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Bilderbergers Meeting, 2014


prince bernardDutch Prince (consort) Bernhard (1911-2004).

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The Bilderbergers are a clique of men and women, mostly European, who continue to plan our world on behalf of … um … on behalf of whom?  Certainly not on behalf of humanity.

The name is derived from the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, where these would-be gods gathered in 1954. The “leader” was Prince Bernhard, who fathered the recently retired Queen Beatrix. He is also known as the founder of World Wildlife Fund. How’s that for confusing?

When the group meets, in great secrecy, its guest list includes royalty, industry, a US president or presidential candidate, a senator or two, and some pathetic media personnel (huh? “meets in great secrecy” but has media there?).

I note an unexpected remark in Wikipedia [i.e., CIA]:

“Prince Bernhard asked to work in British Intelligence [during WWII] but the War Admiralty, and later General Eisenhower’s Allied Command offices, did not trust him sufficiently to allow him access to sensitive intelligence information. However … after being personally screened by intelligence officer Ian Fleming at the behest of Churchill, he was later permitted to work in the Allied War Planning Councils.”

Good heavens. Anyway, a few of the Bilderberg meetings have been gate-crashed by Daniel Estulin. Or at least he peeked through the keyhole enough to write The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. (Trine Day Press).

This year we’ve been given a full transcript, leaked in French, of a wrap-up speech by Charles Sannat. (Vous allez a  lecontrarien.com.) I take it to be authentic, mainly because it’s pretty spacey and those characters are spacey.  Granted, I can’t prove the attribution to Sannat. He is “Directeur des Etudes Economiques du site AuCoffre.com.”  Probably a hard-working lackey.

Want To Stick Around for a Long Time?

The 2014 Bildies went over some of their old ground, but much of it had never been said before. Sannat highlighted two main themes: The first is “Transhumanism,” which has something to do with an already-found fountain of youth, only for the elite of course. (Did they ever notice this could limit the pool of breeders for their progeny requirements?)

Basically they are aiming for partial immortality – about two hundred years per man. This they consider their “Ideology,” although I think they would have to flesh it out a bit more before it would deserve to be labeled an ideology.

Stem cells are seen by the Bildies as the key to a perfectly healthy body.  No wonder that young Japanese scientist Haruko Obokate recently had her celebration of  “stem cells for the masses” retracted by a journal  (And now her boss has committed suicide.)

Oh and also we will be reworking the human genome to include some animal parts, or whatever. (Spacey, n’est-ce pas?)

A Work-free Society

Now for the second theme, quite the eye-opener.  The heading for it, in the leaked speech, is “Beyond Capitalism: Crossing the New Frontier.” Remember how, under capitalism, people had jobs? This, Sannat says, was a sort of gift to the people. “We” let them be motivated to work so they could feed themselves — something about two arms needed to do the work that fills the mouth with food; he attributes it the phrasing to Mao.

But really “we” were just letting them partake of a little bit of wealth to keep them occupied so they wouldn’t notice other things, like the breathtaking inequality vis à vis the elite. Now here’s the surprise part: “We” are not going to let them have this privilege of feeding themselves anymore.

How so? We’ll take away their “arms.” That is, almost all jobs will disappear, to be replaced by robotization. This made me think of self-checkout in the supermarket, and Internet banking. Then I remembered there is to be no feeding. Who need supermarkets if mouths will be going out of style?


Oops, and no banking either. Nothing to bank, as the new prole type (Sannat did not actually use that Orwellian term) won’t crave money, he predicts, the way our generation did. Radix malorum est cupiditas will go out the window. So there.

Aiming Higher and Higher

Did I tell you the 2014 Bilderbergs are getting innovative? The reason I think the document may be true (the speaker says it was collated from their “Committee meetings”) is that there is a constant effort to justify, however skimpily, what is being said.   Words like this:

The objective which we pursue is obviously the one of the eternal life. Of a superman. Our technologies allow us from now on to possess said tools of ‘augmented reality,’ our researches perfectly succeeded as regards ‘the increased man.’”

Talk about daft! Did Sannat feel a bit silly saying these things? But I’ll have to say I agree with him about stewardship of the  planet (sort of). He says:

“We all have now acquired the certainty that the long-term survival of the human species, and the sustainability of a viable biosphere in harmony with the human activities requires a total reorganization of our modes of thought, organization and production…. We know all that an infinite growth, including demographics, in a finite world is an intellectual aberration.”

He continues: “We all understood that to divide the world into two castes, that of the mortal and the immortal, would simply be impossible, as, in one case we suggest to live and to the others to die, putting mainstream masses in a situation where they would have nothing to lose any more [Wow]. Except I remind you that the main tool of the control of the peoples [has consisted of] granting benefits calculated to give the illusion of a loss in case of rebellion.” [Double wow].

Sannat’s next bit has a sweetener in it: “The initial objective is the massive depopulation in protecting the environment, which is tantamount to exclude from the fields of our possible use any nuclear weapons … inflicting irreparable damage to our so small planet.” Yay! (Will he ban depleted uranium?)

However, We’ll Have To Get Nasty…

“We think that to reach our objective of 500 million human beings alive is illusory, and that in spite of all our efforts of reduction, pockets of survivors will remain almost everywhere. Nevertheless, these pockets should not raise major problems, because of their disorganization, their isolation, and their incapacity to master all the techniques. Their weak number should limit considerably their power of nuisance.”

My, oh my. Imagine being a nuisance. Now here’s a surprise: “We think that many will disappear and that little who will remain will return more or less quickly to the wild in a few generations. [But naturally] any group that threatens us is, in all cases, treated quickly.”

“The main enemy to the implementation of our plans was the national states. [But] globalization, European institutions, mass immigration were tools that we have used with great success for 30 years. National identities and feelings of belonging were significantly reduced. Nations, as we hoped, became fragile and can now be destabilized from within.” [I wonder: is he referring to parliaments and judiciaries?]

“When we shall provoke the economic collapse, then the most absurd communitarianism which we have developed in every country [what is Sannat referring to there?] will conduct the largest part of these countries towards large-scale civil wars where every community will take charge, for our sake, to kill the largest number of the members of the opposite community.”

“Finally, when the wars destroy countries, we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses such as our project of e-bola 2.0 modified genetically which we test at present with efficiency. … We also visualize our capacity to saturate systems of care which will be already considerably degraded, in every case, by the civil wars which we shall have created on the example of the two Ukraines.” [Hello?]

Gallows Humor

I try never to end a bad-news article without shouting that it is unacceptable and that something can, of course, be done.  Here the Bildies have just declared their murderous plans and their current murders, either of which can send them to the gallows. (Recall above: “Any group that threatens us is treated quickly.” No jury would interpret the verb “treated” to mean “treated to an ice cream.”)

Don’t forget, there is a possibility that the Bilderberg 2014 speech was leaked deliberately, in order to condition us to the new reality. I well remember that famously anti-torture nation, the USA, getting used to the idea that “we torture.”  Nothing else really needed to be said, just a few pictures here and there of “what we do.”


Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB can be reached at her political website ProsecutionForTreason.com or at her medical website marywmaxwell.com.  At least until the Bilderbozos cut her off.







  1. Maxwell’s article is too discursive. She ought to come straight to the point and say we should kill these monsters before they kill us. They have already stated their plan. What’s our plan?

  2. What is sickening about the ‘Bilderbuggers ‘is their control over the mass media and the mass media radio commentators.
    I wish i had a dollar for every time some radio idiot claimed to never having heard of the Bilderberg meetings.
    Lying deceitful b…..s our media (and ploiticians) has been.
    If they lie about the ‘Bilderbuggers’, what else are they lying about? Try 90% of their opinions. Only solution is to turn TV and them off and if you must listen to the tripe, at least boycott their advertisers.

  3. Dear Doreen,
    You want to know what our plan is? If it’s to be “ours,” as indeed it must be, your help in planning is needed. Kill the monsters? Hmm. We’d send a rifle party if the enemy were, say, alligators. But they are humans, distributed throughout society. The Bilderbergs, Langley, the Council of Foreign Relations, all have players at many levels among officers AND rank-and-file. They’re everywhere.
    Whom will you shoot? Sannat allegedly said they are deploying ebola, so will you shoot the nurse giving the vaccination? Will you shoot persons who merely watch the telly and think the ebola crisis is natural? Shoot your mother? Who is really causing the problem? We ALL are.
    Still, I take your point. Please see my article “Calling Novena Catholics.” The fight has to start somewhere. Also, please see my Comment on arresting a vaccinating nurse, at http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/11/dear-nancy-graceyou-cannot-sue-vaccine-manufacturers.html#comments

  4. Before we all get started on our plan, lets take a thought for a moment. Who is in control? The Bilderbuggers. No!! GOD. This is a spiritual battle, a peace of the pie, that we must endure. We must pray for everyone, for strength and courage. We must step in the gap, or peoples blood is on our hands. Love is the strongest arm. Seek Him, ask Him, Pray to Him, He is waiting for you. He desires to welcome you, He Loves you. He is our creator, created for His pleasure, created for Him. To taste of His Love, is out of this world. These people are fulfilling prophecy. It is in His will, for this to happen. If you are someone that believes in the pre rapture theory, you are wrong. Remember Satin comes peaceably, as Christ, exulting himself above Christ (The great falling away). Don’t be deceived. When Christ comes every knee will bow, everyone will see Him as He is. The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. AMEN.

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