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Will Justice Be Trashed In Boston? It’s a Marathon When Searching For Truth.


Were ‘special operatives’ carrying the bomb at the Boston Marathon?

In several photographs a man in a special outfit is photographed with a black backpack (and a white square logo). This is ‘the’, or similar, backpack that the FBI claims to have carried the bomb. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, though, was clearly photographed carrying a small grey-white pack. He is also photographed leaving the area, and as some commentators claim, still carrying his backpack (a detailed report here from informationclearinghouse). It appears also that his defense lawyer is not interested in sourcing this evidence for his defense.

It is a real concern when the justice system can no longer be considered ‘just’ or trustworthy. If so, then we are already living in a form of Tyranny.



  1. Bostonians must not put up with this. I now see that many of the past cases where a man was innocent and did not get a trial was due to the fact that his “defense lawyer” (who was really paid by the other side, the government) told him to cop a plea. Come to think of it, although I favor the death penalty – oh boy do I favor it – it might be wise to get rid of it in America, as it leaves the accused vulnerable. He is advised “Say you are guilty and that automatically means no firing squad.”
    Anyone remember the Unabomber? An intellectual chap, Ted Kaczynski, who lived in a cabin in Colorado. Was said to have sent pipe bombs to protest anti-Nature technology. He, too, is alive in prison (age 72) because he copped that kind of plea.
    Why should I sympathize? Because we, the public, never got to see the case proven as there was no trial. We dunno if he sent those bombs.
    One more thing. If a man is accused of MURDER, and he pleads guilty, it is traditional to hold a trial anyway (in case, say, the real culprit has said “We will shoot your sister unless you take the blame.”) Tassie’s Martin Bryant should have been given a trial, despite his having “pleaded guilty.” Shame on all of us re Bryant.

    • For the record, I am not saying Tsarnaev is innocent. I am saying we demand a trial. The Eastman fellow who made the video, I don’t know him from a bar of soap. Let him be a wtiness and then get cross-examined. Do everything publicly. Enough with the backroom deals, innuendo, and the boy being spirited away to solitary confinement. “What does that tell you?”

  2. Dick Eastman has been around for many years.
    He advocated no plane at the pentagon for many years
    with tenacious passion that was likely genuine but in error.

    I was fooled by that incredible distraction briefly.

    As you have identified Mary and Dalia, we no longer have due legal process which means we live in a dictatorship.

    Most Australians accept the tyranny as inevitable political reality without deep contemplation of the future it threatens.

    The social atmosphere is looking threatening for free speech and expression as events move with a surprising pace.

    I have come to the uncomfortable and unresolved judgement that unless a much greater commitment can be mobilized with correct action in the near future any opportunity to turn the tide will be lost and political dissidents will be very harshly ostracized by saturation “terror”.

    Just consider how the political atmosphere has adjusted over the previous year.
    The Orwellian ‘terror” factory is winding up output.

    Those who care for justice in Boston need to get out in front of the MSM on the steps of the law courts with brilliance in their correct action and new media strategies.

    No person should be satisfied with the secrecy and conduct of law enforcement and legal process applied to the Boston Marathon Bombing event.

    • Surely there was no plane at the Pentagon. Please read Elias Davidsson’s “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11.” Elias never says anything until he’s got ironclad evidence in hand. He is way, way in front of others. (See juscogens.org.)
      As for the Tsarnaev affair, when I entered the courtroom In Boston last July (for the summing up of case of T’s roomate) the only “reality” in the room was the T-boys-are-the-bombers reality. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? I agree with Christopher that the outlook is dire. Verrry dire.

      • In my view, “No plane at the Pentagon” is like “No deaths at Sandy Hook”. Davidson was initially fired to look at 911 by the Thierry Meyssan book which had many errors.
        Meyssan had a big impact on birthing the Pentagon distraction.
        Is Meyssan a “bought journalist”?

        A most interesting element of Flight 77 evidence.

        The Flight data record plots 77 into the Pentagon building.

        Davidson “cherry picks” selective information that could have alternative explanations and ignores other information that does evidence Flight 77.
        He does have some very accurate comprehension on the role of the creeping “terror” legislation in transforming our individual freedom based constituted protections into a Police State.
        The law is now in place to crush all dissent of the ruling class by tweaking the interpretation of “terrorist”.

    • Christopher Brooks says:B.S it–please explain how a plane disappears into a heavy fortified concrete reinforced bldg and penetrates through a 6 foot concrete wall and leaves a gaping 8 ft round hole. Black boxes none, plane parts none inside but wait, DummY Rumesfeld just happened to be photo graphed with 50 other CIA agents picking up plane debris parts and quickly dumping them in a (just happened to be in place) bulk bin.
      Ever question: scene of all crimes—evidence stays put until INVESTIGATED :^(

  3. Apparently the answer to the qustion is; definitely, YES,
    So what is new in the USA, it is the ‘international law’ and justice enforcer, that the Australian politicians are
    subject to at the msm conglomerates’s whim.

    • Ned, please think of smart people you know (reveal no names) who until the last few years would have said they were appalled at, say, lack of due process, but who now speak to you as if YOU are crazy for pointing to such things. Now please tell us what you think happened to any one, or all, of them. I’m keen to find out.

      • I have been regarded as crazy since 2004. ((When I cottoned on to 911) Some say since they met me (:-. )
        None of them have ever expressed being appalled with anything the West has done, other than ‘oh dear’, excepting one or two acquaintences who simply express, ‘so, what can I do’?
        It is disheartening to think of the influential calibre of so many in society and their potential (and existing) future roles in the justice system or even as a dutiful juror.
        Nothing really happened to them other than being conditioned to view the world in accordance with their particular reality……. As seems to be the case with nearly all, who have their varying reality.
        In short, they accept the media and pollies, even though many think it is BS. ……… That is the system and the way it is!!!!!
        Seems they replaces Santa jnr’ with an elderly Santa, Santa provides goodies and has nice reindeers.
        Stuffed if I know why most forget Christ…… Bit of an inconvenient act to follow I suspect, when dealing with big issues.

        • Thank you, Ned. My ‘craziness’ began later than yours — it was not till 2005 that i heard the 9-11 news, thanks to reading the Hutton Inquiry (re death of David Kelly). Hutton botched it good.
          Handed everything to me on a silver plate, as it were.
          BTW, would your Santa Claus theory also apply to Dr Karl’s inability to come to the party?

          • I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for US DoD for almost 25 years….(now retired after they lost their case)….I worked all over their Empire…and though my position was relatively low-level, I watched enough corruption…true, idiotic corruption that you’d laugh your ass off….but I knew while watching the whole 911 treason… the moment the top of the first building shifted, and then began to drop in collapse…I knew in that second that it was a set up false-flag…. but when you tried to explain to other people…they would look at you like you were nuts and rush off so they would not miss an episode of “24”, where their American hero tortured people for a living…when I met my wife…years after 911…I tried to explain to her the strange story of building # 7…the 3rd building that collapsed at free fall speed, but was not hit by any plane…but she was completely unaware of the 3rd building….so we have much more education that has to take place…and we have to piss people off… so they begin to react to the corruption before it is too late…if not already…
            RJ O’Guillory
            Author –
            Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

        • It isn’t necessary to convince others. Simply by refusing to “deal in lies” to quote Kipling’s poem “If”, by holding yourself to a standard of scrupulous honesty about second hand events you only know from the press, you will do more through silence to defeat this evil than all your passing on of revelations can do. Don’t try to sell someone something they do not want. And never traffic in the counterfeit yourself. It will make you a rare and special person, far from crazy, though perhaps under more tension than those drugged into fear and euphoria by the media. Good luck.

  4. How can Tsarnaev’s family allow this lawyer to continue to defend him if he is not interested in the evidence to clear him????? This is going to be nothing more than a kangaroo court. Does Tsarnaev’s family want to see him go do jail for something he didn’t do????

  5. Some tips.

    I remeber this to and also I will recomed you to take a look at the so called explosions, witch also was fake.
    And do notise, the glass, its supousedly, by an explosion, to be blased inward into the buildings that was in close range of the initale blast.
    All the glasses/fragments are OUTside, witch means by all standards the so calle expslosion was conducted inside the building, and blew the glass out into the street.

    And some of the victims, as in the French cause, is 100% fake, no blood, and if anyone chopps of both of their feets in knee level, the amount of blood would have been stuning since the main arteria is situated inside your uper parts of your feet.
    No matter how fast you screw a tuniqa around the wound, there stil would have been, despite the tempo, no matter the tempo, stil a massive amount of blood, as a head wound will produce, and the iside of the scull, is where the blood presure is highest.
    Any punctuation of the brainscull, would lead to a “geysire” of blood, if not directly a shower, it would stil flow at a even more stunning rate, pumpe out of your brainarea.
    Thats why cutts into your head would bleed mutch.
    I have been hitt by a botle, slammed onto the topp of my head, and the bleading impressed even me.


    • You may not spell perfectly in English, but logic knows no nation. You are correct in every respect about the falsehood of this event. The Boston Marathon Bombing is another false coin being traded in the world for various concessions. It has embedded itself into official American history without any critique. I became skeptical very soon after the event, and as the exaggerations grew about the number of victims, I understood it was a pure fiction from start to finish. I am not sure where the Tsarnaev brothers fit in, but the fact that their uncle is married to CIA director’s daughter implies that this was an intelligence operation and the Tsarnaev’s actually known in Boston have left the building a long time ago.

  6. The backpack questions are seductive but suspiciously too obvious.
    The puzzles can only be answered in a court before a jury.
    Will a court case even eventuate?
    Why has Djokar’s father been convinced to stay away?
    What is happening to Russ Baker and his WhoWhatWhy
    media at this critical point?

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