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The Criminal Hoaxing of Sandy Hook, and Our Future


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The Sandy Hook massacre really did take place.  It was, of course, a terrible crime, leaving 26 people deprived of their lives, 20 children and 6 teachers. I’m sure I know who did it, and it was not Adam Lanza.  I explain this in some depth in my January 1, 2015 article, entitled “They Youtubed Their Way to a Guilty Verdict,” at RumorMillNews.com.

Who Youtubed their way? Who is the guilty murderer of those children and their teachers? I say the government. Call it a ‘shadow’ government if you want, but it has to be persons with easy access to government resources, such as control of the police. If you, Dear Reader, find that statement so repulsive that you can’t continue to stick with this essay, fare thee well. For the others, let me recap the developments.

In December 2014, William Brandon Shanley filed a lawsuit, claiming that the December 2012 massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut never happened. His civil suit blames the media for spreading lies and fears. Hence, the defendants in Shanley’s lawsuit are several news outlets.

If you are new to this whole story, are you confused? Yes, you would have to be, as that is the intention of the guilty party, to take the spotlight off themselves. They are creating layer on layer of complications. The Shanley lawsuit is one of those layers. (I made that allegation in my article, “Sandy Hook Denial To Be Criminalized like Holocaust Denial.”)

As regards what happened on 9-11, the government’s story has a huge number of critics. Many now say that the WTC buildings came down by controlled demolition. I am one of those persons. I ran for Republican nomination to Congress in 2006, with one of my campaign pitches being that 9-11 was an inside job. (I got 11 percent of the vote.) Of course, the Mainstream media did not afford me any publicity.

The Hoax Story (Which Can Be Called “the Hoax Hoax”)

About a year after the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, a large number of Youtube videos began to appear, saying that Sandy Hook never happened, or that it was only a drill. Consider this: any critics, who were genuinely wondering if children died, could have sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Connecticut authorities. They wouldn’t have needed to use roundabout methods of investigating.

Let me list only a tiny sample of Youtube videos purveying the hoax story: We see pictures of the school parking lot empty on the day. We see interviews with a Dad in which he appears to be faking his grief. We see a little girl talking to President Obama on the day after Sandy Hook, who looks a lot like one of the deceased children.

Yours Truly fell for it at first. However, I then figured that the hoax-story itself must be a game. On November 30, 2014, I published an article, “Duplex False Flags,” at Gumshoenews.com, saying that the new throng of clever Youtubers, ‘debunking’ the Boston Marathon bombing as well as the Sandy Hook massacre, are most likely Insiders.


A few years ago I was in touch with Sandra Uttley, a genuine citizen-investigator of the 1996 Dunblane massacre in Scotland. It closely resembles Sandy Hook. A classroom full of first-graders, and their teacher, got shot. Uttley explains in her 2006 book, “Dunblane Unburied,” that the accused gunman, Thomas Hamilton, probably did not act alone. (I hypothesize that he was not there at all.)

At the very least, many members of Scottish police lied as to what was going on at Dunblane. By the way, police can easily be brainwashed, hypnotized, or whatever you call it, into saying what they’re told to say.  Any who express reluctance about lying might be bumped off.  So I hereby put out a welcome to any cop who will enlighten us about this.

Can we believe Sandra Uttley? Well, just try this short excerpt from the official Inquiry. Uttley says Doreen Hagger was a brave, sincere witness who knew Hamilton to have been both a sadist, and a friend of Police Commissioner McMurdo! The interrogator tries to discredit Hagger here. Note: many other witnesses were not subjected to any cross-examination. And Grant McCutcheon, the first cop on the scene, was not allowed to testify at all!

Mr Hardie, QC:  Did you tell your daughter about Mr Hamilton coming to the house in a van on the occasion you have spoken about?

Mrs Hagger:  No.

Mr Hardie:  So you are saying that at no time between 1989 and the present day did you tell your daughter that Mr Hamilton had come in a van and had had a gun?

Mrs Hagger:   My daughter was there.

Mr Hardie:  Well listen to the question and remember at the beginning you took an…

Mrs Hagger: She would have heard me saying….

Mr Hardie: Could you let me finish please, can you remember that you took an oath to tell the truth today; did you between 1989 and today tell your daughter about Mr Hamilton coming to the house in a van?

Mrs Hagger: My daughter was there when he came in the van, I didn’t have to tell her.  

Mr Hardie: Do you understand the question, Mrs Hagger?…

 Has Uttley’s uncovering official involvement in the deaths of 16 children resulted in anything? No. What about the parents, aren’t they ready to kill the police commissioner? It seems not. Why is that? It may be that the shock of bereavement takes away some of one’s rational capacity. It may be that someone somehow delivered a bit of mind-control to those families.

A Vandal? Really? Let’s Exercise a Bit of Common Sense

A quick word about the shoddiness of some of the “Sandy Hook didn’t happen” stories. Here is one, dated May 15, 2014, from the Australian tabloid, Daily Mail. Its headline: “Sandy Hook ‘truther’ tells victim’s mother that her daughter never existed and the shooting was a hoax, after defacing playground named in little girls’ honor.”

I ask y’all to stop and evaluate the likelihood that any person, on a truth mission no less, would speak so rudely. And would his Sandy-Hook skepticism really move him to commit vandalism, defacing a playground? (He allegedly stole a 50-pound sign with that child’s drawing of the peace symbol.)


The Daily Mail continues:  “CBS New York reported that the unidentified man told Lynn McDonnell (Mom of the deceased) that he was the one to take the peace sign, and told her that he did so because the shooting was a hoax and her daughter was not real.” Again I say, hold everything! CBS wants us to believe a story about an “unidentified “ man?

Cut to the chase. This vandal story is intended to persuade citizens that there are really yucky people out there (truthers) who ought to be censored on the Internet, so they won’t say such hurtful things. New censorship laws did in fact get passed in many countries in late 2014! I smell a crackdown on the likes of such excellent websites as 911campaignforjustice.org. Note: If you need to say something, you’d better say it soon!

Sunderland, Northumbria, A Town of Malice?

More nonsense, but now getting scary. In late December 2014, the media presented us with yet another rude Internet user, and this time he (supposedly) got arrested for it. He is charged by the Scottish police with “malicious communication.”  It has to do with a horrific road accident (accident?) in which six “Christmas shoppers” died, and many were injured.

The man’s name is Ross Loraine; he lives in Northumbria, age 19. His alleged crime consists of his having tweeted:  “So a bin lorry has apparently driven into 100 people in Glasgow eh, probably the most trash it’s picked up in one day.” (Do you honestly think he would say that?)

What’s going on here? The Scotland Police scan the Internet, decide that the comment is malicious, and instruct the police of Northumbia, England to go in and pick the fellow up. The news says “Many police cars were in attendance.”

(Translate: “When we crack down on you soon, Mary Maxwell and Similar Creatures, the pick-up will be violent.”). Had you realized that tweeting is a crime in the UK?


A Smart Blogger Commenting on Pakistan

Yet another story arose recently in support of the “Sandy Hook is a scam” theme. Noah Pozner, age 6, was one of the 20 children who died at Sandy Hook. A photo of Noah has shown up in a collage of photos of the 132 children who were shot dead in Pakistan on December 16, 2014.

pakistan-taliban-noahThe child on far right is Noah

The hoopla about that Pakistani photo collage, which has no real point, functions to keep people interested in the theme of a hoax rather than a tragedy.  Alex Jones’ Infowars website is promoting it.

In one of the blogs discussing this event, I found a Comment that sounds pretty sensible. It said (from memory):  “The people of Pakistan like the Taliban. They would not approve of the government killing 500 Taliban prisoners, but now that they are accused of the school murder it will we easy.”  God help us.


Law school provided me with a handy term: ‘guilty knowledge.’ I call it GK.  It is amazingly under-used. The idea is that we can sometimes determine a person’s guilt by an indirect route.

Let’s say a woman gives an alibi for the accused criminal. “He was at my home that day.” Later it’s proven untrue. (We have a video of him in Alaska that day, standing next to an igloo.) Her lying raises the question Why did she try to cover for him? Ah, she must know he’s guilty. A jury may deduce that he IS guilty.

My pointing the accusing finger at government for the Sandy Hook massacre (yes I really did say that) is mainly based on the guilty-knowledge concept. Many of the Youtube videos, telling us Sandy Hook was a fake, look like they were produced in sophisticated CIA-type labs.

I asked Why is government churning out all this misinformation? My answer, in the “Duplex False Flags” article, was that the aim is simply to give us many silly videos about the hoax, ones that we can see through, along with ‘good’ ones, so that our brain blocks up and we can’t take any steps to solution.

Then, when Shanley’s lawsuit arose, I said that Shanley’s foolishness (“No child died”) will be used to poke fun at truthers, making even the 9-11 truthers’ work look dicey.

Adding now ‘the playground vandal,’ who phoned Lynn McDonnell, and the ‘Northumbrian tweet guy,’ we can see that soon the gullible public will be told that such awful insults on the Internet must be outlawed. An amazing reversal of our three-century tradition of free speech, no?

Yet that is not the biggest lesson to be drawn. My logic says that if the government is party to the broadcasting of so much disinformation, it must have been the murderer in the first place. If you can argue against me, please do. Don’t let me mislead people….

Conclusion: Guilty

I said in my January 1st article, and I repeat here, that the government is the perpetrator of the Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook killings, and of course, ‘Nine-Eleven.’ Whoever the killers are, we know that they are ruthless and, by definition, sociopathic.

How did we ever fall for the claim that Adam Lanza, Thomas Hamilton, and ‘the Taliban’ were suddenly moved to wipe out a group of innocent children? We must be much stupider than we realized. (Note: in another school shooting, in Erfurt, Germany in 2002, which left 18 dead, the blame was put on an expelled student. I guess Germans aren’t so smart either.)

threesomeSteinhauser (of Erfurt) , Lanza, Hamilton

I realize we all have an emotional mechanism that let’s us avoid big social issues and go about the day’s routine instead. (“Got a dentist appointment.”) But this ain’t wise.

Dear Reader, it’s up to you to tell your family and friends. If they absolutely won’t listen, move on to somebody else. It might help to start by showing them just the Doreen Hagger interrogation at the Dunblane Inquiry.  It succinctly tells us where we’re at.

We are in extreme danger. Anyone who takes class-loads of first-graders and fills them with bullets is not someone you want to have walking free out there. (In Pakistan, “Children were forced to watch their teacher being burned alive.”)

Over to you. Come up with some ideas, please.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, is the author of “Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status” (Trine Day, 2011) Her email address is mary.maxwell  at  alumni.adelaide.edu.au  A link to a clip from her 2006 Congressional campaign, uploaded by ListenUpNewHampshire:



  1. Taking loads of first graders and filling them with bullets is the purpose of government to manipulate and scare
    the public for the purposes of control and subservience.
    Whether hoax or real the end game is the same …. Control and and obedience to the control freaks.
    Investigate the 2008 writings of law professor Cass Dumstein (aka Sunstein) who proposed
    official government lies to sabotage those who question falsehood.
    The poor uninformed students in his class surely have an action against him in deceit if he attempts justifies such BS to them!)
    An analysis of Dumstein may be discerned by reading
    David Ray Griffin’s book from 2011(?) ‘Cognitive Infiltration: An Obana’s appointee……”
    Sabotage of the public intellect and reasonable inquiry is official government/s policy. Thus a reason for creating official public confusion and useless debate.
    Love it! Better than dumb crosswords and scrabble for a mind, planning longevity! (:-

    • PS,
      Wonder if Johnny boy an El whatever are Dumstein’s students? They appear to be engrossed in his thesis of manipulation and deceit at the most basic undergraduate level?

    • I had no idea things were that bad. What is Sunstein’s salary as a law professor? Could someone take him to the Court of Equity and get him to disgorge ill-gotten gains? I’ve always liked that phrase but I’ve never seen it put to use.

      • His salary as an an alleged
        ‘LAW’ professor is irrelevant.
        Look up his appointment/s and who is his spouse and her position.
        Short memory has our professor, look up Luke rudivonski’s (sp?) question to the learned professor re his 2008 paper and expressed
        beliefs. (As once seen on U-Tube)
        Poor Cass; he did not recall his authourship of the 2008 paper.
        In a word: Cassalzheimers is he, alternatively, just another spiv charlotan? Best of luck to his law students…. The CIA awaits their services.

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for your due diligence on these and many other topics that have boggled the mind of late.
    All one has to do is count up the deceased bodies of investigative inquirers.
    Keep at it, I believe the pedo scandal will also blow up in their faces soon.
    They can’t run to their bunkers and hide forever.

  3. Excellently done! Some time ago I grew to suspect that the early “hoax” enthusiasts were just as you said–insiders. Or rather, PR firm lackeys hired by the insiders.

    • Dear Zephyr, i wonder what age-bracket you are in. I’m thinking maybe it is only the oldies who can see the deviaion that is occurring. Per Ned’s suggestion below, I looked up the “Sunstein phenomenon.” Seems to me buffoonery; that is the only word that came to mind.
      I have tried to put things in perspective by penning a missive to my parents (“in heaven”). Dad was born in 1899 so he could be more than amazed at what has happened. Here is a link to that letter. Mostly discussing the Boston Marathon situation, for which a trial of the Tsarnaev lad begins today:

      • Excellent letter to parents in the netherworld. Mine have passed also, they would be astounded at the state of affairs in this world today. I am 54 and have been awakened since my 20’s.
        Lived a life according to my own terms, not societies. Has served me well so far, can’t explain Boston, 911, or any other Questionable situations to individuals not willing to see the facts in front of them with a magnifying glass.
        Kudo’s to you Mary for going down the rabbit hole of subterfusion.

  4. Without a chance of contradiction we can state that the climate of secrecy and absence of genuine accountability by all the agencies that rule and regulate our lives, encourages an atmosphere of speculation about events where explanations that should be unambiguous are not forthcoming, and this particularly applies to events that are powerful propaganda opportunities.
    Until we can learn to apply correct methods of combining our individual power to bring enough force to lift the lid and shine light upon the activities of OUR “agencies” we are left guessing and speculating on events like Sandy Hook or Port Aurthur.
    It is a natural part of human curiosity to try and solve these crimes with our “open source” methods but the real task is to recover control over our Governing agencies and in the meantime work out how to insulate ourselves from the madness. I admit these two ambitions are a contradiction in my experience.
    Ignorance is undoubtedly bliss for many Australians.

    • I have just been reading William Colby’s memoirs, “Honorable Men” (1978). Most likely he sincerely thought his CIA was all for the good. I urge all of its members to come out now and say what they think, as individuals, of the torture program. Have you seen the Youtube interview with ex-Abu Ghraib prisoners? It’s quite something. Maybe it would make agents question what their job is all about. Poor things. Poor, well paid, protected-from-exposure things.

  5. Here is a prime example of a yucky Sandy Hook truther video from Youtube. The people who make these videos obviously have no respect for the 26 that died! This is truly YUCKY!!

    • OK. How about this. There are 3 options, not just 2:

      1.Twenty kids died at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012.
      2.No kids died there that day.
      3. They died, but somebody has done something peculiar to the relatives, and to than “Ridiculist” newsman. After all, you heard him say “This has never happened to me before.”

      • Oh? Now you say there are 3 options but you were pretty damn sure in the first paragraph above that it was definitely #1.

        By the way, that newsman is Anderson Cooper, as anyone who pays attention to the U.S. media knows.

        And the “something peculiar” was probably a marijuana-laced slice of fruit cake or something similar that one of the cameramen gave to Cooper. This is nothing unusual in show business. But you wouldn’t recognize that fact of worldly knowledge, Mary.

        • P.S. I’m in Australia but if I want to understand what is happening in the U.S., and have an informed opinion, I obviously need to see examples of the U.S. news media.

          • The only “something peculiar” that those interviewees had done to them was to be given a nice fat payment for their work, hence their smiles (in addition to the duping delight). Get real everybody!

  6. Sandy Hook is a massive liability case–hence the years of coverup (as litigation still pends agains the town). The first responding police officers failed to tell anyone in the outside world, for 30 minutes, that they had discovered dozens of wounded. It is not true that all victims were dead upon arrival–MOST had survivable wounds. This is the tragedy within the tragedy of Sandy Hook.

    • I just got an email telling me someone had left a comment here. This is the first time I have returned to this website in two years, and I have since changed my user name on wordpress.

      Mary Maxwell, couldn’t you think of a more original alternate identity than “Zephyr”? You truly are an intellectual giant.

      Here’s a new conspiracy theory for many people – There’s a multi-million dollar industry around the staging of hoaxes for public consumption. Isn’t that ridiculous? Ha ha ha ha

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