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A Terrorist ‘Tortures’ Senator at Human Rights Awards.


I don’t want to describe the brutal menu of the CIA’s nonsensical torture. But one Australian recipient of the torture regime was David Hicks. He was invited by his lawyer to attend the 2014 Human Rights Awards last night – and couldn’t stop himself when Senator George Brandis was giving the introductory speech. Hicks stood up and yelled out:

“I was tortured for five-and-a-half years in Guantanamo Bay in the full knowledge of your party. What do you have to say?” 

Then, Federal Attorney-General George Brandis told a senate committee hearing this morning.

“You don’t expect to run into a terrorist at a human rights awards event.”

David Hick’s lawyer, Stephen Kenny, this morning:

“I think David was surprised to find Minister Brandis there, talking about human rights, when he was a member of the Howard government who had so completely ignored David’s human rights,”

Yes – I too was surprised at Senator Brandis being chosen to speak at a human rights awards – when he is leading the charge in removing more of our freedoms and privacy with (meta)data capturing splurge legislation.

So now what? What can we expect?

TIGHTER SECURITY of course. No one can challenge the propaganda or the status quo. So predictably…

Senator raises concerns over security ‘breakdown’


Coalition Senator Ian Macdonald, a member of the senate committee hearing evidence from Senator Brandis, raised concerns over security.

But back to torture:

All this torture was to root out the culprits and their accomplices for the deeds of 9/11. I wonder if they managed to extract a confession over Building 7 from any of these terrorists?

Well Senator – maybe get your department to educate you on the collapse of Building 7 – and then contemplate the justification of supporting a government that tortured people over that building’s demise. Oh sorry – you probably haven’t heard of building 7. It was the third skyscraper that came down that day. It wasn’t hit by a plane – but completely collapsed (much in free fall) as a result of a few office fires, they say. To re-think you view of ‘Terrorist Hicks’ and torture – click here.

Building 7


  1. I recall Phillip Ruddock on television making light of the US enhanced interrogation. Wonder if he still wears his ‘Amnesty International’ pin?
    Most ironic, is George Bush (jnr) awarding Austrlalia’s Prime MInister by placing the ‘Medal of Freedom’ around John Howard’s neck…………… yep, well done, they have freed over a million souls from their earthly plane. Can’t get much better freedom than that!
    Pity the poor sods stil suffering as refugees in so much misery. What is the present Syrian count; 3 million starving and soon freezing?
    Be interesting, if John Howard often releases that medal from his trophy cabinet to fondle …………. with pride?
    And they are still at it!!!!! Per; General Wesley Clark and the NEOCON plan, (exposed to Amy Goodman in March 2007) they still have Syria and Iran to ‘take down’.
    Worse; thay carried out a coup in The Ukraine and now want to take down Russia………….and China and then finish of Darth Vader who is hiding out with his fellow terrorists in a cave somehwere in the Andromeda Galaxy…………………after all, we now know that Mr Vader did 9/11, not Uncle BIn Laden or KSM.
    Now what about KSM? Been in militrary custody for over a decade, water boarded 83 times in a month and admitted to his torturers that he did 911 “from A to Z”.
    The problem is that, they have been torturing the ignorant for 13 years.
    Let Jesse Ventra just pick half a dozen from the US administration on September 2001, give him a jug of water and a board and he will be on to the 911 killers in 35 minutes.

  2. I voted for these idiots on the basis that they were the only Party with a clear policy that rejected another big lie, that is man made Global Warming!
    Now it seems all Parties are on the same page after Bishop’s generous pledge of $200M to the Int.CC Fund.
    On the topic of torture, Hicks, Iraq and Afghanistan alone- How is that the likes of Bush, Cameron, and our own Johnny Howard are enjoying Retirement- they all should have been incarcerated!!

      • Ned, Wiesenthal has been broadly judged as a fraud claiming a false history to justify his “Nazi hunting industry” and I myself would be horrified to be subjected to the standard of justice he practiced.

        • Thinking back, way back, I recall an article on Simon (?) referring to a fraudulent sketch depicting three hanged bodies.!!!!!!!!!
          The internet must be a bitch to some! (:-

        • Bit more!
          Many years Ago a Wiesenthal centre presented a lecture to Ms. Harman/Harmen, some re in congress during some committee inquiry, possibly re terrorists groups. The Wiesenthal fellow had some examples of terrorist sites.
          Guess what? He presented the architects and engineers site with the terrorists, by visual inference with the AE website and logo details. All on video and Harmer was so blaze’ during his whole address.
          I take it Christopher you see my point? (:-
          The team John has been around a while in many disguises.

    • As for global warming or climate change – i was hired on a documentary interviewing scientists – so I was at the ‘coal face’ (rather ocean and forest face’. I will have to continue my research. I think most of the debate has been hijacked by both sides. The earth though will work as a system… It seems the oceans are absorbing the heat – thus colder winters may be Gaia balancing that.

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