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Siege in Sydney



Armed (Arab) ‘Incident’ at Martin Place

Arabic writing on a black cloth held against the window: “There is no God but Allah. Mohammed is the messenger of God”

This was reported: “Twenty hostages have been taken by gunmen – apparently Islamic extremists – at a popular café in Martin Place, the heart of Sydney. The siege began at the Lindt chocolate shop café at about 9.45am, local time, and has brought the city to a standstill”.

And this is what we know so far:

1. A man with a backpack holding over 10 people hostage.

2. A ready sign – black with Arabic writing (not ISIS).

3. Holding people hostage in an upmarket and expensive chocolate shop/cafe.

4. The shop is directly opposite Channel 7 – convenient for mainstream publicity.

5. Martin Place has been identified before as a possible target area.

6. That city area has been evacuated. Rumours of other possible bombs.

7. No contact has been made with the perpetrator.

What else is happening today:

a. The latest Newspoll was released revealing an unpopular government. Despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s so-called barnacle-clearing strategy to change unpopular policies, the survey shows the opposition has a two-party-preferred lead of 54 to 46 per cent.

b. Minister Joe Hockey is releasing bad budget news.

Terror Laws:

Expected mantra “We’ll need to implement more restrictive legislation to keep us safe”

What is odd about this Siege?

It is directly opposite a one of the major broadcasters, and seems designed as a media event. (But that is what terrorism is – ‘scare events’)

This is what I reported on the 27th of September:

On Thursday morning at 6.30 am a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was attacked. The 41-year-old man told police he was threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance while wearing his full uniform at Bella Vista, Sydney. Suffering minor bruising, he reported the matter to police and then attended Kings Cross police station in person.  All military personnel are warned. The fight is now on Australian shores. The media did their usual blitz.

Later that Thursday night legislation to beef up the powers of the domestic spy agency ASIO, pass in the Senate by 44 votes to 12 – with bipartisan support from Labor.

NSW Police issued a statement on Friday (11:52) announcing the  “allegation of assault has now been withdrawn”.

We will need to see how this siege plays out. And let us pray no one is hurt.



    • Mary,
      Come on I have been watching channel 9 in Sydney all afternoon and they keep on referring to terrorists/terrorism. They must know, surely they are our pulpit emissaries. (:-
      I heard a bit of our terrorist expert; professor Clive Williams and he opined that this was a amateur (sp) at work and that there a about 100 of these ‘mad jihadists’ (my words) around and there are 300,000 Muslims about.
      Uncle Clive of course is recorded on the ABC ‘the drum’ at scoffing at 911. conspiracy theorists of the non government conspiracy people.
      Enlightening to hear Williams being realistic at present.
      One day he will investigate the reason for ‘terrorism’.?

    • = a STAGED event. But the psychological trauma suffered by those who were not part of the plot, such as the employees of the restaurant, is very real. Those people are owed compensation by the planners and perpetrators of this staged event. The arrogance of these people.

      • The perpetrators do not
        give a stuff about the angst caused the customers and staff,
        They are sick psychopaths.
        Heaps of precedents for these sick psychos. Just one is the murder of about 80 at Bologna railway station.
        Many more if one researches ‘government false flags’
        Look up Sandy Hook.

        • Of course they don’t give a stuff. I should have expressed myself more clearly. They are not simply responsible for the life-long trauma that those who are not part of the plot will endure, they are guilty of crimes against us, the people. One more point – would not be surprised if several of the so-called “customers” in that cafe are actors, part of the plot. This will probably become clearer if and when those customers ever give interviews to the media.

          • The victims are/were not ‘actors’.
            Excepting the ‘possibility’ that the killer was a crazed
            Going to be an interesting inquiry?
            The reasons for another to kill so many (8) in Cairns will not attract much interest.
            Wonder of He was prescribed SSI’s by the medical profession.

  1. Dalia,
    Do you have any idea why this event was reported in a Glasgow newspaper before it happened.
    I have read that the siege started at around 9 am and the alarm was raised at 9.45 am.
    I wouldn’t bet my life on it but I am positive that I read it in the Daily Record before 8pm Sydney time and probably even earlier.
    The Daily Record is a bit of a rag but it does have good football news. It rarely reports on overseas news unless it is a big story and any story from Australia naturally catches my eye. When I read the words Islamic militants, I ignored the story as more BS from the main stream press.
    Does anybody know how to confirm this?

  2. Convenient timing for any security legislation. Oh well, at least this means the final death of the Shariah Law In Australia nonsense debate. Btw – your FaceBook-WordPress plugin is completely broken.

  3. I am a hopeless gambler but I will put a five dollar lottery ticket on this, regrettable and most ‘disturbing event’ (per:: Tony) and siege being resolved by about 10 PM tonight with all safely out and the perpetrator in custody.
    Really, we cannot have the city stuffed up again tomorrow and all will be able to bed in peace. Comforted with the security that all laws taking away our freedoms have been justified and we are safe.
    By the way, Uncle Joe went ahead and told us something about our stuffed economy and the US torture report has gone off the planet.
    As I say, I am a hopeless gambler and have no clue?

  4. Chris Reason has been allowed back into his newsroom where he has full view of the hostage developments.
    Obviously the “authorities” know he is not in danger from rifle fire!
    His observations are being published.
    Very Orwellian episode unraveling.

  5. The first indication that this was a staged event, a drill, was the tone of voice of the TV anchors. Listen to the presenters of “The Morning Show” at https://au.tv.yahoo.com/the-morning-show/video/watch/25777629/martin-place-siege/. This was just after the event had started. The man repeats words such as “scarey”, “horrific”, “frightening” and “chilling” but the tone of their voices is as relaxed as can be! The woman presenter even lets out a small laugh two or three times! Remember, at that stage, no-one knew if a mass murder would take place at any moment. Obviously the media had been informed that it was a drill, like what happened with Sandy Hook and other similar events recently in the U.S. Pathetic.

  6. It is foolish to make statements that this was a “staged event”.
    The political climate which is well documented should lead us to be alert and full of questions considering the history of this hostage taker and the incredible security budget that is supposed to be protecting the Australian public.
    The sorcery is far more sophisticated than the simplistic notion of a “staged event”.
    The whole social atmosphere is fueled and interpreted by the media and our Government to generate isolation, anger and conflict.
    We know the “war on terror” is orchestrated but the events, conflicts and passions that are aroused can be real.
    Certainly ask the questions and be appropriately suspicious of everything we are being told.

  7. What I’m on the alert for are examples of “duping delight”, when so-called grieving people can’t help but smile or grin. There are several examples of this available on the internet in videos & photos after some of these recent “terrorist” or “madman” events. In case you missed them, the following are just a few examples:
    The family of James Foley, the beheading victim –

    Richard Martinez, the father of a shooting victim at Santa Barbara, California (the Eliot Roger incident) –

    Robbie Parker, father of Sandy Hook girl “killed” –

    Dr. Carver, Chief Medical examiner at Sandy Hook –

    Dr. Carver’s full press conference –

    • It is wise to be alert. Johnnie Howard provided fridge magnets to keep us on our toes.
      So many of us took him up and were alerted to the 911 false flag mass murders to excuse going and taking down 7 countries in five years [ref: General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman. Marxh 2007 interview]
      There are many similar hoaxes perpetrated by criminal warmongering killers.
      Fr history we must take on board what Mr. Howard commended.
      There are many that may be relevant to the tragedy in Sydney.
      One is the underpants bomber who was secured by intelligence on to the flight without a pass port. A lawyer witnessed the happening. (Measou? Sp?) has recently claimed Saudi Arabia was behind the planning of 911. [ref: Also demands that 28 redacted pages of the Congressional report be released.]
      There are many more matters that the ‘alert’ are on to. e.g. The 1993 bombing of the WTC, a controlled FBI informant amongst the perpetrators needed a bomb. So the FBI provides ia real one and many were killed.
      Go figure and do as Johnie says: BE A LERT. Democracy relies on ‘lerts’.

    • As a PS, I might add that at the Meausseau ( sp? Again!) the evidence from the FBI relating to the alleged phone call from Mrs Olaen to her solicitor general husband did not take place.
      Even Johnie boy from a different article at Gumshoe would be aware that the original report of high ‘jackers’ having box cuttera allegedly came from Mr. Olaen’s account of what his wife allegedly reported to him from a phone call that the FBI says did not connect.
      All very mysterious, thus the politicians and the msm have a credibility problem!
      Thus trust in government is lessened to the detriment of our democracy.
      So next time there is a False flag incident the lerts might be actually alarmed and say ‘NO WAR,. Been there, with previous lies and criminal crap.

    • The value of brief “you tube” interviews with comment judgements that exaggerate various real and imagined emotions, expressions and phrasing is flimsy unless the purpose is to poison intelligent evidence based questioning of power.
      We should understand the “alternative” media is infested with a flavor of mischief for every “revolutionary” taste.
      Who can we trust?
      Who is consistent in their method of truthful discovery?
      Which subjects can achieve real progress towards justice?
      Which subject fields are totally mined for self destruction
      if not mortal wounding of reputations?
      Are we entertaining ourselves or do we have a firm result we are focused towards?
      Is our method going to achieve that result or does it need some recalibration?

      Almost everything I have seen pertaining to the “Sandy Hook” tragedy is flimsy argument that assumes and interprets amazing allegations while ignoring contrary evidence.
      Real life reactions to horrible events have become captured Orwellian opportunities for mass hypnotism.
      Just observe Sydney at present as an example.

      Halbig, of Sandy Hook conspiracy club demonstrates all the symptoms of a cult scam artist.

      There are likely some genuine issues buried beneath the irrational allegations but how fertile is this field when it has been flooded with poisonous nonsense and silliness.

      I would never ever mention the issue unless I was giving some instruction on the methods of mischief and how incredible energy and integrity can be exhausted.

      Some of the producers of the “Sandy Hook” sensations have totally abandoned evidence and logic for an entertainment style of invention and fantasy that begins with the presumption that all events are staged by crisis actors.

      Because we know the climate is corrupt we become skeptical of everything and there are many real deceptions and crimes of power but if we want to be effective and build up from a solid foundation of truth we should be aware that any weak element will destroy all our endeavors.

      Far too much excellent work is neutralized by falling victim to the deliberate methods of sorcery.

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