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2014 – A Year of Gumshoeing Without Fear or Favour


2014 was really my first year reporting news and trying to provide an alternative voice to the mainstream narrative. It was a year of hot issues, much learning and pleasant surprises (e.g. interviewing former PM Malcolm Fraser). I am very grateful to all who contributed, advised me along the way and kept me alert. There was a dovetailing of my articles with those of Mary Maxwell on such subjects as torture and law – and I thank those who emailed encouragement.

fear and favour(Apologies to The Age. It represents all MSM)

As we enter the New Year under a Waxing Gibbous moon – with 78% illumination (Ahha – a seven) – I’ll continue on from IMF Christine Lagarde’s really strange “seven” speech. “2014 – drop the 0, that’s 14 (2 x 7)”, or did she mean 2+0+1+4 = 7. Anyway, she said about 2014 ‘hopefully a magic year in many respects‘. Well, not so magic for those on board MH370 and MH17 (2 planes with 7 down in the year ’14), and also not so magic for the possibly 70,000 people killed and the millions displaced in the Middle East. And let us not forget their demise originated with the ghastly Neocon plan of destroying seven (7) countries in five years – revealed by General Wesley Clarke in 2007 (seven again).

Enough of this number nonsense – but I’ll cover seven topics and insights gained this year from doing Gumshoe News.

I had always known there was a yawning gap between mainstream reporting (MSM) and the alternative media, but it was only when I actually began the investigating and reporting process, that it became apparent we exist in two parallel realities (#1).

Thus, while scanning the newspapers yesterday morning, I feel compelled to comment on The Age editorial (above pic) which read:

‘Gathering the news without fear or favour’


Well that’s a joke. To quote from the editor:

“In 1896 Adolph S. Ochs took over a struggling newspaper, The New York Times. As part of his plan to revive the title he released a declaration of principles, central to which was the goal “to give the news impartially, without fear or favour, regardless of party, sect, or interests involved”. At The Age we continually strive to uphold such lofty ambitions, and we praise journalists everywhere committed to presenting news “without fear or favour”.”

Well so much for The New York Times’s lofty goals. They managed to ignore the 29 foot billboard outside their offices that pointed out the demise of Building 7.

And it is a disgrace that these cashed-up news organisations profess to ‘Gather the news ‘without fear or favour‘. I thus challenge the editor of The Age to publish the facts surrounding Building 7 (for a start). What about a double page spread with “Let Us Remember That A Third Tower Collapsed on 9/11”. It would probably boost readership. The article would remind a hypnotized public that a 47-storey skyscraper just ‘pancaked’ in what looked like a perfect demolition job that afternoon. It could have reports from some of the witnesses, references to what people like the late Barry Jennings said, the transcript of Larry Silverstein’s PBS television interview – and then a precis of scientific evidence.

That would be a good start in reporting without fear or favour, and then maybe move onto Port Arthur at some point. So, unfortunately, the editorial in The Age translates to:

At The Age we are committed to presenting, with fear and favour, the news prescribed by our global masters” (and feel free to replace ‘The Age’ with any News Corp paper).

Malcolm Fraser


One of the highlights this year for Gumshoe was interviewing Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (surprise #2). Though very well read and informed, Mr Fraser had not heard of Building 7 (a double page spread in The Age would rectify that). But on other topics Mr Fraser pulled no punches. He said that both leading Australian parties (Liberal and Labor) are “beyond reform”; and that Australia’s alliance with the US was “dangerous”. He was keen to speak about the atrocities and the cover-up of the USS Liberty.

Jon Faine (ABC 774) had tried to denigrate Mr Fraser’s view on air – as did many others in the media – including Gerard Henderson (of the The Sydney Institute and Media Watch Dog) who writes regularly for The Australian, who wrote disparagingly Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser identifies with the conspiracy theory that Israel consciously bombed the USS Liberty in 1967“. Neither The Australian nor Henderson (who is one of Australia’s leading Insitutional presstitutes) would bother to consider the personal accounts and facts provided by USS Liberty survivors Joe Meadors (President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association) or Ron Kukal (who have informed me).

But back to numbers. The most important number in our lifetime is 911.

False Flags


Imagine if you had lost a loved one in the most appalling crime, then: No one in authority believed your version? But, not only did they not believe you; but they refused to do a proper investigation of the crime.  The then President threatened you with, “Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories” – or back in Australia: Our then Prime Minister called your view “Stupid and wrong“. If that wasn’t bad enough, the mainstream media went out of its way to make a fool of you. E.g. ABC 774’s Jon Faine compared it to “lunatic fringe” and to “debate whether the earth is flat“.

Thus I was pleased when Matt Campbell (who lost a brother in the towers) contributed this fascinating post: “The hijacks could not have been carried out by the 19 alleged Muslim hijackers operating as four separate teams as all evidence shows the planes were hijacked by one team who remotely controlled each hijack in a SEQUENTIAL manner”.

timeline hijackings2

Hold a grenade in your hand (please don’t) – and even then you might not even replicate what happened to the bone fragments that spread across New York and its rooftops. My bone fragments post, investigating the forensic logic of the minuscule “9/11 bone fragments”, was the most read article during the year (thanks to it being linked to ae911truth.org).

But spending 90 minutes with Professor Jonathan Barnett was one of my 2014 eye openers (my article).  As an engineering expert and fire specialist, Barnett was a (volunteer) consultant and group leader for one of the investigating teams for FEMA (and later for NIST). But our long discussion went ‘nowhere’ – and the lack of logic was a shock to me. I could only come to one conclusion: The minds of the investigating teams – these extraordinary experts – had somehow been tainted. It was as if Barnett had been through some form of thought manipulation (insight #3).

To recap one of the 9/11 articlesDr Karl – we are still waiting for a sensible reply regarding building 7. Until you do, I’d suggest you refrain from besmirching those who might have a different world view – and stick to science.

Suffocating Journalism


(Reporters without Borders listed that 975 journalists (professional and citizen) had been arrested around the world this year)

Peter Greste’s incarceration in Egypt was greeted in Australia with rightful outrage. But, it seems, Western “democracies” are smug in their belief that they are safe in the concept of “Freedom of the Press”.  But “Freedom” is all relative.

Another revelation for 2014 (#4) was that there seems to be a synchronized and designed global plan to stifle journalism (in ‘democratic countries’). Just to ensure journalists are fearful and toe-the-line, Australia – along with South Africa and Japan – brought in draconian legislation aimed at locking journalists away for up to 10 years – even if they tell the truth. Welcome to the new hip and safe Austyranny”.


Having grown up under the Apartheid regime, I witnessed how governments manipulate news, people and laws. Under that ‘climate of intimidation’ I learned to self-censor myself (This took many years to undo). And now, not much is different in 2014 Australia. As I said in a previous article – Teetering Towards Totalitarianism – these truly draconian laws have little to do with terrorism, and everything to do with “secret business”. They are a marvelous invention for concealing government crime. 

Another surprise for me this year was trying to decipher what information is “allowed”, what is “out of bounds” and what is designed as a “distraction” (#5). Take US General Wesley Clark for example. He revealed (and named) the Neocons and their criminal plan to destroy seven countries, but still flourishes within the elite network. On the other hand, Snowden’s revelations on NSA, PRISM and spying on leaders (much of this already known) were called “treasonous”. Some even called for a lynching (as did Former US Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton).

I am new to this reporting game, but investigating MH17 was when I realized the huge disconnect between the western political narrative and the people’s reality.

MH17 and DFAT


Immediately after the Malaysian Airline, MH17, went down over Ukraine, we were presented with a YouTube clip that allegedly exposed the Pro-Russian Ukrainian ‘rebels’. This video was quickly exposed as a fake. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was one of the first to blame President Putin, even though images of “bullet holes” and witness accounts told a different story.  And the Australian MSM, however, were just reporting the NATO/Washington narrative – not giving any air to the facts, or to (OSCE) International Monitor, Michael Bociurkiw’s observations on the ground.  Bociurkiw was first on the scene and had noted pieces of fuselage with ‘machine-gun fire’ type bullet holes.

(Two days after the plane went down I received a second hand email allegedly confirming that it was a Ukrainian fighter jet – but could not publish this, as I could not verify the source. My many posts)

Over the months I wrote, many times, to DFAT (The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s office providing internet links to unbiased evidence. I initially (and naively) thought that Canberra might tone down the Putin blame game, but it only escalated to the PM’s promise to “shirtfront” Putin.


It was as if I was talking to a brick wall, and when I became annoying – asking about the secret agreement – they referred to my query as an Australian Federal Police matter.

The take out: Many of the lawmakers and politicians seem to be disconnected to reality. Many have lost their sense of ‘right and wrong’, and seem to be ‘trapped’ in a vortex that has them propagating the Crony Capitalist agenda and narrative (#6).

The Global Script


There is doubtlessly an agenda we are not privy to. Voters have no say. And democracy has no part in it. It is about manipulating reality. It is about geopolitics and crony capitalism that benefits only the few. It is about those few manipulating the politicians in Canberra, Washington, London etc – and giving them a political script from which to work from. We saw this all unfold after 9/11. Even though millions marched against war – the leaders (Bush, Blair, Howard et al) all dutifully followed their scripts – which resulted in an unjustified war and a million dead.

And this involves deceit and concealment by the media (#7).

It is all about fear and favour

ostrichesThe presstitutes waiting for their next media briefing (‘Pik, pik, pik…. Putin, pik)

My post on the Gold Walkley (Wankley) Awards – Awards on Excellent Journalism avoiding stories about the real crimes. (The words ‘Wankley’ credited to Ned).

And finally…

Metadata Monis

The government might very well use the Martin Place Siege and Man Haron Monis as their Metadata man to initiate more legislation to scoop up more privacy – on the pretext of catching more terrorists.

But, what we need is our government’s data to be made more transparent. 

For starters – what about disclosing the secret arrangement for the investigation of MH17.

mh17 letter blurred

Instead of government watching us…

We need to monitor government in 2015


Wishing all a fruitful and peaceful 2015.

I want to thank the many people who have supported this site, contributed and encouraged me along the way – from Mike Rivero (also for supporting Awaken Your Kids Books), Mary Maxwell and her articles, Ned, Christopher Brooks, Brae Antcliffe, Matt Campbell, ae911truth.org and commentators like Hybridrogue, FairDinkum et al. And to those who have emailed me, encouraging me and providing info (e.g. Christopher for supplying the DFAT letter confirming the secrecy around MH17) – thank you.


(And now to get back to my day job so I can pay the rent)



Post Script – Crazy MSM reporting

You  have to laugh at what the MSM reports on sometimes. This year in a News Corp paper – there was almost a full page on the heroic deeds of two young boys (twins) when at a local swimming pool. They had yanked a kid from the water. But they had done a SECOND HEROIC DEED that day. They had retrieved a ball from the water.




  1. A few days ago I found it necessary to buy the SMH and ‘The Australian’.
    What a waste of $5.00! In a cafe for $4 .50 I usually have a pot of tea, peruse the msm crap for nothing and have 50 cents in my pocket.
    So for the future of the msm journalists, you lot surel have had your masters shoot your feet off, compared to the novice year presented by gumshoe news and Dee. (and the freethinking commentators)
    Oh well, who at the msm is up for the next ‘wankley’. My choice is Gerard or Jon although I am prepared to consider the host of other candidates, if anyone has any suggestions.

  2. Dear Dalia, you left out some of your most fun pieces: the Coles “Down, Down,” and the absolutely spot-on G20 video with the garbage can noises. And you forgot to take end-of-year credit for reporting the world’s quickest circle of legislation-following-a-violent-incident. Namely, you wrote:

    “On Thursday morning at 6.30, a member of the Australian Defence Force was attacked. [He] told police he was threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance while wearing his full uniform at Sydney. Suffering minor bruising, he reported the matter to police…
    The media did its usual blitz. Later that night, legislation to beef up the powers of ASIO passes in the Senate by 44 votes to 12. [The very next morning, Sept 26, 2014] NSW Police stated: “allegation of assault has now been withdrawn.” The police media department did not want to provide me any more detail other than their 2-line media release.”

    Dalia, I add here, from the Sydney Morning Herald: “The Department of Defence [had said on] Thursday it would not discuss potential threats against its personnel or their families.” [Hello?] and Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin said “On behalf of the Australian Defence Force, I would like to apologise to the Australian community and in particular the Middle Eastern community for any angst this has caused.”

    Ms Lachlan, I am more grateful to Gumshoe than you can imagine. Thank you for letting me hold forth in 2014 on autism, cancer, and chronic fatigue. Most of my other articles came about reactively, e.g., to your pieces on Udo Ulfkatte, sedition law, Aubrey Levin’s hiding in Canadian prison, the 9-11 phone calls, and the Bilderbergers. Some were directly in response to Ned’s and Christopher’s pure-gold comments. That’s the first time in my life I’ve had ‘community’ stimulus.

    I also love it when someone from Langley gives me a new idea. My Eureka about Sandy Hook came to me when a commenter hopped in to defend Fetzer as fast as you can say Boo.
    But I wish I had written more about the environment. Please run that cartoon again, about the ‘welcome mat.’

    Happy New Year, and if anybody out there is writing his/her will, please remember Gumshoenews.

  3. Hello Down Under,

    Let 2015 be the year of enlightment (lots of work ahead, I’d say)

    Reading some REAL books might already do the trick.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you (but stay away from the hand grenades, they are intented to explode in the hands of people who don’t know how to read… That means YOU… the conspiracy nuts).

    • Xingfu. You too have a good new year. By the way you do know many many past conspiracies later become the factual official story when files are released or become in un-classified. But maybe suggest to your masters that your time would be better served bothering another site in 2015.

    • Especially pertinent to those who have pocketed the official government 911 conspiracy theory that 19 Muslims brought down three buildings with two planes etc.

  4. The Chinese have a very strange ‘alphabet’, the Russians have a strange ‘alphabet’, the Japanese have a strange ‘alphabet’, other countries all around the world speak in languages we English speakers cannot understand, yet nearly everyone of them have a word (on their vehicles and on their backs) that resembles ‘police’. The NWO brownshirts. It’s already here. (At least it’s English.)

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