keeping all the various “theories” alive to hide suspects and methods that are not being examined because the “conspiracy theory” community is being fed a satisfying and contented meal.
    We know that multiple “experts” can be mustered to run the mind of inquisitive sections of the internet community in any direction money power decides.
    We must focus on the recovery and preservation of constituted open legal process as the only standard that we consider acceptable when judging truth, guilt and policy decisions.
    It is premature to claim we know who downed MH17 but we can claim the conduct of the investigation, our political reps and the Australian media have abandoned the formula of authentic civilizing justice and adopted the formula of despotic tyranny.

    • No one saw a bloody great BUK SAM screaming up to 30,000 leaving a huge trail visible for 25 odd km. Not one report, not one photograph. Lots of first hand reports of fighters via “cut” BBC report. Also evidence of tail section of a small missile in wreckage from one of the first US? tv crews on the site. No satellite evidence of rocket, no radar evidence, no kiev control tower tapes, Malaysia now out of the investigating team, secret agreement, UK did the balk box, only Nato or us allies investigating. hahahahahahah. If you can’t see it……

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