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An Infuriated Mary Maxwell Writes to Genevieve Glinch. Is the Average Citizen Unwilling To Do the Right Thing about 9-11?


9-11 firefighters

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

An odd thing happened to me on Saturday, Valentine’s Day, 2015. I am an agent at Rumor Mill News, which means that I can the upload an article to that website at any hour of day or night.  So I uploaded a piece called “The Credo of Genevieve Glinch: What the Typical Non-skeptic Believes in 2015.”

And who is this Genevieve Glinch person? It’s just a name I made up. She symbolizes the Silent Majority — folks who are not trying to solve the great issue of “Who did 9-11?”

Then, amazingly, the very next author who uploaded to Rumor Mill News was someone linking us to an “amateur video of 9-11.” It was made by Richard Siegel, an expert cameraman, from the pier at Hoboken, New Jersey (a few miles from Manhattan), on that famous day.

I watched all 98 minutes of it and was quite floored. It is a devastating portrait of the way in which the smoke from the fires engulfed the whole island. (Yes, I know one can fake a video. In my judgment this is not a fake.)

Had I seen this film of the Twin Towers burning, before I wrote the Genevieve Glinch essay, I’d have written differently. In my essay about Glinch’s ‘credo,’ I was very gentle. I sympathized with her inability to face uncomfortable truths. But now I am furious with her!  That scene in New York was just too sickening. So I am sending her this letter, to give her a piece of my mind:

The Letter


Dear Mrs Glinch (i.e., anyone in the Silent Majority),

There is a serious problem in America today. I know this is going to sound offensive, and I am sorry to offend, but YOU are the serious problem. You are preventing people from arresting the real criminals of 9-11.

It is a settled fact that members of the military participated in the 9-11 attacks.  Sure, that may sound horrible to you, but it is a fact. At the very least, three persons need to be indicted: Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, and General Richard Meyers. They ‘ran the show’ in Washington DC on the day in question.

Just forget that little fairytale about Osama bin Laden, the nineteen hijackers, and all that. That was the cover story used by the real criminals to distract the public.

Mrs Glinch, you no doubt want to be respectful of government. As a child you were taught to be that way, and so was I. Besides, being well-mannered is an important part of my self-image, especially as a woman. Fine, but it should not be the controlling factor.

For exactly ten years I have been working on the problem of trying to get “the silent majority” to wake up and take action in regard to 9-11.  (Prior to February 2005, I was not aware that the baddies were in the US elite. I fell for the Bin Laden story just as everyone else did.)

Mostly I have tried legal means.  I ran for Congress in 2006, in New Hampshire, on the platform of “9-11 truth.” I also took Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld to court – needless to say I lost the case. I also published a book, entitled “Prosecution for Treason,” in 2011.

In short, I’ve been doing anything I could think of.  Always being polite to the nth degree. But, at this point, it seems obvious to me that the reason we can’t “get at” the Bozo’s (that was my Dad’s strongest word), is that the average citizen is unwilling to do the right thing!

So filing lawsuits and authoring books is not what I need to do. I need to confront YOU with the fact that you simply must face up to the reality of 9-11. We need your help.  It probably won’t be as frightening as you may think. After all we have each other! It could even be a pleasure.

What You Can Share with Your Neighbors

Mrs Glinch, even though we’ve had telephones for more than a century, and even though we bump into neighbors every day — at the busstop, at church, or wherever — we are not good at banding together. It’s a problem that won’t be instantly overcome, just because we have the urgent 9-11 issue to deal with, but any little method you can cook up for communicating with folks may be useful and will be appreciated.

I suggest that you pose to any neighbor the matter of “Mary Maxwell’s being furious.” (That’s a better ice-breaker than “Hey, let’s arrest the governor.”) You could say “I wonder if Mary is in need of medication.” Go right ahead, beat on me, I don’t mind. Do what you have to do. Then, if the neighbor inquires about “the facts” of 9-11, here is your opportunity. The thin end of the wedge!

The Facts As Expressed in the Official Story

Very briefly, here’s the story we were told. (Note: kids who today are 18 were only 7 when 9-11 happened so they don’t even know what crazy details their parents accepted as truth.) All of the following is a crock. Yes, 100% of it:

Four different flights were hijacked, two of them from Boston. Each had five Arabs on board (or in one case, had only four) armed with box cutters. Each was on a suicide mission, as there was no hope of survival. Their task was to express an Islamic, anti-Western view. (“They hate our freedoms.”) Apparently nothing further was planned, and it was all a private group, rather than an enemy state attacking the US. Amazing, what?

The official story is a combination of whatever the media reported (CNN, New York Times, etc.), plus what members of government said and what the 9-11 Commission Report wrote.

Oddly, although the event was a crime (not an act of war since no nation had declared war on us), the crime was never investigated, despite oodles of careful methodology developed  by the legal profession.

A Few Examples of the Mishandling of the Case:

  1. The Airlines have never been asked to provide the passenger manifest or detail of the purchase of tickets by the 19 Arabs.
  1. Important information gleaned from experts was ignored in the Commission report, such as the fact that a steel-framed building cannot fall from fire, even the hottest fire.
  1. Numerous video cameras, which are always working at the Pentagon campus, were not brought into the investigation.
  1. The president and vice president of the US refuse to testify under oath. (Hot damn, that should be enough to decide the case right then and there!)
  1. When it was realized that, in the days of 2001 technology, cell phone calls couldn’t be transmitted from the heights claimed, nobody went back to question the claims of the calls.
  1. The media made sure never to mention the lawsuit filed by a female soldier, April Gallop, who sat near the explosion at the Pentagon and who said there was no evidence of a plane there.

Mrs Glinch, if you try to imagine how easy it was for the government to carry out the whole “terrorism attack” of 9-11,

with explosives pre-planted in those buildings, and simply have the media broadcast the story of Arab hijackers, you’ll quickly realize that our own gullibility is the problem. Pity we didn’t pay attention to the false accusation against “Timothy McVeigh” in the Oklahoma bombing, and learn a lesson.

Should Congress Have Protected Us?

Members of Congress earn $174,000 a year as their base pay, plus many allowances. What exactly is their job? Well, for one thing it is to make law. Within weeks of 9-11 they passed the Patriot Act, a flagrantly unconstitutional little exercise in treason. Moreover, they admitted at the time that they hadn’t read it.

Again, I have to blame all of us. We were scared and emotionally wrapped up in all the “togetherness” that ensues after a disaster. We trusted the legislature to do right. Note, however that they didn’t just fail us in the “heat of the moment.”  They repeatedly renewed the sunset clauses of the Patriot Act in the cool, cool, cool of the evening.

I also note that in two previous cases of a false-flag attack committed by the US to start a war, Congress was informed that it had been lied to, and yet took no action against the perjurers, much less did it alter the consequent war action.

One was the false statement by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 that a US ship had been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. On that basis, Congress expanded the military action in Vietnam, killing many US soldiers and Vietnamese allies. Then in 1990, a 17-year-old Kuwaiti girl baited Congress with Saddam atrocity stories, allowing Desert Storm to happen.

I bring up that history to emphasize that the legislature clearly does not mind being lied to. So, there is no reason, sad to say, to ever expect Capitol Hill to come to the rescue. (But you, Mrs Glinch, if you are age 25 or over, can run for Congress and change the whole ballgame. In fact, please do.)

Stay Away from Youtube, Sort of

Mrs Glinch, if you have never followed the 9-11 “truth movement,” I don’t encourage you to jump in at the deep end of the pool. There are more disinformational videos on Youtube than genuine ones. It can be very annoying.

Better to read the two best books, which are written by Elias Davisddon (“Hijacking America’s Mind” – I’ll say!) and Kevin Ryan (“Another Nineteen” – I can think of 30). They’ll smooth out any worries you have as to how the phone calls were made or who was in charge of Security at Dulles Airport.

But I hope you will look at the magnificent video by Richard Siegel, below. And you don’t have to trust his “theories.” Siegel’s got fantastic footage, taken with his own camera. He stood on the pier at Hoboken, which looks across to Manhattan. Plus, we hear him playing a radio the whole time, with WINS station in New York giving us a play-by-play (subsequently suppressed).

Let me tell you what I learned from the video that was new to me. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist, so it’s hard to get me excited with new data, but here is some:

  1. On the WINS radio, we hear a reporter say that a senior Air Force enlisted man said he saw a military-type helicopter circle the building, then disappear behind the building and then a fireball went up into the sky. (This supports the Truthers’ no-plane-at-the-Pentagon theory.)
  1. There were 8 helicopters visible in the sky over the WTC after the buildings were already hit. Siegel says they could have been FEMA helicopters as part of a drill. It has long been known that drills took place that day, using the very scenario that occurred – planes flying into skyscrapers! (Hello! Hello!) Note Elias Davidsson says the phone-callers such as Betty Ong may have believed they were taking part in a drill.)
  1. In the Siegel film, there aren’t any jets hitting the WTC. Of course, that doesn’t prove there were no planes. Ah, Mrs Glinch, I hear you say you saw the planes with your own eyes? No, you saw tricks on TV. Be wary.
  1. Siegel says he tried for years to tell everybody about these things and was called disloyal and “trying to stir up terrorism.”
  1. He said he went to the pier every day thereafter and the wind was always at his back. Thus the wind blowing into Manhattan eastward carried the debris east into Brooklyn. Verry, verrry interesting.

Mrs Glinch, please do me a favor. Just go to the end of Siegel’s long video, say the last three minutes starting at 1.37, and hear him practically weep over America’s loss of freedom and loss of reality.

I honestly think you will be moved.


Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. She is a full-time researcher, mainly in law and medical issues. Last time she got paid for her work was 1995. Please buy her book “Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status.” Or grab it free from maryWmaxwell.com



  1. I noted that but under 3 you also mentioned ‘tricks’, ‘be wary’.
    Well, I am old enough and examined 911 for over 11 years to be sufficiently wary of ‘tricks’.

    • I said Siegel’s video does not show any planes hitting the WTC, but I said “Of course that does not prove there were no planes.”

        • Wah. My article is not meant to count planes, birds, and Batman. It is to tell Mrs Glinch that when the Lords are killing us we need to deal with the Lords. What matters is not what happened in 2001 since we can’t change that. What matters is what happens next. An earthquake in Australia? Just think, if humans are mean enough to cause all that destruction in New York, would they ever have restraint about anything?

          • well- whatever you believe about who did 9/11 we already know humans are far more mean than that: what about the WMD lies that lead to the illegal invasion of Iraq? Years later and well over 1,000,000 dead- the country in is in ruins- ISIS. Vietnam? Honduras? Chile? Indonesia? El Salvador? Nicaragua? and on and on and on it goes- Millions of ‘folk’ tortured, napalmed and killed off.

            For me the BIG lesson of 9/11 was never about how ‘mean’ they could be- that was known historical fact- rather the issue was how devious, how treacherous, and how bold they have become. 9/11 was possibly the greatest public lie ever cooked up- the hubris of doing it in front of the world- in New York City was breathtaking. Only such a BIG LIE could ever be believed…

            and Only the people who were behind the creation of C.O.G. (Continuity of Government), and who had already killed JFK, MLK and RFK (amongst many other foul acts) could be so emboldened and daring. Those had cut their teeth on murder and cover ups…

            and people wonder why none of them have an outbreak of compassion and come forward blabbing. The ‘someone would have blabbed’ theory is absolutely absurd. How often do you hear of remorseful murderers walking into a Police Station to confess to unsolved crimes? No- those who did 9/11 must already have been vetted as committed conspirators and killers all.

      • Dear Rediscover, my article doesn’t hinge on whether Siegel is related to Bugsy or whether he is Jewish. I took 7 things from him: the five in the Siegel list, the general awful look of the billowy clouds, and his last 4 words (“Freedom doesn’t come cheap”).
        All of the above hold up even if he is a mean litigator for copyright, and even if his purpose in suing Sophia be more despicable (such as that he is a paid troublemaker).

        Granted, if his film is false (e.g., if he added those helicopters), or if his claim that the wind was at his back was a lie, then I have been duped on those two items.
        But even if so, that doesn’t spoil my telling Mrs Glinch that she needs to face the facts of life: the US ‘government,’ not his nibs from Bora-Bora, wants disciplining.

        But thank you for the criticism, and the link. If you know the present whereabouts of Siegel, pray tell. The narrator described him in the past tense so I thought he is no longer with us.
        I lived in Manhattan from 1970-74 and found it miraculously wonderful. I saw a Youtube interview with Dean Loren (no longer available) in which he said that there are horrible plans still being laid for New York. He also said that just as there is a school-to-work pipeline, there is a school-to-prison pipeline. Given all that Charlotte Iserbyt has documented about malice in education-planning, I am willing to believe Deal Loren.
        We mustn’t remain silent about these sick, sick things.

    • Sophia’s film was very good as well- however- her recent work on ‘morgellons’ has me seriously worried. That whole theory seems like crap to me. I think a real problem with 9/11 truth people is confirmation bias- where once you know ‘they did a thing like that- you are much more ready to believe other things ‘they’ might have ‘done’.

      I think it is important (yet difficult at times) to make a distinction between ‘faith based belief’ and beliefs based on a scientific, rational approach- whether you believe in 9/11 truth or the Official fairy tale.

      I know I have to check myself at times lest I start believing in the Lizard people theory… Just because they act like satanic cold blooded lizards doesn’t mean they actually are!

      • Dear Jacques, How nice to hear a new voice, and one with no nonsense. Thank you for the lengthy report above. Dalia wants us to do a new piece on the No Planes thing, as we can’t handle it here. Please wait patiently for it. In the meantime, see Dean Hartwell’s interesting and unique research on the passengers.

  2. @mary,
    2] steel framed buildings cannot…..
    Well, how many times did the Titannic need to sink, just for you to understand that it could actually sink?

        • quite wrong (again)- despite being relatively large ‘pencils’ for WTC architect Frank DeMartini’s analogy- the planes actually did act just like that- the buildings swayed as they were designed to do – then came back to rest with loads redistributed via the truss and beam grid- (there was massive redundancy built into the design) and stood solidly- before suddenly – inexplicably- and quite spontaneously collapse/ploding in an un-naturally symmetrical fashion- that looked eerily just exactly like a top down controlled demolition (which it was).

          Oh, and as you no doubt know- the company that the Gov immediately called to ‘clean up the site’ was non other than “Controlled Demolition, Inc”- same folks that got called in to clean up after Oklahoma. Interesting, what?

  3. I think the ‘no plane theory’ is deliberate misinformation (at least at WTC- who knows at the Pentagon?), just like ‘Dr’ Judy Wood’s absurd particle beam theories, and that Russian guys pre-planted Nuke theory. All to be avoided- along with much other rubbish. Veterans-Today seems to be a prime source of this utter crap.

    Mr Siegel’s video on the other hand is very good primary evidence. I watched it years ago: shocked and dumfounded. Seeing the instantaneous natural live human reactions to the collapses (sorry explosions) of the towers- in this video and in many other videos from closer by in Manhattan- it is clear many on the day knew what they were seeing with their own eyes made no sense. The nature of the explosive collapses did not match the pattern of damage caused by the Airplanes: and of course- except in Hollywood- buildings had NEVER collapsed like this in the History of the World. Before or since. Many people immediately said “There were BOMBS! They Blew it up!”, etc.

    I strongly recommend another video to anyone interested in the truth: Massimo Mazucco’s 5 hour 3 part Epic documentary, “The New Pearl Harbour”- and in particular the primary raw video evidence given by perhaps hundreds of individuals – all filmed immediately after- or even as the event unfolded on the streets on Manhattan. These witnesses all knew what the saw: explosions caused by bombs throughout the buildings, WTC1, 2 and 6 & 7. This is a fact that simply cannot be denied and explained away by falling objects, witness confusion, or miracle elevator/lobby jet-fuel explosions that defy reason.

    In fact I would ask this sites resident troll El-Kammo- if he/she could watch ‘The New Pearl Harbour’ and make a go a answering/debunking the 50 odd questions posed by Mr Mazucco throughout the film? Even just 10 of them? I agree in advance that some of the questions would be difficult to answer without access to inside/controlled/hidden/redacted/top-secret/unreleased/shredded information- however many of them can be approached by any rational human. Just where did that all that molten steel come from???

    Was there a secret Iron Foundry in the basement of WTC, El-Kammo? Or was it molten aluminum- somehow impossibly glowing bright orange?

    There is another short video on youtube- that tells the lie to the official story of 9/11 in a compelling and concise way: the immediate eyewitness testimony of Paul Lemos- to me the point he makes near the end- where he mentions ‘architects they pulled in’ who explained to him that ‘what he saw wasn’t explosions’- is particularly revealing of the way in which 9/11 was being stage managed – even as it occurred.

    The Harley guy video is another important primary document- I mean- El Kammo- seriously- this Harley Guy reminds me of YOU! So Sincere! Check him out! Beyond Orwellian: ‘Mostly due to structural failure….’

    • @jacques,
      You reject the no plainers, Judy Wood and Jesse Ventura, you seem to know better, well, therefore explain in your own words how the job was pulled off.

      • @jaques
        You also assume that I do not know of or did not wath those videos.
        You just assume, like Mae just assumes that I am an internet agent.
        Take an assumption and write down to where it leads, that is what I do with all Lala land theories, and find out that they lead to more and more complications that make no sence.
        Furthermore there should be a meeting in Lala land to stick the heads together, point in the same direction, just like “they” did.
        Now we have planes and no planes, hijackers and no hijackers, planes with and without passengers and crew, remote controlled planes with or without passengers/crew/hijackers, remote controlled whilst most pilots had a military history and did not act, and so on and on, and this is just the planes.
        And me, El-Kammo sees it all passing by and I am troubled about it because it becomes endless.

        • Again: wrong- and do not put words into my mouth- I certainly don’t assume you are ‘an internet agent’ you could simply be another deluded idiot- in fact it’s quite likely for all I know.

      • It’s not up to me to explain to you how it was done- I do not know exactly- the fully detailed information is pretty heavily classified I imagine… Compartmentalized too.

        What I can tell you is what didn’t happen: the official story didn’t happen. There are a multitude of physical impossibilities and totally unbelievable systemic failures inherent in the official story- that it totally falls apart WHEREVER you look at it in any detail.

        We had a Total failure of terrorist watch-list system, total failure of FBI, CIA, NSA and a multitude of other agencies to uncover/stop the alleged plot. A Total failure of Airport security, the Pilots of 4 planes totally failed to defend their cockpits- and all totally failed to send off a simple hijack alert code. Then a total failure of Air defense interceptors, a total failure of Pentagon building defenses: and finally the coup de-grace: TOTAL STRUCTURAL FAILURE of 3 WTC high rise buildings leading to TOTAL collapses near or actually AT free fall speeds.

        Then there was a total failure to secure the crime scene, a total failure to reconstruct the airplanes or do standard crash reports for them (just where are the remains of those planes now BTW?), Total failure to recover the black boxes AT WTC 1 and 2 (despite passports surviving).

        Afterwards of course- A total failure to find ANYONE accountable on the home front for incompetence- and as many of the 9/11 Commissioners noted themselves: a total failure to get straight answers from the Gov and military in front of the Commission- which was “set up to fail” and funded, what was it? 7 Million dollars? Increased to 12 after a furore? The same commission that totally failed to get started in a timely fashion, what was it, some 440+ days AFTER the event??? Also there was that total failure of the President or Vice president to give open testimony under oath about the events of 9/11…

        You get my drift? They called 9/11 a ‘failure of imagination’. Well I say fooey to that. The entire thing was very imaginative- pretty schlock Hollywood 70’s disaster movie- but imaginative alright.

        what other failures come to mind? let me see:

        1) NIST totally failed to explain what happened ‘after global collapse initiation’: despite being tasked with explaining exactly that.

        2) NIST totally failed to explain how 8 stories of a 47 story building could collapse at free fall speeds despite acknowledging that free fall ‘is IMPOSSIBLE when there is a structure below…’

        3) NIST totally failed to show just how the fire proofing became ‘widely dislodged’ or how molten aluminum can mix with organics and glow bright orange in broad daylight- a seeming impossibility- yet a thing they claim occurred.

        4) NIST totally failed to test for any explosive residues despite it being mandated by law in any such investigation- and totally failed to be credible: with their absurd explanation that they ‘didn’t look for evidence of explosives’, because they ‘knew there was none’

        5) NIST totally failed to make public its computer models- on the unsettling ground that to do so ‘could adversely affect National Security’. The Entire global Building industry then totally failed to change or retrofit any buildings based on the NIST explanation of the 9/11 ‘collapses’.

        5) FBI totally failed to prove who actually sent US made weapons grade Anthrax letters to Politicians that opposed the Patriot bill and a Journalist who merely noted how the ‘collapse’ of the WTC building ‘looked just like one of those old controlled demolitions- designed to take down a building’..

        6) FBI totally failed to convince anyone (except perhaps Glenn Beck) that 5 frames of video show a Jetliner hitting the Pentagon – or that the other 37 odd Pentagon cameras that were said to have recorded the event had ‘nothing of public interest in them’ and therefore would ‘not be released under FOIA…’

        6) Cheney totally failed to explain his movement on 9/11 coherently and directly contradicted himself on multiple occasions, the same goes for Mr Rumsfeld- who apparently decided to wander the Pentagon lawns, helping the injured- as the Nation was under attack- despite being Secretary of Defense?

        7) No one ever really explained why Bush wasn’t whisked away from that Florida classroom – a total failure of the Secret Services (if you buy the ‘he wanted to look strong for the kids’ argument you must be a little soft in the head)- or why local Florida papers reported on 9/10/1 that air defense missiles were placed on the roof of that school before Bush’s visit- yet the Pentagon let a Boeing fly into it with over 1 hours warning- totally failing to defend itself…

        Some of these total failures fall into the (mountainous) category of circumstantial evidence, however it is the known documented facts of the collapse of the 3 WTC themselves that provide scientific proof that the official story is a BIG LIE. Unless the laws of physics stopped working on that awful morning.

        • @jacques,
          Yes, it is up to you.
          When you want to charge people for murder you need to come up with a proovable hypotheses about how they did it.
          You ask too many questions to answer in one reply, so I pick two common mistakes.
          1] black boxes are NOT indestructible; a crashed airliner from Niki Lauda, Lauda airlines, was found with an unreadable box.
          2] Wargames: In Alaska a yearly major pracitice was setup, including the US Navy, to practice an aircrash, and guess what huh? You got it, a real event occured during practice. 17 died, and no, it was not a setup, it was a pilot error.

          • Well- I never mentioned the 9/11 wargames- so # 2 is utterly irrelevant to what I wrote above… and for #1? I never said the black boxes were indestructible (after all every ‘thing’ is destructible)- I said they they were supposedly ‘never found’- they ‘vaporised’ apparently. Now even Titanium can vaporise- it’s true- but at 3287 °C. What could have caused that I wonder?

            But no- actually there were multiple first responder witnesses who state that they saw the Black Boxes recovered at the WTC- yet they apparently ‘vaporised’ after the event. I guess those witnesses are liars and/or got ‘confused’ as witnesses do.

            So for your comments on my comments I give you a rating of -1 out of a possible ten. Why the poor score you ask? Because your critique points were not only irrelevant to what I had written- YOU bought up the 9/11 wargames (plural) as well- and score a Home Goal for that one!

            What was it? Vigilant Guardian? Amalgam Virgo? FEMA’s Operation Tripod (where they set up shop in downtown Manhattan on September 10th? Very lucky- as Giuliani could use their mobile facilities after WTC7 and the Emergency Response ‘Bunker’ on the 27th floor was evacuated and abandoned BEFORE WTC 2? But then someone told Giuliani that the towers were going to collapse according to his own testimony. Pity he didn’t share that info with the firefighters inside the Towers don’t you think, El Kammo?

            No- I am sure you don’t think- else you wouldn’t be so dense.

          • @jacques,
            Just answer to the point, no need to write like it is a book.
            One at the time is what a comment can handle.
            I gave 2 common mistakes, meaning common.
            Since you made clear that the offical explanation is incorrect, give me YOUR explanation for peer review.

          • and- No it isn’t up to me. In order to exonerate one accused person it is not necessary to find- or even to name- the real culprit/s- all that is needed is to prove that the accused did not do it.

  4. @all,
    Please allow me to note that I thought that WTC7 was blown up on that day, the big cleanup had started.
    I remember telling at the office that the Americans work a lot faster then we do, contracts, planning and stuff like that.
    Feel free to trash this comment.

  5. Mary “disinfo” Maxwell, a despoiler of a perfectly good website. This has been evident for quite some time now. Her “no planes” slip-up was no slip-up.

      • @johnny,
        I will add that Gumshoe has never been “perfectly good”, and note that the Australians are having an arguement about who’s theory is the best 😛😛😛😛😛
        That’s a big laugh, the no plainers are banned from Gumshoe, while I thought that I had the first prize bringing in disinfo.
        Come on Gumshoe, which one of you is the best?
        A thumb was found on a rooftop, did Gumshoe find the guy with a missing thumb yet?
        Now, cut the crap !!! Give me your best theses to peer review.
        You do not dare.

        • To elkammo,
          I add ( feel free to trash)
          Those from Gumshoe, who don’t know shit about strutural engineering, and think that all buildings are the same, and therefore must collapse in a way they would expect, not knowing anything about it, must not interfere, not listen to the opinion of the hairdresser or shoemaker they encounter, not even Gage, for he knows nothing about strutural engineering either.
          I go for Jesse Ventura with his mininukes because, yes, radiation was measured.
          (I will not mention Ionising detectors according to optical detectors at this time, because Gumshoe seems to know it all)
          Gumshoe knows it all.

  6. Lol!

    Just a few points that show your an idiot.

    A Few Examples of the Mishandling of the Case:

    The Airlines have never been asked to provide the passenger manifest or detail of the purchase of tickets by the 19 Arabs.

    The manifests have been provided.

    Important information gleaned from experts was ignored in the Commission report, such as the fact that a steel-framed building cannot fall from fire, even the hottest fire.

    Thats why we have the NIST reports

    Numerous video cameras, which are always working at the Pentagon campus, were not brought into the investigation.

    Yes they were. but they were pointing at the entrance, and not the wall, because why would you point a camera at a wall?

    The president and vice president of the US refuse to testify under oath. (Hot damn, that should be enough to decide the case right then and there!)

    That does not matter, because they come up with the most elaborate conspiracy to kill 1000’s of Americans, but what the fuck, we can’t testify under oath!!!!!! For some reason, they are not allowed to lie under oath, but for the rest of the time they can??????

    When it was realized that, in the days of 2001 technology, cell phone calls couldn’t be transmitted from the heights claimed, nobody went back to question the claims of the calls.

    Thats why they had airphones on board from T&T

    The media made sure never to mention the lawsuit filed by a female soldier, April Gallop, who sat near the explosion at the Pentagon and who said there was no evidence of a plane there.

    To bad there was enough evidence of a plane hitting the Pentagon, like numerous plane parts, but I guess they planted those???

    You truly are the dumbest truther out there. And I truly hope, you didn’t get into congress….

    • Wow- you just make it up as you go along don’t you? Pentagon (Campus?? WTF?) has cameras only pointing at entrance? Seriously- that is MORONIC. Pentagon has MASSIVE total surveillance inside and out with literally hundreds and hundreds of cameras pointing in all directions. There are many other absurd comments and factual inaccuracies in you little ad-hominen diatribe above- none worth a reply.

      • WTF! That campus part was copied, or did you not read the article? And yes, they have good surveilance, but why would you aim a camera at a wall? Or at the sky for that matter? You only point to it places where people might enter the building or rooms or hallways. Not the outside wall and sky.

        So only this part was worth a reply? You to scared to give a full reply?

        • @johnnyboy,
          Gumshoe does not feel oblidged to come up with a plausible theory, there aim is to shoot holes in the official theory.
          No one thruther dares to come up with an even more plausible theory, except Judy Wood and Jesse Ventura, they have the balls to do so.
          Gumshoe and Gage have no balls

        • you guys are so full of it. If you really want an explanation of how it was done and who did it look up Dig Within and Kevin Ryan. As to the Pentagon cameras- man you are a MORON Johhnyboy- here are just some of the cameras at Pentagon:


          as you can see they are arranged to give a good view of everything that approaches the Pentagon- from every conceivable angle- just like security cameras at prisons and just about any other high security facility. But the Pentagon is no ordinary facility, is it? It is the center of the largest Military organization the World has ever seen. Yet we are to believe it has no defenses against Air Attack? Pure BS.

          To claim that cameras would only be pointed at doors is -I will say it again: MORONIC

          • Yes Jacques they have come up with moronic points. They have been at this site for a long time. They often come up with “you prove it”…. Well with judicial and subpoena powers it would be difficult to point to exactly who and how. But that is not the point – in this case there are at least 10 points that completely destroy/contradict the official lie. Thus if the official story can’t hold water then needs it needs be re-investigated. But that simple concept they don’t accept.

          • Omg, I cant believe it. Why did you remove my reply where I exlpain the cameras with me showing an image of where the cameras were posted and why they hang there. You madam are truly unbelievable. But no, you don’t want to see the other side of the story, just the side that you like…………..

          • Same with my reply to the air defence above the Petagon, which is removed. There can’t be air defence above the Pentagon, because Reagan National Airport is located 1 mile from the Pentagon. And planes fly over the Pentagon each day to land or to take off.

  7. El Kammo – I am so tired of saying the same ol’ things.

    There are many posts on this website that explain the completely INEXPLICABLE – that points to a crime.

    Start from Point A:

    In any criminal / murder case all suspects should be investigated (e.g. the family, the intruder, the neighbour).

    In this case the 9/11 event – the ‘family’ was not investigated. The government officials were not brought in and questioned under oath.

    What do we know:

    WTC 7 was demolished.

    The two towers were brought down in an explosive manner. Following the projectiles reveals that gravity was not the only energy in play.

    Planes flew into buildings – but it seems NOT the COMMERCIAL planes… Matt Campbell in a previous posts explains how maybe one entity was controlling the ‘planes’..

    The evidence of whistleblowers…. The evidence of witness accounts of explosions in basements and the like; molten metal; The statements of firefighters all point away from the official line.

    (I am sure Mary will explain her post in more detail at some point – and we do not always agree on issues, which is a healthy sigh)


    There is a corpse. There are bullet holes in the corpse but only a bloody knife at the scene. The neighbour owns the knife, thus – what is your conclusion? Is the neighbour the murderer?
    NO, not necessarily – you have to find who pulled the trigger of the gun.

    Therefore you NEED ALL THE EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY ON THE TABLE before claiming the neighbour ‘pulled the trigger’

    In the case of 9-11 it is claimed hijackers flew planes into buildings… But the buildings came down in a manner not consistent with the gravitational collapse after being damaged. WTC7 is was not hit by a plane.

    Thus the INVESTIGATION IS INCOMPLETE. The 9-11 Commissions Report is incomplete and flawed.

    Thus the murder case is still open.

    IT DOES NOT MATTER exactly how it was done, or the minute detail of methodology. At this stage (taking the above example) we can safely assume the knife was NOT THE MURDER WEAPON – the planes and alleged hijackers were not the murder weapon.

    THUS we need to re-open the investigation to investigate what ‘ENERGY’ was used to bring down the buildings – and WHO orchestrated that. Thereafter the details will make more sense.

  8. About the planes and passengers, this new writing by a career flight attendant, Rebekah Roth, is ‘must read’ material:


    Look for interviews with Rebekah Roth on YouTube.

    IMO, Roth’s analysis of the alleged phone calls, passenger lists, what happened to the planes is nearly as impactful as the revelation of nano-thermite being discovered.

    Now awaiting some sort of stink bomb from the trolls.

      • I have nothing to contribute as to number of planes. Both towers came down by controlled demolition. Any use of a plane on that day was part of a psy-op to support the story of “Arabs.” Without a plane story there would be no excuse for bombing the Middle East.
        Who cares if there was a jumbo jet, a military drone, a holograph, or strictly a fictional graphic provided to the networks? Please don’t spend time on this. No matter what you would come up with as to proof that a plane hit, or did not hit, the towers, it could not change the fact that the government caused all these deaths. It’s time to deal directly with that.
        I am begging you to concentrate on the future. Cheney et al have not “retired.”
        As for my little “discussion” with “Mrs Glinch,” I shouldn’t have mentioned planes. Folks can’t seem to get past that bit. Which goes to show how clever Tavistock really is….
        I apologize to Fearless Leader for causing her website to get clogged up with – dare I make a metaphor here? – alien visitors.

        • @mary,
          Carbomb failed in 1993, 675Kg of mixture, furtulisor and Nitro.
          The muslim that designed it was an Oxford engineer, dressed in Armany suites, and told that he would get his calculations right the next time.
          “They” had never need of plaines, “they” only needed to get the muslim’s calculations right.

        • Agree rediscover – have trashed countless comments – and will do another clean up….
          But as you say… blocking might be the only answer.
          The only reason I have allowed them to continue is that I have learned from their BS

          • Agreed that ‘sparring’ with these ‘hasbarats’ is informative and cultivates skills in debating the deceivers. At a point I realized that it is like getting into a mud-wrestling match with a pig.

            Websites maintained by the evil cabal do censor and ban postings/posters who expose their depravity.

            How these hasbarats are being is instructive.


            The hasbarats don’t care how they appear to others. Their charge is to run away viewers and take the time/energy of those who are knowledgeable.

    • This kind of theory seems most plausible to me as well- I never believed the planes were flown by human pilots- false-flag operatives would baulk at that level of commitment- and there would be too much chance of mission failure.

      Also it seems highly likely the passenger planes (any that actually took off that is) were switched- in just the way Operation Northwoods proposed. The Radar data strongly indicates that this is exactly what happened.

  9. Jaques.
    See me some time in the headmaster’s office. I have a jelly bean and kookaburra stamp for you.
    I also have some conical headgear available for the usual aspirants with a three legged stool…..chose your corners, Johnny BOY and/or El-Comical.
    You latter lot. Ever heard of misprision of felony? No? Look up what happened to Lord ‘Haw Haw’.

  10. The only genuine understanding of what really happened on 911, and where it fits into the political pattern and climate,
    can be achieved with a full picture of the historical agendas and methods of deception applied to advance the policy of monopoly.

    Ryan Dawson makes a very worthy contribution in this study of how politics, media and powerful cabals combine in hidden plans, policies and activities as the standard behavior of a criminal class intent on domination at any cost.

    Many details surrounding 911 can only be uncovered if an honest investigation was to ever be conducted but many facts, reason and logic disclose the 911 event, though having the outward appearance of a Muslim conspiracy theory, actually fits very neatly into a larger conspiracy pattern of war by deception where “terrorism” and “Al Qaeda” are understood maturely as “Orwellian” strategies with complex layers of motive and complicity far beyond the simpleton conclusions of those suffering political and historical dementia.

    A tragic aspect of this indisputable conspiracy pattern is the very deliberate conjuring of highly irrational, poisonous faulty distracting theories, planted and fueled to neutralize and confuse any challenging voices questioning the crimes of monopoly power.
    This is the basic sorcery and black magic that must be overcome if truthful revelation is to be achieved and applied to our political outcomes.

    The Ryan Dawson study is lacking in polish and he does exhibit sarcasm but on the whole this is honest and well referenced.
    It is several years since it was produced and likely Ryan has updated and revised as any new information demanded.

  11. @all,
    About NIST and the FOIA:
    I do not know why the required information is not provided.
    Let me take you to the structural blueprints first:
    Cantor, the structural engineer, and Frankel Steel, the contractor steel, have the obligation to save those blueprints for a given time (10y in the Netherlands), and furthermore the authoraty has the obligation to keep them longer(30-50y in the Netherlands), now, NIST needed the blueprints from Cantor and Frankel Steel and they got them, so why can’t you?, well, I do not know, I do not live in the US.
    Why should handing over the totall package of strutural blueprints of WTC7 be a matter of US national security?, well I do not know because there is nothing to be found, on those blueprints, that handle securaty of that building in any way.
    I just do not know why those blueprints are not provided.
    I repeat that I do not know.

  12. Gumshoe is based upon the opninion of 2 chicks.
    The first chick feels no need to await the outcome of the demanded new investigation, she shovels her opinion into the minds of children.
    The second chick got stuck in the plane/no plane part, but for the rest she seems to know all about it, again, without knowing the outcome of the demanded new investigation.
    Thank you Gumshoe, the world is really gratefull for the work of the 3 of you, 2 chicks and Ned.
    Western Europe awaits your reports to peer review.

    • Dear Chick Number 1, I ask you to delete most of the 29 Kammo comments on this post, so that readers can find the actual debate below. I’ve read your children’s book, “Three Tall Buildings” and find no trace of “Dalia shoveling her opinion.” Rather, you are showing kids how to think.
      Mr Kammo gets paid to work here. He’s intent on wasting your editing time, no doubt a good sign! He also seems intent on burying my article. I didn’t think there was anything of particular importance in my article but now I’m beginning to wonder….
      (Maybe the bit about the Pentagon witness on WINS radio?)

      • To bad that parts of the “debate” from my side, where I talk about the cameras en air defence above the Pentagon, were removed.

        • Just found 10 new comments in my mailbox.
          So chick number 2:
          Should I answer, you add up to at least 10 comments from El-Kammo. Be aware that some comments in my mailbox are like books, several questions to be answered.
          So chick nr. 2: should I answer by declaring that there were no planes, is that fine with U ?, or should I answer those questions just to give an answer?
          Chick nr.1 has no moderator, no rules. (Except the basic rules, like threats and insults, and being off topic)
          So Chicks, am I allowed to answer to 10 new comments?
          Then why did Chick nr. 1 remove the arial photo of the Pentagon regarding the cameras? Has nothing to do with me, so why, according to the Gumshoe rules was that? Please note that the new investigators will know more then you chicks.
          Why punish Johnnyboy for my actions?, if not fore your own protection, your own LaLaLand?

      • @chick nr. 2,
        Why post an article, on Gumshoe, that according to you is of no importance to 911?, all it containded was assumptions and hearsay.
        Just plunge it on FB then.
        I made your article important, so thank me, look at the number of comments, thank me.

      • Chick nr. 2,
        Go arrest your 5 hotshots, according to your law from 1793 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
        Go get them girl, you can do it 😅
        El-Kammo out.

  13. El K and Johnny boy have some purpose and that is to attempt to cause confusion and doubt. To that end they apply their efforts.
    To that extent they are useful, as others detect their tactics the question arises: ‘why’?
    They do not want others to realise that their are many questions that surround nearly every aspect of the official story and a proper investigation is warranted.
    It is crystal clear that E K and Johnny boy are attempting to abort a proper investigation that may expose the lies and the real perpetrators.
    Their desperation is clear which leads one to conclude that they are attempting to give aid comfort and protection to the real mass murderers. It follows that their interests are with the killers.
    Therefore, they have a useful purpose, they demonstrate that there is much to be hidden about 911 and exposure is their nightmare.
    Love the report from way back, again raised at whatreallyhappened.com today, with the recording of the phone call from a hostess claiming that there were three (not four) hijackers and at the end of the call is another lady whispering ‘ you did well’ (or to that affect)
    Seems to add to the suspicion that the phone calls were scripted and as they could not be made from the planes, were made out of flight. Add the Olsen non existent phone calls and the fellow stating; ‘Mum it is your son xxxxxxx, you do believe me don’t you’ (or to that affect).
    There are more questions to this mass murder than collapsing buildings being blown up!

    • So its not allowed to have a different opinion? We all have to follow Dalia and you with your beliefs? How sad is that… Talk about sheeple…………..

      WE have said many times that we don’t mind a new investigation. Start one for yourself for all I care. The outcome won’t be any different though, and if it does get a different outcome, i am truly fine with that. But I am sure you will be calling for another investigation if the new investigation does not support your theory. Try to think about that! So could you live with the same outcome, if there was a new investigation???????

  14. The people of Spain were aghast at having their soldiers in Iraq, so they organized. A friend was in Barcelona when at 9 pm, a ruckus grew into a cacophony of women beating on cooking pans with a spoon. The noise continued for almost 15 minutes. This ‘demonstration’ of disgust with the foreign policy of Spain to put Spain’s ‘finest’ at risk in destroying Iraq resulted (in two weeks of nightly protest) in Spain withdrawing their troops.

    We’ve reached the 100th monkey who know 9-11 is big lies.

    There are things we can do within the rule of law to persuade ‘our leaders’ to do the right things.

  15. @Ned

    You claim you want a new investigation, so feel free to enlighten us, as to who should perform this investigation.

    So who will investigate the collapses off the buildings? I suspect you want highrise engineers to investigate this?
    Who will investigate the flights? I suspect you want some form of investigative instance(like the police) to look into this?
    Who will investigate the whereabouts off all the passengers that have gone missing that day? I suspect you want some form of investigative instance(like the police) to look into this?
    Who will investigate the hijackers? I suspect you want some form of investigative instance(like the police) to look into this?

    Simple questions right? Since you keep asking for a new investigation, I am sure you thought about who will do the actual new investigation. Right?

    Lets see who can’t perform a new investigation.
    AE911 truth, because they are biased because before the NIST investigation was done, they already new that it would be a bad report.
    9/11 truthers in general, because they are also biased. So prey tell. Who will do the new investigation?

    • Deze vind ik intrigerend: Al het bewijs van explosieven is bewust verwijderd, met het doel om het bewijs te verwijderen. Wij willen dat er opnieuw wordt gezocht naar het bewijs van explosieven. Zie je de contradictie? Er is geen bewijs meer? Waar gaan ze in zoeken dan?

      > Op 21 februari 2015 om 17:40 schreef Gumshoe News

  16. @all,
    I am the bad guye and I am fine with that, but now I noticed that johnnyboy2222 has to take the bleed, while all he does is answer questions you DEMAND! answers to.
    I consider this to be a bad policy of Gumshoe, bad policy of the 2 chicks. Take it upon me, not another user, ban me, not another user.
    Have fun with your consperacy theories, for you come no further then just theories, good luck with your quest to find explosives, X rays, mininukes, no planes, drones, missiles, and so on.
    I will not comply to 10 new comments, I will step aside for a while and observe.
    I will be back in one way ore another, I have lots of redundancy
    So Chicks, time to party, but beware that Big Brother is watching.
    Have a nice day.

    • So here we are.
      The enlightened poking the sheeple to wake up and the sheeple telling to stop poking, naming the enlightened crackpots.
      The enlightened are going nowhere.
      I have spoken with Gage and he is going nowhere.
      I call this poor project management.
      So make your project move forward enlightened, and then you may poke me, because then you have my interest.
      Until then, well, let me sheeple, poke me when you are ready.

      • How about the livestream from Orleance France this morning ?
        The Gage band was allready playing and victory was allready selfdeclared, but guess what huh?
        No livestream.
        Bad project mamagement.
        Next to expect is how succesfull the Gage band performed in France, 9:30 Amsterdam time this morning, and of course, without showing critical questions.
        Europe is calling out, European Engineers want to be educated by Gage……, yeh right, no, wrong.
        So, up to the next event that needs donations and leads to nowhere.
        I am going to sheeple now, catch you, the enlightened, later

        • One more thing before I go to sheeple:
          The paper presented in Orleance France is a bad, bad, bad paper.
          I will explain to anyone of you who asks

          • Thinking about explaining:
            The paper was bad bad bad, and I will not explain to you.
            I do not ow you anything.

        • News from the SEFi Orleance France concerence, the moneypit paper.
          Well, it dit not happen, shit happens.
          It was approved, but withdrawn 3 days before the event.
          I do not yet know the reason for this.
          2000 bucks were collected to send 2 moneypit guyes to France, but they never went.
          On the FB ae911moneypit they were all eagor to buy a video of it, all very exited and willing to pay.
          I just mentioned that I live in France time, and there was no livestream, no paper, no presentation, no guyes with 2000 in the pocket, and no video to be expected.
          My comments, only 2, the truth, facts, were deleted.
          Now who exectly are the sheeple?

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