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Covert Agents with Consciences, the Devil, and the Sorrows of Barbara Bush


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Today I have been reading books by two high-up men in the CIA and MI6. They are, respectively, William Colby (1920-1996) and Christopher Creighton (1924-2013). My view of the covert agencies is usually pretty scathing.  Nevertheless, the authors of these two books strike me as men of conscience.

colbyWilliam Colby

The fact that Colby was found, as they say, “floating face-down in the East River,” or in his case, the Potomac, may suggest that his conscience did not suit his position as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Colby’s 1978 autobiography is entitled “Honorable Men.”

Creighton’s 1996 book, “OPJB,” which stands for “Operation James Bond,” is an autobiographical work. We now know that Charles Creighton was really John Ainsworth-Davis, who worked closely with Desmond Morton, better known simply as “M.”  Creighton did some wild killings, e.g., of mates who were poised to reveal secrets, but he felt terrible about it. This makes OPJB quite a touching book.

It is more exciting, or should I say titillating, to get these details from Creighton if you have already accepted the amazing theory by New Zealand spy Greg Hallett. Namely, that World War II was an Illuminati exercise. Full text of Greg Hallett’s book, “Hitler Was a British Agent” (2006) is downloadable, at least for the moment, at archive.org.

Hallett argues that all the participants at Yalta (Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin) — but also the Nazi’s! — were agents for the Illuminati.  In Charles Creighton’s book, OPJB, the main man for the Allies, stationed in Hitler’s office, was Martin Bormann. An investigation of Bormann’s death in Paraguy can be found  on Youtube.

The wartime head of MI6, Desmond Morton (“M”) was the boss even of Churchill. One reason I find it fascinating that John Ainsworth-Davis (“Creighton”) was a man of integrity, is that he was partly brought up by Desmond Morton. Henry Makow has suggested that Morton was a satanic figure who abused Creighton from age 15 onwards.

De-Sataning Satan

That said, I have been wanting for some time to knock ‘Satanism’ off its perch, and today’s the day. Interest in the (rehabilitated) devil seems to be becoming a popular cultural item, along with witchcraft, numerology, and anything occult.

Just now I googled the word “satanism” and the first item to pop up was “JoyOfSatan.org.” That indicates that the owners of that website have paid to have it listed prominently. (Perhaps they are an entity with ‘funding’?)

Inspecting that website, one finds: “We know Satan as a real being…the true father and creator of humanity.” Hmm. And, “The serpent, a symbol of Satan represents the firey kundalini force coiled at the base of the spine, which upon ascending, transforms the human mind and soul to a much higher level of understanding and ability.” (Something for everybody…)

On the other hand, there are the more ‘orthodox’ images of Satan as evil, as runs in heavy metal music, Bohemian grove, images of Baphomet, the number 666, and all that. The Satanic movement can rest on any one of several bases. The “Church of Satan,” founded by Anton LaVey, is registered as a church in San Francisco, and thus can apply for the right to have its chaplains employed by the US military, and, wouldn’t you know, it has in fact done so.

As for the judiciary, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2004, that at least one Justice of the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, listed on his tax returns an in-kind gift of air travel to attend the Bohemian Grove. At the Grove, an effigy of a person (we hope it’s only an effigy) gets burnt on an altar. Is this where we want judges to spend their vacations?


Ironic as it may sound, I think the whole kit and caboodle of Satanism is a reflection of the human instinct to be good. Hello? What? Put it this way: “Those who claim to be worshipping Satan do so because it fits in with the same emotional proclivities as those who align themselves to a good cause.” We all want social approval.

Or, to put it slightly more negatively, I could say that persons who are doing dastardly deeds for their own benefit are more comfortable doing so if they can ascribe it to a noble mission. The Luciferians out there today speak proudly of Lucifer, the light bearer, the same way many of us speak of God.

Killing Children for Lucifer’s Sake

I wish to put paid to any excuse for the torture of children. If someone uses a satanic justification, I want to deal with them!

My introduction to Satanic ‘philosophy,’ was part of my discovery, in 2005, of MK-Ultra. Around 1950, the US Government (and no doubt other governments) created a mind control program. They relied on work done in experimental psychology, psychopharmacology, and neuroscience. They figured out ways to clear a person’s mind of his or her experiences, and send him or her down a new path.

Many child survivors of MK-Ultra, whom I have met, say they were tortured in clinic-like settings on military bases. But many also say their parents were in a religious cult that held rituals (hence the term “ritual abuse”) in which some sort of “worship” and “sacrifice on the altar” took place. They were taught to fear that they would be the next sacrifice. That certainly quickened their acceptance of orders.

I don’t know when child sacrifice began in modern life. Rabbi Martin Antelman, in his book “To Eliminate the Opiate” (2002) traces it, among Jews, to the Sabbatian sect, of which Eva Frank was a proponent. Child sacrifice is also a big feature in some underground Christian cults in the US. It may have been part of the occult group in the UK, the Golden Dawn.

A famous member of the Golden Dawn was Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), who worked for MI6.  He was pleased to be called  “the wickedest man in the world.”  Barbara Bush (b. 1925), First Lady of the United States from 1989 to 1993, is said to be his out-of-wedlock daughter. She certainly has a remarkable resemblance to him.

crowley bushCrowley and Barbara Bush

Wikipedia notes of Aleister Crowley:

“His mother had a strained relationship with her son; she described him as ‘the Beast,’ a name that he revelled in…. Crowley’s father was particularly devout, spending his time as a travelling preacher…. Following the death of their baby daughter in 1880, the family moved to Surrey. At age 8, Crowley was sent to evangelical Christian boarding school, and then to Ebor school, run by the Reverend Henry Champney, whom Crowley considered a sadist.”

When reading the book “Barbara Bush, a Memoir” (1994), I was startled to see that Barbara had been required to leave her 7 year-old son George and her newborn son Jeb, for many months, to go stay with her daughter Robin who was at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York. Three-year-old Robin had leukemia ( with the highest white blood cell count her doctor in Texas had ever seen).

Barbara mentions that when little Robin died, the child’s body was handed over, by the hospital, to her mother-in-law, Mrs Prescott Bush and a Skull-and-Bones colleague of her husband, for burial. A bit unusual, to say the least. To me, the chapter on Robin in Barbara’s Memoir sounds like a call for help. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe they are a normal family.

The Hardships of Covert Life

The New York Times review of Barbara’s memoir mentions this additional fact:

“Despite her husband’s urgings, Mrs. Bush writes, she did not seek psychiatric help or medication for her depression, which she blames on the hormonal changes of menopause and the stress of Mr. Bush’s job as Director of Central Intelligence.”

I think it’s a safe guess that Aleister Crowley did not really hold any Satanic beliefs, and simply used the good offices of Lucifer for his, or MI6’s benefit. His motto “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” ought to clue anyone in. The natural state of the selfish human is to do what he can for himself.

To repeat, it is my claim that Satanism is a convenient cover for other things. (E.g., in the MK-Ultra program, which was very cruel to children, there was a gloss of religiosity in regard to the slaying of children on the altar, where the real purpose was to traumatize onlookers.) And it is also my claim that human instinct leads people to want to be good, or at least to be associated with a plan that has divine backing. Even today, the Illuminati bother with the trappings of sacred stuff.

It is regrettable that many people, hearing that there are a lot of death cults or Satanic beliefs floating around today, think that we’re somehow required to go and divest the holders of those beliefs of their mistaken ideas. I say No need! Those people need to have their hides tanned, same as any wrongdoers. As soon as they are treated as the criminals they are, their metaphysics about the wonderfulness of Satan will collapse in a trice.

In short, can we please stop confusing the Really Big Issue of how we should approach the future? Can we please knock off the complications wrought by the proposition that there is, somewhere, a god who “does his goodness by doing evil,” or some such mularkey?

We don’t have time for this.

— Mary W Maxwell devotes part of her book “Prosecution for Treason,” to the subject of mind control. Her forthcoming book is “Fraud Upon the Court” (Trine Day Press).


  1. Dear Mary,
    I am not completely researched in regard to the most esteemed Professor ( ?) Strauss, ((Straussian theory may be worth a look) who apparently mentored most of the world’s psycho control freaks running our world.
    Basically, from memory he opines that the world should be run by controlled intelligencia ( my take on his beliefs) and the peasantry ‘bubbas’ have no clue. Probably on the mail there, discerning talk back comments and noting 22 pages of sports pages in the Daily Tele in Sydney.
    Give them a colosseum with free bread and blood thirsty entertainment and there you have it……..peasant journos and shock jocks in support dragging in advertising revenue from the emperors and controllers.
    No real discussion, just pursue, materialism, hatred and division to promote chaos, manipulation and control of the peasantry.
    Has been ever thus; Devine right of kings, pulpit BS and now the mass media.
    As for the perks of control freaks, well they have to be indulged with all pleasure, so be it Satan, if she [(:-] exists. The most base desires are ‘the opium’ of the controllers….. Want a pleasant weekend at St James Island with a few that have everything? Call Mr. Epstein, he can facillitate with a video record to encourage compliance to his master’s wishes.
    Same thing happened in Sydney in the late 70’s -80’s. Senior officers of a public company were run through a brothel and recorded. Do as we wish or this goes to your wife!
    Take my word on the latter observation, it comes from an impeccable source in about 1982. Has anything changed?

    • If only he looked like that? But he/it presents in many disguises, often in suits, with wealth and influence promising, Nevada.
      However, he/it is easily recognised:
      ‘By their fruits they shall be known’.
      Consider the results from the sour fruits produced from amongst our media magnates and politicians.
      Their, he be.

  2. I’ve been reading many articles on gumshoenews.com.

    Adoring Covert Agents with Consciences, the
    Devil, and the Sorrows of Barbara Bush – Gumshoe News best so far.

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