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The War of The Words


word warAs I reported in ‘O Brother(s), Where Art Thou?‘ the front pages were ablaze with the brutality of men wielding Kalashnikovs. Our Western leaders held up their torches of righteousness and spoke about the preservation of free speech. But where was the outrage and condemnation when the West decimated countries and killed over a million people?

As John Hilley writes at informationclearinghouse, “The mark of a truly courageous media is not its willingness to reproduce more caustic cartoons or proclaim defiant words of solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. It’s that media’s readiness to condemn and indict the ‘civilising’ politicians and states responsible for even greater acts of barbarous violence“. Full article here

Many cartoons emerged after the attack – demonstrating that terrorism will not silence the ‘pens’. A selection can be seen here. However, I have adapted the cartoon by ‘Ruben L’ below (where he had a plane flying into 2 pencils). I just added the corrections to the event.

2 planes 3 pencils



  1. Excellent points D,

    The Paris events raise many questions.
    The following report solidly documents the climate
    and patterns that might guide our thinking.

    This report and the material evidence it is based upon
    can be utilised with media and political action.

  2. Ha, ha! We would never engage in censorship. No free speech pens for us!

    Scott Peley on AB-whatever looked like he was going to cry when he said our right to free speech was total. Maybe he wanted to add, “just so long as you don’t criticize the financiers who own me, you or their various projects.”

    I have an idea. Since replacing Boxer is already estimated to be the first billion dollar plus senatorial election, let’s cut out the middleman and campaign to have the money, ehm… speech sent directly to the voter. We have an auction as to who will pay the most for a vote, place cashiers at polling places, show your ballot, and receive your speech payment direct. Bonus, we won’t have to watch those horrid political ads and Scott Peley can get a real job.

  3. Dear Christopher, Yes that video is very strong as to the plethora of cases where the FBI did it, few of which I had ever heard of. Outrageous! Of course, the FBI is not constitutional in any capacity other than investigating, and the only ‘federal crimes’ are piracy, treason, and the counterfeiting of currency. Maybe a couple more, but the US possesses no general police power.
    Kindly have a look at an article i wrote today, with the title “Are We Headed for a Major War? Do Not Go Gentle into That Night.”
    It is at:

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