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Obscene Spending by Australian Government


brandis extravaganzaAn article in The Age today bleats on about Attorney-General George Brandis racking up a $1123 on dinner (including $408 on lavish wine, dessert wine and Champagne). Labor said the cost was obscene when the government is targeting the poor to do the budget-lifting. But the Attorney-General’s office said the dinner was usual practice. Well for politicians, who become part of the 1%, they have to fit in and behave like the 1% – don’t they?

But talking about lavish spending of the Australian budget – Let’s talk about the “War on Terror”. According to The Sydney Morning Herald (2011), a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan cost Australian tax payers $30 billion – an extra expenditure of $21.3 billion on the defence and security budgets. And this all initiated by the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Forget the Laurent-Perrier Champagne drunk by Brandis the other night, let us focus on the facts:

1) The official theory of the September 11 attacks is fraudulent, and the media covered up the evidence and the truth.

2) The war on Iraq was illegal, and was based on fraudulent intelligence.

3) The ‘War on Terror’ was manufactured by the Neocons.

4) Australia was duped into going to war and wasting billions of tax payer dollars.

5) The war in Iraq has resulted in the world being a more dangerous place.

So what can we expect from our politicians?  “I’ll have a glass of your 2003 Domaine Leroy Musigny“.





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