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Paedophiles in Power – A Conspiracy Of Silence And Cover-up (in the US)

glitter saville harris
Glitter, Savile and Harris

Glitter, Savile and Harris

Sexual predator Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) hit the news today – again. And we know about Rolf Harris. Both men had connections to notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile – who was invited to Christmas dinner by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on countless occasions. But it is the upper echelons of the ruling elite in America that paint a chilling portrait of what is really going on.

I wrote a piece on Rupert Mudoch suggesting that his greatest hour awaits him if he came ‘clean’ – and got his organisation to give us the real news – the facts – without fear or favour. But the story (that makes me feel sick) is about paedophilia in Washington. It reveals that Murdoch and others must have been in a cooperative campaign to crush these stories to protect the ruling elite. God has done nothing to save America.

The story (below) was the second biggest scandal of the 1980’s, but was completely obliterated by the Bush White House.

wtpage1small (1)

“People Magazine” spent a million dollars (a lot of money back then)  investigating all of America’s orphanages and found the stories were true – identifying Bush (Snr), Cheney and Sununu as paedophiles. The story was never told by “People Magazine”. The journalist Veterans Today writer Stew Webb spoke to on many occasions in the late 1980s and early 1990s said he was never allowed to publish.

bush and cheney

Bush Snr and Cheney (above) and Sununu

It is alleged Children from orphanages in Nebraska being flown around the United States by top Republican officials in order to engage in child sex orgies with America’s ruling elite. Vox News:

‘It is a fact that during the 1980’s, child sexual services were provided by top Republican officials…  to the President of the United States at the time, George H.W. Bush. …It is a tale of child sex, murder, espionage, blackmail, and huge payoffs. And all the players are involved. From the White House to the CIA to the media barrons to the Republican elite – right down to the orphanages where they procured their victims.’

Former Republican Senator John Decamp was involved in a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” that exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. It was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. It is alleged, at the last minute, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed – and it was never aired. Decamp’s disturbing talk on Prison Planet here.

Webb from Veterans Today writes (January 12 2015): 

‘George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. 

…(the children were given) Coke or Pepsi with the VOODOO DRUG in it,

The caretakers (of the children) did not suspect a thing until 6 months later when their children were sitting in front of the TV watching the News and waiting for dinner, when many would jump up and point to the TV and say “He put his thing in me”.’

Accomplices – The Media and The Courts

What has become of the system? Have media barrons and judges been entrapped doing terrible and illegal acts, so are forced to protect the elite? Are they just scared for their lives?

So what happens when a victim tries to expose this lot?

Alicia Owens

Alicia Owens accused various people of sexual abuse in Omaha and was one of the victims of the Franklin Cover up. She told the court ‘elaborate tales’ of sexual abuse (just like the abuse victims are telling the Royal Commission in Australia). There was a financial scandal which eventually included sexual-abuse allegations, with claims of a supposed pedophile ring and rumors of satanic activity. But the court did not believe Owens. They punished her with a LONG jail sentenced for perjury (and two bad cheques). FranklinCaseOrg reports Owens was paroled in 2000 after serving 4 1/2  – three years before her release date.

This punishment of a sex abuse victim with jail was surely a deterrent for other victims.

Australia’s Royal Commission

With regard to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Australia, Commission chairman Justice Peter McClellan released a 300-page consultation paper on 30/1/15 to canvass options to give justice to an estimated 65,000 abuse survivors a share of approximately $4.3 billion.

(It is a pity their powers do not extending to Washington)

We can probably safely assume that Australia’s culture is fairly similar to that of the US. Taking into account that over 300 million people live in the US, there would be approximately 850,000 sexually abused victims there.

Mr Murdoch – there is much to write about.


  1. Oh shit; msm where are you? Protectors of perverts and sickos?
    Been noting reports on these evil disgusting animals for some time.
    It is clear that no one gets anywhere or have any influence or power unless they have them blackmailed and subservient to exposure in some way. Many intelligence agencies spend taxpayers money looking for dirt so as to promote animals to do the masters bidding. Terrorists are well down the list.
    Now for a proper investigation of the controllers of these perverted sick disgusting worms. (Apols to the worms that are at least useful)

  2. Let’s take the opportunity to go over some of the standard myths (or realities; we need to sort them) regarding pedophilia.

    1. “Prisoners get so angry and disgusted with child molesters that when one enters prison they beat him up.” Hmm. Maybe that happens at times, but more likely it’s the usual PTB that see to it that the man dies because he may reveal secrets.

    2. “A disproportionate number of pedos are judges.” Hmm. If it is so (and how would we know without access to statistics?), it could be because such men are part of pedo rings and their group includes officials who are in a position to appoint judges. One would certainly want to know that one will never be convicted, thanks to a Brother judge.

    3. “Many priests turned out to be pedos, as the rule of celibacy made them find an outlet for their sex urge.” That’s silly; they could always have quit the priesthood. Much more likely explanation for the sudden pedo-priest phenomenon is that various men were “turned” into pedos by hypnosis or some other coercion. Why? As part of the Cabal’s overall plan to bring down religion. It has succeeded!

    4. “All of this is political. No men have the urge to have sex with 5-year olds.” Not true. There are men who aren’t in pedo rings who have found themselves addicted to child-molesting (sans torture). Some of them have said they are mortified by what they do and they regret the harm it causes to the kids.

    That’s all for now. Anybody else want to clarify some aspects of this weird issue? Oh, I should have said that most of the kids Dalia mentioned were tortured as part of MK-Ultra or similar horrors of the CIA. So we are not looking at “free-lance” pedos.
    The sexual assaults on these kids were part of the overall incredible training to turn them into Manchurian candidates, spies, blackmailers. Granted, there’s a money aspect, as people do pay for kiddie-porn, but MK-Ultra has other purposes. Note:
    moneywise, kids also get kidnapped for organ transplants.

  3. Wait till the pictures of Jeb Bush with little boys comes out…….

    Note: the HUGE trial going on in FLorida targeting people like Prince Andrew and Alan Dershewitz. The same guy claims to have picts of Jeb Bush with boys, that is what the trial is about stopping. Now that will put a damper on Jebs plans.

  4. Many Priests, such as Catholic Priests, but NOT ONLY CATHOLIC Priests, are Pedos. “Jews”, Jesuits, “Illuminati”, TOP-LEVEL Freemasons, Communists (“Jews”), Zionists (“Jews”), and those who serve them, in government. This is where you’ll find the Pedos, and those who hide/conceal them.
    Where does true power reside in the West?

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    Read the comments.

  5. John Decamp was not a US senator but a state senator, from 1971-1987. Not to be trusted, IMO, despite having written “The Franklin Cover-up.”
    There are 2 John Sununu’s. One is the Dad, governor of New Hampshire from 83-89 and Bush Sr’s White House Chief of Staff. The son was in both houses of Congress 1997-2009. It is surprising how being related to an elected official almost guarantees a win. Based on natural sentiment for family, I suppose.
    Googling “Sununu” today brings up the Dad wanting protection for UAE pilots going over Jordan’s airspace. Sununu’s colleague in this is John Bolton (Oh no!). I quote Newsmax:
    “The United States is not showing energy in its fight against terrorism, Sununu said. ‘I wish that the president had shown a little of the energy that King Abdullah did after that horrible thing that ISIS did to the Jordanian pilot,’ he said. Less than 24 hours after the video’s release, Jordan executed two ISIS members it had previously convicted and sentenced to death.
    ‘I wish the president had showed that emotion when my poor New Hampshire colleague Jim Foley suffered the same kind of fate,’ said Sununu, referring to the American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS last year.”

    I’m like Huh?

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