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Gold Walkley Awards – Excellent Journalism Avoiding the Real Crimes


Just over a week ago journalists and the media celebrated the 2014 Walkley Awards in – the primo journalistic awards for Australia. The Walkley Foundation’s core mission is to foster excellence in journalism and support a robust and independent media, which deepens and enriches democracy and lies at the heart of a free society.


And each year they slap themselves on the back and toast with champagne on the great stories they have disclosed to the Australian public. But unfortunately, the ‘controlled’ media refuses to report and investigate with honesty the most heinous crimes against humanity – like 9/11.

The Gold ‘Wankley’

(The above heading an update after comment by Ned) 

Well, what won the Gold Walkley this year?  The Four Corners team took the award with their ‘Banking Bad‘ program that captured the human side of poor financial advice from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) – focusing on some of the bad apples in the organisation. It is a pity that none of these media organisations focus on the banking scam or broadcast program’s like Michael Rivero’s “All Wars are Bankers Wars” (source here, and watch here)

Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.” Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain.

Rivero’s program doesn’t expose a few bad apples – it reveals how the bankers have enslaved countries and brought on wars, resulting in the deaths of tens millions of people. That is a story!

And the Guardian took the ‘Scoop of the Year’ – for the Yudhoyono spy story revealing that Australia’s spy networks were targeting Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s personal mobile phone. All a little bit of a distraction from what is really happening with regard to crushing surveillance planned for the Australian population. At least some of that is being reported on.

But, as I have said before, the media organisations and their paid journalists avoid the ‘real crimes’. They win awards for reporting stories of ‘distraction’, while avoiding the big questions that challenge the globally controlled status quo.

So let us look at some past winners:

Disguised paid advertising in radio (1999); Timor Intelligence (2000);  Allegations of sexual abuse by ATSIC chairman, Geoff Clarke (2001); Bulldogs (sports) salary cap scandal (2002); Canberra Bushfires (2003); Rene Rivkin (2004); Aceh Tsunami and Jakarta Embassy Bomb (killed 9 people) (2005); Civilian militia in East Timor (2006); Dr Haneef (2007); A doctor’s alleged malpractice in Bega (2008); The Black Saturday bushfires (2009): Labor leaks (2010); Indonesian abattoirs (2011); Gina Rinehart’s feud with her children and an asylum seeker boat tragedy (2012); and Sex abuse in the Catholic Church (2013).

A perfect list of “ankle biting” stories ‘allowed‘ by the mainstream propaganda machine involving 1) Environmental events,  2) Internal Labor turmoil or Unions, 3) Attacks (or focus) on individuals, 4) Powerless countries, 5) Sex abuse, and of course 6) Cruelty to animals. I am not saying that these stories are unimportant. They were well produced and deserve recognition. But—

Where are these stories?

MH17 secret agreement and investigating Ukraine as a possible suspect; an analysis of Building 7 and why it is being kept out of mainstream media; and the fraudulent war on terror created by the 9/11 event that resulted in over a million deaths. What about reporting Benghazi and the details behind the murder of the US Ambassador; the chemical weapons by Syrian rebels. And why haven’t we heard or read about General Wesley Clarke’s revelations about destroying 7 countries in five years? The real story behind the USS Liberty or the Port Arthur massacre?

I could go on and on, but so little ‘big stuff’ gets reported with honesty or with some unbiased detail that discloses the criminal actions of governments in their geopolitical destruction of countries and societies.

The conclusion: The mainstream media has bought and sold real democracy down the river. And the Walkley’s have as a result become a sham.


  1. Dee,
    So sorry to correct you, but you have mispelt the title of the awards.
    They are the ‘Wankleys’ awards.
    They is why the MSM is not worth the space, when wearing out the lounge

  2. Perhaps the biggest media story is, as you say, the silence. It really is phenomenal. The silence may also be the CAUSE of the other stories. So there’s cruelty at abattoirs in Indonesia? Well maybe there wouldn’t be, if we would discuss publicly the immense cruelty to humans that is going on all over the place.

    Come to think of it, what’s to prevent humans, me and thee, from being abattoired? I reckon nothing stands between me and the knife, other than us working together to prevent it. Which can’t very well happen if SILENCE is the order of the day.

  3. Good on ya Dalia
    Oh for a ‘presstitute’ of your calibre on ANY MSM!
    Your Questions List sure deserve investigation by anyone who calls themselves a Journalist!

    • It would be nice to earn $180K like Quintin Dempsey for a 30 min weekly show or Tony Jones’s $355K. What a tough life these presstitutes have. Such hard work keeping in line. Well maybe its not.

  4. Dalia,
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I personally had two WTF moments.
    The first was when I watched building 7 collapse into its own footprint, symmetrically at gravitational speed. I don’t even need a watch to time it. I can see it with my own eyes. It took Anthony Lawson two minutes and eighteen seconds to convince me.

    youtube: WTC7 This is an orange.
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7BImVvEyk (2.18)

    After some research, in particular from ae911truth, I then turned to, for me, that font of all knowledge, the BBC to find some balance and some sensible counter argument.
    My second OMG moment was when I saw the blatant lies and distortions from the BBC. It is outright and obvious propaganda. If the BBC is taking orders then you can be sure that every other mainstream press organisation is also taking orders from someone or something. Its not the journalists that are the problem. They are well aware of what bullshit they print. Its the editors and their bosses that are the issue.

    For those who are interested, I sent the following email to the BBC and some board members as well as some UK pollies. I did get some silly reply that not worth mentioning.

    I am an expat business man, pushing 60 and looking forward to my retirement and hopefully, a few grandkids. I have an engineering company with a staff of over 20. I am not a raving tree hugger with paint all over my face.
    I have spent most of my life out of the UK and have lost many of the close ties I had to the old country. The exception to this is my UK family, my football team and the BBC. The world service has kept me sane in some weird and wonderful places and situations. ‘Aunty’ has been part of my upbringing providing me with a sense of fairness, truth and security similar to a close relative. From Blue Peter to Kate Adie to the football reports, the BBC is where to go to find out what is really going on. The BBC has been one of the rocks of my life.
    I have now lost all faith in anything to do with the BBC after seeing your ‘Conspiracy Road Trip’ programme concerning the events of 9/11 in the US. This programme was completely biased to the extent of being false propaganda.
    After filtering out the 9/11 truth nutters and looking at the evidence of respected professionals as well as many believable eye witness accounts, I am looking for some serious argument as to where these people are in error. And all I can find are some stupid programmes that seem to think I don’t have a brain. Unless I am missing something, the hard evidence concerning the US governments’ involvement appears to be overwhelming and I am looking to the BBC and other so called responsible news outlets to show me where I am missing something. I want to retire and play with my grandkids. I do not want to do your job for you.
    The common thread I have found with ALL 9/11 truth debunkers is derision, insult and ridicule of many serious, dedicated, well-meaning professional people. Glaring untruths and insinuations are predominant. 9/11 debunkers often cherry pick one of the more crazy ideas of the 9/11 ‘nutters’ which are easy to discredit. There is very little or no real credible scientific debunking evidence. There is NO serious debate concerning hard provable evidence. This is the crime of the century and it is still unsolved. Very credible people are calling for a new investigation into what happened on 9/11. To date, there has been no plausible investigation of any type. If it wasn’t so serious, the official 9/11 report(s) would be laughable. It is the duty and the responsibility of organisations like the BBC to get to the truth and rectify this, especially when so much has occurred directly because of 9/11.
    Why does the press not report these issues fairly unless they are part of the “real conspiracy”. So called responsible news outlets complain that the internet is ruining real, responsible, verifiable journalism. I would agree if I saw these news outlets carrying out some real, responsible, verifiable journalism. Who are we to believe, some nutter on the internet that I don’t know from Adam or old aunty BBC. Right now it’s a toss up between them. Why do most journalist I know think that “9/11 was an inside job” and yet there is almost no coverage?
    Farewell BBC, my old Aunty. This has left a huge void in my life. It feels like you have just found out that your brother or father is a paedophile.
    Note that I do not criticise the BBC for you very obvious error on 9/11 concerning the Solomon Brothers Building and my apologies to all raving tree huggers with paint all over their faces.

    • Brilliant letter. I can only imagine the reply. I wrote to an ABC radio host once and said lyrically ‘it is criminal that these issues weren’t being discussed’ etc etc. I got a 3 word reply.
      “Well sue me”.
      Well maybe ‘we’ all will – along with his bosses.

  5. May I request a favour of all those who understand what is stake for Australia’s democracy and the accountability of our politicians, mass media and public broadcasters. Send the link to this article on.
    Read our lips, politicians and mass media:


    If that does not equate with being evil, then there is no understanding of morality amongst our federal politicians and in the MSM together with the public broadcasters.
    I note the arrogance with the comment to Dee, referred to: “So Sue Me” was a rsponse to Dee, when she complained. Well Mr/Ms ‘SUE ME’, that did not work for Lord Haw Haw.
    Please send the reference to this link to all your media mates and politcians, then something may improve. If it does not, we may as well live under fascism or worse:

    [Joseph Goebbels]
    Well corporate and public mass media; you know what you are then!.

      • The so called left wing ‘Mockingbirds’ are a pretend and ‘controlled opposition’ to trick the public into thinking that somone is actually exposing the truth and fare or the ‘people’.
        But their piecemeal ‘cherrry picking’ and their cover-up of 911, is their credibility test and they show the colour of their feathers by their failure.
        Bit like the award for exposing the Commonwealth Bank advisors! Oh Gee ,what a great job! The MSM credibility is shot when they will not expose the private US Federal Reserve banking system put in place 1913. G. Edward Griffin exposes it with his book ‘The Creature from Jekyl Island’. (wonder if it is on the reading list for all those Uni students studying economics?)
        Also bet that no Australian Treasurer or Finance Minister has read it??
        The MSM may as well be taking a pair of nail scissors to the largest fig tree at the Domain…………………. useless!

      • This extract from that Pilger article:

        “When the truth is replaced by silence,” said the Soviet dissident Yevtushenko, “the silence is a lie.”

      • Indeed! With so many layoffs under way.
        “……. how many jobs are there for ex journalists…”
        That market is filling up and will be full im the near future.
        The competent examples might have a chance being employed by some of the world’s great internet news teams.
        As they say; ‘One door closes and another opens’. Then they will be able to sleep in peace and promote a worthwhile society for their descendants …… If they can find a backbone?

        • Sorry, I omitted an example of an opening door.
          You are reading it at gumshoenews.com. Dee has cast her door wide open and here we are, with a complete backbone.
          MSM journos and $370,000 per annum ABC radio bottom trough dwellers. Time is up, the country is broke and Uncle Malcolm cannot afford to fill the ABC trough with our money anymore.
          Perhaps a return to law for some, where the defunct can sue someone all they want.

  6. Ned’s term “Wankleys” is so apposite re the MSM. My late husband might have used the phrase “intellectual onanism,” but he didn’t live long enough (died in 2000) to find out how outrageous the media have become.

    Re the BBC, in his anti-vax book, “The Blood Poisoners,” (1965) Lionel Dole writes: “The BBC-TV extravaganza “Matters of Medicine” was designed to boost the terrors of poliomyelitis. Is there any reason why the BBC should not be charged with fraud if they encourage the use of commercial vaccines by misrepresenting history? The Postmaster General would be perfectly justified in withdrawing [the BBC’s] licence for causing a public mischief.”
    Dole continues: “Even that excellent broadcaster, Bernard Shaw, had to be cut off in a hurry when, in an interview, he was casually referring to Pasteur and Jenner as if they were mere mortals.”

    Dalia, how about we come up with a formula that says
    “ABC’s unwillingness to answer Dalia’s requests constitutes sufficient proof of public mischief”? Even that is way too meek, but we need to start somewhere. It would be like a default judgment in court. “They don’t show up, you win.”
    As for Jenner and Pasteur, I am on record (in my book “Consider the Lilies”) that both were mere fronts, and that Jenner was out-and-out stupid.

    • Mary Maxwell and I can expand on these themes in our scheduled performance at the Adelaide Fringe, mid-March. So more on that later….

  7. John Pilger correctly points to selective silence from most quarters about WMD lies and anti Russian propaganda lies but he himself is silent about the “money monopoly trickery”, the 911 Muslim conspiracy distortions, historical revisionist issues he ignores like the incredible Auschwitz lies and many other global power realities that many “left” political cultists ignore.
    Does that make Pilger a part of the solution or part of the problem?
    I believe he is a part of the clever layers of deception that generate polarization, confusion and conflict among the small section of society that are inquisitive and serious.
    Could it be possible to believe he is ignorant?

    • This is a clip of Pilger

      At about 2.00 he says a clique has “APPROPRIATED” 911. Is he saying this clique ‘used’ the attack to go to war? He carefully words and directs his accusations. Still missed the target.

    • Christopher,
      All of these senior journalists (and politicians) have seen the collapse of building 7 and anyone who sees this knows that we are being seriously lied to.
      Building 7 collapses into its own foot print, symmetrically at the speed of gravity. The only possible way for this to happen is that every support column is severed almost simultaneously and the only way for this to happen is controlled demolition.
      The speed of gravity means that if you jumped off the side of the building just as the building started to collapse, you could keep your hand on the top edge of the building as it collapsed and in reality, as your speed increased, the air resistance of your suit or skirt would slow you down so that the building would actually fall faster than you. (Do not try this at home.)
      For me, all the other weird and wonderful and physically impossible coincidences around 9/11 become irrelevant. If building 7 was deliberately brought down, then the rest of the official story is also lies and nonsense and the official story also stinks everywhere you look.
      youtube: WTC7 This is an orange.
      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7BImVvEyk (2.18)

      If a respected journalist or politician pushes too far, there are lots of examples of what may happen to their jobs, their marriage and/or their family so if you have kids, you have no choice but to remain within certain boundaries.
      The number of strange deaths is alarming. Individually, these can be explained as coincidence but collectively it starts to become obvious that these are not all coincidences.
      The following video is not close to the numbers of eye witnesses, politicians, scientists, engineers and journalists who have had accidents, strokes or heart attacks or the old favourite, suicide.

      People with influence often drop many hints but they cannot openly say ‘9/11 was in inside job.’
      Look at this clever article by Robert Fisk, the Independent newspaper’s Middle East reporter.

      Look at the body language in Oliver Stone in the following video. Does it look like he’s been warned off saying too much about 9/11?

      Apparently, Michael Meacher, the former Minister of State under the Blair govt had a good talking to when he was kicking up trouble.
      No matter how courageous people would like to be, when you have a loving family, you cannot go too far against whoever is pulling our chain. It’s an unwritten rule. It is the elephant in everyone’s room.

  8. Was speaking to a guy I work with some years back whose father was an editor of a Sydney paper and every Sunday he remembered picking up the phone saying “Hello Mr Mordoch, I’ll get my father.”
    He remembers them speaking about what could go into the papers for coming week and what things could not.
    Once again, The freedom of the press is for those who own one.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes. I was reading how Murdoch was meeting with the US presidents the other day. I’ll be publishing a post about Murdoch possibly being recruited by the CIA sometime

  9. […] I wrote some time ago on the Walkey Awards, “Gold Walkley Awards – Excellent Journalism Avoiding the Real Crimes” which proves the point that only “safe” stories are rewarded with the Golden Walkey Award (or to reference Ned: The Golden Wankley Awards). In my recent stand-up performance in Adelaide Fringe, I explain that for some time the golden gong has only gone to stories about corruption in 3rd World governments, not so important individuals (and their aberrant behaviours), natural disasters, sports, unions and animals. […]

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