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Keeping Australia Safe From ISIS Which Is Funded By Friends And Allies



There is no greater responsibility on me, on the government, than keeping you safePrime Minister Tony Abbott said yesterday, and “The terrorist threat is rising at home and abroad and is becoming harder to combat.” He has now been accused of pressing the terror button“.

The federal government will appoint a new counter terrorism boss, and develop a new counter terrorism strategy and warning system. He claims the number of foreign fighters, sympathisers and potential terrorists, including many who live in our midst is rising (add drum roll). The Sydney siege is shrewdly referred to in the government’s push for a Data Retention Bill – currently being reviewed by the Parliament. It is the “next vital” step  in giving our agencies the tools they need to keep – YOU – Australia safe. As I said in previous posts, Man Haron Monis (the Sydney ‘mad’ gunman) must not become Australia’s “Metadata Man” at the cost of $400 million per year.

3 Australians died last year (2014) in the Sydney Siege (including the hostage taker). But let us remind Canberra that in 2012 – 2,535 people committed suicide, about 300 drowned, 20 died from horse accidents and about 10 from honey bees.

Canberra is focusing on our freedoms – but, when it comes to ISIS, there seems to be disparity in the freedoms and benefits afforded to ‘terrorist’ groups – and I still can’t make sense of it. For example:

Social Media

A popular YouTube account or social media site in the US or Australia can be ‘deleted’ for a small infraction. I wrote about Mark Dice some time ago when his primary Youtube channel, consisting of over 800 videos with 55 million views, was just ‘taken down’. But you see Dice is a particularly ‘dangerous’ individual as he is an anti-Illuminati researcher and commentator trying to expose cabal crimes.


But wait. Are Western governments really keen to stop Islamists from spreading their message? Not in the least! Every ‘terrorist’ and his cousin manages to operate on many of these online platforms. Their films, views and campaigns are even ‘promoted’ by giving them sensational headlines over and over again. One hears that these ISIS terrorists are connecting through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Bernie Suarez, in his article entitled, 10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop, writes:

According to U.S. “intelligence sources” mouthpieces, ISIS has all the above including social media capabilities. 

They must understand and be properly following the rules of these social media accounts.

Who do they pay their Internet bill with? Without Internet aren’t they lost?

(But beware – those planning to censor ‘terrorist’ groups will also be targeting people trying to expose the crimes and terror caused by governments)



It was obvious from the get-go once you saw the fleet of new cars in orchestrated convoys with slick branding that ISIS is extremely well funded and resourced with nation-like budgets. Retired General Wesley Clark has now confirmed for us thatISIS got started through funding from our friends and alliesand is “…fed and fueled by the geo-strategic ambitions of powers in the region“. So, Mr Abbott, before you legislate tracking everybody’s metadata – why not start by asking our ‘friends and allies’ to stop supporting funding ISIS.

Suarez in his article asks why we can’t stop their banking activity, and where is ISIS getting their supplies?

How quickly ISIS rose to power and fame and how they operate in such unity should strike everyone as very odd…”



“In the age of super advanced government biometric surveillance, tracking and spying, ISIS has one less problem than anyone in America. Unlike Americans who are constantly under the threat of being surveilled and spied on by the U.S. empire, ISIS lives free of the threat of technological surveillance of any kind. For some reason, their images, faces, voices and actions are not surveilled, tracked or recorded by those who can do it.” Suarez


The Logic of Success 

If an organisation or faction wanted to ‘invade’ and form a nation (as ISIS is doing), logic dictates that they would choose a path that provides the best opportunity of success. This might incorporate ‘terrorising’ local populations to capitulate – but WHY goad the West’s military war machine by ‘beheading’ a few journalists in a massive and on-going publicity campaign. They must have known that this would invite retribution and dramatically increase the possibility of failure. Their actions don’t make ‘Darwinian’ sense.

“ISIS is not only unwilling to attack Israel, which they could do in a day or two, they instead prefer to make plans to travel all the way to the other side of the world to attack the world’s most powerful Empire of all time.” Suarez

Professional Filmmaking and Publicity

I recently posted the article called ‘The Strange Journey Of Freelance Journalist John Cantlie And his ISIS Travel Series”. The content and style of these (travelogue) videos by the ‘hostage-journalist’ conflicts with the general ISIS branding that we have been subjected to in the mainstream media. This series has been professionally produced, but not by the same team as the ISIS beheading propaganda videos – although, they too are professionally shot, edited and manipulated in post production.

As Suarez (a radio host, musician, M.D, and Veteran) wrote in Activist Post:

“They clearly have the skills for setting up multiple cameras and using those precise angles…  In Hollywood style, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films, the editor essentially leaves the action to the viewer’s imagination.

I reported on the video of Foley as fake (he might have been killed anyway), but now in  21stcenturywire – Florida-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium claims the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians purported to have been decapitated in the video was possibly ‘staged’ based on the excessive anomalies seen in the dramatic 5 minute film.

Regardless whether the videos are fake or not – the horrific images have the same effect. Division. Hatred. Revenge. War. Plunder. Profit. And Loss of Liberty.

And we are being goaded in this awful paradigm.


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