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Contraceptive Shots for Poor Nations – ‘An Offer You Can’t Refuse’


gate and shots

An odd alignment of two articles from the Murdoch’s Herald Sun reporting today: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Pfizer’s plan of providing Depo-Provera injections for 69 of the globes poorest nations – alongside the ‘Godfather’.

As I reported yesterday Depo-Provera (injectable 3 month contraceptive) was clinically trialed on Zimbabwean women in the 1970s – then banned in 1981. I also reported that recent samples from tetanus vaccines were found with HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – that can result in miscarriage, which could be an underhand tactic of population control.

But, we now understand what Bill Gates was referring to in his 2010 TED talk, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a REALLY great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health service, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.

How about the western corporations stop pillaging Africa’s resources for cents on the dollar by all sorts of tactics and tax avoidance mechanisms – and allow the African people to start benefiting and flourishing from their own resources. They then won’t need Gate’s help in controlling their population that is so often a result of poverty – a poverty that is mostly imposed on Africa by fraud and theft.

The Theft of Africa

Remember Congo’s first democratically elected leader, Patrice Lumumba.

lummambaHe said:

“All of Africa is irrevocably engaged in a merciless struggle against colonialism and imperialism”. (1959)


“The Republic of the Congo has been proclaimed and our country is now in the hands of its own children. We are going to begin another struggle together, my brothers, my sisters, a sublime struggle that will bring our country peace, prosperity, and grandeur. We are going to institute social justice together and ensure everyone just remuneration for his labor. We are going to show the world what the black man can do when, he works in freedom, and we are going to make the Congo the focal point for the development of all of Africa. We are going to see to it that the soil of our country really benefits its children. We are going to review all the old laws and make new ones that will be just and noble. We are going to put an end to the suppression of free thought and see to it that all citizens enjoy to the fullest all the fundamental freedoms laid down in the Declaration of the Rights of Man. We are going to do away with any and every sort of discrimination and give each one the rightful place that his human dignity, his labor, and his devotion to the country will have earned him. We are going to bring peace to the country, not the peace of rifles and bayonets, but the peace that comes from men’s hearts and their good will. And in order to achieve all this, dear compatriots, rest assured that we will be able to count not only on our tremendous strength and our immense riches, but also on the assistance of many foreign countries, whose collaboration we will always accept if it is sincere and does not seek to force any policy of any sort whatsoever on us “


Our Katanga because of its uranium, copper and gold, and our Bakwanga in Kasai because of its diamonds have become hotbeds of imperialist intrigues. The object of these intrigues is to recapture economic control of our country”.

“But one thing is certain, and I solemnly declare that the Congolese people will never again let themselves be exploited, that all leaders who will strive to direct them to that road will be thrown out of the community”.

Well – we know what the west thought of that grand vision where the people benefited from their own resources.

Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA, cabled the CIA station in Léopoldville, the capital, in August 1960: “We conclude that his removal must be an urgent and prime objective and that under existing conditions this should be a high priority of our covert action.” So the CIA station, in tandem with Belgian intelligence officials plotted his demise….

And Lumumba came to a grizzly end for his high ideals.

firing aquad A firing squad (not related to this picture).

Bill, why don’t you persuade your rich Bilderberg mates just to stop pillaging the African countries, and then they won’t need your philanthropic billions (in the form of Depo-Provera injections and the like). If they could benefit from their resources, they would be able to fund and research for themselves – and decide what they need – not what you think they need.



  1. We will not see this example of reality being discussed at the shirt and ship ‘frontier’s’ chin wag at the G20.
    But the conference announcements will sound good for massaging the mass media! Then rippled shirts will be pressed and the Russian invasion force will retreat.
    Then the mass media will have to find something else to distract their readers and viewers…….cricket season! Ah, yes the editors and producers will water bomb us with that and the annual fire season and cover up G20 plans to steal citizens financial resources to pay off the bankers.

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