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Revisiting The Pentagon: One Nose, Three Holes



Like the 2 planes and 3 collapsed towers, the official lie has to explain 1 plane nose and 3 holes in the Pentagon. Below is a 3 hour analysis by 9 11 Whistleblower Barbara Honegger – in a video titled: ‘Behind the Smoke Curtain Pentagon Attack’


In 1995 Honegger was given a job as Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School. She revealed to Mike Ruppert on the War Games of 9/11 which scrambled the defense and were probably co-ordinated by someone working for Dick Cheney. Reported in ‘frustratingfraud’, “her credentials seem solid, but her later works… sloppy”


  1. Just a question.
    Let us assume that the airforce did not alter and shot 4 airliners.
    That takes us to about 1000 killed civilians, not taken into account the unknown points of impact of the debrie.
    Now, tell me, would the next of kin be happy about that?

  2. Airbus A380, Dubai Airlines
    853 passengers.
    4 Airbusses on 911(example).
    Shoot them?
    Are you crazy?
    Were the twins designed to withold an Airbus at 900Km/u?
    “They” could never win because no mater what, the next of kin would be angry.

  3. El Kammo – anyone reading your countless comments on this site know that you are full of DISTRACTION. Explain the three holes or move along. You are not what you say you are… and one wonders who is paying you.

    • Johnyboy – we are not privy to any of the Pentagon evidence or the videos or the internal cameras. But do you not think it extraordinary that a plane with an aluminium nose hits the outer ring- – reinforced – then flies through 3 buildings. separated by open courtyard. Logic would dictate the second building demonstrate more damage that the third. Maybe you should explain what you see in the photograph. I say it doesn’t look like damage from one plane coming in from the alleged point of entry.

      But to be quite honest – this is all irrelevant as there whole system is designed to keep the evidence in secret – so this is logic conjecture. And the system is designed to make sure that facts (visual or otherwise) are suppressed. Surely that in itself is a real concern.

      When a wife is murdered in her home – the police automatically have the husband on the list of suspects until evidence proves otherwise.

      What is the difference here. You are acting like the blind bestman

  4. I am going out of office now.
    My next question to dalia will be:
    Do you invent your questions, do you check your questions for answers, and if so, are those new unanswered questions? Or are those only old stupid questions just passed through by you, to make money? Follow the money?
    Dalia assumes that I do this for money, well, we (they) found out that she is doing this for her own gain, for the money, like Gage.
    The money business.
    She awakens you for the money and we put you back to sleep for the money.
    Forget about the thruth, it’s all about the money.
    Trashing is futile, this is allready on the internet.

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