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The Bizarre Actions of the ‘Kouachi brothers’.



Wednesday 7 January, 11.30am

The killers (apparently Cherif and Said Kouachi) are cool, calculated and professional. After their assault, they manage to get past a police car – escape – but stop a short distance away, get out and casually kill another police officer. They miraculously escape again. Crash. Hijack another car and DISAPPEAR.  They ‘slipped up’ by leaving an ID (remember the 9/11 passport) – or it was left to let us know who shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

22 hours – No sign of them.

They could have driven to another country through the night. 2am — Police release photos of suspects.

Thursday, 8 January, 10.30 am

The Kouachi brothers reappear and (reportedly) enter a petrol station in the north of France like desperate petty thieves. But—

Now NO Balaclavas!


And casually slinging a what? Rocket launcher or prop?


These professional killers must have had a brain freeze when they reappeared to steal some things at a petrol station?  Are we STUPID – or are the brothers STUPID?

The chase is on. They eventually land up at the printing shop and get killed.

Amedy Coulibaly, who I think was not in on the plan,  probably didn’t want to left out of the jihad action and did his own (‘un-coordinated’) attack a day later. And in a conversation during the Supermarket Siege, he said he had gone with Chérif Kouachi to Yemen and was financed by Anwar Al Awaki.   Note: Anwar Al Awaki was a guest at the Pentagon in 2001 – and then killed in an Obama drone attack.

But it has been reported that Said went to Yemen and trained – and had once lived across the hall from famed Underwear Bomber Umar Faruk Abdulmutallab. And the underpants bomber was a ‘set up’ job.

The brothers land up in a printing factory – and reported in The independent “Print Owner taken hostage by Charlie Hebdo killers ‘gave gunmen coffee and bandaged wounds'”. They eventually let Mr Catalano go – and met their end.

paris brothers

Two sets of Kouachi Brothers?

Another unreported event is that Police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the attack, committed suicide in his office.


  1. Dalia, i did not follow the original Hebdo event. Are you saying that the killers of 12 people simply got away? What is your take on the Brothers? Come to think of it, how would Merkel, Bibi, and half of NATO be ready to stand for a photo-op if it were a normal killing?

    • What is so odd is that the two ‘brothers’ (I’ll call them BROTHER SET ONE) on Jan 7 were expert contract CALM killers. Their only blunder was leaving an ID card. If they were not the real brothers – then they professionally planted ID evidence of two patsies. If not for the ID card…. they could have abandoned their car, and their balaclavas and melted back into Paris to do another terror act – another day.
      The brothers (BROTHER SET TWO) on Jan 8 – 24 hours later – bumble into petrol station WITHOUT BALACLAVAS – and act like petty thieves… a bottle of water in one hand and a weapon of sorts slung over the shoulder advertising their presence. They must be complete lunatics. Or mind controlled???

      Then they rush off to escape—arriving at the printing place and let the guy go—then await death.

      This defies logic for a terrorist mind.

      Then as you say—-the world leaders flock there to celebrate free speech and commiserate the death of the journalists…. But western governments have been killing journos for a long time
      During the latest assault on Gaza, 17 Palestinian journalists were killed by the Israeli army.
      deadliest country in the world for journalists has been Iraq during the US occupation.
      The war in Syria has been deadly for journalists, with 153 killed according to some estimates, thanks to NATO-sponsored terrorism.


      • It would seem pretty apparent that ‘latte’ journalists could not give a stuff about their comrades, otherwise some gutsy journo or commentator would report this and be supported.
        Be interesting to read what Piers, Andrew, Tim, et al from the Daily Yellow Graph, or Hadley,, Jones, Faine, et.al. from radio say about the killing of conscientious journos who are the professionals, carrying those ‘lounge lizard’s’ duty.

  2. “Questions, questions!!
    Why are the world’s citizenry so nosy? Go away, it is all under control and we are running the propaganda (and a few false flags by dupes) to promote, hate, distrust, fear and encourage revenge to justify WW111 to bring peace and protect everyone”.
    [unidentified; White House spokeswit[

  3. Dear Persons Who Are Standing Several-Deep in that Photo-op:
    You appear so sad and so used. When was the last time you felt joy? Will you please give what you’re doing the flick?
    Just look at the lot of you! Who ‘runs’ you? You can email me to spill the beans. I won’t tell a soul:
    Come on, you know you’re sick and tired of the whole routine.
    And it’s such an effrontery to Mother Nature. God forgive you for what is happening to the biosphere.
    if you quit soon, you’ll be free and can help your colleagues.
    P.S. If you need counseling for PTSD or anything like that, see the website MoreThanAnIdea.ca
    run by Trish, a very blessed survivor of mind control. She knows her onions, and only charges cheap.

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