‘The Interview’ Sony Hacking Fraud Fails – What’s Next?


interview 2“… Like the neocons who were desperate for a pretext to invade Iraq, the Obamaites have an agenda of their own: targeting North Korea and citing the alleged threat of a ‘cybernetic Pearl Harbor’ in order to gin up public support for ‘cyber-security’ legislation that would give the government greater power to regulate the Internet as a ‘public utility.’ They’ve been agitating for this for quite a while and clearly see the Sony hack as their doorway to success. …” (full story here)

Fortunately this has been exposed. Even mainstream is reporting that Cybersecurity firm Norse says its investigation found evidence leading not to the Korean peninsula but to, among other places, Southern California.

It seemed from the outset that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hacking into Sony’s system was drawing a long bow – but a juicy invention for the masses that are manipulated in the false reality propagated by the mainstream media.

We need to be on guard for the next ‘cyber false flag’ that will give reason for the “regulation” of the internet.





  1. Th next cyber false flag!
    My drafted post just disappeared, so I will pick a favourite possibility.
    Try a cyber attack on bank account records and transactions.
    ‘Sorry sir, but we have no records pertaining to you as a customer of this bank’.
    ‘But ………….’
    ‘Stiff, it was the Iranians/Russians/North Koreans ………… ‘
    Of course there was a similar event on 911 when the S and E people closed, enabling dodgy laundering of finances and treasury bonds to be ‘transacted’, including the 240 billion in US treasury notes due that day. [ref: E P Heidner; 911 Commission revised December 2008 at scribd]
    There is an old rule: ‘follow the money’.

    • Not to forget the Office of Naval Intelligence bean counters beavering away at the Pentagon looking for
      Rumsfield’s missing 2.3 Tttttt… rillion as announced on September 10,
      2001 being wiped out by ‘Bin Laden’s lucky shot’ into their just renovated and occupied digs.
      Nah, wayward aircraft are messy now days, just a virus planted in the cyber world can do the trick. They could retry the suxnet virus used to sabotage a few of the Mullah’s centrifuges. That one they did not blame anyone for, as it was a US/Israel bug.

      • Susnex? Mullah’s centifuges?

        • Could be suxtnet?
          The virus was created to sabotage Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and had them spinning out of control. That is on record!
          The ‘speculation’ is that the Westinghouse nuclear power programs were infected and went out of control and stuffed up the Fukishama emergency cooling system, they just happen to have a load of uranium rods stored there recently before the event.
          Now how’s that for a theory?


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