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Balaclavas and Black Gear Militarise Us Mentally



Everyone is now dressed in black, has a balaclava and a gun. Ideal for false flag events and acclimatising the populous to World Militarisation. 

Charlie-hebdo-policeman-shooting-main2The Charlie Hebdo killers

248AFEA800000578-2903380-image-a-76_1420815045868A French Policeman during the siege (source)

ISIS-militantsISIS Militants ‘parading’.

policeA police woman (France)

toulouse 2012 France 2012

sydneySydney Siege 2014 – Martin Place. 

isis-ISIS ‘beheader’.

No longer the ‘white’ hats vs the ‘black’ hats. Now everyone – everyone – is wearing a black balaclava, black SWAT-type jacket, dark pants and strapping a gun.  I would’ve been nervous being that French policeman crossing the road – in case I was mistaken for a Charlie Hebdo killer.

How have police morphed into terrorist lookalikes or is it vice versa?  This means we now have to be ‘told’ who’s who – unless there is a cry of “Allahu Akbar“.

Note to self: I wonder if this is deliberate?






  1. Way back I noted a report that prison cells painted pink had a relaxing affect on the behavior of prisoners.
    Maybe, the police should be adorned in pink to accommodate aggression.
    Nah! Black is the go it is more confronting. Same with police ‘service’ changed to police ‘force’.
    Now we know what we pay for!

    • PS.
      Think I am joking?
      There is a well documented video of some Sherrif down South iin the US who outfits all his inmates in pink.
      Real men can wear pink!!! (:-
      Black is merely an absence of light.
      Sorry if I be too subtle for the average reader.

  2. “Police cars going back to classic black-and-white”
    By Tom Kenworthy, USA TODAY
    Police departments from Florida to Arizona are converting their squad cars to the old color scheme made famous by the TV police drama, Adam 12, that aired from 1968 to 1975. The reasons: tradition and better visibility. [TRADITION?]
    In Mesa, Ariz., 287 marked Ford Crown Victoria cruisers — white with a blue decal on the doors — will be switched to black-and-whites. [Many towns have had baby-blue cop cars.]
    “Studies have shown that cars with alternating light and dark colors are more visible” says department spokesman Chuck Trapani. He says it will make them more visible, both to other drivers and the department’s helicopter.
    “It’s also a morale thing,” Trapani says. “We did a survey in the department….”

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