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MH17 – Airfield Witness, A Polygraph, Ukrainian Pilot and his Missing Missiles


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An article slipped through onto ABC online on Christmas day while everyone was busy with festivities. It reads: MH17: Russian investigators claim proof from witness that Ukrainian pilot involved in downing of flight. 

Russian investigators say they have new proof from a witness that a Ukrainian pilot fired a missile on the day of the Malaysia Airlines crash which killed 298 people, including 38 Australians. The witness, who was not named, worked at an airfield in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk where he claimed to have seen a warplane – a Sukhoi-25 jet take off on July 17 armed with air-to-air rockets and return to the base without them.

As reported in Prison Planet, the investigators used a polygraph during the interview, which showed no evidence of the witness lying.

“The facts were reported by the witness clearly and with no inconsistencies. The investigators lean towards considering them truthful. A polygraph examination confirmed them too,” the official said.

According to his account, the witness personally saw the plane piloted by [Ukrainian military pilot with surname] Voloshin armed with R-60 air-to-air missiles, and added there was no need for such weapons during regular air missions of the Ukrainian Air Forces because the rebel forces had no military aircraft.

This version is consistent with witness accounts on the ground.  (Past MH17 posts)

Maybe the Australian government, along with the media, will begin to tweak the official ‘Putin is to blame’ narrative. As the investigation is under an agreement of secrecy, we can only wonder what they have so far discovered.



  1. I am reading page 9 of the Daily Telegraph (SYDNEY) of 26th December 2014 at page 9.
    About three quarters of the column provides a brief account of the airfield witness claiming that a Capt. Voloshyn fired a missile at MH 17 ( my summary).
    I seem to recall back when the event happened the front page of The Tele, raging at Putin and inferring he murdered our Aussies on flight 17.
    I seem to recall the Prime Minister of Australia claiming Putin was responsible, at least, via the Ukrainian ‘rebels’ and demanding sanctions and promising a shirtfronting episode.
    I recall other of our esteemed federal politicians also making unfounded allegations against Russia.
    I seem to recall ignorant radio shock jocks making similar claims.
    However I do not recall any of the above producing any informed evidence for their stance.
    I recall Internet reports emanating out of Germany and out of Russia with radar reports, but not referred to in our free, democratic and informative mass media, nor referred to by any politicians in any reports.
    Need I say more, other than our politicians and mass media are incompetent pre-judgmental deceivers and propagandists risking word wide violence.
    Sorry mass media, you are not credible and clearly the future for mass media journalists, career wise, is grim if the mass media continues with BS.
    Now Mr Editor of the Daily Telegraph,where is the headline: ‘Ukrainian fighter pilot murders our Aussies on Flight MH 17’?
    Just being sarcastic, how about awaiting the proper independent investigation before stirring up hate and conditioning Aussies to support a war? Been there, the Gulf Of Tonkin lies cost us 550 Aussies soldiers.
    As for an independent investigation; just joking. Julie Bishop seems to think it can be a secret, as any one of four can veto disclosure. (From overseas reports and hidden to the Aussie voters!)
    Fancy: the Ukraine as a party to the agreement can veto publication of findings.
    Sucked in again Australia! So for Bishop’s qualification to be PM.
    Mr Abbott: if you continue to be a gullible ignoramus, how are you going to make a balanced, informed and Christian judgment regarding involving Australia in a justified war, if ever there was one.
    From all the past historic lies cast upon an unsuspecting public, many are now wiser and if you want to go invading and killing, get your gun and go do battle yourself with your political warmongering colleagues, take the lying shock jocks and journos with you and leave us in peace.

  2. It is interesting that the ABC reported this “interview” material.
    I would give it a very low credibility judgement.
    It has very likely been reported because it will be easily discredited at a later date.
    Anyone who has been following the Russian version of MH17 should have now concluded they are just as reluctant to face the scrutiny of open investigation as Kiev and Washington.
    The bellingcat report has been almost ignored by Russia.
    Russia is just as capable of lies and mischief as Western MSM.
    Russia is now at war for it’s existence and the truth is not a high priority.

      • The proper attitude we need to encourage as strongly as we can is that the secrecy of classified “non disclosure” agreements are contrary to truth and justice.
        We should not tolerate unnecessary secrecy from Governments.
        Sanctions and wars declared and justified by allegations that have not been proven are illegal.
        We should point out the political realities surrounding the Ukrainian tensions and keep a very open mind to who was responsible for the MH17 tragedy with particular emphasis on the full picture that a shooting war was in progress and all types of possible responsibility might yet emerge if full disclosure of all evidence were to come about.
        Russia may well have risked a BUK support act for the separatists who were being mercilessly bombed by Kiev aircraft.
        If that did happen the critical issues would be what did Kiev and the US intelligence know and what would their responsibility be in that scenario?
        The primary issue is the process of the decisions being made on our behalf to wage war and impose sanctions and the inability to get accountability from the individuals who are supposed to be our political and public servants.
        Let’s not forget the media here also.
        Certainly bring out all the conflicting information and ask the obvious questions but be very cautious about the integrity of everything because the propagandist is a scientist with almost perfected methods of keeping us under their control. .

  3. As it happens, Russian President Vladimir Putin was flying through the same area on that very day, returning home from a six day visit to Cuba and South America. Putin’s Presidential jet, not as grand as Air Force One, is based on the Ilyushin 96. The IL-96 is a passenger jet, and is painted with a similar color scheme to the Malaysian 777. At a distance, they could easily have been confused for one another!

    So Kiev may have tried to murder Putin, to throw the Russian government into turmoil while Kiev reconquered the east (and possibly Crimea), but botched the operation, shooting down MH17 instead, then tried to drop the blame on Russia.

      • As much as it demands we cautiously calibrate our understanding of this event the bellingcat report contradicts a great deal of the claims made by Russian sources and “media”.
        It must be accounted in any investigation.
        Russia denied flying Putin over Ukraine.
        A plan to assassinate Putin seems highly unpredictable and therefor not at all probable.
        NATO would be left flat footed if Russia actually invaded Ukraine and world opinion would have likely favored Russia.
        I am not the slightest bit convinced of the integrity of the blurry witness who “left his family behind and has betrayed his country”.
        If assassination of Putin was not the plan then the whole story makes no sense.
        Assassinating Putin makes no sense unless it could be made to appear as a coup attempt.
        Who would be stupid enough to poke their face in front of a hornets nest.
        At the time of the MH17 tragedy it was Russia and the separatists that were only a hairs breadth from defeat in Ukraine and the merciless bombing of civilians was making the atmosphere very tense indeed.
        Consistent with the bellingcat research. it is not impossible that Russia had to risk some urgent assistance against the Kiev bombers.
        Putin has consistently made great stress of the point that a fully objective investigation must be conducted and he has strongly stated the instigator of the conflict must ultimately take responsibility.
        Officially, Russia has very carefully not stated as much as appears by the propaganda treatment of all the various information which is churned out and re posted by incredible numbers of alternative media that seem to weigh Russian propaganda as of more substance than the CIA variety.

  4. We know from photos that the cockpit remains have ingoing and outgoing 30 mm holes. These were obviously from powerful machine gun(s) from both sides of the plane. So either both fighter jets fired from long distance (so as not to shoot each other), or one had to quickly maneuver from one side to the other before the plane fell. The pilots were executed. They’ve recently released autopsy evidence of that, but good luck finding it. SO WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO with a returning fighter jet that no longer had its large missiles on its wings? Either it’s a distraction, or the machine gunning was done first, and then the missiles fired to bring the plane down so the plane wouldn’t fly indefinitely with dead pilots. This fraud has continued this long because the photos (especially the cockpit) are not released widely.

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