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The Deported And The Soon To Be Deposed


peter greste

Australian journalist Peter Greste has been deported from Egypt after spending 400 days in jail. He will be returning to Australia soon.  The Prime Minister of Australia, who has been in office 500 days, is also seems to be in the process of being deported. Sorry, deposed.  

bishop and abbott

Who will take his place – a Bishop, a Banker… or maybe even a Knight.

It matters not. It is just the same fake duopoly system that exists in Canberra as they play musical chairs for their corporate bosses. We have been conned by politics, and this is just theatre. The only thing that could save Abbott now – is a major terrorist attack (but we’ve just had one).

I still think ‘someone’ decided Mr Abbott had reached his ‘used by date’ of political usefulness – and whispered in his ear, “Give a Knighthood to Prince Philip”. Check Mate.



  1. Well do I remember Richard Nixon’s resignation speech in August, 1974, for which we had been warned by the tabloid headline of the day: “President will resign tonight.”(Hey how did they know? RMN says he had not made up his mind at that point.)
    (Murdoch owned the NY paper by then, and I recall he was said to have penned the Son of Sam headlines personally.)
    Apparently the only person telling Nixon to NOT be bullied out was his son-in-law Eisenhower (married to Julie Nixon.) By the way, soon after Tricky became non-prexy, his wife Pat was given a stroke. (Given? All right, I am only guessing, but she sure couldn’t be allowed to give interviews.)

    The takeover of the Oral Office had already been arranged by “Kissinger Associates” i.e., the Rockies. Our vice president Spiro Agnew had been removed (The name of his memoir is “Go quietly…or Else.”), and a new VP had been appointed, no election needed. Who was it? Why, it was Gerry Ford who, upon ascending the throne in 1974, appointed Brother Nelson as new vice pres. What a deal! We Seppos were so many lambs riding a limousine to the abattoir.
    Oh, and you MUST read Gerald Colby’s “Thy Will Be Done,” as to how Nelson Rockefeller used the Evangelical church to take power in South America.

    But then, as I have been saying in Gumshoe, when you are up there, you have to cross a Rubicon every week or so just to keep up. It “must be exhausting.”
    So how about we do not let Tony Abbott get Nixoned? If Americans had known – but 1974 was way to early for chicks like me to be informed – we would have protected our president. Comedians had been gutting Nixon for some time, and Rockefeller-Foundation-sponsored mags, such as The Nation (?) had shown us how INCREDIBLY TERRIBLE he was, poor sod. That Foundation has also led the so-called grassroots anti-Vietnam war “movement.”

    If Tony has done no worse than give out an unpopular knighthood (and laid flowers inappropriately at Martin Place…), I think he should stay.

    My message to Tony: Think about this, Tony, your “remembering JFK” at the G20 did not do you any good. You’d have done better to lay it on the line and even get JFK’d for it if necessary. At least there would still be an Australia for your progeny. Now we are slated to be a branch office of World Government. Terrific. God gives us a whole continent and we become a branch office.

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