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Canberra Taking More Orders From Above?


tony's winkPrime Minister Tony Abbott winking while, on radio, listening to Gloria, a pensioner, who said she had to work on an adult sex line just to get by.

In Mary Maxwell’s article ‘Martin Place: How Do Messages Come Down from On High?‘ she suggests orders for ‘terrorists acts’ in many countries are directed down from the top. Well I suggest the decision to knight Prince Philip also came from ‘above’. Why would Tony Abbott risk the scorn of the Australian public and more rumbles from his Cabinet? He would surely have had an inkling that the decision would be damaging. Some commentators have said it is verging on ‘political suicide’.

But, don’t be too hard on ‘774-winking’ Tony – he is probably just implementing orders (from above).

Prince Philip has received 17 different appointments and decorations in the Commonwealth, and 48 by foreign states. Did he need the Knight of the Order of Australia? I wonder whether this knighthood was to diffuse the accusations against the Prince’s son, Prince Andrew, and his romping with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s 17-year-old ‘sex slave’?  I just don’t believe the denials from Prince Andrew or the Palace.

And where did Prince Andrew make his public denial? At Davos – at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. This is where the super rich and famous come together and fix capitalism. No, not fix it – but ‘fix’ it in their favour.

But Andrew is a chip off the old block. When Prince Philip spoke to 25-year-old Hannah Jackson, who was wearing a red dress with a zip down the front, at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour in 2012, he said “I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress”. 


And, “Do you still throw spears at each other?” he asked of Aboriginal leader Ivan Brim on a visit to Australia in 2002. The poor Sir Philip, His Royal Highness, The Prince, Duke of Edinburgh missed his vocation as a stand up comedian.

philip 1

1957, when the Duke gained the title of Prince, was the same year Tony Abbott was born in London. Probably not that far from the Palace.  Young Tony arrived in Australia 1960, and became an Australian citizen in 1981 – a requirement for his Rhodes scholarship. There has been conjecture for some time as to whether Mr Abbott has actually renounced his British citizenship – a requirement for Parliament. And it is alleged in this article that Tony Abbott’s chief-of-staff, Peta Credlin, has gone to great lengths to refuse Freedom of Information requests for access to any available documentation from the National Archives of Australia, or the British Office of Records.  Over 25,000 people have signed a petition demanding the PM front up with the documents.

What if Tony hasn’t formally renounced his British citizenship? He could be disqualified from Parliament.

Why would Abbott risk such a decision as to knight The Prince? Maybe the ‘powers’ controlling Canberra have already decided his ‘Used By’ date – and are making him make ‘bizarre’ decisions.


Yes, even popular conservative commentator and friend, Andrew Bolt, has called this bizarre decision as political suicide. But Andrew, my guess is, someone puppeteering the Prime Minister whispered in his ear.


  1. I’m OK with Prince Phillip’s remark about zippers. Anyone who dresses like that has got to be asking for it.

    As for spearing, the Australian Law Reform Commission recommends that courts take account of traditional Aboriginal punishments:

    Aussie knighthoods? oh nooooooo.
    (But if they want to Dame me, that’s all right.)

    Dalia, thank you for finding examples for my on-high theory.
    I hope more will be identified, and the sooner the better.

    • Come to think of it, Dee, it’s time you showed your G20 video again. So far it has received 555 hits on Youtube, not bad.

      Re “Instructions from on high,” you said it all — especially at 24 seconds to 33 seconds.
      Anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, be warned: You might die laughing at the end. (But the general message should make any Aussie cry.)

  2. It is an astounding decision by the Prime Minister to award a knighthood to Prince Philip. Keep in mind this is a man who has servants providing for his every need and secretaries and advisers organizing his “charity” projects.
    I am not ignorant of the protections our Constitutional Monarchical system should afford our Nation, but there is no royal courageous opposition or leadership against the monopoly money cabals and their crimes beyond broad and tame generalizations that are so weak they are certain to be not even noticed.
    It appears that they are prisoners and the method of containment is in the open with the scandals surrounding Prince Andrew being aired in law court evidence.
    Possibly the more important events in Greece are being minimized by distractions because if the newly elected Syriza Government follows through the world criminal banking cabals will have to perform some fancy foot work to manage the new Greek giant slayer contender. The Syriza statements indicate they are genuine and have the knowledge to understand what must and can be done.
    The dangerous threat to the banking cabals is if the Greeks don’t compromise and they demonstrate just economic solutions that break the financial spell that would have humanity believe in the “money changers” monopoly deceptions.
    The money monopoly trick is the the principle tool of control that makes it possible to corrupt and control every dimension of human activity through deceptions in our knowledge, history, institutions and consequently our very perceptions of reality.
    Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is an example of a man in high office who very obviously was an instrument of policies and “realities” that both himself and Australians who follow his adjusting loyalties and views witness a classic example of the pattern of control over well intentioned ambitious men and women.
    Fraser would likely declare that change in the Liberal party and Geo-politics have motivated his adjusting political stance but we here know that all the mischief and lies that characterize the horrors in the Middle East or Ukraine have been very evident over the whole last century and beyond, not just since Malcolm Fraser was removed from office.
    Fraser is not fully conscious and there are millions of apparently intelligent, competent and well intentioned people about the globe who are victims of the spells that are corrupting humanity. Malcolm Fraser would never have thought he was advancing the money cabals monopoly agendas.
    Fraser was deceived into promoting policies and plans that appeared to be the best option because his economic consciousness limited his options.
    If the spell ever looses it’s hold the individual is disposable and replaced. The whole population are maintained in a Zombie mesmerized state.
    Clearly this is not 100% effective in controlling the population but as long as only tiny minorities protest they can easily be contained.
    What is the exacting scientific method of the “black arts” that can achieve such incredible possession over humanity?
    What must be done to break the spell?
    This is the root essence of achieving truth, justice and authentic personal freedom.
    What is the correct method to break the spell?
    How do we slay the dragon?

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