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Destruction of Iraq, Then Syria – And The Formation of ISIS


The formation of ISIS – told in all its simplicity (by Ben Swann above) for the Australian Media. When will Canberra accept their dreadful mistakes and stop supporting the war on terror. Instead, they are in the process of taking our metadata and our liberties. 

But is one root cause of ISIS unemployment? Interestingly, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said recently said on MSNBCS’s ‘Hardball,we cannot win this war by killing them [ISIS], we cannot kill our way out of this war”. One of her solutions is a jobs program for all those jihadis.

And ‘brave granny’ (below) seems to have more impact than the bombing campaign in changing the ways of the ISIS fighters. (I have no idea how to verify the validity and the translation of this enlightening video)

Thought update:

Granny Speaking Tours

Maybe Western governments can find this granny and others like her and pay for them to have anti-jihad speaking tours. In the Libya, the US Navy allegedly launched 161 Tomahawk cruise missiles that, according to a senior U.S. Navy official, cost between $1.4 million and $1.5 million.  And on the 22nd September 2014, 200 munitions, most precision-guided, as well as some of 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles that were launched from two warships, according to U.S. Central Command. The cost of one Tomahawk could finance a dozen global-granny speaking tours.

What is wrong with the leaders of this world. 

It is clear the War industry wants the WARSHING machine to continue.

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  1. I think that it is time for our federal politicians, mass media journos, radio shock jocks, the ABC and SBS to be shoved into the spin dryer and hung out for some sun.

      • I will be attempting to talk to Greg Barton today.
        I have spoken to him previously regarding the authenticity of the simplistic Jihadi narrative he was promoting on the ABC.
        I have sent him references and questions but never ever received any response.

        Where does Greg get his income. Does he consult for ASIO, the Australian military or any Government agency?

        Greg must be challenged.
        The ABC must be challenged.
        Your MP must be challenged.
        Your neighbor must be challenged.
        Your friends and family must be challenged.
        Never let anyone repeat a lie without being
        challenged by alternative information.

        This news episode is worth contemplation.

        The world has changed. Look what a difference a camera and social media made in forcing this couple to repent.

        In essence, we must make this new dynamic work to challenge the lies and bad policies of accountable Australians.

        Greg Barton must be accountable.

        The lecture at Monash I referenced did not have one challenging question. Was the audience censored?
        No, that is not necessary when “authority” blinds critical
        thinking. I only wish I had been in that audience. Would critical questions have been broadcast or edited? I will ask Greg if I get the opportunity.

        Would Greg Barton subject himself to an interview that challenges the integrity of his interpretation of ISIS, including full investigation of the broader picture of Geo-political realities. This must include an accurate understanding of the money monopoly at the root of power and conscious perceptions?

        Would Greg Barton have any clue about how money monopoly impacts on “terrorism”?

        A problem must be fully understood before it can be corrected.

        Greg Barton is not hostile in the slightest when you point out conflicting information but his public story does not adjust.

        I could add a great deal more here but I know i am preaching to the converted.

  2. I spoke with Greg Barton this afternoon.
    He played a very straight bat and has that common line of thought that favors incompetence over conspiracy regarding Al Qaeda and ISIS.
    We had quite a useful discussion and agreed there are multiple versions and interpretations of events and conspiracies are real. I drew his attention to the Liberty record.
    He knew little about that saga.

    I discussed the Todenhofer interviews.

    I quizzed him on Nabil Naim which I had already sent to him.

    I will be emailing him some reference and questions that will include the Nabil Naim interview.
    I requested his schedule for the near future and made it plainly clear I would like to challenge his omissions in a public recorded conversation.
    He is civil and steady in his approach which opens doors for unraveling issues.

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