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Dubai Tower Torched – Reminds Us Of What Building Again – WTC7


dubai and 7

Hundreds of people were evacuated after a fire broke out in Dubai’s Marina Torch tower, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. Strong winds fanned the fire in the 79-storey skyscraper, which is 336 metres tall and opened in 2011.

Well – remember this building (below), Building 7. NIST said it came down as a result of fires at 5.20pm on September 11, 2001.


Building 7 was demolished

And it once again reminds us that we are being lead by criminals and liars, and that the media giants are colluding in this massive cover up. What a shameful fraud. And shameful on society for accepting the lies.

Footage in Dubai below.




  1. Glad to see a ‘chick ‘on the ball. Eh. El K and JB?
    There have been several similar examples of such fires leaving skyscrapers standing tall,
    Come to think of it well before 911 there was a large fire in one of the WTC towers.
    Oh well, it was not that bad in a WTC building ton 911 the firefighters arrived at about the 83rd floor and reported on radio, to the affect; ‘spotted fires, two hoses will do it’.
    Don’t believe that; friends of murderers?
    Try going to patriotsquestion911.com and in the friends section look up the lady’s photograph at an aircraft entry hole waving. Sorry do not recall her name as that photo was way back before 2010.
    She is referred to as ‘the lady who walked through fire.
    I take it E K and J B that you are recent to the
    material relating to the 911 questions!
    Go and do some research or PO.

    • Of course I believe that they reported those 2 isolated pockets of fire but what kind of fire would you have expected on the 78th (not 83rd) floor Ned ? A small or a big one ? And another thing, from where they were standing, they didn’t have an overview of the complete floor neither. So what’s your point ?

      Remember, it’s the first fire that they came accross… On the upper levels the fire was way more fierce but those brave firemen never made it up there (because the building collapsed in case you’ve forgotten that).

      It can be really simple you know…. You just need to try a little harder and do some more reading.

      • XingFu – you’re back again too…. As Jacques said: The two towers “COLLAPSED” SIDEWAYS – and then down. Another word is “lateral projection” / explosion / energy expulsion… You are truly a disinfo bandit.
        I have removed building 7 in this photo to give a true representation of the tower and the “umbrella” like explosion.
        Explanation: “collapse” please!

        • What you see in the picture is the outer columns falling outwards, because the top part of the building was falling down the center and destroying the connections of the outer wall, so the only place the outer wall could go, was outward.

          • Johnnyboy,
            Are you aware that according to the official report carried out by NIST, the floor trusses were weakened and sagged due to the heat of the fire and pulled the outer walls inward for both towers 1 & 2. How can they be pulled inwards and explode outward at the same time?

          • Because there is video and photographic evidence that the floors sagged and pulled the outer columns inward just before the collapse. After the connections broke, they could not move inward anymore and fell outward.

        • Look up North tower collapse slow motion videos on Youtube, and you see its just the outer walls being pushed outwards. Same as with the South tower.

            I have downloaded the videos and watched the videos on my editing software. I have tracked (in super slomo) what looks like the floor slab – thus a 4″ slab – about the size of tennis court (calculated against the size of other buildings – then at about 170 tons) projected out sideways – approximately 220 feet (more than the side of the BLD 207′) then arching slowly down to probably crash over 300 feet from the tower. Not only one of these. There are many. They were not outer walls. You can see those falling 50 – 100 feet from the Bld.
            You guys have been caught over and over trying to deceive readers. You have enough knowledge to know whats going on – and enough time to bashing on the official lie. As Ned says. This will all be tracked ——————–

          • I assume you are refering to this part of the collapse?

            Or this part?

            And those are not floor parts, but Outer columns.

            Its explained in the next video. You can see how far the walls collapsed outward. Dont forget that the towers were almost 400 meters high, so thats one slab of wall from almost 400 meters high that is peeling outward. Close enough to hit WFC3 and WTC 7, and all the other surrounding buildings. And its clear the buildings did not fall into their own footprint also.

            I am sorry you can’t see it….

          • Examples of laterally projected projectiles like this.

            But you know that JB
            You can see the slabs in most distant videos.

            YES—and in your second video “Live coverage….” stop around 0:43.
            Just above the word ‘Live’ on the right you can see a MASSIVE slab. Replay and follow that slab’s path outwards and down.

            Play it in slow motion and do your math. 170-220 tons projected laterally for 200+ feet….

            In fact I feel stupid replying to your same queries month after month. You obviously are here to INFECT THE DEBATE. Maybe you are paid JB. EK etc. Who knows. You lot have never come up with a comparable collapse to B7. You know much more than just interested 911 believers. I think a previous commentator was right. I should ban the lot of you as you come up with endless distraction.
            Why not write an comprehensive article on why the 911 official line is a fact – email it to me – and I might consider publishing it if it is written with conviction.

          • Those are not slabs. Do you know how the outer wall from the towers was constructed? It was bolted together.


            As you can see in the image on the left, you see the end parts of the 3 forks from one of those parts. At the top of the forks are 4 holes, to bolt it toegther to the next part that comes on top of it, and so on. The square holes are there so you can reach inside the column, and fasten the bolts. These are the parts you see peeling off from the building. So in spite popular belief, the outer columns were not welded together, but bolted together

          • And you haven’t answered my question as to why they would need to blow out an entire floor? What could be the use for that? It just makes no sense to blow out an entire floor. They would have to attach rockets to the side of the floor slab, to get it moving sideways. Don’t you see how absurd that sounds?

          • You’re an idiot JB. I have inspected the videos on a 6 foot screen in stop and slo motion. There are concrete slabs flying out—- seen on many angles. What i see is not the latticed outer walls.
            And “why would they want to blow the floors out”.
            Youre really are in need of grey matter.
            If you “energize the demise of the building via some form of explosive device” —- all part of the build is up to be “demolished” as a result of the “explosion”.
            I’m being played—–to keep answering nonsense.

            WRITE A COMPREHENSIVE ARTICLE ON THE SCIENCE OF THE BUILDINGS COLLAPSING ACCORDING TO YOUR VIEW JOHNYBOY – and if it it written with conviction and logic I’ll publish it.

          • Do you actually know how a controlled demolition works? They dont blow out floors. They just weaken some of the lower floors of a building and gravity does the rest. Like Jowenko said in his interview about WTC 1 and 2. Gravity is a present for Controlled Demolition companies.

          • And whats up with the name calling all of a sudden? I am trying to explain to you, that you are mistaken about the floor being blown out(Because its impossible, and it has no use to do so). I never once used name calling in this thread. So try to keep it civil will you?

          • Not sure why you removed my reply where I explain to you how the floors were constructed from decking, welded to trusses and a few inch layer of concrete on top of that. But you don’t see those flying now do you? So I guess you got no explenation for that, so you removed the reply.

          • The only reasom I mention those rockets, is because there is no other way to move an object off a few 100 tons as you say outside the perimeter of a building.

          • Dalia, in controlled demolition they blow up walls, and support columns(Which were the inner and outer columns in this case, and the evenly spaced concrete columns you see in regular office buildings), not floors. Don’t you really understand that(serious question here)? Why don’t you look up a documentary on how a controlled demolition works.

          • You have said it JB.
            “The only reasom I mention those rockets, is because there is no other way to move an object off a few 100 tons as you say outside the perimeter of a building.”

            Well huge objects and slabs are moved laterally. No rockets were used – but various modern explosives would do the same thing in a ‘top-down – start at plane impact point – to a hugely constructed building’

            Yes JB – It is clear from the visual evidence. They are propelled laterally. Thus SOMETHING was used to manufacture that energy.

            Why not write an comprehensive article on why the 911 official line is a fact – email it to me – and I might consider publishing it if it is written with conviction. Take up my offer.

          • Dalia, there isn’t an explosive in the world, that can move an entire slab of floor laterally, that big. Its impossible, and totally pointless. Like I said, in a CD they only remove the vertical support, and let gravity do the rest. I showed you a video of the WFC 3 column explained. All you can see is exterior columns lying on the floor leading all the way to WFC3, so this is proof that the exterior columns peeled outward. We don’t see any floor slabs, and they would have to ly on top off the exterior columns, because the exterior columns would have to fall down first, and everything else has to ly on top of that, but we dont see any of that. So no floor was ejected laterally outside of the building, because there is zero proof that it has.

          • Only 230 feet yes, and how tall is the building? 1350 feet? So 230 feet is small compared to the heigth, and because of the peeling effect, that distance of 230 feet only gets more. Its so obvious, that I dont understand you don’t get it tbh. It starts peeling at the point of impact, so lets say a 1000 feet of outer columns, that are peeling out. Makes perfect sense if you watch the video.

          • You cant say anything from a photo for that matter. I love the text with the latteraly projected stuff part. If you look at the video though, you see that chunk of steel move to the side and downwards, so in a parabolic manner.

          • Just look at the following images and see how far wide spread the outer columns landed on the ground during the collapse, outside the footprint of the buildings.



            The buildings themself were 208 feet wide, and the debris can be found at much greater distance than 208 feet. So that 230 feet from your image means nothing. Don’t see any floor slabs though, just outer columns and inner columns.

          • Why would I need to write an article btw? There are numerous official reports that explain what happened that day. Not my fault, you didn’t read any one of those.

          • Maybe you are watching the wrong videos then. You can trace the ‘parabolic’ paths. And they not following just gravity. And you know that JB

          • Dalia, why dont you get a ruler and set it on its small side and hold on. Now let go and see what happens to the ruler. How does it fall?

    • Lol. The fire department knew that the fire was too big to handle, so they scrapped the idea of putting out the fire, and turned it into a rescue operation instead. But I guess the fire department did’t know what they were doing that day. And the fire moved upwards, and they were at the bottom of the fire.

      • j-boy -though im loathe to interact with a retard of such magnitude.. let me show you some irrefutable proof of lies and deception, unlike anything that you believers in the official conspiracy theory can offer..


        so, whatever this engine came off, it isnt what we are being told.
        unless you can offer something that proves this that engine did come from Flight 175, i suggest you shut your ridiculously stupid pie hole, because it simply wont be worth listening to, we have heard it all before.

        • So you are saying that the criminal masterminds who pulled off the biggest false flag operation in the world, placed a wrong engine at the scene of the crime? How stupid is that?

          • Yeh, pretty stupid to believe they planted the wrong engines at the scene of the crime, and all while people were watching. They even hang it in the Memorial museum in New York to show off how stupid they really were by using the wrong engines.

  2. I looked up ”patriotsquestion911′ and in the friend section found the lady.
    She was a peron murdered by those some wish to protect, she is one of thousands that day and one of million plus killed in in the Middle East, following, as planned, as exposed by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman.
    Want to know her name spivs?
    She was Edna Cintron, murdered by those who did 911.
    We want those murderers brought to justice together with their protectors.
    Comprehendi; EK and JB? Tell your masters.

    • The importance of Building 7 should never be underestimated or made fun of. It is the key to unraveling the lie of the official story of 9-11. Building 7 can ONLY have been a planned demolition and from that, the explanation of what happened to Buildings 1 & 2 follows. If the official story of 9-11 is proven to be a lie (and if the likely culprits are identified) then the public can view with a new understanding all that has taken place since 9-11. That is, the public can then re-assess the truthfulness of our governments and media concerning “radical Islamic terrorism” and the concocted “war on terror”. It is important to keep the demolition of Building 7 as a topic that is relevant for today since the majority of the public are still unaware of these key truths.

  3. Yup. It was only a matter of time before the kook patrol came out on this one. The key difference… the Torch didn’t just have two massive structures collapse just across the street and then catch fire.

    • Jacques, you need to think for a few seconds before you post a comment. This article is about Building 7, not about all three buildings. Building 7 was an example of a classic “bottom up” demolition but the other two buildings were examples of relatively rare “top down” demolitions. It is quite suitable to describe the behavior of Building 7 as a “collapse”, just like that word is used to describe any case of standard demolition. Of course, the usage of that word does not mean that it collapsed of its own volition but instead, it means that it was made to collapse. Yes, Buildings 1 & 2 are best described as exploding laterally. If you carefully watch videos of those two events, you can actually see the explosions taking place just ahead of the dust cloud as it moves downward.

  4. I would expect that if there were serious fires after the aircraft exploded that Edna Cintron would not have been available to appear at the entrance hole waving for help.
    Just look up the video of the lady who was murdered soon after by the sub human trash that you are protecting.

    • This was meant to be a reply to Zxing foo or JB or EK or whoever.
      Give it up aiders and abettors of mass murderers, the truth will prevail and the Metadata boys will have you on a rope, in due course.

  5. J B, El Kebab, X Foo,
    It may have missed my notice; who in your mind, based on the evidence planned and did 911?
    If any of you have an opinion please tell us.

      • The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this…

        Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…

        Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…

        And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…

        Unphased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…

        Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.

        Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…

        …Meanwhile down in Washington…

        Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…

        Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…

        Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…

        …all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…

        …Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…

        So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…

        And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…

        …Further south in Florida…

        President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…

        …In New York…

        World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…

        While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…

        And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…

      • so rocket scientist who were te guys arrested in New York on 911 driving a van full of explosives ? Just to give you a clue , they weren’t Muslims .Anytime you are ready let us all know who they worked for and their nationalities .

          • Because the police later corrected the mistake the news reporters made.


            “Also, another clarification. We reported about 30 minutes ago a van had been pulled over outside of New York City. We now understand that two or three men are being held for questioning. But as for explosives onboard that van, that has been denied by police officials there in the briefing we just hear. Again, we’ll track it throughout the night. ”

            Other news agencies also made clear that there were no explosives found in vans. And since no cop has ever come forward saying they stopped a van with explosives, it is just a myth.

            Don’t forget that it was total chaos that day, and news reporters all wanted scoops. I heard reports that day that even the Washington mall was bombed that day, which also turned out false. So lots of false reports coming from news agencies that day, because they were under pressure to come up with the best story.

  6. So Johnny boy it was muslims eh? Try this for part one.
    I do not have time to recite 11 years of study of 911 to go into detail, but to get the ball rolling, may i sggest that the identiy of the perpetrators of the mass murders is not as simple as you and many others would wish to subscribe to.
    Past President if Itay, Francesco Coriega was reported as being of the view: (to the affect).’The day after 911 all the world’s inteligence agencies knew 911 was a CIA-Mossad job”.
    [clearly he is in error here, as the Australina intelligence agency/s must no have woken up, otherwise they would have advised Prime Minister Howard and cabinet of the charade and we may have avoided going and atacking Aghanisatn and Iraq where we had so many of our good soldiers killed and wounded for zilch]

    Coriega knew a bit about terrorism, he oversaw operation gladio as the intelligence agencies murdered innocents in Europe, one good one; was the murdering of about 81 travellers at Bologna railway station.

    In March 2001 agent Vineenzo is reported as staing under oath:
    “… you had to attack civilians, the people, the women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from aany political game. Reason…….to force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security”.

    Now jonny boy, et al., have you read the section of the notes from Dr Day on the address exposing the NWO where it is reported under the ‘terrorism section’ that terroism will be used (that is; designed and controlled) to make government/s comply with the agenda of those introducing corporate fascism to dictate to and control your little mind?

  7. Part 11.
    Muslims eh?
    well there were certainly some Muslims involved, at least some who are referred to as Muslims, as to their islamic sincerity, there are questions. I may come to that later.

    Per Micahel Springman, the then at the US Consulate in Jedah as he reports on U tube. He was directed by the CIA to provide visas to ‘Muslims” Saufis, Pakistanis etc.

    So yep there are some “Muslims’ on the suspect list, but how many of those identified as ‘hi-jackers’ were still alive just after 911?

    Congressman Lynch and Green say they have read 28 pages redacted from the official Congressinal 911 Commission report.

    Now they say that the redacted part is shocking and implicates foreign government/s (?) in planning 911. The rumour is that Saudi Arabia is pinged. Sort of fits in witht shepheding in via Springman of those alleged hi-jackers. But the CIA is involved?

    {iahve a sneaking suspicion that the Saudi alleged involvement is just another fire wall to cover for others and will be another distraction for a little while!!]…………..you might enjoy some furterh distractions?}

    Getting very ‘Icky’, that Bin Laden family are mates of Bush snr and Saudis were flown out on 9/11. (plus it is reported, another lot of nationals…Hmmmm?)
    We all know that Bin Laden was AKS as Mr Osman (sp:) and a CIA operative in Afghanistan. So kindly CIA went to ensure that in July 2001 when Uncle Osama was having his Dialysis, that he would be appropriately cared for.

    Of course some high inteeligence roller from SA just happeend to be meeting high US officials on 9/11 and $100,000 was transferred……….Bit way back since I read those reports, but you are well briefed and can get the oil, I dont have the time at the moment.

  8. Part 111.
    Muslims Eh?
    I referred to some doubts about those ‘Muslims’. So what is a Muslim? What is a Christian? What is a fundamentalist Muslim or Christian, as distinct from a criminal or an operative for some organisations.

    I do not have time for all that, but if you take note carefully of your conspracy theory set out in the short video linked below, one might wonder what sort of Muslim were the alleged ‘Hijackers’. If they were religious zealots there would be certain characteristics and behaviour apparent. If it was so well planned BY THEM, then why all the paper trails, alcohol receipts, with flight manuals, even taking a last will on a doomed flight, and then chucking out a passport just as the plane hit one of the towers (:—-)) if they were patsy operatives Rather, they t are just common criminals and would act as such. keeping in mind that they left a path in bright light for attention seeking when they were allegedy on such a ‘jihadist’ operation.
    (My guess is that they were controlled patsies set up to leave a false trail and be part of the planned firewall of cover up and misinformation)
    Apparently however, they led JB and et. al up the garden path for the alst 14 years…………….BS?
    So in part Dear Johhny, et al., this sums up your 911 conspircay theory, which by the way, is adopted by the Australian government, the Australian Federal bureacracies, the corporate mass media, our tax funded ABC and SBS and the commenting shock jock brigade on Australian radio. So don’t feel to bad Jonny boy, et al., you have a flock of galahs screeching in tune with you.
    Have fun, it takes about 5 minutes.

    Another day more parts!! But for those interested just do some reaseach on who really did 9/11. Some commentators claim to have “”all the proof in the world as who did 9/11″”.

    One thing for sure, it was no just: “the Muslims” no matter how many may find it convenient to believe that and promote it for their own agendas………………such as; “well we are going to war sir, going to take down 7 countries in 5 years. [ref: General Wesley Clark, interview with Amy Goodman in March 2007, re “the Plan’ (pre911)]

  9. I like to remind the readers/posters here that 9/11 attacks were planned to put the Jesus fear in Americans to get them to hate middle east folks. More gross the better. WTC 7 was wired up as a standard demo to side track folks from questioning the real methods used to bring down WTC 1 and 2. Wake up folks–you been had. Over 300 fore fighters and police have illnesses of Radiation cancer and many have died.
    Veteran’s Times (VT) had an article last 2 weeks–Israel had placed nukes on each floors.
    For folks who doubt it– I’ll give $3million to anyone that can bring down a 100 story abandoned building just using a jet liner, faster than gravity speed ,down to it’s foot print.
    It is imposable.Only nuclear bombs could do the same. Planes and flames were side shows.
    Good recent article to read– ” 9/11: Israel’s Master Piece ”
    I also like to remind folks that 9/11 attacks took years in planning–GW Bush’it was only a mule carrier . real master mind was Sleek Willy Clinton. 7 countries in Middle east must be destroyed. Wake up folks– start kidnapping easy pickings and make them talk–starters Rudy Julienne, Larry Silverstein.
    No one wants to talk about–what happens to any politician that questions these attacks. Accidental deaths–My arsewhole :^(

        • Why are you defending radical muslims btw? or don’t you think those exist? Why don’t you go over to Iraq or Syria and see how the people there are doing against radical muslims. Are you that polically correct that you are afraid to aknowledge that there are radical muslims?

          So now you think even nukes are possible. Well good for you Ned. More proof that you are an idiot(Not that more proof was needed, but hey).

          • We are dealing with the criminals who murdered about 3,000 innocents on 911 not about mad Jihadiists financed by …… Who? Listen to the interview with
            Clark posted on this site.
            As for your assertion that I am defending radical Islamists, that is a deliberate falsehood. I am seeking that whoever did the mass
            murders is brought
            to justice, no matter who or what
            combination they consist of.
            As for nukes. You claim that now I think nukes may be involved. Again that is a falsehood. State at what time I said nukes were not used. The fact is that
            I do not know what
            was used.
            As for your claim that I am an idiot. Well
            once I was when I was suckered
            for a year or so into
            accepting the official conspiracy crap.
            Some of us progress after examining the evidence.
            Now tell us what your evidence is to
            support your contention that fundamentalist Muslims did it.
            Your dishonest tactics in inventing presumptions is puerile and boring demonstrating a absence of integrity and a juvenile imagination.

          • You don’t even know what the official story means, so how can you be against it?

            Sorry for late reply, but for some reason, i could not reply anymore.

          • Johnnyboy2222, if you don’t know the truth about what happened in New York then you are either a coward, for not wanting to looking into it, or a fool for believing such nonsense. Enough info exists to put people on the gallows for the crimes of the day, and you should be aware that they would be american, and most likely Christian and Jewish. You are entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion, your opinion is wrong!

          • Lol, I can honestly say, that I looked into this more than all you truthers combined. Because you haven’t looked into anything.

  10. i saw 9-11 from the tv. what i saw told me everything i needed to know. the official story– and it IS a story– is the ONLY conspiracy theory worth looking into.

    i trust my eyes. i know what i saw. i don’t need anyone to tell me what i saw. i saw what everyone else saw. the only difference: i did not listen to the government’s official lie.

    what did i see? let me tell you:

    i saw two burning towers explode, floor by floor, from the top down, and fall to the ground, at what appeared to be free-fall speed.

    airplanes had nothing to do with the explosions that brought them down. anyone saying anything different:

    is being paid to do so, or

    is being threatened to do so, or

    is ignorant, brainwashed or asleep.

    say what you want, believe what you want, you cannot change video evidence. all you can do is change your lie.

    WTC 1, 2 & 7 were all demolitions. the evidence is overwhelming. the evidence supporting the official lie is vastly underwhelming.

    i know what i saw. i trust my eyes.

          • I am not the slightest bit worried, so kindly do not presume that I am uninformed about gravitational free fall from a zero point.
            Perhaps your professionals are not acquainted as such.

          • And don’t forget that demolition companies also use gravity in their demolitions. So either way, it will always be a graviational collapse, wether it was instigated with explosives or through damage.

          • I take it that you do not understand gravity and it’s affects from zero reaching a
            Maximum ‘speed’. ( I have forgotten the actual max in feet per second as I was taught over 50 years past)
            The WW11 bomber people worked that out in the early
            1940’s. They discovered that dropping bombs from over a maximum height made no difference on impact.
            Perhap you should get up to speed?

          • Don’t quote me but from memory maximum velocity was reached at about 35ft per second. ….. From memory well over 50 years ago when I did physics.

          • Terminal velocity has no set velocity. It all depends on te air resistance, shape, gravitational acceleration, and area of the falling item. A parachutist has a higher terminal veloicty if he dives, then when he he extends his arms and legs, or when he deploys his shute.

          • I am not talking about feathers floating or whether there is a vacuum.
            Try common reinforced steal structure falling in New York on 911.
            Now about those Muslims who you say did 911?
            Show us the evidence.

  11. Allow me to shed some light on what is REALLY GOING ON:

    Israel/NWO are preparing for the arrival of their “own Messiah”…the One Eyed Messiah, THE DAJJAL….

    That one eye atop the pyramid on the dollar bill refers to him.

    That one eye symbol omnipresent in the Showbiz, music videos, movies, architecture, company logos… Paying homage to their upcoming leader.

    Even Israel’s Flag represents the “As Above as Below” Satanic Tenet.

    In defiance to the Real Christ, the False Messiah will RULE FROM JERUSALEM.

    For Muslims and Christians alike, Jesus Christ (Peace upon him), was the real Messiah.

    The Zionists portray the REAL MESSIAH, SON OF MARY, as “boiling in hell in his own excrement”. Check out the T a l m u d…. “HE WAS A SORCERER, “HE PRACTICED MAGIC”, “HE WAS IMMORAL AND HUNG FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE JEWS”… MARY (PEACE UPON HER) WAS AN ADULTERESS..

    THEY ABHOR THE REAL MESSIAH and his MESSAGE. Why do you think they plotted against him?

    Yup. That is how much your Zionist friends love and respect you, O Christians for Israel.

    But through their fancy PR they managed to convince the oblivious American Public that they are your friends. This can’t be any further from the Truth.

    Once Al Aqsa falls (the last portent) and the Satanic Temple is erected, the False Messiah will emerge. They been paving the way in blood for him, rolling out the red carpet, you may say. They are UNDERMINING THE FOUNDATIONS of the Aqsa AS WE SPEAK.

    Why do you think they have been waging this image war on Islam? going to extreme lengths to discredit it?


    All our Arab/Muslim leaders are CIA/Mossad pawns and these “terror” groups are CIA/Mossad/Arab puppet regimes joint ventures. Because Islam is the last standing fortress, Islam is the natural enemy of Satanism.

    Prophet Muhammad identified the ANTICHRIST as ONE EYED!

    Now we know who Menachim Begin was referring to in this famous quote:

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. OUR EARTHLY KINGDOM WILL BE RULED BY OUR LEADER WITH A ROD OF IRON. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

    Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982

    “In the land of the Blind, the one eyed man will be king.”

    The people are blind, AND HE WILL RULE AS KING OVER THE BLIND.

    Now you know why they gave Palestine to Satanic Khazars. This is not the Quran’s Israel, this is not David’s Israel or Christ’s Israel. This is Dajjal’s Israel.

    This is why Israel has the support of the World’s Elite and has always been ABOVE the Law. 70 YEARS OF ATROCITIES AGAINST THE PALESTINIANS, MANY OF WHOM ARE CHRISTIANS, and the REAL DESCENDANTS OF CHRIST.

    Just look at the MAP to see who the real Aggressor is. Statistics do NOT LIE.

    You think they gave it because they felt remorse for the Holocaust? These people have the darkest of hearts, A DEN OF VIPERS… you think they really give a cr**? They allowed it to happen in the first place. However, it was only the good Jews who suffered.

    BIBLE, Rev 2:9 (THIS IS FROM THE BIBLE, and it can’t be more accurate)

    “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”

    God is ONE and the enemy is ONE.

    Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies.

    P.S: real authentic Jews are not fake Khazars aka Zionists. Please note the difference. Jews who follow Moses are people of the Book, God’s people

  12. So gratifying to hear from JB again on exploding buildings. I think we have heard it all before.
    Now Johnny boy, how about presenting your evidence that the fundalist Muslims did it, as you expressed and believe?

      • jOHNYBOY—I love the little X crossing out the “secret” (document). As for the youtube clip – you don’t want to disappoint that idiot and tell him the 19 hijackers (some having survived the event) had nothing to do with 9-11.

        You are up to your USUAL BS… clogging the airways with nonsense.

        • No one survived the event. The BBC mentioned the surviving terrorist a few days after the event, but thats when they did not have all the correct information. They later corrected this in further reports about the event. They even made a special report about the misunderstanding, because they got mailed by idiots who only read that first report.

      • JB, the video is crap and is only some lunatic sounding off. Did you actually read it? The phoney Bin Laden videos are far more interesting.
        As for the ‘draft’ timeline, a quick perusal of 300 pages does not other than be consistent with some rabbits setting trail for the hounds.
        However I have printed out the last 100 pages that covers August to 9/11 for a closer look. I will examine it during some boring conference addresses soon.
        Btw: where are the airport security videos showing them boarding their respective flights.
        For other readers I noticed some jems, like, they ran into the cockpit!!!!!
        Of course real 911 people will read the draft together with all the Able Danger material relating to the refusal of upper FBI to allow lower FBI to use search warrants to investigate the rabbits.
        Now JB, how about addressing the three part material I posted below and come up with some real evidence that Muslims did 911.
        Go off to your brains trust and see what further distraction they can come up with to protect the real mass murderers.

      • JB
        BTW seeing that you have provided the task on the timeline. Identify those entries that are evidence that the rabbits were actually on their respective aircraft.
        By the way, bookings and seat numbers allegedly allocated do not put them on the aircraft/s . You need much more, in the light of material, that a false trail has been created.
        In short, a jury would require much more material to put them IN the scene of the crime.

  13. New readers. I might warn you that certain ‘commentors. Johnboy, El Kammo et al. have been at this site for over 6 months now trying to set our minds ‘straight’ – and in line with the official lies. They are experts at brief one paragraph comments that “detract’ or deflect from the main point. I believe they are pro disinfo people.
    However. I have challenged them to provide one other similar example to BLD 7 – nd I have been waiting months.
    Also if they write a sensible, compelling article putting what they think proves the official story, and it is written with conviction – I will publish it.
    Patiently waiting.

    • Johnnyboy,
      Can you enlighten us by showing us the video AND photographs that you claim show towers 1 & 2 outer walls being pulled inwards. I have looked for this frame by frame and I cannot find it.

    • I am not trying to set your mind straight Dalia. Thats impossible. I am trying to show the lurkers, that there are 2 sides to the stories you post.

    • Thats because you don’t read our comments. We have told you many times,that it is impossible to give another example of a same building which collapsed due to fire and being hit by parts of the North tower collapsing, cause there were none. So you can wait till hell freezes over untill you get an example. Each building is unigue and will react in a unique way to fire and damage. Same as why some building collapse during an earthquake, while others don’t.

    • Interesting videos and pictures JB. I have seen these before. NOW – without an honest investigation we have no idea whether ‘explosives’ were placed in the planes/drones to further destroy columns (for example).
      But the evidence you put forward – above – SHOWS A SHARP PUFF OF SMOKE EJECTED from the corner – THEN ONLY DOES THE FLOOR START COLLAPSING. Is this blast of smoke created by an ‘explosive’. Explain the “puff”. The puff explains the collapse.

      • John O’Donnel never saw these and he asked for them, so I provided the images and video. And what kind of explosives pull columns inward? You got no explenation for that now do you? And that puff is the onset of collapse. It means that the building is starting to collapse and is pushing out the air, through broken windows.

        • KEEP PEDALING Johnyboy—you are doing an excellent job.

          “The puff is the onset of collapse”
          Great…. But you would logically expect to see this just AFTER collapse —-NOT BEFORE.. YOU ARE CAUGHT BY YOUR OWN NONSENSE.

          And to your pal El Kammo. Explosives being tugged INWARDS……???????

          What are these projectiles in the pic below —- LOOK THE BUILDING IS ‘FALLING INWARDS’????…. Ask a 6 year old whether the building looks like a mushroom ????
          You too Ek Kammo are CAUGHT BY YOUR OWN NONSENSE.


          I suggest you guys just accept what your bosses are.

          • Yes, the onset off collapse so a millisecond after the building starts to collapse. After the columns bowed inward and destroyed the connections, they could not move inward any further and started to fall outwards.

            Take a ruler and stick it between some rocks. Add a rubber band at the end and pull on the rubber band. Now cut the rubber band, and where does the ruler move to? Simple physics.

          • YOU’RE AN EXPERT (Disinfo agent) JOHNY BOY
            You know I mostly put ‘explosives’ – And often refer to ‘explosive energy’. It is no use discussing these little ‘bits’ with you as you move onto the next. There were many ‘bursts’. But this is not the point. You cannot explain the mushroom cloud of debris with parts of the building being propelled out. You can’t come up with another similar b7.
            And you constantly argue that no investigation is required.
            Let us end the discussion.
            Write your article – but in the end – we have to live with types like you. Paid or not paid defenders of the most egregious criminal gangs that conceal evidence and use the media to cloud and conceal crimes.
            Your simple physics cannot – AND WILL NEVER – NEVER – NEVER – BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THE MASSIVE MUSHROOM OF BUILDING MATERIAL. Write an article on the photo above with how simple physics created that………………….. I defy you.

            I am not wasting any more time on you.

          • LOL! Thats a nice tantrum 🙂 Good for lurkers to see how pathetic you are 🙂

            The mushroom is easily explained, because those are the outer walls peeling outward.

            It goes like this. The top part pushes down on the structure below and breaks the connections to the outer walls. They got no where else to go but outward. because the tower is 1300 feet orso, this means that a wall of 800/1000 feet(from the point of impact) is moving outward. This happens in a parabolic manner due to the fact that gravity is pulling on the outer wall. There is also crushed gypsum, and concrete pushed outwards. So thats why it looks like a mushroom cloud. Its all so simple, if you knew anything about physics, which you don’t. But thats not my fault, and I don’t care if you understand it tbh. Maybe some lurkers here actually understand physics, so this is for them.

            And you still havent explained why you only see it at that one window. But I guess thats to hard for you to explain, so you just ignore it, which is fine by me 🙂

            And I said many times that you can have a new investigation for all I care. Start one of your own. Show us, you actually know how to get a new ivestigation running, because all you do is write on some blog, instead of spending time looking into the events that happened that day.

            But that will never happen.

          • Oh how wrong you are. The side panels are pushing outwards…. Please JB…. Do not insult me. If you watch the video on a big screen in slo motion you can see building matter exploding out…. NOT THE WALLS FALLING OUT… And you won’t have an explanation for the molten metal – the foundries. Maybe you should go back to the hypnotist and get unhypnotized.

          • Do you know how much pressure is pushing downwards from that big block falling down? Perhaps that is a factor? Ever thought about that? Firefighters who were working in the north tower, while the south tower collapsed fellt a tornado like wind coming up the stairs.

            Metal can be a lot of things. Aluminum is also a metal. And there was an abundance of aluminum(The outer cladding was made from aluminum). So not sure why you have an issue with that.

            And just because you dont understand the physics of how the building collapsed, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

            You still havent answered the question as to why they would have to blow up the buildings in the first place. Flying the planes into them was more then enough to declare war.

            And we can rule out any explosives, for the following reasons.

            1) Big parts of both cores were still standing after the floors and outer walls had already collapsed to the ground(to be seen on video and photographs), so this rules out any hint of the core columns being blown up.
            2) Large parts of the outer columns were connected to eachother lying on the floor after the collapse, also to be seen on video and photographs. So this rules out that the outer walls were blown up.
            3) The dozen orso survivors who were found in the stairwells after the building had collapsed around them, never mention any explosives going off.
            4) We never see the characteristic blinding light, which accompany thermite reactions at the buildings.
            5) We don’t hear the loud explosions going off during the collapses.
            6) There are no soundless explosions….
            7) Specially trained dogs never noticed explosives in the buildings.
            8) And so on….

      • So now you are back to explosives? What happened to thermite(which isnt an explosive)? And why do we see it only at that one window? Was that enough to blow up the building?

      • Its funny how you danced your way around the inward bowing of the columns btw lol 🙂 You are like a magician. Look at what I have in my left hand(The inward bowing columns), and you pull out something new with your right hand(A small puff of smoke being pushed out a broken window), and never mention the inward bowing columns again. You should get on stage with that routine.

        Can this in any way be explained with explosives?

        • No Johnyboy—I have no desire to waste any more time getting distracted in minutia – we can analyse this column of that.. But it seems your job is to distract me. And you say I’m the magician.

          Look at the photo of the huge mushroom cloud of massive chunks and material that is now dust… THAT IS THE MAGIC TRICK… And it CAN NEVER BE ATTRIBUTED TO pressure from above and falling out. Nature can’t do that. It is at the top —- and you can see huge chunks flying UPWARD OUTWARD projection———-

          What 5 – 50 tons of steel of concrete ‘bouncing up????? m Please!’

          • Ok, here is an idea.

            Fill a bowl with baking flower and drop an apple in the middle. What happens to the flower? Does it go up? Or is that impossible?

            Or fill a glass with water and drop a pebble in it. What do you see?

            And now imagine a steel and concrete block of thousands of pounds dropped on a single floor from the building. What happens? We are talking about massive pressure waves pushing all sides. Like I said, people from the adjacent tower fellt a pressure wave coming up the stairs which almost knocked them down. And they were on the twentieth floor or something. The air was moving at almost the speed of sound, like hurricane force.

          • Not a bowl JB. The baking flour can’t go down any further.
            First put the baking flour in 110 layers with air between each one. Then you can start thinking about that experiment. Same goes with water in a pond. You see the outward ripples, but the ripples go down unseen – so ABSOLUTELY NONSENSE comparisons.
            You fall in your own pit of ILLOGICALITY all the time…. so it is a waste talking to you.

            The below is for you to ponder


          • And you say the magic words yourself. Air between the floors. Wehere do you think that is pushed towards? Outwards?

            Just visualize the following.

            A Block of concrete, steel and interior from a building is falling on top of the floor below, which is only bolted to the outer and inner columns. This breaks and the falling block together with the now disconnected floor, fallls down on top of the next floor, which also breaks free from his bolt connections, and so on till it reaches the ground.

            The air between all the seperate floors is being compressed like a piston and has to go somewhere. So we have the main block pressing on the first floor it encounters, that breaks and now it compresses the air between the disconnected floor, and the underlying floor, until it breaks the connection, and the air is being pushed to all sides. Same goes for the next floor. The block and disconnected floor drop down to the new floor, while compressing the air, which is also broken from its connections and this continues till the collapse is final.

            Just let a book(on its flat side) drop on a dusty floor, or sprinkle the floor with flour, and let a book drop. What happens to all the flower or dust?

          • You do know how thebuilding was constructed right?

            It had an outer wall, it had a core, and it had floors bolted between the outer wall and core. The floors break apart, and drop down, the outer walls are being pushed outwards, the core can’t go anywhere, so thats why it acts like a giant smoke stack. So no magic trick there to.

  14. What I dont understand is why you make the conspiracy so big?

    Why not stick to something like this:

    The CIA hired a group of extremists, to hijack a few planes and fly those into several buildings, which collapsed due to gravity.

    The end.

    In your version, you need to have people blow up the towers, the Pentagon, flight 93, and so on. Why so elaborate?

    Dont you think the USA would not have gone to war, if the towers had not collapsed? So why the need to blow up the towers? For extra effect? You are all going for MIHOP while LIHOP is much easier. Even I could go for LIHOP if it was ever proven, which it hasn’t.

    • Johnnyboy,
      I am curious how you work. Does head office send you the insult book and you then pick the numbers for today. If you can actually make up all of these silly comments, insinuations and insults yourself, I am well impressed. It must take several hours a day and then presumably you have to do the same thing for other websites. Do you use the the same insults for that day or do you have a system where you mix them up a bit. What about some actual evidence?
      I can see a perfectly sound solid 47 storey building collapse at freefall acceleration symmetrically into its own footprint give or take a whisker and that’s all the evidence I need to know that the whole official fairytail of that day is a fairytail.

      • And why not show the complete collapse? You only show part of the collapse. Not to mention that the collapse of WTC 7 damaged surrounding buildings. So not in its own footprint and not at freefall accelaration.

      • And why did they need to blow up WTC7? No one was in it. No one died, and they had already declared war. So what was the use again of blowing up WTC7?

        Yeh, I have 10 other websites to content to, else my boss will get angry and send me to Guantanamo.

        Can you say hi to my colleagues who are staking out your neighbourhood. Maybe offer them some coffy or tea.

        • Johnnyboy,
          Your colleagues and I are currently sitting here having a couple of beers. It’s a bit early but we are Australian. By the way, Big Red says hello and how’s the wife. They don’t believe the official story either as if it were true, they wouldn’t have a job keeping watch on folks like me.

          • Say hi to Big Red! Hows his misses doing? We know he doesnt believe the offical story, but who can fire a guy like Big Red!

      • JohnyBoy must have a file of references inches thick. When a subject pops up he looks under the chapter and then subsection and finds some rebuttals….. He’s is fronting for people who are petrified of any further investigation….

        • El Kammo my freind, I thought you had been promoted to bigger and greater things. I’ve missed your insults. Johnnyboy is not bad but he doesn’t have quite your class of insult.
          Have a good day.

      • @John O’Donnell, Brisbane,
        This is from the head office:
        You say this:
        “I can see a perfectly sound solid 47 storey building collapse at freefall acceleration symmetrically into its own footprint give or take a whisker and that’s all the evidence I need to know that the whole official fairytail of that day is a fairytail.”
        End quote.
        And you claim this:
        “I can see a perfectly sound solid 47 storey building”
        Well, head office douse not agree.
        Just assume that the building was perfectly sound, not just sound, but perfectly sound, according to John O’Donnell, Brisbane, then try to pinpoint the eastern Penthouse, added in 1984. (upper left from this camera view) and you will find that it is missing. also explain why this supposedly perfectly sound solid building had no upper floor to make the roof, on the east side, (one can see through the window/rudder frames and see the blue sky). Then follow the cracks in the outer walls from top left to bottom right and presume around the corner, and assume that according to John O’Donnell, Brisbane this building is in a perfectly solid state. I noticed a bulge in the left corner, in this video, but this is not the bulge the Fire department noticed and monitored, this bulge could be a matter of resolution and/or movement of the camera.
        So, John O’Donnell, Brisbane, assumes that the building was in a perfectly solid state at the start of the video, but head office announces that at least 12sec are missing in the video. This is not about opinion, this is about facts.
        Head Office has asked Gage to stop doing this and only on the 2nd request he removed the link to “rapid onset of collapse”, regarding WTC7, only to leave his PowerPoint just be., to “bring the truth to the youth”, and now, even worse, to “awaken your kids”. Also, Head Office has asked Gage why he keeps on doing this, and the answer came from Chris Sarns, and concluded that it was up to A&E to determine their own duration of the collapse, their own onset/start of the collapse.
        Now, the visual collapse of WTC7 takes 18,5sec. But something must have happened to take it into effect, the tumbling of the EPH into the building, so we must add some sec., now should this building collapse in about 20 sec, this douse not rule out your explosives, but at least get the duration of the collapse right.

        El-Kebab, Head Office

        • Here is the answer from A$E, by Chris Sarns:


          Some people consider the collapse of the east penthouse as part of the collapse of the building, but that is just a matter of semantics. We consider the collapse of the building to begin with the descent of the entire roof line. In our documentary, Solving the Mystery of WTC 7, sometimes we don’t include the collapse of the east penthouse (see at the 53-second mark) and sometimes we do include the collapse of the east penthouse (see at 2:32 minutes).

          The NIST hypotheses of the columns under the east penthouse failing at the lower floors is not supported by the evidence. Note that when the east penthouse falls, we can see daylight through a few windows on the 47th floor, but on no other floors. If the east penthouse had fallen further, we would see daylight through windows on more floors.

          All the best
          Chris Sarns

          Whahahaaaa, sometimes we do and sometimes wo do not, yeh right 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Sometimes we reply and sometimes we do not, (A$E) like the question about what software A$E will use to prove NIST wrong, no answer to that 🙂 🙂
            Presumably the IEA software, but that will lead our chicks onto dangerous grounds, very dangerous.

          • So, NIST explaines the EPH (agreed ore not) while Sarns wants to hide it.(no discussion possible).
            Just ask Sarns to explain the EPH within a CD, don’t be afraid, they have a “contact” button.
            Just ask him why the CD crew would make the EPH and top floor come down and then wait 12sec to blow up the rest of the building, just to have coffee?, ask him, like I do.
            Dalia probably has a red phone

          • Why has Gumshoe nothing to mention to my Head Office interaction with Chris Sarns?
            Douse Gumshoe want to hide the tumbling of the EPH into the building?, hide 12 sec of the event?
            Same goes for our interaction with Ron Brookman, but we understand that this interaction was purely technical, one needs to read and understand the blueprints to do so, and therefore we don’t blame you fore that one.

          • What do you want me to prove El Kammo???
            Lets just reinvestigate.
            Barnett – on behalf of NIST and FEMA – said there was no need to look for explosives on B7
            Why not.
            How EXACTLY the building came down per second and per column is something I cannot do.
            Maybe if you got heaps of cash – you could investigate that.
            Let us call for an investigation TOGETHER so we can sort out our differences.
            But this investigation must look into all possibilities.
            How about that.
            You start calling for an investigation so you can prove your point.

            (Please dont tell me that it has already been investigated. Barnett told me personally they did not look for explosives)

  15. About the fire in Dubai, the building named “the torch”:
    Dubai wants to be on top of the world with all things they do, National Geographic is full of it. Now, lots of Western engineers were involved in most projects, including engineers from my Head Office. Several engineers noticed that the cladding was not only not fire resistant but flammable on the backside. Therefore previous fires spread out due to flammable cladding, and only the burnt cladding is replaced by proper cladding, not the remaining cladding. note that this is not the first fire in Dubai. Flammable cladding can lead to a fire just in the cladding/the coat of the building, not the building itself. This can make it look worse than it actually is. I do not know the specs of the torch, and therefore I have nothing to back it up, so hammer me, should you have more info than the head Office, but anyways I do understand the comparisson that is made.

    El-Kebab :).

  16. Notice:
    Down below JB on 25th cites a draft timeline which purports to track some of the alleged hijackers from late 1990’s to 911.
    There are three hundred pages but the script on each page does not fill the whole page, so do not be too alarmed.
    It is a worthy docent for consideration if any one has the time.
    Apparently JB puts it forward to support ‘Musllims diid it’.
    Any assistance that may be provided in examining the timeline would be appreciated. Keep in mind the material
    On Able Danger.
    Well sleuths, up to us, we have not done too bad this far.
    Pass it on to those who may be interested and have available time.
    It may be noted in my comment to JB that I have requested him to identify those parts that put the ‘hijackers’ on the aircraft.
    Please assist if possible.

  17. A projectile (probably the size of a car) can be seen emerging out of the dust cloud in a upward direction – and at this stage probably 200+ feet away from the collapsed edge of the north tower. Then it reaches the top of the parabolic arc over the edge of the building. This (with reference to the video) could be as much as 350 feet away in a 7 – 10 degree arc…. then it arcs down behind the building —- still shooting out. Johnyboy and El Kammo – I honestly don’t know how you collapsing theory can justify these many projectile shooting OUT for hundreds and hundreds of feet —
    you can see this at the end of this video

    • @dalia,
      Since you cannot identify the flying object it is an Unidentified Flying Object.
      To me it looks like a hospital bed with 2 alians on it.

    • Just look at it in slow motion, and I mean real slow motion.

      There is nothing moving upward, just the smoke trails move upward, which confuses you.

      • According to Gumshoe, air has no mass. And therefore leads to a kinetic energy of zero, because the mass is zero, according to Gumshoe. Therefore it is fine with Gumshoe to let children play with nailguns that work on compressed air, for air has no mass and therefore can do no damage whatsoever.
        Well, according to me, air does have mass, and that mass increases when compressed, and then, when compressed air comes into motion, it leads to energy (1/2M*v^2).
        But dont be alarmed by an incoming storm, because it is just air that moves wit a given velocity, but since it has no mass, the kinetic energy will be zero. Whahahaaa…..

        • @all,
          About the force of wind:
          Look for National Geographic, an epsiode titled “the 911 surfer”.
          If found, it will give an impression about air pressure.

    • Those pictures that you posted about the part flying up, is from the video I posted. What you also fail to see is that the camera is movinf downward, so that might also create the illusion of something moving up.

    • And again you faill to look at the evidence Dalia. Large portions of outer wall were still connected to eachother so we can rule out that the outer walls were blown up, because for your theory to work, the top down demolition, you need to blow up each vertical supports on all the floors. Since they were also connected in a diagonal way, so not in single rows of columns, as can be seen on video and photographs taken during the construction of the building, you need to blow each connection.


      After you have concluded that, you need to think on what you see flying through the air, and why it was flying there. The only conclusion is that it is one of the outer wall parts, crashing down and hitting WTC 7. Because why would they blow out one portion of the outer wall, but leave dozens of other parts connected to eachother. Just makes no sense.

      You don’t look at anything besides that image, and work your way towards that image with your explosive theory. Thats not the way to work tbh.

      • @johnnyboy2222,
        They work their way to find explosives, but admit that the evidence of that was quickly and totally removed, according to their own statement, so, how can one find evidence that is no longer there?
        Nist did not look for it (towers) and now that it is gone the new investigators need to find it?
        According to the nukers there were nukes on every floor, placed by the Mossad(yes, the Lalas have more knowledge then Nist) well, go find them, go find them girls.

      • You guys are amazing…… I post a picture – an excellent example of explosive energy – and you have the time to RESOURCE a thesis in counter arguments…. WOW. What do you do for a job? Or is this the job.
        JB. The slow mo video you posted demonstrates clearly the ERUPTIVE AND OUTWARD FORCES IN PLAY THAT DAY — i can’t see a collapsing building anywhere in sight.

      • Explosions don’t do things on “sense”—-it is energy and depending on what is was – a combination maybe – where is was placed, how and in what sequence it was detonated will all give a different outcome. As I said keep writing your thesis to explain the mushroom expulsion of debri as a ‘collapse’.
        History will judge you

        • Well, here is a theses about a survived hijacker:

          Mohammed, a surviving 911 hijacker ?

          Could a hijacker really survive the 911 event?
          Those who write Lalabooks are sure that this is the case.
          Because the authors never mention how this could ever be, we need to figure this out for ourselves, so here we go:
          Mohammed boards an airliner, dressed in a Armani suit.
          After takeoff he kills the pilots and takes over the control of the airplane.
          He puts the throttles to 500 m/h and aims at some building.
          Just before he hits a building he opens the side window and throws out his passport (according to Niels Harrit).
          After penetrating the building he walks to the nearest exit of the airplane and steps into the building.
          Then he says Hi to the office workers, excuse me, and follows the exit signs of the building and that takes him to the nearest stairwell(not the elevators).
          The stairway takes him down the lobby and he says Hi to the genitor and leaves the building.
          He then wants to pick up his passport, but notices that 2 things are missing, his passport and his thumb, so where did his passport go?
          So he calls the cave in Afghanistan to report the 2 missing items.
          The cave hacks some US satellites to find out that the passport was already picked up by an FBI operative, and also that Mohammed’s thumb was to be seen on the top of the Deutsche Bank.
          Mohammed was not worried about the stolen passport, he took 5 different passports with him on that day, nope, he was worried about his missing thumb and how to cope with that.
          The cave had a crisis meeting about that issue, in the situation room and came up with this:
          “Mohammed, a man with a missing thumb”,
          “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man. Mohammed will be that man. Better than he was before. Better… stronger… faster..(then the 6 million dollar music starts…..)
          So they tell Mohammed not to worry about his missing thumb.
          Mohammed grabs a taxi that takes him back to the airport where he buys a ticket to Egypt.
          From Egypt he calls the MSM (with his remaining thumb) to tell that he is not the Mohammed they found the passport from, that he was not on the flight and has 4 other passports to prove it.
          It’s not hard to write a book, all one needs is Lala fantasy.

        • A structural design that was marked as revolutionary at the time, collapsed in a way we can mark as revolutionary. Therefore the collapse met the specs of the design, circle closed.

        • Omg, I even posted a photograph of large chunks of the outer columns falling downward, and far enough away to demolish the Marriot hotel. And I am sure history will judge me. Just as it will judge you.

  18. Example of WTC7 collapse;
    Head Office announces that such an example will not be provided, due to public and environmental safety. The information would jeopardize the safety of a cottage near a village in Iceland, and an animal care center for 8 legged cross eyed penguins in the Falklands.

  19. From A$E:
    “And so we are asking you to make a modest donation to Niels Harrit’s legal fund, and help raise us $15,000 by next week!”
    Niels wants to charge a Danish newspaper for libel, so come on Lala’s grab into your purse, and understand that Niels wants to go to court, not the other way around.

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