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‘You Won’t Get It’ – Just More Questions About Paris


mother of Helric FredouHelric Fredou’s Mother

Helric Fredou, the Police Commissioner charged with preparing a report on the family background of Charlie Hebdo, was found dead with a bullet in the head just hours after the attack. The official story claims he committed suicide. Case closed.

When mother of Helric Fredou asked for the autopsy report, she was told, “Vous ne l’aurez pas.”

“You won’t get it.”

This exclusive report from Panamza by Hicham Hamza (and translated here): On January 16, Panamza published the disturbing testimony of the sister of police officer Helric Fredou, whose mysterious “suicide” continues to be ignored by the national media. Nine days later, it was the mother’s turn to bring new revelations. In brief:

It seems the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had worked with Fredou.

Fredou’s Mother contacted Hamza. These are key points of the conversation:

According to the mother of Helric Fredou, police officers with whom she spoke expressly advised that she would not have access to the autopsy report. The Code of Criminal Procedure, however, provides that in any case of  legal autopsy (for suicide or suspicious death), any member of the family can make a request to the prosecutor. “Give it up” is the message being sent to a bereaved mother who “wants to know the truth.”

Helric Fredou’s service weapon was not equipped with a silencer. Her mother has asked a basic question to his colleagues: “Why didn’t you hear anything when he was shot at about midnight?” Laconic reply: “His office was well insulated.”

According to his mother, Helric Fredou wanted to make an important phone call after doing two things: debriefing “three investigators” who went out to question the immediate family of a victim of the attack on Charlie Hebdo (in this case, the relatives of Jeannette Bougrab – Charb’s self-styled girlfriend – as was discovered and disclosed  by Panamza) and then checking “social networks.” It is at this point that Fredou would have made such an important deduction that he “wanted to keep working.” Important point: the unidentified “commander” in the office that night  wanted to take charge of debriefing investigators and writing the report, but Fredou insisted “It’s my job.” The direct superior of Helric Fredou is Gil Friedman, director of the Regional Criminal Police, Limoges.

According to police, Helric Fredou raised the barrel of his revolver to his forehead and the bullet remained inside the skull.

Helric Fredou’s attending physician,  with whom his mother spoke Thursday, January 22, refuses to accept the picture sketched by the handful of articles about Fredou’s death that cited his alleged “depression” and supposed “burn-out”.

The mother wanted to know who made the last call to her son. Police reportedly retorted “We are unable to say” before finally claiming that no such call had been made.

“Four Directors” of the police, specifically from Paris, met Helric Fredou’s mother to offer condolences and try to convince her that her son was a “suicide”.

Apart from Hamza, NO journalist has contacted – from January 8th onward – the mother or sister Helric Fredou to try to shed light on the case.

Who gave the order that Fredou’s mother would not get the autopsy report?


Update: I haven’t investigated this, but there are questions about Jeanette Bougrab in several reports.

Jeanette Bougrab

From News, here and Youtube clip here.

As a reminder. The two ‘contract killers’ are extremely relaxed about their getaway.


      • Pot calling kettle black, are we? This from Sydney Morning Herald on 22 Jan 2015:
        “Paid interviews with Sydney siege hostages should be prevented from going to air because they risk tainting future evidence and weakening the coronial process, former state coroner John Abernethy says.
        Former Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery also fears hostages involved in exclusive cash-for-comment deals may give colourful, definitive accounts to satisfy a television audience, then feel compelled to repeat the same accounts in court, even if their views have shifted.”

        May I remind the Former Director of Public Prosecutions that there is a remedy for that: Perjury is a crime.

        • The Former Director of Public Prosecutions is trying to do to false flags what the excellently well worded trick statement:

          ‘Criminals should not be allowed to make money from their crimes” did for truth telling by David Hicks and Schepple Corby.

  1. I think she should say “I demand that the person who killed my husband be arrested immediately.” Everybody understands that a spouse knows when his/her other half is depressed or suicidal. In the marital home, that sort of thing cannot be hidden.
    Come to think of it, we should establish it as a firm rule: “If a spouse says it wasn’t suicide, it wasn’t suicide.”
    Note: there would be no risk if she’s wrong. That is, if we innocently believe a wife and she is lying [the guy really was depressed], what harm can come? No colleague will get wrongly arrested, as there will not be found a motive or a weapon, much less an eyewitness.
    But if we insist on downgrading her word (“because she is only a layperson”?) a lot of harm can be done. Indeed it has been done in the many cases where the spouse’s words were ignored. Viz., the killer gets to go on killing others with gay abandon! And the public gets used to the idea that a whistleblower WILL be bumped off and “there’s nothing we can do about it.”

  2. For a conventional bullet to have remained inside the skull would be very, very unusual. Not impossible, but very unlikely.
    A frangible bullet e.g. One that explodes would remain inside the skull. Frangible bullets are used by AIr Marshalls because of their low penetration. They are also used by those who wish to thwart the use of forensic ballistics, as the bullet cannot be matched to a particular barrel. An xray would reveal the type of bullet used- perhaps why the autopsy results are not being released.

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