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Australia’s ‘Dangerous’ Geopolitical Dilemma – 2015


Russia-Nuclear-0Paul Craig Roberts was once the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the US. 

In his article, The Outlook for the New Year, he explains the reckless and warmongering attitude of Washington; how the US is demonizing Russia with false charges, and that this is taking the world to the brink of a nuclear war – a war that threatens us all. To quote extracts:

“Washington’s reckless aggressive policy against Russia has resurrected the nuclear arms race.

Washington’s demonization of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad were preludes to military attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In view of these precedents, it is reasonable to regard Washington’s demonization of Vladimir Putin as a prelude to military action.

As the Bush/Obama regimes dismantled the safeguards put in place in order to minimize the risk of nuclear war, no protests came from the American public or the media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated publicly that Russia has learned that diplomacy with Europe is pointless, because European politicians represent Washington’s interest, not Europe’s.

Washington is also conducting economic and political warfare against Russia, attempting to destabilize the economy with economic sanctions and attacks on the ruble.

… the Russian and Chinese governments have decided to unify their economies into one and to conjoin their military commands.

In my view, Russia and China owe it to the world to prevent the nuclear war intended by the neoconservatives simply by replying in kind to Washington’s economic warfare. Russia and China hold all the cards. Not Washington.” Full article.

But how does this affect Australia? If the US goes to war – do we automatically follow?

I interviewed Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser last year about his book “Dangerous Allies”. He wrote that our alliance with the USA could be detrimental to Australia’s interest and survival. We are tied to the politics of the US, yet dependent on our trade relationships with China.

My correspondence with the Foreign Minister’s offices over MH17 confirmed to me that Canberra follows and ‘parrots’ Washington’s script. So, it might be a challenging year for Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop if Washington and NATO continue their ‘aggression’ against Russia – when Russia and China have now become ‘partners’.

Below is PART 4 of the Malcolm Fraser Interview – where he discusses a hypothetical conflict between China and the US – and how this would automatically draw Australia into the conflict. I also asked how we would we extricate ourselves from being military ‘servants’ to the US.  (Filmed Oct 2014)

To add a light touch to a very serious article by Roberts, I have re-post my (subtitled) satirical clip of PM Tony Abbott addressing the leaders of the G20 late last year.



  1. Dear Dalia, “1984” is always with me. It is a remarkably accurate prediction of the years subsequent to Orwell’s writing it (in 1949). I think it pays to examiine today’s so-called playoff between two blocs of nations. (And I agree that it is hard to know where Australia fits; perhaps China would simply seize Oz?).

    Orwell says the bloc thing is a game of shuffleboard. Sorry, I don’t mean he literally said that. I mean he knew that the same World Owners were in charge of all the blocs, and that each considered its own soldiers perfectly expendable. (Counterintuitive, eh?) Everything I see in the world fits that Orwellian interpretation of reality. By contrast, Craig Roberts is back in the Cold War days.

    I think your video-subtitle joke re Tony Abbott is on target. Today I am reading “The Inside Story of the Peace Conference,” by Emile Joseph Dillon, published in the 1920s. It more than confirms the Central Command idea.

    Thus, if the meaning of MH17 is that “someone” did it in order to start a war, that “someone” is … um… both sides!

    • I agree Mary, Roberts is a little ‘old fashioned’ – but not convinced the NWO plan is going to plan (which might be good news) This might be what’s going on:

      Orwell’s view of the NWO world was coming together in the game of ‘shuffleboard’: e.g.

      “The breakup of the USSR occurred in a manner not too unlike a carefully controlled demolition. Only in this case they were bankers and politicians, investment brokers and power-brokers who actually pressed the buttons.

      The entire dissolution of the USSR was the product of numerous top secret meetings which took place with very high level (as in highest level) representatives from the USSR, USA, UK and other major AAA nations and WSG controllers” (storyleak)

      But then somewhere along the line Putin (and those behind him strayed from the NWO agenda)

      “It is the FORCE behind Putin which they have not seen occupy a major political office since John F. Kennedy. Surely the AAA (ANGLO-AMERICAN AXIS) must wonder how they all got so tricked into believing that Putin was one of them in the first place. He was, after all, a KGB functionary with all the right credentials to be trusted to play their game, only their way, all the time”.

      It would be interesting if this was happening – and have read in various places that Putin have tricked the ‘cabal’. Thus the unpredictable power struggle has emerged – and that is why Putin is being absolutely demonised by the rest. The war ships off Australia might have been an “Don’t try any JFK monkey business”. Why have warships ‘attend’ the meeting.

      MH17 was either a false flag against Putin that didn’t go to plan – or might have been an assassination attempt.

      There is obviously a central command idea. But it is human nature that a continual battle for the control of that will be ongoing… as people try usurp the crown – or split off to create their own. So i think Roberts is touching on the desperation of the AAA/NWO/cabal to pull/force Putin back into the ring. But maybe the Chinese don’t like to be controlled by the AAA bankers anyway.

      be interesting to hear your thoughts

      one source http://www.storyleak.com/putin-defies-the-west-leads-brics-alliance-away-from-nwo-reservation/

      • Dalia, For starters, please know that I am an ignoramus. Sure, I talk a good game, but I have no data as to what’s really going on; I only take guesses. Did you ever read Gore Vidal’s “Live from Golgotha”? In the end he has the Japanese winning the whole world.
        Let’s look at your notion of an Asian country trying to dominate all. That makes sense in two regards. First, they have the numbers (BTW, the one-child-per-family law was lifted a couple of months ago!).
        Second, as we saw in the subordination of those drummers in Beijing’s Olympic opening ceremony, there is the ability of Chinese leaders to be ruthless and for folks to say OK to that. In my sociobiological view, ruthlessness is an almost unbeatable advantage.
        But how would any individual in China have overcome the current force at the top? (which, I’m told, was Rockefeller-controlled at least as late as 15 years ago). Biologically it’s true that ambition should motivate a man to topple other alphas, but if such a person rises up anywhere, the PTB takes him out pronto. You know that they took out the Polish leaders in 2010 on the anniversary of Katyn, by a plane crash. If Putin were a real ‘challenger,’ wouldn’t he already be pushing up daisies?

        Still, don’t look to me. I’m tellin’ ya, I ain’t got what it takes. But I am superb at remembering what Orwell said.

  2. To Dalia from Mary with “implied permission” from Ned.
    I note he uploaded this comment several articles back. i am recyclimg it here, re Putin:

    I am old enough to recall a Victor Mature (sp?) film where he, as the film character, betrayed his country and bravely fought the Nazis in battle wearing a yellow bandana. He was known by his comrades for his bravery for such.
    Problem: he was a turncoat and the Nazis were ordered not to shoot the fellow with the yellow bandana.
    So we have it with our left wing pretend media. They wear the yellow bandana and pretend they are on the public’s side.
    We know of them because they do not disclose the Dr. Day exposures nor do they consider the reality of 911.
    We are are among yellow media wolves, best to recognise them, they are recognisable by their words: Muslims did 911, Putin shot down MH 17, … [end of quote from Ned]

    Hey Dalia, I bet you could find a way to apply this to the Sandy Hook situation.

  3. The film, as I recall was ‘The Yellow Bandanna’.
    Victor turned to the Nazis due to the manner that his family (mother?) was treated by his own.
    So it is now; invading and killing and expect no reaction!
    Pity our Federal politicians and mass media do not watch and learn from old movies that have basic humane messages. it would save a fortune of taxpayer’s money wasted circumventing what the politicians create……..terrorism!
    As for SH, I reserve an opinion.

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