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War-mongering Hypocrites Lead the Paris Anti-Terror March



The above is the the corrected version of David Pope’s cartoon (below). Pope’s “He drew first” satirical sketch became one of the iconic cartoons on the Charlie Hebdo attack (on free speech). I have though corrected it.

I have empathy for the people of France, but the hypocrisy of the leaders that arrived and marched for “freedom” is beyond belief. For the last decade and a half the United States, along with other Western countries (including Australia), has rained terror and destruction on the Arab world with a ferocity that has few parallels. To date 1,455,590 Iraqis have been killed since the ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign that destroyed the country. Have we no shame? (More here from Redflag)

And then we have all the leaders flocking to the streets of Paris for a photo opportunity. Binyamin Netanyahu had tweeted “The attack on France is an attack on us all. Free people everywhere must unite to confront radical Islamist terrorism and to protect ourselves against this threat to our common civilisation.  What a sick joke that he was in the front row waving to the crowds – having recently launched Operation Protective Edge which slaughtering more than 513 children in Gaza.  “They should have been arrested as soon as they landed in Paris, clapped in irons and dragged to The Hague” reports Stuart Littlewood. 


What is wrong with our democracies? We don’t charge our leaders with war crimes when they sanction terror on the grandest scale, but allow them to hijack the ‘free speech’ march in Paris when 17 people are killed.


The world is truly managed by distorted and sick people. And the public have been hypnotised by the mainstream media moguls into believing that if a President, a Prime Minister or a Parliament decide to kill people – that just fine.

Here is Pope’s original (uncorrected) cartoon.




After Ned’s comment (re: the leaders in the photo op ), I couldn’t resist using the photo and adding the pens above them. We need to be writing about the crimes and atrocities of government and banks.

leaders march


  1. The photo shoot from an aerial photo shows that the gathering of hypocrites is about 20 deep on an otherwise empty guarded street.
    The empty street behind them is indicative of their moral courage.
    Add to the casualty list the 500,000 children who died due to the early sanctions : search Madeleine Allbright 60 minute interview where the great lady replies that the loss of 500,000 children ‘was hard but worth it’.
    Now again: ‘who shot first’?
    To answer that read Evan Black’s book: ‘Banking on Baghdad’ which covers what was done to the Persians from about 1890’s to the mid 1920’s.
    Churchill’s system of gassing Persians is a real hoot. The Governor’s report to the UK to the efeect: ‘the Arabs are all fighting amongst each other but we have the oil’ has to be the best since ‘I came I saw I conquered’. (Plagiarised by the great Hilary when laughing at Ghaddafis murder….. To the effect: ‘we came we saw Ghadaffi is dead’)

  2. The Sydney Morning Herald website has a section on media ethics. It proclaims:
    Herald staff will report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts. They will not suppress or distort relevant facts. They will do their utmost to offer the right of reply, and they will separate comment from news.”
    Just mentioning it.
    You ought to go work for them, Dalia. They would like your upfront, mince-no-words approach.

    • No, never mind, Dalia. Get a job with the Adelaide Advertiser (we locals call it the ‘Tiser’). Their standards are so more principled than SMH:
      “News Limited group publications aim for the highest editorial and ethical standards.
      Editorial employees and contributors should be open-minded, be fair and respect the truth.”
      Thank God for the Tiser.

      • By Jove, it pays to read the fine print:
        “4.4 Private investigators will not be contracted to provide editorial services without the approval of the group editorial director. [at NewsLtd.]
        4.5 Private investigators conducting work on behalf of the company will be required to comply with our editorial code of conduct and provide a written assurance that they will not engage in unlawful surveillance. [What?]
        5. Covert activities
        5.1 Journalists and photographers may at times have to operate to expose crime, significantly anti-social conduct, public deception [Hello?] or some other matter. All such operations must be approved in advance by the divisional head and the group editorial director. [Oh, OK, now I get it.]
        6.1 The sources of information must be identified, wherever possible. When an informant insists on anonymity, verification of the information offered must be sought from other, preferably attributable, sources.”

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