1. I got on ABC talk back a couple of days ago and got fairly short shift when I compared the “irrational” behavior of Monis with a string of foreighn policy decisions. Zoe Daniels was a bit surprised when i said I wasn’t shocked that this event happened. In fact it is amazing how peaceful our society is considering all the injustice that is dished up about the globe and the Australian immigration realities.

  2. You make a good point re not letting the public know who the lone gunman was when it would have been known to the Authorities………….I wonder if ‘Mel’ knew!?

    • Please excuse ignoramce.
      Who the hell is ‘Mel’ not Johnny boy a
      Or his cohorts?
      btw, read that brother ‘Jeb’ had
      Two Ryder trucks airlifted to
      A ‘High Jackers’ flight training school
      amd loaded up all the Atta flight record, payments etc., and departed .
      Strange report .
      Ryder is a familiar company: One of their trucks turns up in a FBI yard just before the Oaklahama government building killing. Interesting history has that bombing!

      • On the matter of Jeb’, he gets around, as being a head honcho of the security company securing the WTC towers prior to 911.
        Weird those Bushes, even grandad Prescott was financing Germany in the the 1930’s.
        And Jeb is a possible candidate for president? With Aunty Hilary?
        Not to mention who ran the security at the airports ‘shepherding’ ( sorry. Patsies!) the alleged ‘hi-Jackers’.
        Hey Johnny boy and co, time to expand your knowledge if you can handle it?

        • In due course I will let Johnny
          Boy and Co in on Deutsch bank and it’s put options just before 911.
          As they say:; follow the money! (And watch the parasitic opportunists make hay)

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