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Charlie Hebdo – Terror Attack or Contract Hit?


The Paris ‘terror’ attack was focused, calculated and planned. The target was specific journalists, free speech and satire.


“France finally got its ’9/11 moment’ today, when at least two gunman dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov rifles, stormed the offices of a magazine, killing two police/security personnel and 10 journalists, and injuring 11 others during the raid.” 21stCenturyWire

Today’s Paris attack is believed to be France’s deadliest since 1961, when right-wingers from the campaign, ‘Keep Algeria French’, bombed a passenger train, killing 28 and wounding several others.

The attack happened to take place in the middle of an editorial meeting of the political magazine Charlie Hebdo (known as ‘Charlie’), with masked gunman calling out by name and killing first its editor Stephane ‘Carb’ Charbonnier, 47, and 9 other editors and staff, including frequent contributor and French economist Bernard Maris.

As of 11:30pm local time, French police are claiming to have arrested 3 suspects, two brothers and one other, aged 34, 32, and 18, who reside in a suburb of Paris, and who police believe “may have been the shooters” (but this does not necessarily mean they were the gunmen who carried out today’s attack).

The ABC Breakfast show were reporting how the men were just calmly, casually going about their business. This in 21stcenturywire:

“Beyond all of the media’s ‘ISIS’ hyperbole, unquestionably, today’s attack has all the characteristic of a professional contract hit. Witnesses remarked on how the gunman spoke perfect native French, and commented on their ‘expert marksmanship’, hitting all targets with single shots, and not spraying bullets indiscriminately. Witnesses also described the gunman as ‘bulked-up’ from what appears to be body armour, and kevlar ‘bullet-proof’ protection underneath their over garments.

Another witness commented on the adroit, European-style and professional demeanor of the gunman, stating, “At first I thought it was special forces.”

The magazine, published weekly, is no stranger to controversy, and was the center of national debate around what Muslims claimed was its antagonistic Islamic cartoons which they began printing nearly a decade ago.

Their satire certainly annoyed someone (or a group) enough to orchestrate a very professional assassination ‘event’.

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Cartoon by ‘Cabu’ (one of the ‘targets’ of the attack)

GOD DOES NOT EXIST ‘God does not exist’



  1. The attack is convenient for the usual “muslim extremist” narrative to be promoted by the zionist dominated media. So, suspicions should also include zionist operatives as the assassins–with benefits in silencing a politically savvy group of journalists while adding to the propaganda against muslims. This may sound strange to those who are unaware of the Israeli connections to 9/11.

    • Dear Rediscover,
      Elsewhere I have challenged the Zionist- control theory (e.g. my Dec 21, 2014 article, “Something about Jews: a Reply to Ken O’Keefe”). But now that you bring it up, let’s walk through three possibilities, as regards the Paris event.

      #1.Somebody wants to send a message to the Charlies and Dalias of this world: “Keep going with the sharp journalism and we will kill you.”
      (Presumably that “somebody” is the power holders that Charlie or Dalia is bent on exposing or dethroning. Dalia’s targets have mainly been banks, corporations, and their Parliamentary slaves; I don’t know what Charlie writes about.)

      #2.Somebody wants to make Muslims look like terrorists. This would include not just the well-dressed hit men of Paris but the Muslim-looking immigrants who burned cars in France a few years ago, possibly over the “headscarf discrimination.”
      (I take it this is your position. I certainly agree that “somebody” did a great job of making 9-11 look like it was Muslim-inspired. Probably they did 9-11 as an excuse to reduce the chutzpah of the average Seppo, and also as an excuse to demolish the Middle East.)

      3.Somebody is marching us all down the road to a complete Orwellian existence. In the entire human race there is not to be left one man standing who can run his own life. Everybody must love Big Brother. (This is my position. For me, the “somebody” consists of “The jerks who got into such a position of control in early 20th century that they are now stuck forever trying to keep their collective pecker up.”)

      Let’s say there is a set of men who were clever enough to do the Paris thing (including, as Dalia cleverly notes, providing patsies to take the fall). They have to have complete control over police, right? You want to name that group as “the Zionists.” I call it “the cabal.”
      Tell me more about your position that it is Zionists. I assume you mean protectors of Israel, such as “Jews of Israel, Jews everywhere, and other individuals who for some reason support Israel” (for example, there are some Christian sects who seem to adore Zion for its biblical significance, or maybe they are just brainwashed).

      Did Zionists do the Paris thing? From whom do the individual hit men collect their pay packet? Do they care about any tribe (e.g., French tribe, Hebrew tribe?) Most humans do have some belongingness to a tribe, although I agree that a mercenary is just a mercenary.

      Now tell us what your Zionist decision-makers are all about. What do they want? An Israeli empire? What will it look like? And how do they run the police everywhere? I am not saying it’s impossible for an entity to run all the police of Europe, US, Oz, etc. Just describe what the Zionist hand would look like in this picture, s’il vous plait.

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