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Rupert Murdoch – This Could Be Your Greatest Hour.


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Mr Murdoch, sir, you have the opportunity of a lifetime.

For more than half a century you have amassed a media empire across the globe, with News Corp being the world’s second-largest media group (2011 revenue), and the world’s third largest in entertainment (2009), now split and called 21st Century Fox. You have been listed #2 by Forbes (as most powerful business person) and some time ago at #32 in the most all ‘powerful list’. You have met constantly with Prime Ministers in the UK and Australia, influenced voters and governments – even Presidential outcomes. It is generally accepted that you control the heads of states, as reflected in The Age today (4/2/15) on your ‘bromance’  with Australian PM, Tony Abbott (below).

aboott age

You have a clear understanding of the power of the media and ‘groupthink‘. An editorial in The Age (January 1987 ) wrote this about your rise then, “The effective control of the media is the first step on the road to controlling the values and future direction of our society.”  And we understand this ‘influential power’ is what drives you.

When journalist Ken Auletta spent time with you in 2007, he asked: “of all the things in your business empire, what gives you the most pleasure?” You instantly replied: “being involved with the editor of a paper in a day-to-day campaign… trying to influence people. That is the core of the Rupert Murdoch brand: Influencing people – from politicians to plebs.

That has also created a long list of ‘enemies’ – e.g. Ted Turner has called you a war-monger – but you did promote the war on Iraq, and say, “I think Bush is acting very morally, very correctly” [New York Times, 4/9/03; Guardian, 2/12/03]. The war was a murderous adventure that has become an “embarrassment” for Former Australian PM John Howard, and lethal to over a million Iraqis.

In a Center of American Progress article ‘Who is Rupert Murdoch?’ you are labelled a neocon, a defender of repressive regimes, propagandist for dictators, union buster, tax evader – and worse. (Well in Australia, Fox did only pay 1% tax and you managed to get $880 million back from the Australian tax payers). Other commentators, like Alex Constantine, have brought up other questions too; whether your partnership with Sir Peter Abeles resulted in drug running into the US, and did an association with CIA jackal Ted Shackley result in support from the CIA to build your empire?  But that is all history now.

Media’s Lies And Deception


It is the future that is upon us – and humanity in 2015 needs your help. Mr Murdoch we are DROWNING in political lies and deception – and YOU have the power, the influence, and the reach to change this world forever. Over the last several decades, your carefully chosen editors have been withholding vital evidence from your readers and viewers. Unfortunately it has become the ‘norm’ to push unquestioningly the ‘government line’ (and lie). So much so, that the dumbed-down folks are completely unaware of what is REALLY happening around them. I believe you and other media moguls know exactly what is really happening. And thus, it seems, the corporate media have been involved in the suppression of crucial evidence – even deliberately covering up the egregious crimes of the all powerful.

Take 9-11, for example, an event that has started a global war of terror and world-wide legislation to limit freedoms.  The facts and the scientific evidence have been ‘buried’ by the corporate media. Scientists with facts have been openly mocked and scorned. And the official government lie – which has been proved as an impossibility – has been blindly propagated. Approximately 46%, nearly one in two, are NOT AWARE that a third skyscraper collapsed on 9/11, or that it came down in a seemingly perfect demolition ‘event’.

My friend, Patricia, lists you as her number one enemy. She claims that,

“no other living person has squandered such influence and power”.

It is not too late to change that.

Just One Email


You are probably one of only a few people in this world, that could change the world with one single email. You could forward a brief to all your editors, CEOs and managers that you are in so much contact with. One paragraph is all that is required, and it could go something like this:

“I instruct you all herewith to encourage your staff and journalists to provide articles and programs that investigate all of the evidence and facts surrounding past and future terror events, wars, banking and politics. Disclose the real news, without fear or favour. You could cover some history – e.g. the facts surrounding September 11 and other so-called terror ‘events’ (false flags). Thereafter, you could offer open debate and reportage of GMO’s, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, trade agreements and the like….”

I know this would unleash an overload of information to a misinformed public. There would be some acclimatisation and societal adjustment required.

You personally might very well lose some friends – but you will earn the respect of billions. This email will be greater than anything Nelson Mandela could ever achieve in his lifetime of service and three decades of prison.

With honest and open reporting, you would unleash the truth and the reality we live in.

The world will instantaneously become different! There would be inner reflection from governments all across the globe. It might assist the failing financial banking system. It might very well deflate the threat of terrorism, and could save homo sapiens from self annihilation.

And Mr Murdoch, strangely enough, I think you are powerful enough to survive assassination. Once your email is sent, the cat will be let out the bag. It will be too late to ‘deal’ with you – and the exposé of criminal elements in governments and shadow governments could begin. Real news across 175 newspapers and over 35 TV stations would be a tipping point – an avalanche in the psyche of humanity. Other media organisation would be forced to follow – or become totally irrelevant. It would even force public broadcasters like the Australian Broadcasting (‘Bulldust’) Corporation to start reporting honestly.

Maybe you are part of the cabal that wants to keep the populous oblivious of reality, but you alone, Mr Murdoch, with one email – could save humanity from the tyranny and totalitarianism that awaits the 99.9% of us.

If you instructed your minions to disclose the real news, without fear or favour, in the millennia to come, this would be recorded as one of mankind’s greatest turning points. Imagine a world where honesty prevails.

If not, history will surely remember ONLY your shameful moment (below).

ruperts worse day

 Greater Wealth and Power Awaits You


And if you are after more power and wealth – well this could be just the ticket. This could be the best decision you ever made. As the ‘dinosaur’ corporate media slowly declines, you could turn that around and attract huge NEW audiences. According to the New York Times/CBS News poll (2004), only 21% believed the government was “telling the truth” about 9/11. More don’t believe the bullsh*t in your countless papers, than do believe.

You are said to be worth around $14 billion. Imagine when your papers and channels start allowing the reportage of actual facts and evidence. What a marvelous and innovative concept that would be!  It would surpass your ‘killer bees’ story each and every day. Your popularity will rise a thousand fold and you will amass even greater fortunes and power. Forbes will have to rethink your place – as you would surely rise to the top – and be the most influential person among the 7 billion of us.

I read countless comments from people that look upon you as an appalling, reprehensible plunderer of humanity’s mind and soul.

You are now 83 – the clock is ticking.

It would take a mere 30 minutes of deep reflection to write such an instructive email – and change the world for the better.  Heaven, both on earth now and in the afterlife, awaits you.

Mr Murdoch, you are only one click away from greatness.

rupert_murdoch_Sir, reach out and click that key.




  1. The interesting consideration is whether his proginy have learnt and will find humanity then recognise their potential for humanity or be just another chip off the old NWO freakish control block.
    My bet, is on the latter.

      • If ‘normal’ parents can’t make their 14 yr olds get in line, why should abnormal parents be able to do that? And don’t these young scions use the Internet?
        When Jane Jacobs was 90 (she of urban non-planning, a wise lady), her book “Dark Age Ahead” came out. It says that most learning of behavior is by imitation.
        Is there anything to imitate?

    • How can it be that nearly 1 out of 2 is not aware of the third building, I wonder?
      Cannot be the msm because we were showered with it by cnn at the time., therefore the people who wathed it are aware of the third builing. This means that they who are unaware did not watch it, and why should Rupert air reruns?
      My best guess is((feel free to correct me)that the 20+ generation are the ones that are not aware.
      But hey, a book for children is written about the third building, job done.

      • Any rational person who researches all the information surrounding Building 7 can only puzzle at the many circumstantial pieces of a very fascinating picture,
        Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, as revealed in interview by Dee, new nothing of it’s collapse. When I invite a response from many people that include political staffers and journalists and media producers, it is incredible how many have still never even heard about the incident. What could the explanation for the media shy building 7 compared to the extrovert twin towers?
        Beyond debate there are more questions than answers.
        The symmetrical unimpeded failure of the structure.
        The Larry Silverstein “pull it” and consequent issues.
        The NIST denial of molten metal claims.
        BBC’s Jane Standley announcing building collapse with building standing in the background.
        Structural member deformity and chemical corrosion evidence that NIST has no explanation.
        Multiple molten steel observations that NIST apparently had no knowledge
        The broad pattern of the 911 investigation that trampled upon authentic legal process and was loaded with political cronies and their compromised associations.
        Not surprisingly their are many explanations broadcast through all the establishment channels that declare contrary views and questions are just “conspiracy theory” but we have the knowledge of the Kennedy assassinations and the Liberty attack that prove beyond any challenge that all the organs of politics, justice, media, forensic science and the mind of the public can be corrupted and manipulated to deceive and confuse most of the world for decades.
        Included in this complexity of conflicting forces of monopoly criminal power versus the basic integrity of the honest and well intentioned majority is the “willing idiot” or “stupidity” factor that, conscious or otherwise, serves the lie and frustrates the truth.
        The “willing idiot” is a personality that wears a lens that declares justified and sensible skeptical questions of the activities of powerful agencies demand automatic polarized ridicule and poisonous branding with all the regular chants and emotive political conspiracy graffiti speak.
        The “willing idiot” can always be found where important issues are contemplated bawling out the predictable simplistic rhetoric that confirms, in the mind of the idiot, his incredible wisdom.
        The “idiot” never actually engages in honest constructive debate or believes his rowdy statements must be justified within a broader logical perspective that must consider moral and historical relativity and consistency.
        The “willing idiot” is fixated, emotive and never listens to others because he already knows everything – what would be the point!
        We are all guilty of being the “willing idiot” if we are honest but we can learn from the “professional willing idiot” com-entities who demonstrate the distracting, pointless and nonconstructive method.

        • @christopher,
          I was surprised by a street interview in New York.
          People could not figure out that 911 occured in september, and even mentioned the year 2014 and casualties of 30.000.
          Therefore it is not all that strange that they do not know of the existance of Salomons building.
          They just move on.
          Are they asleep? I do not know.
          Is the 911 event tought at school? I do not know.
          I do not know why half does not know.
          You know and I know, but unfortunately we disagree, but at least we know about the event.

          • Orwell: “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”
            El-Kammo, I hadn’t realized it had happened so fast. But thanks to Youtube, there is (for the time being) a record of what did occur. One video shows ‘close-ups’ of the jumpers from the towers. (“Raw 9-11 Footage from a Hotel Window”). It’s had over a million hits.
            Of course, re “the lie became truth,” there’s the commercial film “Let’s Roll,” featuring ridiculous “Arab-speaking” hijackers. It claims to be based on the phone call from Todd beamer, but Elias Davidsson (q.v.) has shown from FBI files that Beamer’s cell phone continued to be in use that day — after the ‘crash’!
            Davidsson’s book has the last word on all the phone calls. He says the callers were reading from script, for the “drill.”

          • Mary,
            I take it you have some time available, if so
            look up the details on the those who made millions BEFORE 911 on the put options ,betting against the ‘9/11 affected’ companies/corporations.
            The profiteers were not investigated as “it would not assist to find those responsibe”. That can suggest that the perpetrators did not have the brain/s to be in the know and profit.
            The profits from 9/11 went to those really really ‘in the know,’ just as those ‘in the know’ set up their video/s to document and celebrate the mass murder of thousand of innocents in a most cruel manner, live.
            BTW the government destroyed the records of the 9/11 profiteers………………..WHY?
            For a bit of fun look up the 5 minute video ”911 a conspircay theory’ by Mr Corbett. The destruction of the records is referred to in it.

          • @mary,
            Dalia mentioned that the nice Richard puts his carreer on the line, just to help all of us, well, I disagree.
            The nice Richard only switched carreers. He takes 60.000/y out of the foundation and demands transportation and a place to stay for those who are honored by his visit.
            This man wants this issue to go on till he can retire.
            There is money to be made in conspiracy issues.
            I do not have the impression(yet)that that is the goal of you and Dalia.

        • Christopher, you wrote: “Any rational person who researches all the information surrounding Building 7 can only puzzle at the many circumstantial pieces of a very fascinating picture.” Puzzle? I don’t think controlled demolition is a puzzle, especially when “Lucky” Larry Silverstein admitted that he gave the order to “pull it”.

          • @persecuted2,
            “Pulling” (something), has different meanings, lt is slang, like Seppo’s, Yankee’s and “them”.
            Now, you demand Mary to reject the use of the word Seppo, but firmly hold on to the term “pull it”, as in controlled demolition, so why should Mary obey to your demand ?

          • Yes, informed readers know about the “multiple meanings” spiel promoted by those who support the official conspiracy theory involving Arabs. But the fact is, when referring to a building, “pull it” means to bring it down suddenly and quickly by controlled demolition.

          • @P2,
            Come on man, even Gage is aware of the pullshit and skipped it., your Goeroe, man, skipped it.
            Do you disagree with 2200 architects and engineers? Should they look at the pullshit again? Send them an email

  2. I was slightly misquoted in my assessment of Rupert Murdoch.
    What I said was, “Murdoch is the most evil person in the world who manipulates nations through misuse of his media outlets.”
    This was in response to being asked to rate the 10 most evil people which included Dick Cheney.

    • These are my picks for 10 worst of our brethren, naming only those who were alive in my lifetime. In no particular order: Mao, Kissinger, Murdoch, David Rockefeller, and Nelson Rockefeller. Those 5 are generally understood to have been on the wrong side of the law. (Interestingly, I think they all worked for the same boss, whose identity is a mystery. So, really, “Mr X” could stand for all of them.)

      My other 5 nominees are based on their playing the role of altruist or ethicist: Pope John Paul II, Jonas Salk, Bill Moyers, Joseph Nye, and “any US Supreme Court Justice randomly chosen.” Perhaps they, too, obey Mr X? Thanks to this type of beautiful person, one of whom is already a saint (there was an email from Heaven), we got cheated out of the counterweight to evil that might come from religion, medical science, journalism, academia, and the judiciary.

      It seems the only Aussie who makes the list is Rupe. Poor, ever-lying Rupe. Possibly not his fault. I wonder how his late mother, Dame Elisabeth, guided him in childhood. She received her DBE in 1963 for charity work. She volunteered for the RSPCA. (I take it that makes a person unassailable.) “Dame Mum” died recently in Melbourne, at age 103.

      Ah, then maybe Sonny has 20 years left in him! If so, Dalia’s approach seems particularly sagacious. I hope there’s a Dalia equivalent in China. She could nudge her leaders to opt for a fabulous surge of humanity and put us all to shame.

      • On what basis is Mao Zedong evil? On the strength of the CIA Cold War propaganda (= lies) about “Mao killing millions of Chinese”? I call BS on that one. I lived in China for many years and I can tell you for a fact that the people there love him. Yes, they admit that Mao and his administration made mistakes, such as in the “Cultural Revolution” (which was largely out of Mao’s hands) but the claim that he killed millions of Chinese is a lie. A few million did die from famines in the 1950s but China had been experiencing massive death rates from famines for the previous hundred years or more, and a change to a Communist government was unlikely to change that in the short term. This was especially the case when China was under an economic embargo from the West and was forced to quickly industrialize and build up its military strength under the constant threat of an American nuclear attack.

  3. @mary,
    You puzzle me.
    You just mentioned that phonecalls could never happen(cellphones).
    This implies that these calls never occured, therefore no passengers, but what about the airphone Betty Ong used, and how about the body parts found and identified, Dalia found a thumb on a rooftop.
    Are you a no plainer or an empty plainer, or a remote controlled plainer, and why?

    • Why spend time “disproving” the official story? Let them prove the official story. Let’s see the passenger manifests, the Pentagon videos, the particulars as to how Building 7 fell, blah, blah, blah.
      It’s unpatriotic for Americans to accept the Nonsense Case. It was unpatriotic back in 1990 for Seppo’s (including me) to believe Nayirah, the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador, who said she saw babies taken out of incubators by Saddam’s troops
      (as she declined to provide her surname when testifying before Congress!).
      Swallow those tales and reap the whirlwind I say.

      • Mary,
        I could not be bothered with ‘El – distractor’ (BS-er) but if you want to deal with one aspect, remember that at the underpants bomber trial the Fruit Loop Ivestigation lot (FBI) even state that the alleged Olsen phone calls did not connect. So for the solicitor General’s original account of the fairy tale of his wife describing hi-jackers with ‘box cutters’.
        There is another report of BS phone calls, suggesting they were carried out following a script. Not from an aircraft and one phone was still operative after it had allegedly hit a building. It must have escaped the fireball with a hijacker’s passport and then picked up off the street near the towers!!???
        Years back, remember the one: to the effect: ‘hello mum it is your son xxxx. We have been hijacked. You do believe me’?
        ‘Desperate distractor’ is a waste of space and it is most likely that his handers are criminals desperately attempting at covering up mass murder to protect the real mass killers.

        • @ned,
          No passengers?, or remote controlled passengers?, or no passengers but only crew?,or missiles filled with DNA?
          Anything is possible in Wonderland.
          I call my dad with my own name, which is the same as his, and according to you that is nuts, plain stupid, but we do it anyway.

      • Mary, PLEASE stop using the term “seppo”. It is so parochial and so 1940’s. Gumshoenews.com is read all over the world but that term has no meaning to the majority of English speakers.

  4. @mary,
    I cannot make chocolate from your english,
    “Big’un gie us a break! You’ve done everything else, she says.Now try this. It’s fun!”
    It must be slang, because I am sure that your English is better then mine

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