Dick Cheney, Torture and an Insane Society

cheney“We did exactly what need to be done to catch those that were guilty of 9/11 and to prevent a further attack” 

It is difficult to believe that politicians like Dick Cheney not only justify torture, but take pride in eroding our humanity. They covered up the real evidence regarding the 9/11 event, then went off to war and thus justified killing a million more people.  Report from Infowars here.  I wonder if they water-boarded someone to find who planted the explosives in Building 7?

History will describe how impotent society has been to hold these people and our mainstream media accountable. A travesty for future generations.



  1. “We did exaclty what need (sic) to be done to catch those that were guilty of 9/11 and to prevent another attack”.

    Thus far:
    I vote that statement as the most evil, heinous and deliberate lie of the 21st century.
    I vote that all who believe what Dick Cheney said or do not question it, as being in the class of the greatest nincompoops of the 21st century.

  2. Christopher Brooks says:

    It has to be admitted that Cheney’s attitude here in the interview is something quite incredible to observe.

  3. These Evil men are writing history, I’m afraid
    with no-one challenging them
    MSM has a lot to answer for!

  4. At least Herr Hitler had the grace and courage to shoot himself.

  5. We are not impotent, We will do it.
    It’s probably not all that hard to do.
    Attitude (or, as my Mom used to say, altitude) is everything.


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