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‘O Brother(s), Where Art Thou?’ and the start of ‘Word War 3’


The title of the Coen Brothers movie seems apt in the hunt for the suspected killers of this abominable crime. We need help from above and within to change the course of humanity.

We know that the mainstream media (MSM) is not generous with the truth – but, they are neither cautious or inquiring. All you need to do is yell out “We have avenged Prophet Muhammad” or “Allahu Akbar” and the case is solved. Assumption (and motive) cemented.


This attack will also undoubtedly result in free-speech self-censorship for many. However, it is encouraging to see the French in defiance of this atrocity. And this ‘Not Afraid‘ sentiment should also apply to ALL issues relating to liberty and free speech.

Some points on the Paris attack before we talk ‘Word War’

How did the police learn or confirm that the two principal suspects are Said and Cherif Kouachi? It is understood French police discovered an identity card in an abandoned getaway car. (Remember Suqami’s intact passport was found by a passerby (identity unknown) before the twin towers collapsed.)  A bit sloppy of Kouachi leaving an ID card – when the rest of attack was carried out with apparent precision. But if a shoe came off, maybe an ID card can slip from a pocket.

But, ‘terrorists’ are not perfect. Remember Monis (in Sydney) forgot his ISIS flag. Another ‘Kouachi’ blunder: They went to the wrong address. They burst into 6 rue Nicolas-Appert at about 11.30am (Wednesday) shouting “Is this Charlie Hebdo?” before realising they had the wrong address. They then moved quickly down the road to number 10. Cherif was born not far from where the attack took place. Surely they would have scouted the place out – or checked on Google Maps. Thus, this feels like they were sent as ‘contract killers’. Who sent these men?

google mapsThis from Google Maps

A Charlie Hebdo reporter apparently told the French newspaper Le Monde that the attackers had to have been informed that the editorial meeting was taking place, otherwise there are not many people on the premises. How did they get this information? And they must have known police were guarding the offices.

This account from the man whose grey Renault Clio was later hijack. The man described the two men as being…

“very calm, very determined, very poised and very professional. Real commandos.” He said: “He never raised his voice, they never ran, they never seemed agitated. They weren’t sweating. Nothing at all like that. They gave the impression of being real operators. As they left they said to me: ‘If the media ask you anything, tell them that it’s Al-Qaida in Yemen.”

Why Yemen? The brother, Said Kouachi, was allegedly trained under the auspices of al Qaeda, but there is so far no evidence the group directed or ordered the attack. Said allegedly met al Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki during a stay in Yemen in 2011 (before US-born Awlaki was supposedly killed in September 2011 in a drone strike).

Mr Bade, who lived next door to Cherif Kouachi (one of the suspects), last saw him three days ago – “He was nice, courteous and clean and very helpful with disabled people” – even though he was convicted for his association with sending extremist fighters to Iraq.

There was another attack (or operation) in Riems. Who are these two? They are wearing almost identical balaclavas to the Kouachi brothers in this photo below – posted in this report with this explanation: ‘Police investigators search for evidence as an unidentified man is detained (L) during an operation in the eastern French city of Reims – REUTERS/Christian Hartmann’).  It gets confusing – everyone is wearing the same gear.


And – Agence France Presse reported that a police source has linked the Montrouge (Thursday) shooting with the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

As of now – the fugitives are now said to be holed up in a printing firm called Creation Tendance Decouverte on an industrial estate on the outskirts of the town.


But – this was also not your ‘usual’ terrorist modus operandi (e.g. Kenya, Mumbai, Bali). “The gunmen separated the men from the women and called out the names of cartoonists they intended to kill,” said Dr. Gerald Kierzek, a physician who treated wounded patients and spoke with survivors. “The shooting was not a random spray of bullets, but more of a precision execution.”

This attack was very personal. And aimed at satire. And this attack on Charlie Hebdo has started…

‘Word War 3’


The world is at war with liberty and free thinking.

As Jeannette Bougrab (companion of editor-in-chief  Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier) said – “Charb is dead, murdered because he drew in a magazine.” And “…today Internet, Twitter, is a diffusor of hate, where anonymously people can decide fatwas, they can decide who must live and who must die, and well we haven’t gotten its measure yet.”

‘Charb’s’ own brave declaration‘‘I would prefer to die standing than to live on my knees.’’ (And he sadly did).

But it is not only radical Islam that threatens free speech.

Let us not forget other journalists that have been ‘silenced’ or the nearly 1000 that were jailed in 2104.

For example: Michael Hastings was a 33-year-old investigative reporter for Rolling Stone magazine. His June 2010 article, “The Runaway General,” exposed the behind-the-scenes failure of top U.S. General Stanley McChrystal’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan and his attitude to the Obama administration. This ultimately led to the general’s resignation. Hastings had been in fear of his life while writing another explosive piece. But he came to an explosive and suspicious end in his Mercedes. There is a high probability he was assassinated.


Recently Scottish Police arrested a 19-year-old for ‘malicious communication’.

The Australian Legislature (as have other governments) has declared a ‘fatwa’ on free speech. Journalists, whistleblowers and even bloggers who “recklessly” disclose “information relating to a special intelligence operation will face up to 10 years’ jailAnd any operation can be declared “special” (irrespective whether the operation may be a criminal act).

Murdoch won ‘Word War 2’

Rupert Murdoch won ‘Word War 2’ a long time ago and kiboshed any idea of free speech getting an airing (in Australia).

And the Australian mainstream media (MSM) and the ABC are experts in self censorship. For example: They refuse to present the scientific evidence of 9/11 as a possibility, let alone as the most likely explanation. Are they fearful of their jobs – or their lives?  Another example: Commentators and radio hosts denigrated former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser for citing evidence that Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty.

You don’t need two brothers with Kalashnikovs to stifle free speech. Money can do that much more effectively. But, let us hope that the French people show us how we should react. Keep on with the satire.

And this crime will not be over or solved when the police most likely kill these two suspects.

As I reported about Sydney, the same applies to France: The West invaded country after country – killing over a million people – and is shocked when there are forms of retaliation. If the mainstream media had reported truthfully in the first instance they would have exposed the lies of the 9/11 attacks – exposed the lies of having to destroy Iraq – and Libya.

For now the front pages are ablaze with two men wielding Kalashnikovs, murdering brave journalists and cartoonists. But where was the outrage and condemnation of the bombings of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. We were just spectators to the media’s ‘war games’. Shame on our leaders. Shame on all of us. We are all participants in this terrible crime of killing ‘other’ people.

The war on free speech is from all sides and comes in various disguises. They wear both balaclavas and ties.

The time to speak out is now.

And let us not forget the journalists killed by ‘friendly fire’ in Iraq.


  1. It is obvious, Jew ownership of the medias denies any usefulness of the medias as they are used only to further Jewish interest. No lie is too much, no others need apply.

    World war three, although it will probably start out in a controlled manner will most likely run out of control very quickly. After that, all hell breaks out as the scoundrels run to their holes.

    Let me take this opportunity to say: NO PLANES 9/11.
    When once this fact is accepted it will be the end of game for the games players, for the Jewish controlled medias, as we know by their actions and conduct that they did wholly participate in the murder of those thousands of victims 9/11.

    Except for the medias participation the US government could have never gotten away with their murdering of more US citizens.

    I must say as well: bless your heart James Easton.

    • Dear Sam Nelson, You say everything works in Jewish interest. Please tell us what the “Jewish interest” consists of. Rupert Murdoch happens to be a Jew. He runs a huge media empire that controls our minds. What has that got to do with Judaism or Jewry? If there’s something in him that drives him to empire, isn’t it likely to be the exact same thing that has driven many a non-Jew guy? It’s a characteristic of Homo sapiens’ alphas to squelch all competition.
      Tell me what you think is Jewish about Rupe’s work. Personally, I wish he would behave Jewishly; then we wouldn’t all be in this horrible trouble. (Rupe, are you reading this? Clean up your life. Come on, don’t go to your grave having left the destruction of the planet as your legacy. You are not admired, you are scorned. Soften up! Make nice!)

  2. Pay no attention to dancing Israelis here to “document the event” (911)

    Pay no attention to dancing Israelis on Kiev roof tops sniping both sides. (how they roll)

    Pay no attention to dancing Israelis on Paris streets shouting Allahu Akbar!

      • Dear hp, This Gumshoe site is rather boutique, so we know our regulars. You’re not a regular, but newcomers are extremely welcome. You seem to have only the one message: “It’s the Israelis.” Are you paid to go around to websites and say that? If so, who’s doing the payin’?
        It couldn’t be the Israelis!
        Or could it.
        I’m open to your report that Israelis are shouting Allahu Akbar. In my day there was the Lavon affair (though none of us knew how to say ‘false flag’ back then). How did you perceive the Hebrew accent in Paris? Are you there even as we speak?
        If so, please hop over to Brussels and assist Laurent Louis, whom I wrote about yesterday on Gumshoe. The killing of journo’s is bad, but far worse is police punching up an elected official, and nobody saying anything about it!
        See Dalia’s last sentence. Oops, I hope it’s not her LAST sentence.

  3. Bet that handsome fella in the balaclava at Reims has got his calisthenics down pat! And the Prince Harry lookalike appears to have put the Denver boot on the white car. (Or is that the cop car, and the ‘terrorists’ have clamped it?)
    Dalia, you’ve noted that they’re not bothering to be careful anymore. This is bad. Does it mean they are coming down the final stretch? I am truly scared.
    P.S. Got anything further to the Sydney siege? Will any of the café people give you an interview? If not why not.

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