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Australia Needs Money CREATION Reform And Honest Sovereign Money Policies.



A letter to the Australian Ministers from Christopher Brooks

The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vaste in effect it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.

(Christopher Brooks) ask our politicians three simple questions!

  1. Do you understand where our money is created and the effects of the private money creation monopoly?
  2. Why do we choose money slavery over money freedom?
  3. If my referenced material or proposition is wrong please explain exactly where and how it is in error?

Why does the Australian Parliament not exercise it’s rightful sovereignty over our money supply and economic life by issueing sensible quantities of credit through a common wealth agency on terms and conditions that benefit Australian interests?

This correct and achievable action would save our Nation many billions, potentially tens of billions, of debt servicing cost every year.

Sorcery and Deception


The only accurate historical description of this crime must involve the terms “sorcery” and “black magic” as this deception involves a type of possession of the collective mind resulting in a staggering illusion dominating over a truthful revelation of our authentic economic realities which are generous abundant potential for all humanity.

We just need to solve the money deficiency and monopoly problem.

The Evidence



This Bank of England report is a “confession” that despite widely held theories almost all our money supply is created out of thin air when banks issue credit as debt with interest due. The film from the bank of England outlining the issues.

The critical admission in this report is the “fractional reserve” economic theory as it is found in all the economic text books is not correct though it is still commonly taught and believed. Money is created from nothing when banks issue debt. It is very simple. The complexity found in text books is to hide the scam.

The Bank of England seems to have just discovered the new economics.  Who would believe that?



Here, here and here.



Ben Dyson explains money creation



James Corbett – An excellent well researched history of the money question.



Bill Still – A comprehensive supporting historical analysis of money creation history.



Animated explanation of money realities





Postive Money, Max Keiser and here.



A parable to explain the present money/debt crisis by Christopher Brooks



Ellen Brown – author of Web of Debt – is one of the outstanding authors and activists in the US on money realities and public banking.


11.  MONEY CREATION DEBATE recently in the UK Parliament.


12.  THE GODS OF MONEY –  William Engdhal



  1. Have not read all in detail, but have been aware of the banker”s fraud on the people for years.
    Research President Wilson’s lament, in 1919 that by supporting the creation if the US Federal reserve ( private banking thieves) in 1913, he was a very ‘sad man ….. I have destroyed my country…..’ ( to that affect)
    The continual failure of our politicians to appreciate that, condemns them as traitors to Australia and servants of the bankers.
    The article reference to the recent case in Canada is a must read, reports on it have been over the internet over the last week. BUT will the US, Canadian or our MSM report it? No, it has been censored. Stiff MSM, the real public internet news know about it . The msm lies and the banker lies are being exposed.
    Go suck a lemon MSM and will someone tell Uncle Joe what is really happening.
    Uncle Joe is reported today that we may never be able to pay off our debt!
    Yep readers, the bankers have you by the balls. Continual slavery to debt.
    Wake up!
    Heaps more but I leave El- Kano to show us his intellect with an analysis.

    • Beware the Ides of March. The Canadian government has 60 days to try to turn over what happened on Jan 15, namely Comer’s “win.” That consisted of Judge Russell ruling that the whole case should NOT be dismissed. He dumped a portion re damages, but kept the portion that seeks declaratory relief. Ah, the phrase “declaratory relief” sounds so … RELIEVING!
      (I got this from Christopher’s link above). Thanks, Ned.

      Roll on, March 16th, 2015!

  2. Christopher, not today, because there is so much to absorb in those videos, but another day, please introduce us to social credit. You mentioned it in a comment some months ago. I think I’ve heard of it from Ed Griffin but I don’t really grasp it.

  3. The following are the list of MP’s, ABC Radio Albury and the federal Nationals office that have received the questions and associated evidence.

    I encourage supporting contributions that have charming, seductive and brilliant tones,,,,,,delivered with sledgehammer logic and critical thinking.

    Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au, Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au, Chris.Bowen.MP@aph.gov.au, Sharman.Stone.MP@aph.gov.au, Bob.Katter.MP@aph.gov.au, J.Hockey.MP@aph.gov.au, senator.rice@aph.gov.au, senator.mckenzie@aph.gov.au, senator.marshall@aph.gov.au, senator.madigan@aph.gov.au, senator.dinatale@aph.gov.au, senator.conroy@aph.gov.au, senator.carr@aph.gov.au, adam.bandt.mp@aph.gov.au, Tony.Abbot.mp@aph.gov.au, Cathy.McGowan.mp@aph.gov.au, Jacinta.Collins.mp@aph.gov.au, Mitch.Fifield.mp@aph.gov.au, Malcolm.Turnbull.mp@aph.gov.au, Julie.Bishop.mp@aph.gov.au, senator.Ronaldson@aph.gov.au, senator.Lambie@aph.gov.au, senator.Ryan@aph.gov.au, senator.Cormann@aph.gov.au, alburywadonga.regional@abc.net.au, Senator.Muir@aph.gov.au, federal.nationals@nationals.org.au, Michael.McCormack.MP@aph.gov.au,

    This set of evidence is beyond any dispute or contradiction when taken in it’s totality.

    What is unresolved is how we can drive a wedge home in the most vulnerable point to split the subject of money creation monopoly open here in Australia.

    In Australia we are well behind the pace of achievements compared to elsewhere and should be taking the opportunity to utilize the great work and results forged out of the various “money reform” advances.

    We can multiply force through the increment of power achieved in honest open intelligent association.

    • Christopher wants us to greet them with seductive tones. How about greeting them with a warrant for their arrest? “But, Mary, their only sin, if sin it be, is to have allowed a certain kind of banking.” No, not true; they have given away the sovereignty of Australia. From that move, we progress to all other features of parliamentary cringe. Please correct me if I’m wrong. (I’d hate to falsely arrest someone…), but isn’t this what is behind Christopher’s (and Greg Buck’s, see Gumshoe videos) whole story?
      Can something be more treasonous than handing the nation over to another power? If the Canadian ruling sticks, and it will be Paradise if it does, it will open everything to view.
      Like wow, man.

      • Mary, included in the totality of this material is the clear evidence that many of our political servants have a poor understanding of money mechanics and the effects of our present monopoly policies have on our economic life.
        The same could be said for their staff, many trained economists and a good portion of business practitioners.
        Many banking staff could not pass a basic examination on credit creation and money mechanics.
        We are not dealing with mass evil, it is possession organized and sustained by brilliant spells conditioned by “education”.
        Hence, the task is to break the spell.

        I wrote the “millimeter crisis” parable(included above) as a spell breaking device and find that almost everyone I challenge with that analogy finds their resistance melting in the face of the glaring insane proposition of buying the numbers to measure the natural world from a monopoly millimeter Bank.

        Our Treasurer, Joe Hockey, more than likely, does not grasp the honest essence of money, debt, credit and material wealth.

        This Mary, is another incredible situation, but it is what we must recognize if we are to achieve reform.

        We are dealing with a cult that is evil by design and purpose but the victims have been indoctrinated from birth by all the people in their lives who they had trust. Their indoctrinators had the same basic experience.

        The world is possessed by deception and lies that damage human harmony, freedom and progress towards our moral and spiritual potential.
        External stimulants, conditioning and direct economic and political controls are molding us towards accepting we are human “resource”.

        The formula against this monopoly tyranny is love, compassion, understanding, logic and exacting intellectual persuasion.

        The truth about our economic options and potentials with honest money policies is a “mind blowing” and exciting positive message when compared with continued debt slavery.

        Go out and tell everyone the Good News.
        Truth will set us free.
        Deception and lies are slavery.

        It has a familiar tone, does it not?

        Mary, you are correct that some of our fellows do act with very deliberate and conscious self interest and intent to exploit and manipulate. Our response should be appropriately steely in demanding just accountability from this type of personality but this is a very tiny minority.

        Mostly we are dealing with busy, self absorbed indoctrinated fellow Australians just like I was before someone patiently and intelligently opened my mind.

  4. This is my reply to Dee’s Facebook post of the article: “Your biggest problem with the delivery of this message in this instance is that it requires an investment of time to watch those videos. If every person, instead of spending a single day in their job to service their debt, invested that day to understand how and why they are not free to live their life in joy and freedom, perhaps the world might change. With the deception revealed perhaps it would lose its power … but (almost) all people will just keep on keeping on, servicing first their debt, and then themselves. Alas the debt never leaves the time required to absorb the truth”

    • The strength in the format is as a reference base that we can put on the table and work with over time to draw out comprehension and most importantly, accountability, where it should be delivered.

      There are likely refinements that I would make myself.
      Mike Rivero’s documentary on “All wars are bankers wars” would tie that dimension into the money trick and some detail on the former public Commonwealth Bank history in financing Australian development should be included. I have intentions of producing something in this area myself.
      Perhaps also a lecture on sorcery and critical thinking is needed.

      After we have tidied up our info challenge we can then decide how we deliver it to effect.

      What if we arrived at our chosen MP’s office with camera and microphone to document the delivery? In a sense the document is then working over time towards our cause because it is openly on the record. Other individuals or groups could be brought to the discussion by merging the “effect” and “force” of the information with intelligent activity.

      What if we had a group who sought to discuss this body of information on the record with camera’s and microphones rolling to record the discussion?

      Invite your friends and family who might be skeptical to look at this important body of information and explain exactly where it is misleading or false?

      The benefit is in focusing on an objective that can be defined with information that can be examined item by item but the relation of the whole becomes proven in the process of qualifying the parts.

      I have started a political diary that I will record the action I take with the “Honest money challenge- 2015” so I can build conversations and steer force behind this knowledge towards making progress and achieving results that can be measured.

      The substance and essence of this body of knowledge is beyond any rational dispute therefor we must have the confidence and courage to inject it into every forum possible taking a long term view that many will be nonchalant at best but events will give retrospective impact to our effort.

      I know exactly what must be done but am limited by my slavery to the debt merchants as Andrea exactly defined the general situation. When properly calculated it is stunning just how crushing the debt trap is impacting all our lives, directly and indirectly.

      The money Ponzi racket transfers well beyond 50% of all wealth produced into the possession of the 1% every single day of the year. I believe it could be as much as 75%.

      As the creeping monopoly concentrates control, in proportion so do the dividends of human effort flow towards the printing press owners and their allied beneficiaries.

      • If you know exactly what is to be done, Christopher, then not doing it, again is revealed to be an issue of money — I wish I had answers – philanthropy? a Crowdfunding campaign? a grant? to buy the time and resources you need. I think the ignorance in Australia is even greater then in the US/ UK/ Canada (I have no idea about the rest of the world). I have not seen anything like the American docs from an Australian perspective. I would like to see a documentary that is grounded, measured, not a hint of ‘conspiracy theory’ that covers the social, economic, fiscal, political and legal issues, and clearly explains all this monetary policy/ money creation/ debt etc from an Australian perspective. We have the talent and know-how just in the people linked to Gumshow News (and they know who there are). They, sadly, are also constrained by the same issue as you – simply a matter of money. Still, I would like to see a documentary proposal written. There are avenues like The Documentary Foundation — and again, a Kickstarter/ Pozible campaign could potentially raise funds via the passionate niche who also want to see this stuff exposed. It is a tough road with powerful forces against you to break the denial and ignorance that allows all this to thrive. Aligning with others who have resources and a voice would also help.

        • buckandrea, all your points are sensible.
          When I state I know what needs to be done it is in this instance, in relation to taking action to make my “vote” count within my moral responsibility as an individual in community.

          This action becomes effective to the degree others do the same in association or independently.
          The Monopolist sustains an atmosphere of false elitism and superiority to keep the “inferior” bluffed and doubting of their basic wisdom and principles.

          We can always strive for refined communication tools, but as I previously indicated, some minor adjustment and additions to the list in this post does give us an incredibly powerful rounded body of information that I believe could be put to positive effect if correct strategies can be enacted.

          The most tragic behavior I observe is incredible individual and associated energy and resources plowed into fertile fields using faulty information and knowledge seeds.

          The results are 100% predictable – frustrating failure.

          Not only is the effort a tragic waste but often those involved have their enthusiasm converted to a despairing resolve that challenging monopoly power is futile.

          I know that small numbers can have astounding force if they only take the correct and precise steps utilizing exacting knowledge and that charming intellectual sledge hammer.

          The most critical error I observe is an unforgivable casual attitude to information when it must be consistently 100% exacting in relative qualification.

          The mesmerized possessed masses have been unconsciously conditioned to identify the slightest discrediting element of a confronting challenge to orthodoxy, as a psychological anesthetic against the normal curious instinctive path of questioning and discovering new understanding.
          This can be observed in the glazed eyes, distracted focus and nervous fidgeting stance in preparation to flee from discomfort.
          Readers here know all about this sorcerers spell that can be experienced in person but also through the audio inflections, vocabulary and the long silent pause that can communicate more than words.
          All of these elements apply to successfully giving force to our ideas and leveraging open the chains that conditioning has wrapped around the “educated” mind.

          We can view our situation with despairing frustration and angst, which will likely not loosen the chains of deception the slightest, or we can be prepared and focused like a chess player understanding the landscape, the rules of engagement, learned correct strategies, and the exacting finality of “check mate”.

          If our “knowledge” is really honest the only thing that is stopping us from achieving a “check mate” is our courage to step into the play along with our logical and critical ability.

          If we find our argument is overwhelmed and a “check mate” is elusive it must be recognized the strategy is faulty.

          We should never waste our effort and time with strategies that are not very successful.

          Change strategies and start earning victories.

          We cannot instantly change the world but if we are not gaining allies among those around us it is time to recalibrate because the truth is generally irresistible in it’s logic and explanation of all things.

          Some tangential thinking here but this is the key to breaking the spells.

          • Hi Christopher — as a filmmaker and storyteller I can’t let go of the idea that all you say and know needs to be most effectively communicated. I have tried to understand myself. I watch many of the videos, and I read, and I listen to Dee and Greg and you, and watch the world around me, and I feel the impacts of the system and the consequences that I personally live with and witness in others. And, as an intelligent, fairly well educated person, I struggle to grasp even some of the fundamentals.

            I think the story needs to be told in a way that has a chance of cutting through the noise, and facilitates people to understand what is going on. In a simple way, that could be editing material that is already out there and available, intercut with interviews explaining things – and particularly from an Australian perspective. I suppose I am talking about a documentary, or a documentary series. Funding of course is an issue, but we could talk about options here, and then how to get it seen as widely as possible so it has an audience — otherwise it is a waste of time.

            This issue seems so important to me, and so little understood. So the big question for me is how best to communicate it.

          • Andrea, I hope you get to this note.
            We do need some Australian honest money stories to take the knowledge to a greater audience.

            We need to discover the correct frequency that brings the honesty money tune into the popular band width.

            There you have it, I have given you the atmospheric for an Australian theatrical production about hidden knowledge
            sneaking onto the popular airwaves, hmmm, half joking.

            On the ABC, The World Today, 17,02,2015, the Executive Director of The Australia Institute was expounding the need for reverse mortgages for asset rich pensioners.
            This is to cope with the “money shortage”.
            I contacted TAI and had a fascinating conversation with “Tom” who was a co-author of their research paper.

            I explained the money dictatorship and why Australian Government monetary policy was a religion, nothing to do with anything based on real things or the truth of anything.

            Money is about power, belief, politics and philosophy.
            Finance is about budgets and mathematics

            To cut a long story short “Tom” could only agree when I explained the outcome of present monetary policy compared to the potential results of printing common wealth money, “you make a very convincing case”. The spell is broken, “check mate”.

            The point is, how do we get this type of “unraveling” out on to the public record.

            I am giving a great deal of thought to this issue.

            It’s clearly problematic to simply record a conversation.

          • Yes Christopher it is “problematic to simply record a conversation”, not to mention legally fraught. I believe the best way to communicate a message is through stories – film being an excellent way these days, given that it is the primary medium for storytelling today. If money were no object I’d say a movie movie, and an accompanying documentary to explain it all, and then an outreach program ala Participant Films (initially financed by Jeff Skoll (of eBay) to the tune of $100 million personal funds to take the message to the people. But who has money who would be prepared to break the spell — would they not all be at risk of personal loss? It is a dilemma. (By the way, what state do you live in? I’m assuming you’re in Australia?)

  5. Lost my comment Andrea.
    In short; the public spends hours watching inane sports and sports news plus other examples such as ‘distraction scheff’.
    If they gave up watching one soccer match time to examine this article, they may wake up.
    But the NWO plan is to distract the public with inane entertainment and commentary sponsored by the prostituted msm.
    Done in Rome, that is why they built the stadium, now being followed by our money going into modern ‘colosseums’ to provide a circus to distract the peasants.

  6. This series requires a lot of concentration but unravels some of the incredible subtle detail behind the monetary policies that govern humanity,
    The first speaker, Randal Wray, a Proffessor of Economics at Missouri -Kansas City explains pragmatically that all monetary policy is just tradition and choice, it has nothing to do with accounting or mathematical balances as most people assume.
    He declares the US Government and Obama are telling lies regularly. We are of course aware of this.

    The second speaker, Michael Hudson gives a contrasting interpretation that includes judgements regarding the purpose of the monetary policies and unravels some very fascinating aspects to the currency wars.

  7. Here is another extraordinary explanation of the pattern and method of the monopoly method of the debt money dictatorship.

    • This intellectual discussion hosted by Richard Grove from Tragedy & Hope media qualifies for my education and information collection.

    • This presentation by Eustace Mullins, the author of the classic “Federal Reserve Conspiracy”, is the original research that inspired the exposure of the US Fed money trickery.
      Mullins spent several years in the Library of Congress researching the documented record of the characters and allegiances behind the money creation monopoly scam.

        • One of the many associating strategies employed to hide truth is the “witching” trick of wrapping powerful emotive topics as weapons for controlling conversations with fear.
          The “Holocaust” topic must be studied in all it’s propaganda dimensions if we wish to fully understand our political and information reality. This video is a good introduction to a study of this subject.

  8. Andrea, this will interest you.

    Here we see those who should be accountable questioned on the public record.
    The film was made in 2009 yet Canada still suffers!
    The counter on you tube shows 64000 views.

    I live in Northern Victoria, Nathalia district.

  9. Here is another good story told by mainstream media
    that should resonate with the average citizens.

    I hope Dee is not annoyed at my hijacking this place to collate credible source reference that is beyond dispute and can be put before any person or group.
    Media, academics and MP’s must be challenged with the question, please explain why our money creation has been given to a private monopoly resulting in the staggering benefit to a few and debt slavery to the majority.

    • I am placing questions and evidence before the ABC current affairs desk on the “money question” along with all my other views and “advice”.
      My “friendly” ABC contact did mail me a couple of days ago assuring me all my emails do get read and they have a “Christopher Brooks” archive.
      These are small pebbles of achievement that in time connect to other reinforcing efforts and maybe, just maybe, yield results.
      The “money reality” is beginning to creep out into the open but we must be alert that the Rothschild Gang will already be organized to control the “revelation” with their perversions of “credit creation” which will be internationalized and monopoly controlled to “save the world from crisis”.
      If real freedom is to be released we must have decentralized
      money creation where Nations and communities are genuinely sovereign.
      This is an example of the “revelation” process.
      Monbiot has referenced several sources that are problematic in some aspects.
      I am keen to get to know more about the FairMoney group that has been formed in Australia and exactly what their understanding of the problem is, and exactly what solution they are proposing.
      In a broad sense the solution is authentic knowledge of the historical science and philosophy of money.

  10. There are a number of groups driving money reform.
    The important question is what direction are these various schools of thinking heading towards?
    What is the philosophy of the people promoting a change to our Monetary Policy. Our present monetary policy is Monopoly.
    Monopoly is the policy of dictatorship by the self chosen elect
    who employ deception and illusion to conduct their rule hidden from public view, scrutiny and accountability.

    We must be alert and highly skeptical of any new money reform proposal in case it be another Trojan Horse deception that appears to be a positive “revolution” but just delivers more of the same centralized power and control over human purpose and effort.

    This attitude is justified by our knowledge of political power realities.

    The American Monetary Institute

    Economic Reform Australia

    FairMoney Australia

    Public Banking Institute

    Positive Money – Branches in many countries.

    Social Credit – Various agencies promoting this thinking.

  11. A document that has been published by the IMF is going to become front and centre of the money reform debate.

    The common term is the Chicago Plan.

    This report has it’s pedigree going back to the Great Depression recovery and solution proposals.

    Contemplate readers that all this fascinating and well referenced information on the “money creation question” is almost invisible to 99% + of our society and has never been seen in the lecture halls of economics faculties of any university about the globe.

    This is going to change very soon.


    • The subject of “Energy Realities” has been drenched in lies for a century and beyond manufacturing the atmospherics in perception and emotions that benefit those who have monopoly power over resources like oil and gas.
      I include several items of information in this collection that unravel a reality that is hidden to consumers of main stream narratives.
      The first interview clip is William Engdahl, petroleum industry analyst and author, explaining his dramatic adjustment of thinking when he realized “Peak Oil”
      predictions were false and the world is actually running into an oil glut.

      In the following video, Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a ”fossil fuel”, when in fact it is Abiotic. As such, it is a replenish-able, naturally occurring source. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you. Oil is like the blood of the Earth. It replenishes itself, just like your body makes blood.

      Noe Van Hulst shocks his conference moderator when he declares “Peak Oil” is a myth. He doesn’t even touch on unconventional oils, such as oil from Tar Sands and Shale which accounts for most of the oil in the world. He does describe oil as a “fossil” fuel when this is solidly discredited by my associated information here.

      This article is a further glimpse at the oil abundance reality.
      WASHINGTON, 29 April 2004 — Officials from Saudi Arabia’s oil industry and the international petroleum organizations shocked a gathering of foreign policy experts in Washington yesterday with an announcement that the Kingdom’s previous estimate of 261 billion barrels of recoverable petroleum has now more than tripled, to 1.2 trillion barrels.

    • I will never stop reminding readers that a fully dynamic approach to critical thinking must be applied if you have any hope of breaking through the Black Magic spells.

      This report titled “Collusion” is further important education required to understand the methodology of the “death squad”
      covert warfare strategy, This report researches the period of IRA terror where British Intelligence was directing the activities of the IRA “terror” which was being conducted on some occasion by agents or even whole teams of infiltrated agents.
      The report includes the moralizing of supporters of this strategy as the ends justifying the means.

      If readers wish to research some further depth in this important period of “terror” history the following BBC Panorama report
      “A license to Kill”.

    • James Corbett has produced an outstanding documentary bringing together the relevant facts, media reports and unanswered questions surrounding the alleged lone wolf bombing of the Oklahoma, Federal Murrah Building, almost twenty years ago on April, 19. 1995.
      The connection to the potential destruction, then rescue, of
      files of an ongoing Clinton prosecution make this investigation a lesson in the historical pattern, and relevant to the political events this very day.

  12. The whole world is still waiting for an honest investigation into the 911 “terror” attacks on New York.

    Press for Truth tells the story of the courageous family members who pressed for an authentic investigation despite constant resistance and frustrating impediments thrown in their path.

    A complimentary and detailed report is the following incredible effort produced by Ryan Dawson.

    There are many unanswered questions regarding the 911 event and any logical judgement of the information we have available can only lead us to believe much is still hidden.

    • One informative long episode in the pattern of deception is the attack on the US Liberty intelligence vessel by Israel and the web of complicity in the cover-up that lasted for many decades.

      Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser got into hot political water on the ABC 774 Jon Faine program.

      Understanding how the media use the stigma of word spells and pet “conspiracy” themes and strategies to misdirect and poison valid factual issues and questions is very well uncovered by this caller, Chris, when he challenged Jon Faine on the fraudulent “money creation” from thin air process conducted under current monetary policy operation.

      This caller exposed Jon Faine with his very well informed understanding of the money question and he also exploded Faine’s attempts to poison him by intelligently exposing Jon’s tactics which left Faine with egg on his face.

  13. The Light bulb conspiracy one of the outstanding explanations of the effect of Money Creation monopoly on consumerism.

  14. Richard Andreas Werner (January 5, 1967– ) is a German academic, economist and professor at the University of Southampton. Richard explains how the “money creation” monopoly gives Banking it’s power over the economic life of the population by “rationing” money and selecting who gets credit and who does not get credit. The chronic deficiency of money to meet obligations, puts most in constant servitude to the few because new money/debt must be obtained regularly just so economic life can continue. The Bank has the monopoly over making this essential money available so the Bank controls and profits from all economic activity. There is almost no money in existence that is not created from nothing by a Bank and loaned into existence as debt. The proposition that paying of our debt under the present system can repair the situation is totally false in respect for the whole community because that destroys or cancels money and consequently generates a “recession”. An individual can improve their circumstance as long as others in the economy are taking on more debt.

  15. The CEC political movement has some “interesting” pedigree of ideas and some of it’s analysis of broader political realities I would challenge but the history of the Australian Commonwealth Bank story and the battle for monetary sovereignty is accurately relayed in the following two lectures that unfold Australian history that is now mostly hidden from public view.
    The Lyndon LaRouche organization that established the CEC in Australia cannot be taken on face value.
    Despite this unavoidable complexity in sifting through political organizations and separating correct principles and policies from the faulty and mischievous, the information presented in these two presentations provide important education towards understanding economic and political reality.

  16. Bill Mitchell is an Australian Economist who provides a very contrasting economic policy potential that exposes the claims and theories of our Treasury as serving interests other than the Australian people. Bill has been outspoken on the need for “money reform” for decades. Bill teaches at the University of Newcastle.

  17. The Christopher Brooks Information and Document Collection now includes this series of highly referenced reports that set out the way the world is being controlled through the Intelligence Communities and Military agencies.
    This series explains the hidden methods and motives of power as it plays itself out, masked behind a pretense of “respectability” on the shallow surface of human affairs, as is presented by the mass media which has been bought by the real powers to operate as an assistant to war crimes and the looting money schemes at the apex of the global Mafia.

  18. The “Four Horseman” is quality documentary that presents an honest explanation of the realities of world economic problems, drawing on many highly competent and established commentators.
    There are some minor aspects of the interpretation in this report that are challenged by other material in my collection here in this article and thread.
    This doc was produced in the wash up and analysis of the 2008-2009 GFC so some recent developments are missing but it is, none the less, a very good general study.

  19. This document, “Mosaic of Facts” presents an excellent current study of our information realities. This report examines many critical current issues and examines how our media and associated sources of information corrupt the truth and manage the “common” perception.

    Can you tell truth from lies in mass media?

    RT Media’s Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war. He meets media experts and puts together the Mosaic of Facts, showing how public opinion is manipulated, not just over the Ukrainian Crisis but throughout the world.

  20. One important aspect of the monopoly deceptions that are stealing our freedom potential is health policies and research integrity.
    This report opens critical lines of research.

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